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  1. i agree to the server is not 100% active of the guilds and some will lose maybe gt if we lose mostly gt`s we can`t find some options to craft stuff/this we can do archivment`s (i see it for all of server)
  2. hello VGN team, i tried to make safety stones with alpaca caspels but with a half stack i got not 1 so was my question or wish this the rate little bit get higher this come more or small amount in altar is still hard get safety stones to and to pay cash most of time for buy boxes i wont. WFG Flamara
  3. mint i can`t use i`m germany this just not the best options i need per mobile payment and wasted the 1 day why i have thin PSC work to 50euro i hope this paysafecards will come to
  4. welcome and hi i`m new to i will not play full time active so 1h each day actualy i got the time
  5. maybe try new install and show for it if work of more time
  6. Flamara

    TW reset

    @Crapouillotthis is wrong look against my light armor set yes i have 4/5 part`s gold arena token set and stuck only last 1 i grinding elysia buckets the ranking resets helped to but and the and only my head is max i can`t do my awakend books can`t make the fort`s because no safety stones for this i tried to farm alpaca capsel bronze but this was a wrong way half stack no 1 safety stone ? this rate is to hard broked . and i wont invest all my cash every month for get lucky stones the +8 stone i traded for a +10 100% stone from jult. i stuck by 2,4k gold and can`t get even more because the 0/2 useless for me with my dc`s everyday not the best way and only why i have abit got supported (was me make feel bad why i`m more a supporter of gamer basic every game) you know not how happy i was to hit 70 got in 9 years no 1 times lv max of cap and still player 9 cears undergeread pvp
  7. Flamara

    TW reset

    i see this we can`t find together anything and i can say from my exp this after some times where i played now #of aeria games (9 years) saw this after some time come more switches in tw then there self if we full geared we can get maybe first tw and the other maybe 3 in strike out of reset i know this people see this i need patient but if i get no much time or planned raids where i can go come to my sleep time this dont help me
  8. Flamara

    TW reset

    can we find anything in the mid what all let make happy i lose more and more fun on pvp because we will no see for gvg
  9. Flamara

    TW reset

    and 2012 is not 2021 2012 more active ee then now
  10. Flamara

    TW reset

    jordan play you self ee classic ? see you this the 1 guild win each week the first 3 tw`s and we all 1-2 shot still ? because the other people high geared/endgeared we low/no undergeared we get only 4,5,6 tw the other guild each reset 1,2,3 i see it only bad this not can open the server not many active on guild 3-4 guilds make max gvg tw only 2 guild 3 with a alt guild for farm a kill if we win i just see not the clue why tw reset we need join each week for attack is same to defends example aeria games you need hold tw what by this reset the same only in attack this in my eyes not different
  11. Flamara

    TW reset

    actualy i see this different 2 guilds in classic only cap tw and this still same time the same days and of a cooperation with the another 1 guild is not accept from lead self i`m in nycto to get not many of salery`s and the another can faster work on set`s we to many times suck because this i understand still you from the exp but by 2 active guild no another 1 is it realy hard to work for nycto we want have more ccm and salery to but we all to 95% no/under geared
  12. Flamara

    TW reset

    Hello lovely VGN team, i know your make a great job but the tw reset i think is not best like actualy not enough active guild people which now there new player and make tw example nyctophobia get only 2-3 3 wins salery`s to get the first 3 each reset is useless the another strongest guild cap this. and get more then another which not help the people which starting there and need 10x more grinding some for gold ccm then the guild which win each week more. I hope your can maybe change it example a 2 week reset this all have a bit more of them. i wil bel happy about a answer with friendly greetings Flamara (sry for my bad english i work on it)
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