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  1. Succubus horns? I've heard of them in game but never seen them.
  2. Would like the jack skellington and pumpkin man pet skins, or the tiger, dragon, and panda ones.
  3. Your anti virus or firewall is probably blocking it
  4. This is the link to the topic with most of them. If you're looking for any in particular for a certain class let me know and I can try to get them for you.
  5. I am between playing Medic and Sentinel. Which are more suggested? Are there enough players to warrant needing a medic for any parties? It seems pretty empty so far so seems mostly DPS characters.
  6. I was able to get it working. It was a section of my anti-virus I never had to do anything with before. So despite the fact I had it exceptioned by my anti-virus, this part of my anti-virus was still blocking it and wasn't telling me it was doing it.
  7. Yes I tried both of those. I followed everything in the common issues thread. I turned my firewall and anti-virus completely off and it didn't help. I restarted. I tried all combability mode options.
  8. Hello, I am having the same issue. I downloaded the game, installed the patcher, verified the files and it says its ready to play and to press start. I log in and it says the game is now starting and then nothing. Sometimes it just sits there and sometimes it closes. I followed the guide in the common fixes and those did not work either. Checked event tracker for an error message and nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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