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  1. Not sure if suggestions here are still allowed or should be posted in the Suggestions forum, but would it be possible to make a scroll to make these achievements account-wide? They take longer than both enchants and 95 awaken armors put together.
  2. I would probably like it as a 5v5 here as well. On Twin Saga, the 3v3 and 5v5 arenas were the exact same thing. For Eden though, I think a 5v5 would fit us better and be a lot of fun!
  3. Sure! Here is a video for everyone's reference, so we can see how more people feel about this: Essentially, it is a 3v3 OR 5v5 event between two teams to fight for control of the Crystal Pillar over the course of 8 minutes. Once you load in, you're inside your team's spawn (like TW) and there's two minutes to prepare before it starts. The goal is to capture and hold the Crystal Pillar in the center of the map. Once prep time is done, you can walk through the portal and begin. To capture the pillar, you attack it like any TW/GvG crystal. The players receive points relative to the amount of time they remain in control of the pillar. Points are rewarded individually to each player, as their personal points matter at the end of the match. Your personal points are increased by defeating opponents, healing team members and destroying the pillar. The meter essentially tracks your team's total points, and the team with the most points win the match. You receive arena coins based on the results of the match, as well as your own performance. All that being explained, I don't think some of these features are really necessary, such as tracking every person's performance (though I do think it was a cool feature and felt rewarding if you played especially well!) I think this would be a fun alternative to co-exist with the current 3v3, or maybe even be enabled as a 5v5 arena. As someone who plays a Halfkin and heals somewhat often, I don't think smoke bombs are really necessary to balance healers. If I wanted to get out of combat and revive, I could play Adjudicator like you said. We also have in-combat revives like Battlefield Poet's Requiem and Druid's Soul Awaken, so disabling smoke bombs could give more of a reason for these classes in TW and make them feel much more rewarding. I don't think Frozen in Time capsules are necessarily bad, but it was more of a "if you're going to do one thing, might as well do them all" kind of suggestion. I think they would function fine with a longer cooldown. Nothing crazy, but maybe like 20 or 30 seconds and see where that gets us.
  4. My suggestions here will essentially just be the first thoughts that come to my head regarding ways to improve our PvP. I'll list multiple ideas for each topic, just to throw them out there and see what people think. These are not suggestions I would like all done together at the same time. Each idea stands as an individual, separate suggestion. Territory Wars/Guild Wars Remove the player kills leaderboard. This does nothing but inflate the ego of people ranked high on it, and is not an accurate representation of how a player does when it comes to making an impact on the Territory War. Instead, you could use the number of kills the guild did as a whole, or some other metric to measure their performance and reward them based on that.This also fixes the problem we've always had of healers not getting nearly enough war stones from TW, and allows undergeared players to be able to obtain war stones more reliably and use them for things like achievements. Crystals should be harder to kill. This can be done through various means, but my idea is to add a damage reduction buff that is reduced based on the number of enemies attacking the crystal. For example, a crystal could start at 10 stacks of a damage reduction debuff, and each player attacking it will lower it by 1 stack.This prevents solo capping and encourages people to play more like a team/guild when attacking. In FFXIV, there is a mechanic in Frontline PvP (their version of mass PvP, either 8v8v8 or 24v24v24) that rewards a player for killing players consecutively without dying. Once you defeat 4 players without dying, you're rewarded with a buff called "Battle High", which increases your damage dealt, and at 8 kills it becomes "Battle Fever", increasing your damage dealt even further. I think a modified version of this would be interesting. Something that increases the damage you deal, but also increases the damage you receive until you change classes or die. Alternatively, we could buff crystals (HP, damage reduction), and have the buff from, killing players specifically buff your damage versus a crystal. This would encourage players to actually fight other people and protect their damage dealers, as accumulating kills would lead to increased capping power and overall allowing you to win the territory. Normal class Territory War should be removed, as it has little to no point anymore with a classic server being made. Disable the use of certain racial crafted items like Engineer Potions, Smoke Bombs, and Frozen in Time Capsules. I genuinely feel like as a whole, these items deal more harm than good. They really take away from the features certain classes have, as well as add features that some classes just weren't meant to have. I shouldn't be able to be an Annihilator with permanent stealth just because I can spam racial craft, for example. This takes away from classes like Assassin, who have invisibility as a part of their kit. Alternatively, the cooldown on them could be raised significantly, but I think just removing them is the better way to go. I have and will probably continue to use all of these items outside of PvP, they will still remain relevant if removed. Elysian Island I can't really think of anything else I would suggest currently that Jordan didn't already suggest, but will edit this post if I can. So for now I'm seconding all of these: Temple Arena HP changes to bosses for sure, but I don't think player stat caps should be added. Removal of tower potions. New rewards, such as a legendary devil soul or blueprints to upgrade the trophies, with materials being something like one of each devil soul (white, green, blue). 3v3 Remove battle pets. In regards to normal classes only, I don't think this should be something we ever really go for. If people want to do arenas on normal classes, there's another server for that now. Our server should be embracing awakened classes, as that is the whole reason for it. If normal classes are really desired (which if NCTW is any indication, they aren't anymore), we could try a normal class arena. A new map for sure. Possibly the 3v3 arena in Twin Saga. We could maybe even go as far as to incorporate their 3v3 arena into our server completely. In Twin Saga's 3v3, you are fighting for control over a central pillar, and a team is given points for holding the pillar, similar to the bar GvG has for holding crystals. Kills also influence the bar and can have a significant impact on the fight. This could not only lead to rotating maps, but even rotating game modes and different types of 3v3 battles. I really like the idea @Hops12 mentioned, making use of the queue system that lets you declare a role. Something like that might be possible, and limit changing classes to ones that are only within your role. I worry that we don't have enough people to really make this system work though. Removal of immunity potions. I think in an arena where you're allowed to freely change classes, the counterplay should be switching to a class that will be effective against the enemy team, not buying a potion from an NPC. As an example, let's say I'm against a Conjurer. Instead of buying a fear immunity potion, someone on my team would switch to Holy Sage and use the fear immunity aura. Increased rewards for winning. This could be things like more honor stars, more class medals, a box that rewards you with Eternal Points or Eden Crystal Fragments, etc. 10v10 A new map and objective for this arena would be great. I think something like a mini TW would be a lot of fun, and I could definitely see it being more popular. Team size could possibly be reduced. Getting 20 people to queue for an arena isn't easy. This might be different if the arena is more enjoyable and/or has better rewards, so this suggestion might not even be necessary if 10v10 is changed and enough people are interested in it. Remove battle pets. Monster Battle Arena A new set of bosses entirely, using newer ones or the custom ones we have. This would really bring a breath of fresh air to MBA, and make it really exciting for a lot of people to try. Player stats should be normalized based on their boss. Give each boss it's own stat block and assign that to the player. In an arena where you transform into bosses and fight, this really balances it out. People won't queue on things like Samurai for the P-ATK with the Katana, or Magician for the M-ATK with the Staff. This also makes the arena friendly to people of any level, and would be a lot of fun overall. Overall Changes Removal of battle pets in PvP. They just aren't needed and don't add anything to the PvP experience. To ensure they still have a use, maybe allow them in Haven of Oblivion, as I don't think they would break anything that badly. Worst case they would end up healing a boss but I'm sure people will learn to turn them off versus certain bosses. Increased rewards for playing. Adding to what was suggested in the 3v3 suggestion, things like more uses for Honor Stars would be nice. New furniture for housing would be cool. Better ranking rewards. This isn't really exclusive to PvP, but all of our ranking rewards are outdated. They give you things like Lv50 chisels, low level Corona's Extracts, and other things that don't really feel rewarding to receive. More suggestions might come later, but these are my initial thoughts! ^^
  5. +1, would love another shot at this game. I'm sure it would do great if given the chance! Vendetta could really take this game a step above the other servers and shine.
  6. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond. I would like to reply to each point you made individually, just for clarity. As far as Karen goes, the HP reduction was only a suggestion. My issue with Karen in particular is that a large portion of the time is spent not hitting the boss. Out of the three Ram Bloods that spawn, two of them are killed by the MDPS, and the third one makes her immune to magic damage. So even if their Ram Blood doesn't spawn and the Dark one does, they're basically just sitting there waiting. Most of the DPS to her will come from the two PDPS by a significant margin, as they're the ones with the most uptime. Even when the MDPS do have the opportunity to hit her, MDPS in general hits significantly less than a PDPS. Alice, who has the same HP as Karen (and I believe also drops 3 essences,) can be killed in under a minute easily. Beryl, who has more HP than Karen, can maybe be killed in a minute and a half, if not faster. Karen can be between 5-10 minutes in a well-geared party (depending on occasional mistakes), and between 20-30 for lesser geared parties. Honestly, I agree with this completely. Even before it was bug fixed, we did Karen/Phantom with MDPS. I'm all for people having to gear up a class they aren't familiar with to clear new content because of the mechanics in it. I've been a high-end raider in FFXIV for years so this might be a bit biased, but I'm also all for more challenging content, or content in general that requires actual thought or attention. Considering I designed a boss in the Spring event to be an MDPS-only fight in the next DS type of instance, I"m not against MDPS or people gearing it at all. That's not specifically what I was asking for, no. I was asking for some kind of balance between what we have now (the floor) and bosses dropping an essence for at least one person each time a boss is killed (the ceiling). I'm sure other people probably want more, but as a reasonable person I'm just asking for something slightly higher. I understand your ideology behind wanting to make the content last longer, as I said before, I'm not against a grind. As it is now though, it's just too much for the majority of players. Looking forward to your changes. I think this problem comes from the game being like that from the beginning. Getting a weapon has always been something that could be done in a day, maybe a bit longer for a good %. Even awakened weapons can be done in a day or two in most cases. People are used to things being done quickly because it's always been that way. Now suddenly they'll have to spend possibly weeks to even get the weapon they want (getting the base Axe for me took a week and a half of running on two characters and trading literally every other essence I got), and much longer to get it to 120%. It's a drastic change for people, so it makes sense that many are shaken up about it. The exception to this would be like GoP or DS, which you had to do many times to finish a set. I'm aware of generally how long these dungeons in particular took, so I really mean it when I say thank you for your hard work. Both Vendetta and EE are genuinely better because of you. I wish more players would also provide feedback (I've tried asking in world for people to) so I didn't feel like I am just bombarding you with complaints, but I've tried to generally speak for the playerbase as best as I could.
  7. A lot of people have this opinion. It hardly feels worth doing because even if you do go, you're most likely just not going to get anything. It's really demotivating. I know the concern was to not have people quit after finishing their gear in a month, but I know plenty that quit after a week because it wasn't fun. The issues people have with the dungeon aren't with the design, it's with the numbers. The rates and the two bosses having too much HP for the average party.
  8. AoJ could be decent with the right party setup, especially if you're able to get the 115 hammer. There's better options though, and that's really the problem. Is it viable? Yes. Will people accept it as a viable class in a HoO party of randoms? Probably not.
  9. I never once mentioned wearing full sets, I said meta/DS equipment. Everything you listed would fall under meta equipment. DS equipment would refer to things like Eis accessories for healers, Bushi necklace, Draco accessories for mdps, etc. As I said previously, my party handles these bosses just fine, my concern was for the lesser geared players that end up spending anywhere between 10-30 minutes on them. We can kill Karen/Phantom in 3-4 minutes, and most other bosses in around a minute. 😉 There's a very, very small percentage of the player base that have both PDPS and MDPS 1000% geared though so that shouldn't be a metric to go by. This is a patch feedback thread, not a "my meta opinions" thread. Your post contributed absolutely nothing as far as feedback for the new patch goes. Instead, try posting how you feel about the new dungeons or your opinions on some of the bosses. ^^ I understand the new system and goal it hopes to achieve. I do prefer it over something instant like going into a trial, killing a boss on a class drop, getting my weapon and being done. I don't mind the grind, but often times many of us go all four runs of a dungeon without a single essence drop. This happens SO much and I really think it's an issue. My couple, @Nanami, went two days (Friday and Saturday, one of them being a weekend with two dungeons up) without a single essence drop from any boss on two characters. That just feels so demotivating and draining when it happens, and it's probably happened to everyone. Even on Karen, which you mentioned essentially has 3x the chance of dropping an essence, almost never drops an essence. I asked my guild about this literally just now to see what their responses were like. Here's what the response was: I asked world chat the same question, this was the response: I asked world chat if they thought the new patch was FUN, what we should be trying to make this game. This was the response: You could poll either of these questions or ask in world chat and get the exact same result. The low drop rate on essences and the low amount of souls you receive is killing this content. 90% of essences come from fragments, thanks to the crystal at the end of the dungeon. I'm saying this as someone that wants to love this new patch, it is not okay in its current state. It feels very unrewarding, very tedious, and overall not fun because of it. It's not what we want as players of a game that should be aimed at us having fun and enjoying it.
  10. Oh also Palace too dark pls revert or remove the day/night cycle in it. Honestly it looked way better before the change, even during the daytime it looks washed out compared to the old version.
  11. Update to my previous post, having ran it many more times (two characters every day). In a party of fully max geared players (except for new weapons), we can typically kill Karen and Phantom in around 4 minutes or less. It's not really that bad for us, but of course not everyone has that same level of gear/versatility. Out of 40 runs total so far (the same number one character can do in a week, including double runs on maint day), excluding the initial quest reward, I've received: 4 Burnt Essences 3 Clean Essences 3 Frozen Essences 3 Aged Essences 2 Cynical Essences 3 Faded Essence 2 Trophy achievements (1 on each character) About 100 Silenced Souls between both characters I'm sure it's meant to take a while, but at this rate finishing either of the legendary achievements will take a really, really long time. If there were any changes I could suggest, it would be: Trophy drop rate slightly increased/maybe have a class drop that increases it? Essence drop rates slightly increased, somewhere between what we have now and seeing at least one person get an essence drop per boss out of the five people at the very most. Maybe a Silenced Soul drop rate increase, as getting the blueprints are RNG, the souls are NT, and will take tens of thousands to finish the legendary achievement for it. Slightly reduce the HP of Karen and Phantom for parties that aren't fully geared with meta/Dragonridge Sanctuary equipment, as this is meant to be easier than that. Potentially make the initial quests to kill every boss that rewarded a full essence of your choice a weekly quest. Not sure why they aren't, but Blent Essences and Blueprint Bags should be tradeable. Overall I like the new content a lot! The dungeons are pretty, the bosses are interesting and re-introduce old mechanics that get skipped past now, and I think they are fun. It has me a bit concerned though because I know many people who were demotivated once they realized the amount of time it would take to finish even one weapon. I worry that it eliminates the fun aspect of the game for some people, which is really what we should be going for. Increasing the rates even just a little bit would surely fix some of that. I don't mind a grind, but this is a bit much, as I'm sure others will agree. ^^
  12. Happy to have the patch! Thanks for working so hard on it. My only constructive feedback from having fought every boss is Karen and Phantom's HP is too high. I don't mind the fights being the way they are, or how fast the Ram Bloods spawn, but even without excessively healing them it took over 20 minutes each time we've gotten them. They're the only bosses I see complaints about. While my party and I fully understand how to do them, their fights are excessively long compared to any other bosses, to the point where people are just skipping them and leaving the run.
  13. Magic/Robust Enchantress Claire ✔️08/13/20 Magic/Robust Starlit Sky Alyssia ✔️08/27/20 Phantom Mask Mysterious Ronin Phantom Costume (Legendary) ✔️08/06/20
  14. Starlit Sky Alyssia ✔️08/27/20 Moon Maiden Azusa ✔️07/02/20