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  1. Filomena

    NB AI

    This. Something has changed from that time. For example, level 48 uniq rings now don't drop anywhere.
  2. Filomena

    NB AI

    Guards in 65 bunker are all ok. If we talk about 39-55 bunker, I'm never tired to repeat those guards must be nerfed a lot.
  3. You're joking right? Whipper is the overpowered class of the game. Just check in level 65 PvP, above all in free knights side, every 10 players, 5 are whippers. And there are 7 classes. If whipper is weak, it would be used a lot less than now, don't you think?
  4. In this modern world, just occasionally, something extraordinary happens. Something more than especial. Something... Ultra!
  5. Hello hello! I'm here because I just want to share with you my favourite Christmas short movie (or better, the night before Christmas). I really loved it, the director was able to create a true masterpiece in just 7 minutes of scenes. English subtitles avaliable. Enjoy the vision everyone and merry Christmas!
  6. Name: Filomena Wish: Commando Gear (PU) and/or Commando Cap (PU) - the black costume and cap required to complete the achievement.
  7. This should be a lingerie, not a costume!
  8. It seems you have around 24 K HP, and it's pretty low in level 65. SoulTaker is a strong punisher, he can kill me in 2-3 his also.
  9. If you want just level up, alone is a kinda mission impossible, above all after level 45 I suppose it get a full week for each level. The best way is to join a guild and join exp parties.
  10. Well, on me, it depends player by player. Every person is different, I'm sure someone get just more stressed and nervous playing games. And someone feel relaxed. There are no universal laws.
  11. There is something wrong on rankings. For example, why LunaNyx is not in rankings? Same it was for DrDieLess in the age he was almost top rank, and I remember some other players do not appear in rankings.
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