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  1. I tested it today, and changing resolution of the game to a window one helps fixing that problem for some reasons, also for some reasons the game came with a resolution higher than my other pc max resolution and everything was black too when I tried on that pc
  2. Try to reinstall, or simply verify, or delete temps
  3. I did partecipate as a 911 member few times, sadly you don't know with wich char and you will never know PvP is dead. Is not about 911 wins everysingle one, I never said that, I'm actually glad that 911 exist cause is one of the only guilds wich is "original" and competitive in some senses. But sadly there's not much competition, that's why I say it's dead. Also most of the times you see a tw with strongest guilds vs (literally who)? Wich doesn't make much sense. Obviously not your fault but you can't be serious when you say pvp is alive when the max you see is a 40 people contending a crystal with another group of 40 ppl. That's not pvp alive, I don't know from where you're coming to say that's a "pvp alive situation"
  4. The only way you can compare the current pvp with something is to compare it with 1-2 months ago pvp in the same server. In that case is dead cause is not alive like before. If you think having 100 players means pvp is alive, well the server has seen better days. Also Other guilds are a mass of merges.
  5. Most of those guilds are just merging around with other small guilds, because pvp is dead and is the best time to get at the top right now, ye you have higher chances to win cause of the experience even if you are less right now, but you were used to be ways bigger than any other. And pvp is quite dead right now as well so we should't really talk about this anymore honestly. Taken as a guild 911 is still the biggest, because if we eventually get a new update and people will start coming back into the game, tons of those players in Blackholes and other guilds will just leave and get back to their own guilds.
  6. AceFire

    Arena Pots

    you mean like something that prevents you from getting buffs before the match starts?
  7. That's why I said 1 or 2 hr earlier and not 5-6 horus, also staying up till 6 AM is really not a thing and I don't understand how can they be at school at 7 p.m, , and is not convenient for my group of friends, is to fix all these problems of people constantly asking for additional warstones cause for sure timezone is a problem for most of them if they don't live in US. Honestly I don't care if you do change it or not, probably you won't. Was just an advice to get rid of all these asking and asking about additional warstones.
  8. Well I doubt staying up till 6 am to do a GvG is not "really bad". Also US server was just for USA, there was european server as well, german one and french one. I'm not saying that timezone should be based on those 2 (after all server location got moved to USA) but give a chance to everyone and not only USA if this server is global, a -2 hrs on pvp events would be nice honestly and wouldn't change anything for USA/Br players. They would still do those in the afternoon. And it would fix the times for most of the people complaining.
  9. Well honestly the timezone of the server is really bad, I understand your point, but basically only people with -GMT can be competitive in this game, for all the rest GvG is in the night(2 AM for me and I know people who have to stay up till 6 AM to do it). TW is really late and for some people in the night as well, I do understand that is a global server and you can't give everything to everyone but hey they can go GvG/TW at a real nice time for them, like 6 p.m and 7 p.m and arena is literally after lunch for them, while we from the GMT+1 we have troubles even trying. Schedule of the PvP content if is not open 24/7 should be based on GMT+0 to give everyone accessibility. But well that's up to you. I'm not asking to change it, just saying the timezone isn't really fair. So I do understand why a lot of people complain about not getting warstones or not being able to do anything.
  10. AceFire

    Arena Pots

    my second point says that only already builded players buy them, and that ruin the experience of people who are trying to gear up making it harder or easyer depending on where those players are. Do you really think you can enjoy playing a melee class without the chance to use a gap closer, cc? There's a reason why samu sucks if isn't used by a frog/bear, the inability to do damage cause no cc. Also ye that's a problem of the players who are actually being toxic for it, However that shouldn't be appeaning, and having a "pro" player constantly flaming a new player because of it is not fun to watch at all. I don't think reporting is a good idea cause what does the report do? You can't ban a whole guild for that. Removing the cause of it is always the best way. A warlock without the chance to fear is incredibly useless. As well as warrior/ranger in small terms. A MA that can't stun can't play at all. The only classes who don't really need that much of cc are illus and in some cases mages/clerics. And isn't something that everyone can do to buy all the pots every match. By my side I don't really care because I do arena just for fun, I talk for the people who are blaming it. Just yesterday there were tons of people in peer complaining and in arena as well. Having immunity to all the type of cc doesn't bring variety, that just says that you have money to waste (in this case honor stars)
  11. AceFire

    Arena Pots

    Honestly would be nice to remove those merchants from arena and I'm gonna give you my points for it: 1) Not everyone can prioritize buying pots rather than farming arena for the medals they need. 2) Actually almost no one buys them, only some players who don't know what to do with their honor stars. 3) Those pots highly ruin the experience of every class used in arena, there are other ways to counter CC like we talked many times in old threads, like bard for illu sleep, wich brings variety to the game. 4) I've noticed few people from certain guilds who actually insult and flame people who don't buy them to win matches, and they report them for trolling, wich is not the case cause not everyone is willing to waste those many honor stars when there's need to build gold items. 5) If you buy them then you don't want variety in 3v3. Wich is something that I understood everyone wants in this game. I don't know guys it's my opinion I think those pots ruin the 3v3 experience for most of the players.
  12. Agree, I can't do a single match.
  13. You're not that big, yet the biggest, but again I'm defending you guys.
  14. I understand that tw are usually one sided and that's not fine, but I've to disagree with that. You can't force people to make or join another guild because there's a really low limit on members who can join, what about the rest? You're gonna tell them well you can't join? That's dumb. I do understand that it looks unfair because 911 is a really big guild and there aren't many guilds who can fight back, however they're just playing, why would you give them a handicap? That's not nice and not fair at the same time. Also I do believe there's already a limit on how many players can join a massive pvp, I don't really know the number but there's one already. If others guilds are too small, well that's not gonna change, doesn't matter how much you nerf a guild. If you want to change the situation instead of blaming other guilds, bring new players to the game so we have more users Not being toxic, but please don't attack other guilds just because they look too strong for you.
  15. It is indeed true that is boring to click everytime when you have a pet who is supposed to do it and most of the times it just doesn't do it and ignore most of the loot, however if I remember right aeria has 2 different loot systems, one is personal and one party shared, means 3 items for you for sure and 3 items for the team in general. I don't know if that changed because I quitted when cap just became lvl 100. However I think that's a good loot system and having loot charms actually adding +1 or +2 items instead of increasing by 25% or 50% the loot chance would be even better, somehow like Twin Saga loot charms. If pets were working properly there would be no need for this however
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