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  1. Uhm, when you crash, you went auto teleported out from dungeons, battlegrounds and guild room.
  2. You sure forgot to take a quest in somewhere NPC. Go around the base and check.
  3. Damn now all earrings have lowered, but 34 and 44 were still too rares! I just get one level 34 and nothing in 44. And I saw just 2 alerts about goddess kind in the whole week. So they drop at a really low rate.
  4. 39 can't go in Suer, but you can go in Nemesis, I think there is same buff than club. Alert just about the other faction can hunt you.
  5. I remember you in Aeria times, maybe you was in our guild too (Inquisitors). Welcome back!
  6. Ahahaha, sadly (or luckyly, depending of the point of view) we lose nothing till we have a negative number. It's just a fake number. But it's scary!
  7. Ehehe, we people capped in 29 and 39 are happy. But as my guildfriend Fiorla said, if you really want to level up, I strongly recommend to NOT DIE :
  8. Look in Gloria, double click Consumables and you can notice "Skill Hyperchips".
  9. From the Forum homepage, look at top "VGN GAMES" and click Scarlet Blade. A new window will open, and still on top click "SUPPORT". From there you can write your ticket in English.
  10. Vivi sure has the scripts for the two bonus bosses in Caergate: they were Dirgebane! I still hope he can use them. Also, there is also a big boss in Bloodsoul, and a spawn point in caergate for Bloodsoul teleport. I remember the concept of Bloosoul was really great: 20 minutes of big PvP, then portal closes. At this point, who die inside, can't go back, so when PvP is over, just few people will stay inside and can kill the boss (if there are enough people).
  11. No wait, who are you then?
  12. Sad you don't have fun any more DongerLord. Byeeee!