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  1. They can help, yes. They shouldn't make or break a class though. In your case, if you want to try Victory Slam and it works for you, then that's good. If someone is playing like Ursun though for example, they don't have a racial that can help. They shouldn't just be screwed on a class because of their choice of race, even if it is just PvM. Not to say Executioner is unplayable in it's current state, because it definitely is playable and still functions well enough. It just deals less damage than BM now so it struggles to hold aggro.
  2. Even if it does work, the answer shouldn't be anything specific to one race. For example, humans have P-ATK when equipped with a rapier. My human does better holding aggro than my halfkin. That doesn't mean halfkins and everything else shouldn't be able to though.
  3. Problem with this is almost all of your malice will come from damage, so the damage is your problem in a sense. Malice wasn't nerfed, damage was.
  4. Exe aggro issues are probably the scariest thing about the last patch. On Sakuya I usually use a malice certificate, Lv120 Declaration of Anger and Tank Potion Lv2, and sometimes it still isn't enough. I would say I have one of the stronger Executioners in the game, but I still lose aggro to a BM, and even lost it to an Asura when we messed around with Strike comp. It's doable with Provoke as you said, but Sakuya for example is a much more inconsistent fight now, even more than it already was. x.x Tbh my solution has been having the BM use Smoke Bombs to reset malice lol. I would honestly
  5. Rin

    Buff to 110 Trials

    You're one of the people this suggestion was made for then, basically. It's all about trying to help new or returning players. I think my initial suggestions, as well as the world boss combo drop rates warbeast suggested, would be really good for the server, and help those players out a lot.
  6. Rin

    Buff to 110 Trials

    This would be good too. I know someone in peer the other day was saying they're still 83 dry for Erros T. :( My couple and I used to sell world boss kills and would see it a lot lol. Good business for us but it's always nice to see someone complete something.
  7. Because they want to? If I want to only play Rakshasa, then I'll only play Rakshasa. I might not get accepted into most things sure, but I'll find people who will. I assume this is implying you get full stacks somehow on a 15-meter aoe from a perfect Reaver KD, and even then, that AoJ is going to fall extremely fast simply due to being a melee with no shield. It just doesn't work, and it's not practical. There's a reason it isn't played, and that isn't just because people are sheep. Again, I've done just fine on mine. Top capped many crystals, and will continue to
  8. Phoenix wouldn't work unless you had the new 115 set and just avoided using Battle Hymn for healing. We've used it in Stygian Core, Stygian Peak and Fox Sanctuary though and it was just fine.
  9. Just going to throw my two cents into here as well. Is this not the same issue that M-DPS has in PvE? They aren't as efficient as a P-DPS party in most cases, but it doesn't mean you can't go M-DPS if that's what you really want to do. Once upon a time, sure. That meta is long gone though. Bard is seen occasionally, but mainly as a debuffer for M-DPS. On paper, this seems like it could work in PvP. In practice though, it isn't anywhere near what you think it is. I've tried it very recently with both the 115 and awakened hammer, and with both Dark Ninja and
  10. Rin

    Buff to 110 Trials

    I think it would be good now that they have HoO/Abyss to work towards after their sets are done, yeah. HoO's patch was back in July and nearly all of it's weapons for DPS are used in endgame builds, and Abyss was nearly two months ago now. I would love to see more players be able to join parties for these, as they're what most of the peer recruitments are focused on, as well as hopefully see people be more willing to help newer players finish sets if they'll be able to do it quicker. Not to call people out, but a lot of us are lazy sometimes. :V Understandable, I haven't had to make a
  11. Hello friends! I would like to suggest a buff to 110 Dragon Trials. The reason for this is now that we have both 115 weapons and armor, 110 trials are no longer our highest form of content for either of these. We saw a buff with Lv100 Expedition Trials once they fell under the same category after a while. The 110 Awakened sets are generally what people need to start transitioning into the current endgame that we have, Haven of Oblivion and Abyss. What I hope for this to achieve is to allow both newer players as well as the under-geared or returning players a chance to either gear up
  12. Crystal Altar: Lapis Butterfly Star Stone Moonbless Shield Luna Rock Azure Sprite Star Gem
  13. Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary) ✔️01/22/21 Hipster Glasses ✔️02/02/21 Robust/Magic Devilish Belle ✔️01/22/21 Robust/Magic Night Luna
  14. Another thing that I think might have been mentioned but forgotten about: Willow One-Eye has a DoT (Fire Screech) that ticks after you leave the dungeon like Esh-Baal did. Could we get that one removed once you leave in the same way?
  15. Looking forward to it, thanks for the response!
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