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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Best update ever! They stackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
  2. Server is down cause unknown issues for everyone. Just be patient, I'm sure event will last few days more.
  3. Scarlet Blade is temporary down. I suggest to not download it in this hard times.
  4. I remember when patch 44 and 49 came out, after so many requests, Aeria admins put Selena NPC even in Barbirion, just outside the Viledon big door. But it lasted just few months, then they removed if for unknown reasons.
  5. It was good to have at least the old 2 low level dungeons for lower levels (Seona dungeon). We sure were happy to see them again, even if same stuff as 2019.
  6. Ok then i want full size Phyton !
  7. Is that near Grey Shadow boss? I always thought there may be something in that "Drop Deck", behind a strange portal it never opens, gosh!
  8. Ask for a team to kill enocia horde!
  9. It's better to see small pets. Big ones are annoying.
  10. Daddy's bag is not "miseriously full", it's full FOR REAL !
  11. And I would say also, you can add a little little chance to drop Dragon Claws also in this event. They can come in handy, I don't think people have more than 11 or 12 ot them, at the moment.
  12. Great Melanoid don't require to be killed. Just roam in the area, quest should complete. In that room there is also an pretty hidden NPC in the corner (Rose if I well remember) where you complete 1 or 2 quests. The map is also "double", look well to be in your side.
  13. It's a known bug, but this mob is pretty weak anyway... Wait to see the mob bugged in next level. You should shout for help to kill that level 60 bugged mob to complete the quest ahahahaha!
  14. Well, you are right, it should be wrote "Amara".
  15. Ahaha it can be, cause the screenshot was taken by a thread 2 weeks old.