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  1. 1- Idk it seems will be  good for few classes and  bad  for others.
    2-yes remove all of cosmetic stuff and  smoke bomb/engineer potion, i'm hater from engineer potion  since it become a ''annihilator battle'' at end of  TW, GvG give HUGE start if you have 200 speed + nice dmg you can cap 1 crystal in few seconds and get on next one before even enemy team could get running directly.
    3-Antor/AWK pike but huge more impact is caused by disarm trophy like crime, sometimes i'm just running around and get it on procs, can't be removed and reactivate if is already up + doesn't have immunity to this kind of  dmg control, yes its  bad ranged doesn't get affected but others does.
    4-Certificates is fine, like Stun ones make Assassin playable vs players giving minimal chance of kill it with full combo. (mundane is  ok, since  there's  immunity, removing it would  benefy more solo  players than party fight)
    5-PoD buff is nice, everyone almost cap all status with those buffs.
    6-Sleep/kd/stun enchant is 1% chance still hard to get it i don't think it would affect much.
    7-DMG recived/taken would be bad  thing since i play solo and  i can wipe a capper because he  doesn't have decent dmg reduction or good healing, usually you need move 1 healer or 1 extra capper to the fight,  so it would nerf a bit how much  few classes are  needed.

    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    Smoke bomb's are a different issue since I think they're slightly better balanced since x4 dmg when hit

    I'm from south america and  even using exitlag or windscribe i still have high ping , enough to make unfair smoke bombs, we usually get around 150-180% move speed full buffs (cappers/anti cappers) and player get time/distance to use it and be  unsable to get hits, also smoke bombs are huge counter from bombs on gvg, healer can just go invi and revive everyone without any consequence.

    In general its looks good but we know it will be benefical to few classes like Battlefield Poet/AE/CA/Mecha.
    Healers in general whatever Jordan do they will always give everything to party diference will be on how healers play.

    I prefer jordan's change to classes like he did to lethal.
    Since AE till S+ class for pvp i don't think would have other classes or metas for now until future changes, Mecha left pvp to fire ae, other dps left for Lightning AE.  (I would say mecha is dead on pvp but haven't tried with new gun so i'll keep as just ''left'')
    Understandable Mark's point, but PvP ingame has been dead for long time and we  do need few changes, TA was good idea but as all pve content it dies too fast.
    New pvp is best one but we don't have enough player or guild to try it.

    Now question to jordan related to specific pvp :
    There's any plan/idea for 1x1 comeback? because 3x3 is dead since we don't have ''team queue'' it makes hard to get people who are flex on classes, and want to play with what's needed.

  2. 9 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I think this change would reduce the Star Stones and Luna Rocks into just a waste of a system.

    You would end up with 80-90% of the server not even caring for them no more since half the game plays with FX off and then half of those people likely don't care for Starstones and Lunarocks.

    I think a better system might be a way would be to have 2 star stones of the same type:

    1. The colour you want.
    2. The buff you want.

    And then you can sacrifice the 2nd starstone and the buff one the 1st is changed to the 2nd.

    Think like pet fusion except its not 50:50 its 0:100

    That way you get to keep relevancy to the system and you get to cater to the people who want lots of colours for different costumes.

    sorry for 2nd quote but this would make possible have 2 luna rock effects like turn effect from luna rock into star stone slot?

  3. 9 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I think this change would reduce the Star Stones and Luna Rocks into just a waste of a system.

    You would end up with 80-90% of the server not even caring for them no more since half the game plays with FX off and then half of those people likely don't care for Starstones and Lunarocks.

    I think a better system might be a way would be to have 2 star stones of the same type:

    1. The colour you want.
    2. The buff you want.

    And then you can sacrifice the 2nd starstone and the buff one the 1st is changed to the 2nd.

    Think like pet fusion except its not 50:50 its 0:100

    That way you get to keep relevancy to the system and you get to cater to the people who want lots of colours for different costumes.

    Hope we see it in a future :D

  4. 9 hours ago, xSuigetsuux said:

    think making essences tradeable could be one interesting

    If exp was tradable i would say nice but Essences would break completly the system.
    I spent 10 days to get 1st awaken weapon and  i've friends that took more than me, but it still nice and wont be good sell essences since people are more interest on gold than gear other classes.


    9 hours ago, xSuigetsuux said:

    so these players don't have to grind this much

    Geared people do DNG in 1h so isn't grind is more patience than grind.


    9 hours ago, xSuigetsuux said:

    waste of time for them

    Fact that's why daily quest is better than turning essence into tradable. (Giving 1 essence per day would be enough)

    Even hating my rates on drops i can't say system is bad, because isn't and it doesn't need much to get better.

  5. Hello :D
    This came to my mind after looking into my costumes and noticed that with amount of setups we made alog with time we get locked to star stones / luna rocks (usually same colors) and we are limited on that because if i want INT Black star stone and look for black lunar lck would be LCK (or any other stats).

    Would like to ask if possible:

    Change the effect to be enchant , and item just default:
    This would give us more options and make much more viable get extra variety of  stones, we know isn't easy to make new ones, and this would take time that could be used for something more useful!

    The enchant could be sold on Specific NPC for gold or by EP, which would be  better imo since we have alot of EP ingame and usage is getting low day by day even having new content.

    This also would give more options to Staff on creating better combo on star stone and luna rocks having 3% AGI and LCK or AGI and WIS which isn't common. (IDK Why but we have INT + WIS (⊙_⊙;) )

    Thank you for attention :D!

    Edit1: I know you have tons of things to do, but if coming in  a future would be cool.

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  6. Agreed with most stuff, specially shared bank.


    11 hours ago, Jordan said:

    Just remember MP is suppose to be a resource.

    Agree but right now i need make some pork arcane box items because i can't find anymore pots and can't make enough orange ones.(Happy u will look into)



    11 hours ago, Jordan said:

    Login rewards as a whole need reworking / updating as right now its too beneficial for people who have lots of accounts

    Fair enough and i know why, also agree, it made coin token get less needed.
    But think on cosider Charms 3 , from Daily coin i usually gets EXP than CP/AWK CP, even being 1 per week or so, we would need to pay overpriced on charms  separated because people  don't want to waste AP on it, boxes  are much more worth.


    11 hours ago, Jordan said:

    Buying guild statues with guild funds will never happen. That is a very silly idea as it would make the few guilds willing to actually do the 25 man raid not need to do it anymore punishing the smaller guilds further as it would then just become a small guild tax.

    Agreed but didn't wanted to
    25p new dng happen only for big guilds like Garden, even stardust which was very active before could do it without stress for 40 minutes because elemental boss get resets randomly, getting agroo from person who is killing stones. (I know 40 min is nothing but for all game content and this during weekdays would get impossible for most people) 
    ''Oh i could do with peer'' yes but once we try it no one wants to do because of timezone, when 10 people are free other 15 aren't and rn people that isnt pvp don't care about new statue since its hard and its better do 95 ones.
    @RinSuggested few months ago to add reroll on Lv95 statues since bash comes too often and vivi/jordan which is massive for pvp(M-DPS meta) doesn't.



    11 hours ago, Jordan said:

    There won't be a daily / rep for Angelic Temple / Demonic Temple due to limitations and the swapping bosses.

    Add 100% reward to each box that is quest item (Like coins from last boss box), this will solve issue with boss  rotation, 3 boss each dng (quest require 3 of each)
    Demonic Card (I01606.dds)
    Angelic Card (I01608.dds)

    Suggestion add class drop to 110T combos so we can setup players into CC/AT/DF without being necessary Sagitarius .

    I killed over than 140 Frisaya for my full combo (I KNOW I'M UNLUCKY :C) and this made me give up on other bosses also there's fact its RNG boss and RNG items, so it take soo long for basic content, i know base idea and moment was important to take time but now isn't. (Ty Judgement for helping finish combo)

    Add  way to give back all  house items to players once it go away, i lost mine during DST crash (i've alarm to pay after everymaint but i didn't made 1 week and lost in right next one. (i know is more my fault than game, but still frustratin 400k gold on expansions + ap items and most more Ships from TW box which is super rare (i had 7).

    Or getting ridge of house going away would be cool :D!

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  7. Eden Eternal VGN Awaken

    Staring by server rates:

    Exp: x8
    Class Exp: x8
    Gold: x2
    Drop: x8

    Altar Rotation:
    Monday > Wednesday > Friday (Maintenance usually happen at Thursday so it stand for 1 day and come back 1 day before maintenance).


    • Level Cap: 130.
    • Fortification Stop at +14
    • 11 Normal Custom Maps.
    • Over than 15 DNGs.
    • Tons of Items and Gears custom made.
    • Old cast animation for skills.
    • Awaken Weapons Lv100 and 125.
    • Rebalanced/Reworked Awaken Classes.
    • Multiple Exclusive PvP/PvE systems.
    • AP Purchase is rewardable compared to how it was on any other server.
    • Custom Racial Craft Items (Gems/Tools/Potions and more).
    • Huge amount of custom costumes and recolored costumes.
    • Boss reward and skill list UI improve.
    • Archive Filter and Search.
    • Gear Swap Increase from 3 to 5
    • New Gear (Monster Stone).
    • Settings option to hide your own damage (prevent low power computer from lag).
    • Internal upgrade to prevent crashing (it means game rarely crash).
    • And much more.

      This all has been made by small team.
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  8. 14 hours ago, Jordan said:

    The main way to purchase costume dyes are on the itemmall. You can also get them from Crystal Altar.

    If you are looking for a specific dye you can likely try buying it from a player as there is a lot of players who usually have a stock of the popular ones.

    Hi jordan taking oportunity here, would be possible for a future patch add New colors for class costumes? like white ash , pure black and others, few like we are so limited, and we don't even have white color for class costume :c sadly.
    On few random colors that we get via quest at start have white one really good, but its almost impossible to get it.

  9. 2 hours ago, Jordan said:

    Ohh I havent removed it I just didnt even know its existed and nobody ever pointed it out to me till now.

    I can fix this issue though very easily for the next patch.

    i know u haven't, is just undone thing for version you guys used for it as base.
    Happy to know that.
    But how it works is very basic, that's why i suggested show/hide weapon stuff.
    Haven't found right information how it works on non bugged game, since global was full of bugs.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    Unless I'm just being dumb theres no much difference beetween the 3 images except the item name?

    after click on ALT + S and pass mouse on item it should change it own status (hide or show them) it what happened on global.
    It was undone on VGN version.
    Isn't confirmed but i think this has been made because mana infusion UI , there was too much for single item.

    Just wanted to hide few stuff on item when pass mouse so i can see what have on it all besides link it on chat to try check it. (sometimes it doesn't work so i need ask someone what have there)

  11. Hi! 
    After time looking for more info i had no chance to find anything useful but, i think Jordan might be aware or acess to check/edit it.
    So when you click ALT+S on item it change entirely for a short name, but on files leaked 2 days ago from Eden Eternal Global that we was able to login without a decent release, it had few features, like hide status of items, after using alt + s on item it was hiding costumes status.

    Would like to know if is possible use this feature as a ingame change.
    What it could be used for?
    Once you get full item with tower gems/fortify/enchants and gear upgrade and now awaken EXP, it says alot of stuff, here's example of item:
    as you can see, i barely can see Gear Upgrade and enchant , to check it i need link my own item on chat, that's resolution issue if i'm not wrong, my resolution is 1368x768 which is pretty decent but for this is bad.

    After ALT+S on item 1st time it turns on this:
    2nd time ALT+S:
    3rd time ALT+S:

    So what could it be changed? (IDK if its possible)
    Once you click ALT+S it hide all fortification bar:

    And for others just remove 2nd/3rd change.

    I know it would take alot of time , since game itself limitations but would be good improvement.
    Thank you for reading!

  12. 2 minutes ago, Yǒngyuǎn said:

    Hello. I recently came back to the game and, since then, I'm having some visual issues with the game that most ppl do not experience, as I asked some guildies and none of them did relate. Several newly added vendetta cosmetics look like this in my client:


    Phantom Mask


    Blessed Royal Sword


    Mechanical Cestuses


    Cherry Blossom Dagger



    I'd like to request some help on how can I fix this!


    Delete Temp folder from ur game file, and it will get fixed temporary.

  13. 21 minutes ago, Hilligan said:

    Hi, I'm creating this post for request a speed boost on npc in Sturmfrau DoD 95 since it's so long and takes a lot of time farm Viroona Godstones from there.


    Greetings :D

    Sunday , worse day from DoD.
    But +1 for this one! 

  14. Hi i know i'ven't played much classic, but time i played it was mostly dead, but with Jake and Matt help i had decent experience to say option 1 is best option.

    I'm still awaken player and i know what happened on awaken when classic came out, isn't about player amount is more about economy.
    Players that have huge amount of gold or items that can give good amount of gold usually sell everything they have or use extra gold to buy VGN cards by over price. (on awaken and used on classic)
    10$ was 30-35k before classic opens, once it came out, for while we could see 10$ for 80k , after hard work of community we made this reduce to 55-60k , which still far from price we used to have, AP items are important , mostly pets for awaken and would be cool to make this unable to be abused again, doudou already told me that VGN can't control where VGN cards are used and how they are used.
    VGN already open doors by don't making rule of buying VGN card with gold which is amazing, but if classic come back again and this still issue, mostly of awaken players will prefer option 2, as we can see up there on this topic.

    Would like to know if VGN can do anything that can prevent awaken players of getting this again.

    but my last option is 1 , would like to see classic with actual changes from start.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    Whats the mats don't stack? I can take a look.

    Just bags and BP's doesn't stack, but i think he mean stack materials like EXP items be turned into powered ones, they take 6 slots from bags, which is a mess like 30 items of 10 EXP into one 300 exp.
    Also when using auto sort it gets messy around bag being fully splited and hard to find.
    could be made also item with 1k exp via fusion, it would save our bags (general one not being angelic or demonic) we have 2 versions of items for same usage.

  16. 26 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    "doesn't have res drop, its trash"

    its more talking about party thing, for solo plays it doesn't matter what guitar have, class is really outside party and that's the point.

    I wont be making it for now, because 115 seems stronger for solo, and 110 for party.


    27 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    BP needs time to kill

    humm i need proc 5 times of dark metal to have chance of killing someone and if this person isn't on cc it will be removed.
    On party BP wont be killing it will be supporting so it doesn't matter much, since m atk will be enough to killing.

    About Flame Vibrato, it last for few seconds and become useless stack 5 times 1st because its 100% removed by reaver instantly when joining fight, so besides stack over again, is better just get death meatl + melody and help party with Dark Metal.

    M-ATK being general is really good, the % on it and proc is nice, reducing lightining resist specificaly for me its bad, since AE is insane strong, and giving more power to it with other class would be bad, but lets not talk about resist, why not -10% p atk and m-atk like 115 guitar, why not dmg on flame vibrato 5% like 125 gun gives to mecha, why not 5 sec duration from flame vibrato (as i mentioned up there it doesn't last long enough to be effective).
    BP Spends more time buffing himself then using his skills.



    36 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    I personally don't really care if you use it or not because if your so closed minded that just looking at in archive and you write it off without any testing and number

    You usually don't care its fine, you know more than me about your own classes and game, but coming from the only BP in the server that really does anything and really plays with the class because i know potential it haves, BP is bad for party, you know i play solo most of my time, its because this class have more resources for solo plays than support pt.
    When i was on stardust i used to be with Amaris all the time because i could lock someone with stun for support and help on anti cap.
    I know you will find way on class or items on future to make it better, 125 guitar is bad not trash, its good for me , but its worse awaken weapon on the entire list.

    Sorry if my english isn't good to explain it, i'm not trying to complain your job just trying to give advice about 1 item.
    Thank you for attention again and sorry if seems i'm crying.

  17. 17 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I also personally think it looks better so obviously thats a factor too in this game.

    only thing that i agree, its insanely beautiful, but if i would play in party i would use 110 Guitar.
    Fact is BP needs time to kill and in party is more support class than real MDPS, which is fair, but i made class that play as anti capper, since now there's 2-3 anni per crystal if you playing vs active guild, and BP is imune to stun which gives advantage.

    Sadly no Awaken 125 isn't good, it gives more m atk but BP still need alot of time to stack vibrato for m atk or dark metal for less resist.
    It also get limited on holy skills, being useful only death metal since wave of sleep has no much effect being 50% chance.
    Fact i can't use full gemini also keep my mind locked on it, which is bad on my side, yes BP can't use full gemini, need use tank gear like Koharumi or New Swamp King, besides that any BP would die in 2-3 skills.

    Guitar is cool and your idea with triple + elemental dmg is nice but for pvp this guitar wont be anything so every BP (me and 3 more) would back to no new weapon.

    I understand your point and i just hope anytime it get a bit changed, doesn't need 30 resist like bow or 10 like old ones , but 7 was enough to make it better.

    As you said before:


    On 4/24/2023 at 11:00 AM, Jordan said:

    I will see in future but I'm not adding different procs cause there is purpose behind pretty much all the procs selected.

    I prefer wait and see what you will make for it than complain or cry about it getting bad :3

    About V109, thank you for the drop increase and amount too this will be so much helpful.


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  18. 16 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    Based on my own calculations if you complete the new content daily it wont take you any longer than 2 - 3 months to complete all 36 weapons.

    my bad yes just craft will take 2-3 months that's true, took wrong info with all level ups, but with my luck and friends luck, each awaken upgrade will take 5-6 days depending on luck, since some haven't got single essence of any.
    2-3 months on craft is pretty much fine.



    17 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    Not a bug, remember resistances cap at the same negative as they do positive so negative resistance is possible.

    gotcha! thank you!

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