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  1. ~Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Nippa~
  2. Lilith


    Moved to correct section~
  3. Welcome to VGN~ Hope you enjoy gaming here 😊
  4. And make sure you have Whitelisted your game~
  5. First: Which game are you referring to? Second: Have you made sure to whitelist it with your antivirus?
  6. You’ve made some great suggestions. The staff have read your post and we will discuss amongst ourselves and with the GM Jordan. We love hearing your ideas. Just remember that sometimes, for various reasons, we can’t apply all your ideas. But we certainly hear you, read your ideas, and take it on board. Thank you for the well thought out suggestions~☺️
  7. Welcome to the forums finally Psions~ If you need any help, or have a question, just ask here or in game 😊
  8. Welcome~ Hope you're enjoying your time here at VGN 😊
  9. Dates weren't put as it set's a time limit. Meaning if something arose, or a bug happened that had to be tested and fixed, or if something went wrong that needed time to be fixed, the release date would be later then that given. This would lead to people complaining that the patch wasn't released on time. Therefore, it is best that a date isn't set so as to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise people would just get upset or frustrated that the patch wasn't bought out when stated. All we can ask is to please have a little patience~
  10. Welcome to VGN EE~ I hope you have a wonderful time here and if you need any help, or questions answered, feel free to ask here or in game 😊 The alpaca coins are easy to get so I think you'll find you'll have them faster here then you did before~
  11. I apologise for late reply, been a very busy week. So when looked into it was revealed that in the Quests, when it refers to CP it means class exp which is why your exp on your class bar moved, but not actual Class Points which is why your class skills number didn't move. So it isn't a bug where you aren't getting something, it's just that it means class exp not actual class points. Hope that helps clear that up~
  12. Welcome to VGN Eden Eternal~ If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask, we're a helpful community😊
  13. That’s odd. We’ll try to replicate it and see. It may indeed be a bug. Please have a little patience for us to see what’s going on with it. Thank you~
  14. Just playing around with it now, I couldn't put repair hammer in there either. But I could put a 2h or 1h weapon in the weapon slot. I could also put a 1h or a shield in the offhand slot. So using Samurai I equipped a katana and then in the Backpack Manager I put in the weapon slot a different katana and set it to a durability of under 114. I then attacked some monsters and once my equipped Katana hit 114 durability it changed to the katana I had in my Backpack Manager. I tested it again with 1h weapons on Blade Dancer, did the same. I tested it with a 1h weapon and a shield, again it changed out when under the durability I had set for it. So it works in that it will swap out whatever backup weapon or offhand you have put into the slot in Backpack Manager once your equipped ones hit under the durability you specified. I hope this answers your question ? The only one it wouldn't work with is the Sickle. When it went to switch them it would come up with a system error saying: Skill ID Error (-14574). Maybe could you look at this @Jordan
  15. Hmm...when you were creating your account on the website, did you use all lowercase letters for your username? That was another issue encountered, that it wouldn’t work if capital letters were used.