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  1. Helloooooooooooo! We already met in game, so nice to have you there!
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  3. I heard that game had 16 active players...
  4. The normal quests in Ignis Vortex works in solo mode only. Some people noticed if you run just in team mode, for some strange reasons few mobs does not count for quest. Achievement quests require team mode only. Viledon PvP quests can be completed anytime. To flip nexus, you need to call a help (if you are RG just call me), but remember you have to flip both of nexus, and it's rare to see both nexus in enemy faction. Communication Tech can be done in 2 (same as before you can call me in RG side). But Hauler is super strong, I think it requires at least 4 OP players.
  5. 1) It depends on range: till level 34 the punisher is the faster in farming dungeons. But if you not well equipped, punisher die fast in all level 36+ dungeons, so the whipper become the best choice (average gears). If you are really good equipped and PvE build, punisher if fast even in higher dungeons. 3) Punisher is the main starting char for beginners, to learn the game: fast kills, long range, safe distance. Of course everyone will change it later, when they notice it's the worst class in PvP. And PvP is the main task in level cap of course. 4) The only difference is the community of players. 5) Medics have hard time in playing solo, but yes, they are needed in PvP and level cap dungeons. Actually both factions have a decent amount of medics, but it's a rare thing to see, usually we always scream "NEED MEDICS!". I'm sure in a month it will happen again.
  6. Sadly I think they can change just the % of exp in the whole game, and not the exp given by single mobs. In the beginning of the game (level 1-25) the experience gained is already high, if it increases again, the players will have a bunch of quests in queue and it can be really confusing for a real beginner. But I agree you, a big exp boost from Nemesis, Scylla and Ellis mobs (maybe also Barbirion) would be the best, but as I said probably it can't be done.
  7. I saw the video and I read the full review. I think it explains very well 50 % of the game: the beginning, the storyline, the questline, the grind, the graphics and such. But you just stopped in level 20 range, so you missed the other half of the game. It means the high level dungeon, the PvP, the battlegrounds and all the "locations" where game still lives. I hope for 2021 you could borrow a cap level from Vivi or Daddy to look and try even a Bunker, or a mass pvp in last map. I'm sure you will have few more positive stuff to tell about Scarlet Blade in that range!
  8. I don't know how this system works. But I saw in another game, when you do a quest with one char, then all your other chars in the same account can simply complete the quest with 1 click. This is can be a good idea if it can be implemented here: once you completed a quest once, you know the story. All other your chars can skip it just taking the rewards. But I bet it's impossible to put in Scarlet Blade now.
  9. Hey Valeriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It seems everyone try to run away when they see you ahahahah, congratz!
  10. In Aeria game there was a sense to stay level 19, cause there was a Janus range for 15-19 players. And some 19s were really OP at that time. But now the battleground is 15-29. There is no sense any more to stay 19. As GoddessSand said, if you want just CX1 boss, you can make a char 27 to farm it, even alone. Every class can kill it, I remember I killed it a lot with my punisher when i was 27, and punisher is the weakest.
  11. What I remember, they said Aeria putted a maximum amount of daily battlegrounds. Till there were just 3 game ranges (15-29, 30-39 and 40-49) the battlegrounds were well distributed. But now there are 5 ranges of battlegrounds with same number of maximum avaliabe, so they must be diluted over time, and some even suppressed in some range (no soccer in 60+ if you noticed). Timings were changed a lot in last 2 years, but sadly not much can be done to improve the situation.
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