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  1. I don't know your class, but for a level 49 punisher full +12, SS is still really hard and long. By the way, Nibblez, if you wanted cash, farm dungeons hundreds of times is not the best way: I found out that running battlegrounds (in every cap) is a lot better. It's enough one uniq costume or weapons skin every two months, and you gain more than all the uniq gears you sell in the same time of dungeon farming. So, if you decide to play again, focus more in Janus, Turnpike, Siren, Second Ark, and even Jumbo ball in soccer.
  2. How can people want rank 2 ancient jewels, when no one even knows what ancient jewels do?
  3. There is another problem: today a guildfriend logged and she noticed her new lingerie level 27 has lost the jewel slots. She bought it before the end of the event and she didn't knew it was a bug. She said if she knew that, she would buy the level 37 one. I think also some other people can have the same problem. There is a way admins can change her 27 lingerie with the level 37 one (or the one they want) ?
  4. If you did half quest before the patch, and your items are still in quest bag, go in cheryl, sell them and buy them again, so they go in normal bag. Pamela can use them to make the pen only when they are in normal bag (before patch they went in quest bag).
  5. Nice. Hey, about art, can we have new puzzles in game too? They stop in level 54...
  6. 1) Run! For your life, run! 2) Holy mother! What's this? 3) I miss Enocia. Can we go back there, sometimes?
  7. It's the Murphy's law. We need to live with this every day of our life...
  8. Wait, do you mean the Derelict Tunnel Overruns are not related to event? They will be a permanent dungeons?
  9. Game now gives pretty good gears for free when you reach level 20 and level 30: if I'm not wrong, they give same stats as the normal ones, they are just not tradable and they can enhance max +8. But +8 is more than enough for people who just need to farm some dungeons and level up.
  10. Stea pet sounds a bit sneaky...
  11. I think evryone in Scarlet Blade today is singing this: Thank you LittleErika!
  12. The old advices are still running good: in low levels (before 39), make a dungeon fast requires a punisher or a whipper, but I can say in those levels also medic works fine. In higher levels, instead, the medic requires a team, the dungeons from level 40 are hard and tanks work better, even if they are really slow. After level 60, when you focus in pvp, every class has its strong and weak points.
  13. Options --> Shortcuts --> Interface --> Scroll down till you see Damage Meter and put the button you like. I simply click + when I enter in dungeon and the window disappear.
  14. It's same story starting from Abyssal Temple: all dungeons from level 40, in team mode have mobs with crazy high hp. When you can skip them, everyone skip, cause it's not worth to kill them, but the characters with no conceal skill rarely want to run AT, SS, Acheron and DMH, cause it's much time wasted. Mobs in SS have more than half million HP each!
  15. In the low levels game is not changed so much: the craft system begins in level 54. About the skill quests, I suggest to follow at least the main quest storyline till level 23-24, when the quest drow you in Caergate. Next skill quests will be in level 48, so you will be more free. Are you RG or FK? RG guild Inquisitors is always open to people came back from old server.