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  1. I don't think this is necessarily true, many classes have been reworked into a better state than it's original (Executioner, Glacier Knight, Blood Knight, etc.) That being said, I'm sure it's a lot of effort to rework every weak class. Having "PvP DMG Dealt/Reduction" stats being specific to classes feels like a bit of a band-aid fix though. As Jordan said, in actual PvP, Gravity Manipulator is still a good class. I've used it as a solo player not that long ago and had pretty good results with it. Could still get kills, could still cap crystals decently well. Even in a party PvP setting, with the proper setup it can still be pretty strong. The class is far from bad. It's not running around one-shotting geared players anymore, but overall it really feels like it's at a healthy level currently. Once you progress further into the game, I think you'll find that the class does much better than you might realize at first glance. ^^
  2. That's not what I'm saying at all. Specifically in PvP I've only really seen you on Assassin since you were mostly solo, which you admitted to. So I don't really see the issue? I'm not saying you shouldn't play it, I'm saying you did and it's what I've seen you play. Didn't tell you to do anything. Simply said that mdps isn't as useless as you make it out to be. I never admitted to playing them, only said that they were played. Never said that once. I only implied that being in a bigger guild will give you a chance to play other classes that aren't typically oriented for a solo player, like Reaver (which you did today). Pretty sure you misunderstood me here and on a lot of my other points. I'm not attacking you at all. Not everything is made for a solo player's perspective or made to be used independently. Gailett's Inscribed Ring isn't a good ring to use on it's own, but if you combine it with the full combo, it's one of the most used accessories in PvE. On it's own, the Ice Monster Stone isn't a huge deal. Once you start to combine it with other cast speed reduction items though it really adds up and can cripple a healer, and has done so successfully many times. Your thread is starting to go extremely off-topic and becoming much more personal than it should be, so if you would like to drop this before it gets locked, I think now would be a good time to do so. I think a lot of what I said was misunderstood, but l apologize again if something I said offended you. Nothing was meant to be an attack.
  3. You don't have to believe me, I'm simply saying that's my experience with it lol. I have nothing to prove to you, so please chill. Hope that answers your question. I haven't seen you do much else until you joined Indigo.
  4. My IGNs are in my signature lol. Also I wasn't always an endgame geared person, I had to start from somewhere too. I went in there with 95 sets just like everyone else. I didn't just spawn into the game fully geared. You're literally saying exactly what I said though, that what you experienced is YOUR personal experience, not everyone's. I literally pull all of the mobs exactly like you said to a boss on Executioner (which takes increased damage because of one of their toggles) and live just fine, with no -dmg trophies or accessories, or even a shield. Yes I'm one of the more geared players now, but even when I wasn't I never died to a "handful of mobs" as you say. Not going to post specific names, but both of our parties had mdps. One of our parties yesterday was DB / GM / Equi / AE / Anni / etc. The other party had a mecha. We were doing it just fine with 15 people too (less than you had yesterday). Same strat. If you must know, it's extremely effective to drop cast speed vs. specific healers by combining this with other cast speed drops like Tienro's trophy. Not that you would ever know that, since I've only really seen you on Assassin and not in any form of coordinated PvP. Maybe that'll change though now that you've joined a bigger guild. This doesn't make it good content, and I'm sure even you can understand that. To conclude this all, please don't take this so personally. I apologize if I offended you, I was simply giving my opinions on what was said. If you don't agree with them then that's fine, but I don't believe there was a need to be so defensive. I wasn't coming at you or anything, so I'm sorry if it seemed like I was.
  5. There's a couple things I don't really agree with and would like to give my opinion/comments on. I didn't play when trials were released but asked someone who did (because I didn't really believe it), and this wasn't how it was for them at all. They ignored mobs just as everyone does now. So this one seems to be your personal experience, not everyone's. 4 piece TA sets were extremely disliked when that cap was relevant, and it definitely wouldn't do well now considering the importance of current trophies. This is completely wrong. The Ice Monster Stone is extremely effective in PvP if used properly. This one is also good to use as a secondary stone after the Fire Monster Stone, since 90% of DPS will be using the Fire Monster Stone. Garden does literally this and it works fine. Mdps aren't useless in GvG, and there are plenty examples of it. Garden runs AE, Mecha, GM, BP, DB, Conj, etc. in GvG just like they do in TW. Not saying they're more useful than cappers, I do agree that capper meta is extremely strong right now. I don't really think you can say mdps is useless in GvG though when it's being proven to work as we speak. Bursting crystals isn't their job, but there's more to a GvG than just bursting crystals, even in our current capper meta.
  6. Rin

    Dead PvP

    I feel like when this usually happens, one of the guilds only cares about winning and ends up quitting when it stops working out for them. If Indigo only wants to fight and doesn't care about winning or losing, then I don't really see it as an issue assuming both parties agree to it (Indigo AND Garden). I'm all for actual fights and not just cap wars like today's TW was. Honestly I would only expect it to last a week or two if anything, but consistent PvP would be nice to have, even if it's only for a short time. I appreciate Indigo showing up to fight during a time that's somewhat dead, and wish you guys the best of luck. o/
  7. Depends on the buff. Anything that has to do with being a daily/weekly thing will count down even while you're offline. Examples would be Auric/Iris Jewels, Expedition lockout buff, territory salary lockout, glyphs, etc. Anything that has a specific duration once used won't count down while you're offline. Things like EXP charms, buff potions, meteors, etc.
  8. Rin

    PvP Time Change

    I'm in a similar time zone to the ones in South America, and I don't think an hour earlier would cause any issues. Currently TW is between 4-8PM depending on the country for South America. This is why I suggested a poll though, since obviously I am only one person and do not know what everyone goes through/what times they can make. I know it's come up in casual conversation amongst friends/guildmates before though and I can't recall anyone not being okay with PvP being an hour earlier. That's just my circle though, there are many more players.
  9. Rin

    PvP Time Change

    Can GA/GvG times be changed then? Classic had a similar patch, and in the notes it said "We have made some changes to the Schedule on Saturday and Sunday to improve the time for the European players." There are many European/Asian players here as well, so the change would knock out two birds with one stone. It would benefit both the TA schedule that might not be possible to change, and help PvP become more active by adjusting our server to the schedule that's more friendly for them. If nothing else, can we put it to a poll maybe?
  10. To better work with Temple Arena times (as well as help the many European/Asian players that want to PvP), I think PvP times should be adjusted. For the weekdays, Temple Arena on Tuesday will have boss spawns at the start of Tuesday and Thursday TWs. For the weekends, bosses will spawn at the start of every single GvG and GA round. I suggested the time change follow the one classic received as well on their thread about GvGs before TA was a thing again though because it would really accommodate many more players, even if it's just an hour earlier. Suggested times: Weekday Territory War changed from 6pm server time to 5pm server time. Weekend GvGs changed from 4pm/8pm to 3pm/7pm. Weekend GA changed from 6pm to 5pm.
  11. Third party opinion here since I saw my name mentioned a few times. I don't really see move spd as an issue at all. As infecttado said, there are ways around it. It's annoying, but it's not invincible. You just have to understand how to play against it, as was said already. The thing I DO see as an issue in PvP is this: I really dislike smoke bombs in PvP. Not only do they strongly benefit a playstyle like hit & run (not that there's anything wrong with this playstyle if that's what you like to do), but they completely invalidate classes that are given natural stealth like Assassin, and enable many classes to get away with some pretty crazy BS. I can run around an entire TW/GvG stealthed as an Anni, which isn't supposed to have stealth, and cap crystals as if I were some kind of ranged Assassin with CC. I'll admit that I also heavily abuse smoke bombs in PvP, but despite that I still think they should be either nerfed or removed from PvP completely. They still have uses in PvE so it won't really kill the racial. I think they're way worse than movement speed, engineer potions, all of that.
  12. Every guild has their preferred guild statue, mine is Jordan personally. It would be nice if we were able to arcane box the statues so vaults don't end up looking like this: There's much more than what fits in the screenshot, the entire vault is full of Bash/Vivi statues lol. I'd like to suggest the ability to arcane box them for 200-300 Stormy Mountain Stones, or re-roll 3 of them into the Thunder Crystal Reward Chest for the chance to open another at the cost of 3.
  13. Ctrl + Left click it in Archive, get to Archive through the yellow button at the bottom of your bag
  14. Np ^^ If you're ever unsure, it tells you at the bottom of the costume too. Examples posted below. Zumi's can not wear (Human and Halfkin only): Zumis can wear (Male only, Zumi included):
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