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  1. If someone sends you inappropriate things, sending in a ticket by selecting your game and then the other category being Player Report or even General will suffice. If you think a forum ban was not fair, then again select your game and choose General or even Account (Of course only if you were the one banned as others can not discuss another persons ban). When the ticket is viewed the GM will see that it pertains to the forums, and that's fine. If the issue happens in a forum thread/post, then we already have that handy Report Post feature above each post, so it's very easy to report for that. If you're finding the confusion is in that you want to send in a ticket about forums and so you wouldn't usually choose a game in the first category, it really is ok to just select your game and then send in your ticket about the issue in forums, like some people already do. Hope that helped~
  2. I really like the idea of normal class sakura island 👍
  3. Lilith


    Also a good idea is to level all your classes as this gives you stat boosts, like more health, which is very useful~
  4. Have you tried verifying? Whitelisting the game? Or perhaps this may help:
  5. Hello! And welcome to VGN. Hope you enjoy your time here~
  6. It is currently being looked into by @Jordan Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. @COmetkun99 Don't worry, Jordan isn't going to make those who run the hard mode do it for nothing. Easy mode will not be there for people to farm~
  8. Welcome back to EE and welcome to VGN. Hope you enjoy your time here~
  9. ~Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Nippa~
  10. Lilith


    Moved to correct section~
  11. Welcome to VGN~ Hope you enjoy gaming here 😊
  12. And make sure you have Whitelisted your game~
  13. First: Which game are you referring to? Second: Have you made sure to whitelist it with your antivirus?
  14. You’ve made some great suggestions. The staff have read your post and we will discuss amongst ourselves and with the GM Jordan. We love hearing your ideas. Just remember that sometimes, for various reasons, we can’t apply all your ideas. But we certainly hear you, read your ideas, and take it on board. Thank you for the well thought out suggestions~☺️
  15. Welcome to the forums finally Psions~ If you need any help, or have a question, just ask here or in game 😊