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  1. They are marked as "Daily" quests, so you can do them just once per day. Level 49 is a good level to train your arkana. Instead to ruch in 50+, I usually suggest to learn the game there, run the dungeon (Abyssal Temple and Small Spaceship). If you kill last boss in spaceship in level 49, you can consider yourself super strong. On the other hand, if you still can't kill Simon (Last boss in temple) in 49, you're too weak, and go level 50 with a so weak character is really bad.
  2. Oh, yes, it seems we live in different time zones! No worry, before or later you will find an Inquisitor around.
  3. Hello everyone. I started this thread because, lately, many people asking me if they can login in game using two different PC. Reading the rules about Scarlet Blade, I still see they are not changed: double login is not allowed in battlegrounds, and you can't stay afk in battlegrounds. But the people with two camputers can't still login outside the battles, for example just to stay afk in Club or Suer levelling the pet? Or the double login is not allowed any more in any situation? If you changed the rule, I suggest to add it also in the general rules of the game. Thank you!
  4. You can search for me (Filomena) or just ask in shout from time to time that you want to join a guild. Ant of uf can invite you! What's your name in game?
  5. Uhm, try to istall all the old C++ engines then: They helped me a lot to solve the issue about crash every 5 minutes. Maybe they are good also for you.
  6. Welcome! You choose a good game, Scarlet Blade is most PVE, at least till level 59. PVP is focused in cap level only, lately. If you are Royal Guard (RG), you can join Inquisitors guild, we are happy to help new people grow up and run some dungeons in guild, from time to time.
  7. Yesterday I installed Scarlet Blade Vendetta in a PC with windows 10, and yes, I noticed it wont start cause two files were missing: ATL100.DLL D3DX9_43.DLL I downloaded them from this website: Architecture 32 (when i tried with 64, the laucher still said the file was missing). Then I placed them in Scarlet Blade folder (C : --> Vendetta gaming network --> Scarlet Blade Vendetta) and I could open the game in windows 10.
  8. Hey Izo! You are wrong when you say low levels have more survavibility. My 39 can oneshot pratically every level 35 DPS, but on the other hand people like Evovoe, Ibelina and Celia69 can oneshot my level 39 with 20k HP (so I figure they can oneshot every other player in Viledon). If we go far away, I remember there was the same situation from the beginning of the game: this was from November 2013: May 2014: To reach 50+ kills in less than 15 minutes, you understand everyone fall down in few seconds. And I remember pretty good the opposite situation, when we RG just went down in the battle just to die as flies still before to touch the ground. You find the game not balanced just cause it never was. And it will never be.
  9. Also some NPC guards are different: in RG side they are mostly humans, in FK they are mostly mechanical. Welcome back! There is something new from Vendetta also in lower levels. Agoge map, for example. Halloween and Christmas event and dungeons also. And new bikes, new pets, new pet skins, new costumes.
  10. I think more around 60 online people, in the "hot" moments of day, at least. Welcome back anyway, I think I don't remember your name, but if you go RG, you can come in our guild, Inquisitors!
  11. 75 Recognition medals killing Akan, for example, sounds good.
  12. In Ashera they are small too, but it's funny anyway.
  13. Sometimes it drops in Smog boss now. A tradable scanner.