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  1. Hickari

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Nelia Nymph, not steampunk skin, erdimien
  2. Hickari

    Act 6 - Solo TimeSpace

    im so hyped! @Bash Gl with it, it's a very good idea!
  3. Hickari

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hello, can you add a weapon skins?
  4. Hickari

    Pirate SP Question

    Summer event is one of the best in my opinion, and i think that's not hard to turned on this event, i really want this sp etc. so i hope that bash change his mind and yet he will include this event for us ❤️
  5. Hickari

    Lucky moments showoff

    be a blessing in disguise
  6. Hickari

    That Udyr Guy *Waves*

    Udyr is very good player, he never die so Shula give a Fake info Kappa