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  1. Could it be possible to find a solution on the improvement of the buildings (especially craft) with a nerf of the experience required for the leveling of the buildings to facilitate the new ones as the old ones on the progress of the successes to come and already present now. Because I admit that we are blocked on certain buildings, including the farm or the altar and this is annoying for some players. With the 129 EP ok it's good, but EP don't give any achievement which blocks for a lot of players, so I would like to discuss on a solution if possible. Assembling the guild, it's not d
  2. Ah nice , thanks you very much, Love VGN ❤️
  3. Greeting I would like to know if it is possible to do an event with the WB currently already appeared such as Melody and Belle, it would be beneficial for both new and old players to review and see things that some have not had the chance to attend .. So I would like to know if it is possible to work on this subject. Thank you. Oracionela.
  4. Also Jordan why stay closed, I have enormous confidence in what you have done so far, but why not make a small sacrifice of the least try, there is nothing but really nothing to lose, VGN is is good, we are not asking for the Moon, just common sense without being in the abuse, at least for me personally, I think it's a solution.
  5. Hi. As an active member of the classic, I can see that 1 week on the reset of the TW is not terrible and I think in the limit that the solution to extend over 2 weeks would be beneficial for many active members of the classic with a week being done. more defense, which would make the principle of the TW at its maximum, Why not try Jordan, the awaken and the classic are quite different, I think trying could surely be more. Oracionela
  6. IGN: Oracionela Item : Fallen angels Wings (Prime) Merry Christmas Everyone
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