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  1. simple besides the face book crap.
  2. There is actually a point I'd like to make but extremely unlikely circumstances now that the server is a year old but a situation that can happen is guild A and B are not level 3 but guild D is of level to gain points from crystals. If guild D holds the highest points even when they don't own crystals but the opposing side has more crystals they WILL lose. there has been a case like this on this server when Rage had 250 points v.s Syndicate who had 75ish but had lost because syndicate held onto the crystals. extremely unlikely case though now because most pvp guilds are over level 6.
  3. Hello It's about time I do a proper introduction since iv been playing VGN hosted eden eternal for a year now. My name is Squidninja or if you see me on EE it's Richard. Iv been playing EE for a year now and never made a proper introduction but today changes that. Iv been playing EE for several years since beta and have played a bunch of other games such as last chaos (very long time ago) Runescape (first game online played). I personallyenjoy gaming but I currently attend college full time as well have a part time job in which I work at a hotel. I also play and watch league of legends even though I personally am not good at the game. I love dogs and I tend to be very outgoing among my guildies, friends, and love to make thier eardrums bleed :D. Other then that; that is me :D. P.s Jordan is a bellend <3
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