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  1. Yes, I saw the video of your mass goobye in vip room, the last hour of game. Sad I couldn't be there cause it was in my job time.
  2. 31st March 2016. The worst day ever.
  3. I think Admins can simply remove the post wanted alert. I remember in old server we were bored to see the alert of every +7 enhance, so they removed it and now we see just the alerts of +9 and more. If you can, do the same to "post wanted" stuff, and let just the big shout for "wanted kill".
  4. Hello hello! Inquisitor guild is open if you are Royal Guard.
  5. Do you know what that "amplification" and lodestones should have done, in the final game?
  6. Welcome back! I hope you are lucky this time and server could stay open for long time. But, but... You are a Royal Knight! Great, finally someone is taking the eternal peace between our two factions!
  7. Click K and put skills again (if you have been long time offline). If you don't have a skill reset item, send a ticket and Vivi will refund you one.
  8. Mmmm, no. What I remember, everyone asked to reduce pet sizes: Narak Infant, Grizzy and other pet were all too big. I don't think it's a good idea to increase some pet sizes again. It's not fair for people who already use Catherine. At least, you can ask to make a Phyton pet big, when it will be released.
  9. Welcome back! Our guild is still open in RG.
  10. After you log-out from game, I noticed the official launcer did not work any more. I have an alternative launcher in my vendetta folder called _SBLauncer.exe , with the _ before name. I don't remember where and when I downloaded it, but it usually works after a crash or log out. The normal launcer will work again just after you turn off and turn on your PC.
  11. Ahaha don't worry, it's pretty normal in low levels you don't meet people. I suggest to join a guild, so you start to know someone.
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