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  1. IGN : Twinkletoes Wish : A Magnum bike (or variant) in bright pink for my cute SE 💖
  2. There's two quests zones I found out that you can't enter if your high level. Caergate (20-29) and Viledon (30-39) This quick quest guide helps if your over level 40 and want those main quests done in Nemesis As stated there, the two PVP zones hold nothing special for any quests there. EDIT: There is a Nemesis V2 without autopath if you need the quests there
  3. I tried it, got to +8 now. Thanks for help
  4. OK but I do use 4x +7 items along with the Stardust to go beyond +8? Also is there a chance of items breaking during enhancing? Sorry, I just couldn't find any guide for a raw begineer.
  5. In case anyone else gets stuck on this, the Davidson you want is in Mereholt behind Catherine the Enhancer. Thanks Faith
  6. How does the Vehicle Upgrade Key from the cash shop actually work? It says to go talk to Davidson, but the only Davidson I know is in Enocia and he is only a merchant with no dialogue. Thanks in advance
  7. Could someone please point me in the direction of an enhancement guide. I always fail after +7. Do I need to use any 4 items at +7 to boost my chance? Then 4x +8 to go to +9 and so on until i get to +10? Thanks in advance
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