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  1. yes I get your point, and your not wrong in there, its just things arent easy for F2P because of all this inflation, EC's are too expensive to buy and harder to profit from, so I can see alot of new players and other F2P having difficulties with this, alot. Thats, in my case im not into to fashion so i could care less about costumes, i understand your point, trits sell like crazy, its a proof that costumes are most wanted.
  2. lol, sorry but many people cash in alot, and mostly get gold from selling altar items, gold gear etc, not by farming dgns, highlands, not saying they dont do that, but its not really their main source of income, more of a secondary source
  3. Ok now i perfectly understand what you mean, but im just not sure thats going to create stabilty, sure there will be less overall gold, but people will want to get it back asap, so prices will scale again for that reason only, with books at these prices its harder to ctach up, because you have to sell higher then normal, not to mention gold you get from dgns, farming never changed, so it means more hours of grinding to get that 5k more gold for the book quest. I just think this wont be a good solution, although there are already people with +10 awak gear. This might backfire
  4. hence why i made this post, to understand why.
  5. this is not awaken, its classic.
  6. taking gold out by raising prices? Ok, nice one
  7. which in turn will make everything worse... people are selling everything overpriced again, so i dont undrestand what kind of strategy is this, how is this fair to anyone? And i think your mistaken about the prices being higher then what the forum post suggests, can you show evidence? what about ths guide about 75 weapons...? Are the prices also wrong? https://luxaeternaee.enjin.com/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/8946266/id/8681438-awakened-weapons-75lvl I played the original and I recall the book quest for rapier not be anywhere near 5600, theres no reason whatsoever to put those prices, your just blowing the "market" away with this, and more people will quit because the price of everything is rising again
  8. Could you explain to me the price of these book quests?? when on other places its like this?? https://edeneternal.aeriagames.com/forum/index.php?thread/164-level-65-awakened-magic-weapons-shield/
  9. I personally think the spots were fair, and as an artist i do agree that more criteria can be helpfull, although to a certain extente In this case what Herakles did with this event was giving us total freedom to do draw whatever we want as long as it was related to summer and EE. So in reality we all had a chance to draw something that truly captivated the audience. Its not just about technique, but its about the idea and the concept. Some people were creative with the scenarios or they way they portrayed the 2 themes together and managed to convey emotions through it. A prime example for me was @Wooloo and @Zuly those drawings give me complete summer vibes. thats when i thought to myself, i could have gone a little fursther with my drawing, so in the end, even though i didnt win, i learned alot from this contest. And again, No, art isnt all about talent or technique, theres alot more to it and since people post their drawing steps here ill do the same :v, I used photoshop to color the drawing o/
  10. agreed. Prime tools have become more scarce as of now simply because ppl dont think its worth getting them for profit anymore. They either skip it or use it for themselves. Maybe a 2 prime tool in altar or a higher chance to land on one would be nice
  11. I think maybe if you added a way to be able to hold and use more of the aven tools would be great, limit them to 5 tools at max, instead of just one, because 30 minutes fly by fast, and for those who have stuff to do and go afk, its a hinderance for them because in 30 minutes their character will just sit there, im not saying to be able to hold unlimited tools because if that were the case the blue ones would become meaningless, but maybe let us hold 5 at most (5x180 = 900 durability which is lower then a blue tool, not to mention blue tools have better gathering rates)
  12. Here is my entry, glad im still on time 🤪 Me and a Soul Guardian chillin in the beach. Tried to keep it simple ^^, hope you guys like it o7 IGN: Pokucha
  13. Annuia

    Drop rates

    Hello, Was wondering if it would be possible to actually see the drops for an item? Like when you click the icon to see the boss drops, you also have the % number next to it. Just to have an idea of their drop rates
  14. i see no point in this whatsoever
  15. About the materials, is simply because in my case i do some assignements since not all mats are worth getting with EP, and that results in a bunch of leftovers that end sitting in warehouse or bank. But yeah i guess making corona more avaiable this way could lead to potential increase, again, that playerbase problem maybe increase the requiured number of essence needed to transform to a stardust? I understand, but maybe increasing the number of essence required for a stardust? otherwise just scrap the idea completely
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