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  1. I think it's Titan (no number of version), but I need to ask Barel again to be sure. EDIT: Barel confirmed, it's Titan.
  2. I think we can say same stuff for every kind of gear, not just lingerie. Even in low levels, all uniq drops are around 40% of them cyberblade stuff, the other 60% is divided in 6 classes.
  3. Not a gift but... It already happened for real in Italy, first week of school!
  4. I noticed every new soundtrack of the game is taken from Dragona game, so I don't know if it's possible to put other songs. But if yes, I suggest to put this song every time we read "GoddessSand has entered the zone":
  5. It's a brazilian meme roaming from 2015, just google it.
  6. A pretty easy costume to make, "Ja acabou Jessica costume":
  7. It finished yesterday, you lost it I suppose.
  8. Filomena


    And instead to enhance the bike to +10 so fast, enhance the weapon first hahahahahaha! Congratz anyway.
  9. Filomena


    Wait, do you mean the Ignis Vortex or the Abyssal Temple dungeon? If you talk about Abyssal Temple (the dungeon in Nemesis base), it's really hard. There is a big jump from previous dungeon to this one. I usually suggest to be level 47-49 to run it. Just whippers are a bit stronger and can already afford it in 45. And above all, Asura, the first boss, has a trick to destroy it, using the debuff given by his minions. Search on youtube some videos and guides about Abyssal Temple bosses. It's still hard in your level, anyway. If you have problems in Ignis Vortex in level 43 (dungeon in Barbirion), you have something bad in your character, try to fix gears and biuld faster you can.
  10. Titan drops in Caergate, I get Titan, Titan v3 and Titan v4 already. I sold and saw Titan, but it has not titan apparence. I think there is no Catherine and Strider pet skins. I saw no announce of them.
  11. We are under maintenance right now.
  12. You can paint only, if I well remember. As Cyberblade has its own equipments, maybe you can make cat ears just for sentinel painting in some way this normal hairstyle: