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  1. we will look into it, while waiting try using a new email again like a fresh one and try using gmail if you haven't.
  2. have you checked your spam mail? if yes and you didn't receive any confirmation mail wait until after midnight (server time) or 24hrs before sending a request again because the database will delete the request out.
  3. try using different browser
  4. Hello there here is the list of recommended build for Demon Tamer as for my knowledge. Weapons: Staff or Grimoire Staff: Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock this staff is lv95 and from lv95 trial in Dimension of Soul, Dimension Trial - Kahlo Tower: Michelano 3rd boss Grimoire: Rules of Unholy Truths, Dimension Trial - Kahlo Tower: Seven 1st/2nd boss This 2 weapons have the ability to lessen the cooldown of your Hellish Foray skill -20%, after using hellish forray, you just have to use Demonfire that will consume 8% of the Boss monster HP when the effect ends. Gears: if your a new player and doesn't have much stuffs yet you can just use the Vendetta Starter Pack rings, necklace, and cape. For trophies I suggest to use tank trophies there are free trophies when you reach lv80 or 90 if i remember correctly. For Certificates just use 4 yellows, 2 resists cert, and HP certs For the Class Talent: Max out Blood Feast first for 20% HP and Demonic Harmony for longer duration of Hellish Forray. The rest of the Class Talents point you have is up to your liking. All in all, you just need to build you Demon Tamer as a Tank and lessen the cooldown of Hellish Foray and maximize its duration.
  5. You can get the prime from events, for now you can get it from NPC Mikitotefu using the 6th Anniversary Coins. The Legendary is from Mystery Boxes.
  6. Savory Corn On The Cob (Legendary) ✔️10/07/21
  7. Mysterious Radar Monocle Legendary ✔️09/09/21 Flower Tattoo Legendary ✔️09/10/21 Gilded Valkyrie Siren Helmet Legendary ✔️09/13/21 any of this 3 Magic Snow Bell Lele (legendary) ✔️09/09/21 Robust Golden Bell Lele (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21 Magic Flower Melody (Legendary)
  8. Brown/Black and White Udder Delight Onesie (Legendary) ✔️08/12/21 Brown/Black and White Udder Delight Headdress (Legendary) ✔️08/12/21 Moonlight Kitty (Legendary) ✔️08/02/21 Moonlight Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️07/29/21 Pink Fae Wings (Legendary) ✔️06/24/21
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