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  1. Hickari

    General Feedback Thread

    Add a "Credit card" or something like this to npc or item mall ^^ It allow you open a bank everywhere
  2. Hickari

    Fernon Fairy Changes/FC raids

  3. Hickari

    Fernon Raid being nearly impossible.

    @Randall ye AraRauko do this ^.^ @Edit Better quality here
  4. Hickari

    Fernon Raid being nearly impossible.

    'Nearly impossible' yeee, that's why we did 9 successful raids today in one hour ^^
  5. Hickari

    Fernon Raid being nearly impossible.

    Soo you wanna write to me that end-game equipment is not worth of it?
  6. Hickari

    Fernon Raid being nearly impossible.

    This raid is hard, yeah but you can do it, one of the few challenges in this game. Yeah "impossible"
  7. Hickari

    6.2 Tease

    haha I love it
  8. Hickari

    6.2 Tease

    Forum. Logic, logic. Bash always status update give for us in this post soo ??
  9. Hickari

    6.2 Tease

    What do you mean by writing "update"? Do you mean more information about update or you want to implement a6.2 into server?
  10. Hickari

    6.2 Tease

    Bash don't worry, it's happens ^^ I have one question, for example on Monday you will done the act, so are you will be wait until Thursday or give it to us (for example) on next day?
  11. Hickari

    6.2 Tease

    It is certain that update will not be tommorow or we still have a chance for tomorrow? ^^
  12. Hickari

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Nelia Nymph, not steampunk skin, erdimien
  13. Hickari

    Act 6 - Solo TimeSpace

    im so hyped! @Bash Gl with it, it's a very good idea!
  14. Hickari

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hello, can you add a weapon skins?
  15. Hickari

    Pirate SP Question

    Summer event is one of the best in my opinion, and i think that's not hard to turned on this event, i really want this sp etc. so i hope that bash change his mind and yet he will include this event for us ❤️