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  1. Rin

    Patch v100 Ideas

    Thanks for the reply! Regarding 2, we've had the 120 potions for a long time, just had to fuse for them. 120 scrolls have also been available for a while, just not very easy to get. Also wanted to add that running right now is rough in terms of sustainability due to the amount of MP potions used, even with Lumi's MP cert. 3. I think this one was misunderstood, the cape comparison was to the cost of MP potions being 50 for a stack of potions vs. 35 for a cape. DSR comparison was the cost of getting a stack of DSR pots (10) vs DV pots (50). The tokens needed in DSR to get potions were also easier to obtain due to the green item drops (forgot their name) being able to be turned in (even though they were kinda bothersome to keep bag space for). 4. That's understandable. The 10-15 minute cooldown captcha we have now should help with that though, no? Could realistically lower it even more on that map and people would still be fine with it. I know this is probably the most requested thing for our server, and just in peer chat alone multiple people ask about a pod spot every single day. It would be really huge for both PvP and PvE players, I personally know inactive people that don't want to PvP due to the prep time it takes. As an alternative, it could be an instance instead with like a 0/5 or 0/10 limit to avoid bots abusing it. Another option at one of the dungeon portals or something. I think Water Falls has a dungeon NPC relatively close to the teleport. This locks it to a high map/level requirement, which can avoid bots. Thank you again for the consideration!
  2. Hihi, thanks for new patch! Just got a few ideas that I think would be nice to have, as well as the reasoning behind them. • Demonic Valley daily quest to kill bosses and turn in inside the map, like the other battle maps. Reward can be one Polished Emerald. Currently only ways to teleport in are portal stone via quest if you didn't turn it in or link your soul to the Soul Guardian, this allows players who already turned in their main quest a way to portal stone in like we do for every other battle map. • Add Lv120 HP/MP potions and Lv120 Power/Guard scrolls to the mobs in Demonic Valley, just like DSR has. This was a big source of potions before, would be really nice to have it in the new map as well. • Lower cost of Demonic HP/MP potions, 50 for a stack is kind of a lot. Capes are only 35. DSR potions were only 10 for a stack, and the DSR tokens were easier/quicker to farm than emeralds are. • POD spot like what VGN Classic has here. Fallmyst is dead now, and even when it wasn't it was still not very fun or engaging to do, and often contested during busy PvP times. New cap would be a perfect time to introduce a similar type of spot, and would probably increase PvP activity/enjoyment if prepping wasn't as much of a chore. That's all I got for now, thanks for reading!
  3. Magic/Robust Summer Koharu ✔️07/07/22
  4. Mysterious Tweety Lipstick (Legendary) ✔️06/30/22
  5. Mysterious Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22 Dawn Gold Clothing/Headwear Color ✔️04/25/22
  6. Rin

    DSR Box from CC

    I think the really nice part about DS is the card rewards don't really limit me in any way except for formulas, which are quite generous. Everything I need is given to me via guaranteed boxes for killing bosses, or a daily quest that I only need to complete twice for an entire set. In CC, I'm limited by formula bags from cards, sparkles from cards, and the daily quest reward. The issue with getting DSR boxes is it almost feels like a punishment rather than a reward, as it could have been something beneficial but is instead pretty much junk. I guess that's the point of it, but it definitely feels bad considering most people do struggle in fights like these. Gonna go a little off-topic here, but the daily quest reward is the biggest issue in my opinion, as everything else isn't really too bad. These are my CC items currently, x700 of the green daily token and x1 of the gold daily token. This is with turning in the daily every single day since release. I have the sparkles for half a set, more than enough boss tokens for every set I don't have completed already, but only 1 daily token. By the time I have enough to make a set, I'll probably have the sparkles for 2 sets. Some quick solutions I can think of that would be nice are: Double the daily quest, x24 greens for x2 golds. Add a daily to each boss (similar to HoO's dailies for each dungeon) with a box that has a chance to grant either a Gold daily token, a formula box for that boss, a token for that boss, sparkles, etc. I realize everyone doesn't share the same problem I have and a lot of people are limited on formula boxes, so this solution would help them as well. Adding Zodiac tokens to the cards. Trade in the constellation stones for formula boxes or something. Personally I like the second one the most because it has a solution for everyone's issues with CC, makes the player still feel rewarded even if they end up getting mostly DSR boxes (which does happen quite a bit), and would bring back one of the nice things HoO had. Either way, I got way too many green tokens pls help.
  7. Just wanted to add my opinion as well and agree with some ideas that I thought were really nice! I think demonfire immunity is a good thing, I think the boss's HP is fine. This has sadly been the case for the last few bosses, nobody wants to do them because they're just too annoying. This is honestly just fixed by making the skillset basic. It's an event boss meant for everybody, I don't think anyone would really mind if it was just basic attacks and an occasional AoE. No buff removal, no debuff removal, no transformations, just something simple. Keep the HP (even raise if it doesn't remove buffs/debuffs), still gives people time to poke it. This is also a really good idea! Assuming the rewards are all NT, this doesn't really hurt anyone. It allows new players, undergeared players, healer mains, etc. to get just as much out of a community event boss as everyone else. It's a little sad that something that we're supposed to look forward to as part of a holiday celebration is dead content after everyone's achievements are done the first day. Looking forward to the next one! /o/
  8. Mysterious Summer Kimono (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22
  9. I just don't think that's a good way to go about it. If they provoke during foxes are up because they don't have aggro, a healer gets aggro and people will usually die. I've seen parties take like 10+ minutes on Sakuya just because a tank wants to spam provoke, when a good one shouldn't have to. Didn't mean more details, moreso meant organization/formatting-wise. Regardless, nice to finally have a guide out and I appreciate it either way.
  10. I really disagree with this, as it often causes so many more issues than needed, especially when spammed. Provoke only resets malice, doesn't put the Executioner on top. If used poorly, it can easily cause wipes/aggro issues. It at most should be used situationally, if the person who has aggro is the one who needs to CC the boss (having to think is hard, I know). In my experience you're much better off either maintaining it normally with the help of buffs like Declaration of Anger, having the BM hold back at the start if your Executioner is a bit weaker so they can establish aggro properly, or having them use smoke bombs to reset their personal aggro. Other than that, outside of it looking a little rough, the rest of the information is useful to players who haven't done Abyss and it's very nice of you to make a guide for them!
  11. Not sure which game you are trying to download, but the same solution should work for all of them.
  12. Only one of ours there is Stardust. You have alts in Ainz and Awakened, two of the three blue team guilds. If anything you're manipulating yourself with us.
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