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  1. Please do not necro month old threads. Threads that are beyond a month with no response are considered old and dead threads. If you still have an issue or something you wish to discuss, please make a new thread.
  2. We totally get where you're coming from with the email service options for registering an account. It seems like you've had some trouble with Yahoo and Hotmail. But hey, I've got a suggestion for you! Why not give Gmail a shot? It's actually the most commonly used email provider out there, and it has a pretty high success rate when it comes to creating accounts on this server. Loads of users have had positive experiences with Gmail, so it's definitely worth giving it a try. Also, you might want to check out our forums. There are discussions on this very topic, and you'll notice that lots of our community members highly recommend using Gmail. They've had great success creating accounts using that domain. I really hope this suggestion helps you out and resolves the issue you've been facing. If you need any further assistance or have more questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Thanks for your understanding and patience!
  3. To initiate the necessary steps in the most efficient manner, you may access the designated ticket submission platform through the following link: [https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn]. This dedicated platform will guide you through the process and enable you to provide the required information accurately.
  4. If you're struggling to open the download link, use a browser other than chrome or right click the download button, copy link, then paste it in a new tab. Because the download is not signed (so its not https), chrome auto flags it and will block the download.
  5. Hi, you may refer to this thread with the GM's answer to why VGN doesn't offer any other languages besides English. "We are an international server with the main focus on English only. It's not worth the time or effort to translate the game into other languages for only a small group of people that will actually make use of it. Items alone are over 60,000 lines of text, monsters are 40,000, quests 120,000 lines/sentences/paragraphs of text."
  6. In the meantime, you can use the TK set lv80 and get the free lv80 chisels from [Basic Gem Enchanter] Urn at Aven near the Soul Guardian and buy the basic gems from him too to boost your resistances. While using the free Battlemaps boss trophies, you can match them with the Vendetta Starter Cape, Rings, and Necklace to boost your resistances. While leveling up and doing mainline quests, I recommend using Blood Knight (templar awaken class). You just need to use 2 skills: Bloodsword's Mark and Bloodsword. Just make sure you hit the enemies with Bloodsword's Mark for it to make Bloodsword spammable and heal you every time you use Bloodsword. For boosting your damage, get Great Blood Knight's Axe from Bel-Chandra in 95 Trial Kahlo Tower. Upon reaching level 115 Get the Robust set rings and necklace from the fame chest in the last 3 maps: Robust Essence Necklace (Sold by Grumond Guard), Robust Dire Ring (Sold by Fallmyst Fellowship), and Robust Icy Ring (Sold by Diamcrys Favour-Frostmorn Mountains). For the trophies, I recommend getting Zarloe's Blight Soul from Zarloe at the Quarantined Map from Grumond Grassland and upgrading it to Grumond: Zarloe's Blight Soul. For the other one, choose from this: Ask someone for help to get Dimension Lord's Tooth from DoS. Hak'Zurk's Mighty Axe from Hak'Zurk in DSR Or go to the Lv100 trials: Darktide Cave and get Cooked Wolf Meat. This is a healing trophy and will help to support you. Sorkin's Stash: this will boost your EXP, both normal and awakened CP, and loot rate. Those set will support you from farming gold both in Palace of Dreams in Roaming Hills, Quarantine Mine in Grumond Grassland, and Dragons Keep in Singing Valley. From then on you have a source of gold to make a better build for your character, if so, you can start building Blade Acrobat for a fast and better farming though this class is very high maintenance as you need a good set of gears, weapons, and accs for it to survive as it doesn't have any support skills but it does a good amount of damage on mobs while farming and have a big spammable aoe skill with proper items.
  7. if the game won't launch its either you have to re-verify your game to make sure you have the full patch or you need to add Launcher.exe/_Launcher.exe/Patcher.exe to your anti-virus / window defender exceptions or the whole folder.
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