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  1. The main questline of level 23 finish there: you was supposed to enter in Caergate map and (just if you like) do some daily quests there. Level 30+ can't enter any more in Caergate, so you can't complete that quest any more. Same stuff will happen in level 39, when there is a quest to enter Viledon and talk to Selena, if you reach level 40, you can't complete it any more, because 40+ can't enter in Viledon.
  2. Hey quitters! It's time you start to play Scarlet Blade, it's good !
  3. Welcome! Inquisitors guild is open for new recruits!
  4. Heyy! I still didn't meet you in game. If you are interested in joining a guild. Inquisitors are open!
  5. I think every couple is good to farm. But you must know a couple is not enough to win dungeons above level 36 (Ignis Vortex and above), they are aimed for bigger teams or solo mode only.
  6. Hey ! These suggestions could be a good benefit for beginners also. EDIT: but I must underline, if there is unbalance pro RG in a kind of battle and pro FK in another kind, it's not a game fault, it's cause player's decisions.
  7. You know I support everything to improve the life in our poor level 49 range, so, full support! Even I suggest an admin to check if the mystical crate still drops the uniq trinkets level 42, it's really years we don't drop any.
  8. Welcome and don't worry. The gaming is flat, maybe you will make some "mistakes" in choosing skills in beginning, but there is a reset skill token. I suggest to hold it till level 65, it's pretty expensive. If you use it in beginning, maybe you need to buy another one when you reach level 65.
  9. Welcome! Crafting materials are avaliable by level 54, running Drasilmarsh Hard Mode dungeon, in the mid of Mereholt Base (talk to NPC girl named Alisa with a legendary passcard). In my timing (Italy), Al Kasawa is every wednesday at dinner time exactly. If you are Royal Guard, Inquisitors guild will be happy to invite you!
  10. Instead I don't like glow effects on bikes. Is there a way to remove it?
  11. Sometimes it appears to me too, lately.
  12. s Hello and welcome back. If you plan to grow slowly following the questline, nevermind the faction, you will meet good people in every side. If you want to be level 65 in few days, I suggest to become RG: in the last month we are badly ournumbered in Bunker and Al Kasawa, so a little balance will be glad.
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