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  2. so , this comes for an ex player that played solo till like lvl 48 only and left for a while because lvling was too hard, and then realizing u can get power leveled. but the exp at these quests need a serious check because unless u join soccer pitch etc or find spies along the PVE maps its impossible to lvl on ur own , unless u wanna spend a month getting to 65. and even if u start only grinding dungeons exp boosters run out eventually, and ure kinda left with mobs that give barely any exp. all the new players that join quit after realizing they cant lvl on ur own. my suggestion is , u should boost the experience from quests after lvl 30. all sides all mains of lvl 30 + if thats possible to help out the new community joining from videos like MMOBYTE that did actually bring a few players but they told me lvling is too hard esp when the low lvl areas are kinda empty =/ . boost exp from quests to help out the new players! ❤️
  3. heyas guys! ❤️ OBS was lagging a bit the footage so i do apologize for that! ❤️
  4. heya guys ! as a new , fresh DE! ive had lots of fun pvping even when i was severly undergeared until i got better gear thanks to all the people that helped me to get better gear for 65! ❤️ and now im having a blast pvping with way better gear ;D==
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