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  1. I'm Royal guard only, but you can count in my help in any range. I have a good 29, a good 39, a good 49, a weak 54 and a weak 64.
  2. He's a member of the staff, he's in both factions.
  3. Filomena


    They can have the same numbers, but they are not the same: a level 59 arkana with 3 seconds stun skill, stun a level 59 mob for 3 seconds, but a level 64 mob stay stunned just half second, or even less. Same for any other skill with cooldown (dot, low speed, low void ecc.)
  4. Do Archangels still gain RP?
  5. Game lose a big player here. But you did good to take gears with yourself, maybe in some months you would like to come back again. You will be always welcome, you know.
  6. Awww, sorry, it hurts.
  7. Welcome back then. Are you RG or FK?
  8. Probably you remember the rare Zeta suit of medic. It's hard to see now, cause everyone use uniqs, and uniqs don't have wings.
  9. In the old Vendetta website we could see it. There is no way to get that info back? It was just a number, near the "offline" or "online" server lamp.
  10. "Poi sono tornato indietro e l'ho battuto" Oh yes, I believe that!
  11. It could be easy to fix: move the Vivi quest to level 3. It change nothing for old players and nothing for new players too.
  12. Sad to hear. We wait you ASAP !