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  1. Hello there everyone, My in game name goes as Dellarth. Just like everyone, a very Casual/Competitive gamer. The current game I am playing at the moment is Twin Saga, League Of Legends, Blade N Soul, and my retro styled games when I ain't working that is . I am a huge fan of nostalgia games I grew up playing Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and my favorite PC games being ran in msdos. As far as my personality goes, probably the happiest guy you'll know and always like to help real or in game. I am also the cake master to cheesecake on other words shes my wife. I do also like to tease now and then as joking matter of course. Never really the bully type. I also live in United States but I'm from England too. -pokes @Daisuki- had to do it she never shares the tea. I am also Front end Webdeveloper, and my hobbies involve building computer towers / games designing. Anyhoo I rambled on enough, I hope to talk to you all in game. Any questions feel free to ask. ^ Kinda took me 9 posts to realized that I didn't post a hello.
  2. Digging the motorcycle. 

    1. Spherical


      thanks it is fun was out on it today for a blast as I was feeling a bit grumpy earlier on, cheered me up a bit :)

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