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  1. If you start a gamble attempt and your pet helpfully fills your only available inventory space, the Cards panel will become unresponsive to clicks. You can still open and close it with hotkey, but this won't fix it. The only workaround I know is to relaunch.
  2. Naw, I get the real answer to the question, and the reason for the hostility to the question, is that you want to maintain your cherished excuse. Anyone who questions it must be an unqualified pleb! Source code source code source code shut down all questions with the same excuse source code source code!
  3. Actually got 3g just today from one of the Amara world bosses. As fun as that was, there should be more sources, for both 3g and fun. I agree, but after you've reached the level that passcards are not only worth less than currency, the inventory space they occupy is a burden, then shouldn't you be able to make more use out of them? You can assume someone who has reached Suer has entered BG, has killed bosses, or some other task. When you reach the level that you get dailies you don't even consent to with legendary passcard rewards, then you can consider those standard passcards obsolete.
  4. Amara map, there seems to be some invisible obstruction that makes it impossible to hit a targeted opponent, right around here: Related subject; these guys have such a tight roaming range that's frustrating for AoE fighters. If they tiptoe one meter they might run back home crying with a full heal, after I spent all the time and SP to whittle them down.
  5. Standard passcards still drop in dungeons only accessible with rarer passcard types. Why not a converter to exchange them for legendary? Also, I've never seen 3g drop anywhere. These are required for achievements, and without them the other denominations just take up space. Could there be coin converters in higher level areas, after players have accumulated enough but missed the chance to gather 3g?
  6. I mentioned that because it's the decompiler with the steepest learning curve. I'm aware of how frustrating and error prone interpreting bytecode and decompiler output. C# is by far the easiest and most recompilable, and I still get wth moments from decompiling my own code. I know what a private server is, but I didn't make any assumptions about how you acquired the software, which is why I asked. Did you need to be so defensive about the question?
  7. Your assumptions are based on the fact that I'm a player of this game who isn't out to promote his own software here. Let's just say I'm familiar with IDA Pro and leave it at that.
  8. This strikes me as a defensive evasion. Also, wrong.
  9. A lack of source code isn't the insurmountable barrier that you guys keep implying, and that everyone else just assumes. What is preventing you from reverse-engineering the engine, at least enough to create an entry hook for your own libraries? Is it a lack of technical skill, or are you concerned about getting sued?
  10. On one hand, Enocia already has NPC's offering services newbies can't use. Any level 10 players have 2500g for a bike? How about a rare tempering replicube to create a cyberskin you can't use? And what the hell is an Item Rank Tech ever good for? On the other hand, putting all available services on the starting map can 1) familiarize new players from the beginning with all those services and 2) create a one-stop shopping center that players of all levels can interact with each other in.
  11. More than any other map, Dragon Valley needs short-range transport and transmitters. It's got a beautiful scenic view all the way, but you start to lose appreciation for that after trekking the vast distances along winding routes.
  12. I feel the free gears have been fine for my WH and CB up to Ellis, where it becomes necessary and a better value to invest in kappa gear. The PvP in earlier maps is practically non-existent anyway. A first time player shouldn't sink their meager coins into maxing out their gear each tier, and the free sets make it easier to save money on optimizing for the late game, and for future alts.
  13. I feel I should elaborate on that last sentence. Back in Aeria days, the doldrums of Babirion strangled to death the guild I was in, member by member. That wasn't just my observation; I was Captain in a Guild whose Guildmaster expressed despondency over it on a regular basis. I foresaw what was happening and begged him not to make me Guildmaster. He did that anyway when he ditched the game completely. Within 2 weeks of entering Nemesis, I quit without bothering to transfer leadership. Scylla wasn't implemented then, but that would have been the reward and cooldown period I needed to keep me motivated in the game. Even that wouldn't have been necessary if Babarion wasn't so shit boring. And you assholes had to create a daily mission to bring players back there. Good fucking job.
  14. Speaking from the perspective of being a newbie here twice, many years apart, the base gear sets are a generous gift. You get a serviceable set of equipment so you don't have to invest deeply in gear that will go obsolete, which is not something you want to do until after you're farming enough gold to lavish your alt with gifts. Granted you probably won't be soloing many dungeon bosses or competing well against later generation alts, but it'll get you far enough to learn the game. At least until Babiron, when plot and quests become so sparse that advancement becomes drudgery.
  15. Try thinking more inclusive. It's a special once-a-year event, why would you want anyone left out of the fun? It's great to have a massive challenge that the most capable can put in the effort and walk away with a trophy they'll fondly remember (and may even use!) But is Enocia Field, smack dam in newbie territory, the place to try to crush everyone's nuts? EDIT: Oh, and next time, could the dungeon entrances be sexier?
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