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  1. Filomena

    Hi new here!

  2. Filomena

    Miising Quests?

    You're right, same happens in Viledon, the daily Senena's quest to "check the prisoner" doesn't work. They were 3 daily quests that has been removed in level 40+ patch. I remember the two given by Random Tech were: one in Bloodsoul map, to kill some Rex, and the other asked to kill some opposite faction arkanas. The reward was just a Hexwave replicube, so don't worry. Same for the quest in Selena, the reward was a strange hypovial potion marked with a "Taiwan only" symbol.
  3. Filomena

    The bloody palace

    I think he's asking a dungeon where you face just the boss in every floor (better say "in a tiny room"), not a bunch of mobs before to reach it. I saw this in a browser game too.
  4. Filomena

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Probably he asks a spot of non-aggressive mobs cause he stay half AFK and he needs a safe spot where mobs don't attack him.
  5. Filomena

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  6. Filomena

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Nephilim Bloodcats and Nephilim Feline, if you just need the scroll token of Nemesis. However they are level 42 and 43. If you search just level 45+ mobs, there are no spots with just packs passive mobs, everywhere you find a little of aggressive ones. There are Gold Eels and Lonh Tooth Raptors behind the base, but the mobs are not closer each other.
  7. Filomena

    Double EXP Event

    You can suggest it in the Event Forum about the Poll of next events.
  8. Added to point 3: by level 50 you can earn 3 safeguard boxes also with 3 daily quests (they ask to kill around 70 mobs in Enocia, Mereholt and Barbirion). Those SG are NT.
  9. Filomena

    A Small HUD/UI Issue... Normal?

    Now I know what you mean, and yes, I see this too, but rarely. It's like the flash of light when you die and revive or the red dots with "earthquake" when you are hitted by critical hit. It's the game.
  10. Hello hello. Sadly I don't remember Marlentino from Aeria, but I'm happy when people come back in this lands, even in FK side! In these days I recommend to focus on buy accessories, the prices are low cause Christmas event. Level 24 earring and trinket, level 36-38 necklace and ring, prices are dropped down less than 10% of the prices of two weeks ago.
  11. Filomena

    class change

    Right. There is also a way using Paint, so you can find Bruise in Shadow Army instead of Arkana!
  12. Hey Petty! I'm happy you are back finally, we talked about you few days ago!
  13. Filomena

    Cannot Receive Packages With New Accounts In Events

    Hey, remember you are not allowed to start a new account just to redeem another Christmas gift...