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  1. Can we keep that Topic nice please?
  2. i mean, having your account suspended for 3 months might be enough punishment, under the circumstances you just said, But i believe in people checking tickets to see if a report is "manipulated" or not. How would you fake a eagleeye report? I rather have less players, fair players. The game is still more of a Game for younger people, even tho most players are cocky 16 y/o's that try to prove something. Theres banter which i say is whatever, blacklist and ignore. i agree on that, but bigger insults should be aswell chatmuted with non english. Extreme racism shouldnt be even just a mute, should be some day break for me. This beeing a Thing is sad, jumping and trying to pk a GS as example just because he gave you a chatban is sad. You can't complare beeing in a family or who you are to get you into fights in Arena, with beeing a GS and doing your Job. People report something to you, you mute the person because it's your job and you get cucked from a whole Family because you muted someone inside a family? Sad enough, lol. I'm way to lazy to get into more, however thats all for now ^^ Udyr
  3. honestly, no? Don't be dumb in the first place and try to get advantage over other People, in no way. You can't hack and then say "but pls no perma, because it was just eagle eye!" i rather not respond to everything i could here Udyr
  4. Teemo

    Trophy Inventory

    fits then, now he could have some idea how it might look with my suggestion above 😄
  5. Teemo

    Trophy Inventory

    I mean, what he says there is that Trophy Collections are supposed to be only on one Character and you should be not able to stash it into the warehouse to trade it over.
  6. I'd love to see some type of Inventory for Trophies. The GUI has some Space to maybe add it. Not sure if it's wasted work or if it might be actually cool to have. Could be more small and not that big. We have the Space, so why not use it? Udyr
  7. Welcome back! May the Games be enjoyable for you 👍
  8. ^ Theres stuff which i hate about most of the comments here. It's possible to do, doesn't mean its enjoyable at all. It's a big Yikes.
  9. welcome to the normies ❤️

  10. I'd agree with that suggestion. The raids are capped anyway, so i feel like pushing them up with better rewards a bit would be nice. We still do those Raids daily but it just feels not worth it.
  11. Send a support ticket here: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn
  12. Straw from Wigglers was the most Painful one there. But it's doable kinda easy still.
  13. A other possibility would be changing Maps like AW 1-2 and 4-5 aswell to AW3. So having this map multiple times instead seems like a Solution too.
  14. Nothing to do with greed, if you for example get payed for leveling someone - going on any other map that isnt aw3 will be bad and not work. No one would pay for this. Also, having a Map when someone else goes there and starts killing your map while you get payed for leveling - same Thing. Do you know how shitty it is for both? the one Paying and the one leveling? It's a running Blessing and a payed Time.