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  1. Ahaha I remember that event. If I'm not wrong, also in Scylla there is a dungeon portal. The storyline should took there to go in Spaceship. But they moved it in Nemesis too...
  2. Not bad. After all, the "original" entrance of Abyssal Temple was in Barbirion: When Aeria made level 40 patch they said the Nemesis door was temporary, but they never fixed it...
  3. Nah, normal Acheron is enough, it's for level 50 to 63 max. Higher levels have a lot of dungeons.
  4. We already have 2 maps of Ellis. An idea can be to pervent the 60+ to go in the Ellis of the opposite faction only. Example: RG Ellis works for RG 49+ and FK 49-59. FK Ellis works for FK 49+ and RG 49-59. There will be some problems anyway, I can already imagine them, but it's an idea people could think about.
  5. Really? I always thought NPC girl was enough to have a dungeon. Drasil hard mode have just the girl, same for Abissal Temple. Vivi made the Christmas Factory dungeon with the girl only too.
  6. Make another portal for The Acheron in another place, Amara for example. It's ugly we can't farm it any more.
  7. It was a quest avaliable for Christmas event. It's just a daily anyway. You can simply open your quest tracker and put it on hold so you don't see it any more. But, if you like to gain 5 juicy gold every day, you can go in "On hold" quests and retry it. So you can take again the quest from Nayan to Mustafa once per day.
  8. Filomena

    De Exp

    I think Vivi already tried it a lot of times, but for some reasons all de-exp stuff don't work propely.
  9. If you talk about more than 3 years, maybe you was not in Vendetta. The old game was closed for everyone, and we had to start again from level 1 in April 2016.
  10. I never heard about this. But I can't figure an arkana roaming with a flying little Catherine pet behind her ahahah. Or even Ankelos, awz! Instead I think a creeping Stea pet would rock!
  11. Oh gosh a GM still don't know bikes in Chromia don't go with gas. Everything works with stardust now!
  12. Welcome back! I don't even remember Aeria owned even Eden Eternal.