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  1. Drasilmarsh drop rare trinkets quite often. It can also drop earring, but not in ogung, you need to farm level 24 mobs, and you can see earring. So it's ok. BC drop rings in same way: you need to kill the level 28-29 mobs in the rooms, and with a lot of luck you can see a rare ring. And it's ok too: if people drop rings in mainframe, their price will fall to 1 gold in no time. SF mobs level 32-33 drop rare earrings. No need to see earrings in IV: IV is still the most profitable dungeon for lowbies. I agree the dungeons should change by Abyssal Temple and next. As someone stated few time ago, 95% of new players leave game around level 42-45. So THE problem of Scarlet Blade is absolutely related to that range. So yes, nerf a bit mobs and sub bosses (Simon is the only one good atm), make Zeta uniqs drops and rare earrings. Nerf Nemesis bosses (Catherine is the only one good atm) and make then drop uniqs a bit more often (similar to Viledon bosses can be good). Catherine should drop uniq accessories too like Asmodeus.
  2. New outfit avaliable: Punisher Iota (I think it has same apparence in eta, epsilon and theta too):
  3. Tanks never die can be acceptable. The bad thing is, while a good geared player can usually run away from defenders, medics and also from tank cyberblades, no one can ever run away from whippers. That's really a shame.
  4. Trap is a super strong skill anyway.
  5. Hello hello and welcome in Scarlet Blade. If you are on Royal Guards (RG) you can join our guild, the "Inquisitors". We are a little but friendly guild, it could be good for beginners. Sadly the game is mostly alone-questing in the first week.
  6. New patch will be for the next Halloween event I guess. Two months of patience.
  7. Filomena

    Discord and GS

    There is also Inquisitors discord runned by GrafValnar (the youtuber who made "Let's play Scarlet Blade"). Main language is Deutch, but they all understand and write in English too.
  8. I'm sorry Nayxa, it's so bad, I wish you the best. I don't know what else to say.
  9. Filomena


    They are buried and ready to lapidation, so everyone know how evil are the free knights!
  10. Filomena


    Who cares about that useless drops? Cybercluster seems the best we can have there.
  11. I can tell my personal numbers: +6 = 70% +7 = 53% +8 = 35% +9 = 20% +10 = 0.7% +11 = 0.1% +12 = 0% Adding the effect of naraks relics: +7 gear used as narak is worth as normal narak (+5%), +8 gears seem worth as blessed naraks (+6%), +8 gears may add 10%, +9 gears around 15% and +10 gears add 25%, allowing you to obtain 100% success using 4 of them.