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  1. Gilgames

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    I don't think Bash will disclose such information, and neither he should. That's mainly because of what he already said: Which is also why you're asking that question Back on topic, as I understood it reading what Bash wrote in the roadmap, the Trophy System 2.0 changes look connected to the upcoming Rift System. Sounds like an "upgrading" or "enhancing" system more than a new usage for the trophy pieces: I can't wait to see how all of that turns out!
  2. Gilgames

    Hourglass trophy

    Because, even with r8 shadow gem, you won't be able to reduce Fernon's resistances below 100% (unless Erze's debuff kicks in).
  3. Gilgames

    Nosville mystery box npc

    Hi there! Someone told me that from the nosville mystery box npc you can win the mystery box items currently in the shop (nosmall). So, for example, right now there's oto fox costume in the shop; does it mean I can win that from the npc? Is it true? I just wanted to make sure it's true before spending gold on that. Thanks!
  4. Gilgames

    Hourglass trophy

    I thought it may have been the pyramid; I just didn't want to go through all patch noted just to find that lol Thanks by the way
  5. Gilgames

    Hourglass trophy

    Did they change the name of the trophies or is the hourglass a new one? It's not in the trophy system guide made by Bash. Has anything else changed in the trophy system? Sorry, but I didn't play for a long time.
  6. Gilgames

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    Is the weapon change due to the enormous amount of RNG involved in this game as in hit rate/crit chance/damage increase/etc and you want to try something more competitive, or am I totally wrong about your intentions?
  7. Gilgames


    Is that a new meme or something? lol
  8. Gilgames

    Family - Last Online Status

    You are right, I didn't think about it in the beginning. But I guess an option similar to how you can hide your last access on whatsapp or the "last seen recently" of telegram would do the trick.
  9. Gilgames

    Family - Last Online Status

    This, to be honest. Also, you know what? It would be so rad if a "last online" status could be added also to the friend list!
  10. Gilgames

    C 45 Weapons price

    I have to disagree here. If you open an Erenia box, it's not guaranteed that you'll get a weapon or another valuable item; it's exactly the same as Fernon. The only difference, as I stated in my previous post, is that you get a much higher average gold-per-box value with Fernon compared to Erenia.
  11. Gilgames

    C 45 Weapons price

    That's only because Erenia boxes are tradeable, to be honest; if they weren't, the situation when Erenia/Zenas came out would've been similar to what we're seeing right now. Imagine Erenia boxes weren't tradeable: all the players who prefer to just sell them would have to open them instead, and people would probably complain about the "not steady income issue" even there. Now, I feel what you mean when you say that Erenia raids give you a guaranteed income per raid if you choose to sell the boxes, but Fernon gives you a much higher average income; hence why, there's no need to change anything as of now, in my opinion.
  12. Gilgames

    Increase ancelloan , fairy booster duration

    Why's it a problem if they want to play the game that way? I mean paying someone to leech them while they are AFK. About the part that this would benefit bots, it's not like adding a check for whether the booster is still up or not to a bot is rocket science...
  13. Gilgames

    Increase ancelloan , fairy booster duration

    In my opinion, just making the duration of all those consumables/potions/buffs stackable, like the oil, would do the trick. Also, I don't understand why people came out with arguments like "making the game too easy" while this is really only a QoL change lol. Regards.
  14. Gilgames

    Formula Damage

    Hi there! The part of the formula you want to look at is the following: I shall now give an oversimplified example in order to make things clear. Imagine that the attack of your character (taking the attack of the skill you are using, the equipment, etc into account) is 1000 and your equipment has an increased damage bonus of 110%; the defense of the enemy is 800 (we're not gonna take elemental damage into account). Now a non-critical, non-increased attack would cause 1000 - 800 = 200 damage to the enemy. If the equipment's bonus damage comes into play, though, the damage calculation would go as follows: 1000 * (1 + 1.1) - 800 = 2100 - 800 = 1300 That would be a 200 > 1300 damage increase. So the answer to as per why the damage increase is so drastic is that it gets applied before subtracting the enemy's defense. Regarding the elemental damage, since it scales on the normal damage, it also gets exponentially increased. I hope I've been clear explaining that stuff, but if you still have any doubts or questions feel free to ask! Cheers ~
  15. Gilgames

    [Ban Wave/Gold Selling/Buying] Some ideas?

    Even if a person were to buy VGN just to use them themselves (for example to buy amulets, trophy upgrades, or whatever they need at the moment), they're doing it in place of buying those items using gold; that's probably why they'll still complain about rates if they feel like not getting enough for what they paid. That being said, I'm happy with the current dollar/VGN ratio. That's not how things work, I'm afraid. Even if you increase the amount of VGN you get, the gold sellers will eventually adjust their prices to be more convenient than buying VGN. It's always been like that and always will be. Buying gold illegally from gold sellers because you don't want to wait a couple of minutes (VGN actually sell like hotcakes) doesn't seem much of a good reason worth the risk of getting a ban, does it? In fact, people obviously buy from gold sellers because the dollar/gold rate is much more convenient. It's true that prices have skyrocketed (more like gold got devalued, actually), but that also affected the VGN price, of course; when I started playing, for example, they were around 3k each while right now they fluctuate around 10~13k depending on the mystery box items. The problem is: how do you objectively determine what's a good dollar to VGN ratio by which it's worth spending money on?