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  1. Filomena

    Item drops on Amara hauler

    Same should be for Viledon Hauler and CT.
  2. It's sure sold now. My last gear is Punisher Gamma:
  3. Filomena

    Additional Cyberclusters

    Don't need those.
  4. Filomena

    Pet Chat (Round 2)

    1. I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. 2. Let's go! 3. Don't forget, you can use a cybercluster.
  5. There are two zeta colors too, damn it's from beginning of game I search a pink suit, I have pink shoes and gloves, but still no suit, and it's great! I think Spektar has it.
  6. Filomena

    Drop rate and TP/Siren boxes

    Go say this to Drake: last week he dropped bunny ears and sweet candy stripper in only one run!
  7. Punisher Zeta (yellow):
  8. Filomena

    Is this a known bug?

    And Vendetta staff already said they can't solve it.
  9. Filomena

    [GUIDE] PVP for lowbies

    Win battlegrounds is important just by level 50, when winning side earns a safeguard replicube. In all lower level battlegrounds, win or lose gives same reward (just tiny exp difference).
  10. Filomena

    K where is this quest location?

    There is more than a quest where auto travel doesn't work. Can you say what level is that one?
  11. Filomena

    Hello, my name is Steph

    Hello. Are you I-Talian?
  12. Filomena


    Hello hello. What game do you play here?
  13. Filomena

    A little PU guide

    Are you really sure we always need passive damage maxed? After the skill rearrangements I decided to don't use any more passives. After all, passive attack now gives just Max atk and Max ch-atk, no more min, they were more important. You spare 20 skills to put in Atomic Bullet and/or Mighty Impact, both good skills.