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  1. Because, even with r8 shadow gem, you won't be able to reduce Fernon's resistances below 100% (unless Erze's debuff kicks in).
  2. Hi there! Someone told me that from the nosville mystery box npc you can win the mystery box items currently in the shop (nosmall). So, for example, right now there's oto fox costume in the shop; does it mean I can win that from the npc? Is it true? I just wanted to make sure it's true before spending gold on that. Thanks!
  3. I thought it may have been the pyramid; I just didn't want to go through all patch noted just to find that lol Thanks by the way
  4. Did they change the name of the trophies or is the hourglass a new one? It's not in the trophy system guide made by Bash. Has anything else changed in the trophy system? Sorry, but I didn't play for a long time.
  5. Is that a new meme or something? lol
  6. You can't leave NosTale. You can't kill it. It's already inside you. Too late.