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  1. Welcome to VGN Eden Eternal! I hope you have a great time while you're here and have fun playing~
  2. Welcome to VGN Eden Eternal! I hope you enjoy your time here and have fun playing~
  3. GS Herakles answered the question so I’ll close the thread. Have fun playing Johnny~ and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask in forums, in game, or on the vgn discord~
  4. Welcome to VGN Eden Eternal! Hope you have a great time playing and enjoy your time here. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Have fun~
  5. Welcome to VGN Eden Eternal! I hope you have a great time playing here~ If you need any help or have any questions about anything feel free to ask here or on the discord. Even message one of us GS if you need an answer quickly, we usually answer promptly enough~ Again, welcome and enjoy!
  6. All forum posts must be in English or have the English translation with it.
  7. No one listened, you kept going on about something that wasn’t what this thread was about, so it’s closed now.
  8. As I said, stay on topic or this thread isn't for you. Thank you~
  9. Had nothing to do with Gameforge. This constant parade to find some ulterior reason is getting beyond the joke now. It really was for personal reasons, nothing to do with anything else. Others have already started playing EE or SB. If you choose to as well we welcome you. If you choose not to, that is your decision~ Now, this post was created to say to NosTale players that they will be happily welcomed to Scarlet Blade if they choose to play it. Replies should have to do with players maybe considering trying Scarlet Blade. If not then this is not the thread for you, move along or it will be closed. Thank you~
  10. Both SB and EE are great games. We welcome all who want to join us and have some fun~ No game is ever guaranteed a future, so enjoy it while it's there and revel in the memories when it's gone. We are all sad to see NosTale go, none more sad then Bash. So let's remember it's great times and bonds made there as we move forward.
  11. Welcome to VGN EE~ You'll find the community helpful usually, and as always you can ask here for help too. We have trials, raids, guild vs guild, and territory wars. Doing your mainlines will get you gold and once you reach a certain lvl you can grind out certain dgns that are designed for getting you good gold. You have a pet from lvl6 onwards. You can have a couple in game/get married. Plenty of mounts, though they cannot be used in combat/dgns/or territory wars. There's an abundance of maps, depending on lvl will have different places to farm. Best way to lvl up is follow the mainline quest and do the book quests on each map. Low lvl you mainly focus on doing your mainlines and once you reach lvl80 that's when people start focusing on lvling their other classes (as you can change to any class at any time) as each class increases a stat the higher up in lvl it is. If you find it to your liking you'll find it worth playing. So again welcome to VGN EE, I hope you enjoy your time here~
  12. Welcome to the VGN Forums! I hope you've been enjoying your time on VGN EE~ Your introduction was fine, good job! Most players in game are friendly enough. If you need any help or want to ask a question you can do so in peer chat and either other players or one of us staff members will be all too happy to reply. I hope you keep enjoying your time here with us at VGN Eden Eternal~
  13. If someone sends you inappropriate things, sending in a ticket by selecting your game and then the other category being Player Report or even General will suffice. If you think a forum ban was not fair, then again select your game and choose General or even Account (Of course only if you were the one banned as others can not discuss another persons ban). When the ticket is viewed the GM will see that it pertains to the forums, and that's fine. If the issue happens in a forum thread/post, then we already have that handy Report Post feature above each post, so it's very easy to report for that. If you're finding the confusion is in that you want to send in a ticket about forums and so you wouldn't usually choose a game in the first category, it really is ok to just select your game and then send in your ticket about the issue in forums, like some people already do. Hope that helped~
  14. I really like the idea of normal class sakura island 👍
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