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  1. 6 hours ago, Jordan said:

    There is a reason we didn't copy how awaken did it's fortification and thats for the simple reason that if you're not releasing new stuff or upgraded stuff every month the game struggles. Only the past year or so with Legendary pets has the game been able to do well with re-released content. Games cost money to run and if you want good servers with the most countries available without suffering from high latency then that cost goes up.

    As for achievements not really sure what you mean. There is a lot of altars that have low level startdusts for achievements and not to mention since I used the latest aeria files for this version of the game Classic has 100% craft success on most achievements for the 1-65 category, along with rankings and other things like events and random occasion daily logins that give free stardusts. So yeh maybe the corona's off altar are a little harder to get but overall it balances out.

    That's not for me jordan, that's for brazilians, i don't care hows hard its, i've played aion on worst of time farming 12h daily on my vacation, i don't care hows hard is the game, i still love EE and i would play it , i could play but i can't solo stuff.

  2. For now BEST pet weapons are Lv85 , i think in a future we could have more but it depends if our Zumi GM want to make some, they having alot of stuff to do now so wont be possible.

    Pet  Weapons

    Following Pet weapons can be adquired from <Fourth Dimension Bag>  (Zumi racial craft item) you can buy them from players, its random and have high cooldown.

    (Note:All of them goes until +14 and Lv80 less doesn't need stones.)
    You can buy some from Maru NPC in aven X:438 Y:385
    There have these weapons:
    Dg4IMHa.png[Level: 30/40/50/60/65]
    (Green weapons can be adquired from legion boxes and Lv70 green weapon have more status than lv65 blue)

    Maybe i've missed anything but i wish this can help for now.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Dissatisfaction said:

    Is it possible to add the other class' default and tiered outfits as costumes?

    the same way as mimic, it can either be rewarded from T100/T110 token, DS Completion Badge

    which would also need vendetta upgrade stone.


    Other class costumes/outfits are just more detailed and designed in accordance to the game's design

    and it feels like a waste not to see them just cause I play other class. I hope it is possible thanks 🙏

    i think is planned for future content.
    They just tested as it and worked nicely so we can expect more comming.


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  4. 3 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    Ahh I see what happened with that too. Man I must hate healers or something cause theres a Typo on it again.

    (Just to give some insight on this matter, some reason X-Legend decided that -10 = 10% cast speed and 10 = -10% cast speed. So yeh it gives -10% instead of 10%).

    As with the other issue I'll fix it as soon as I can.

    LOL why they.. wth that make no sence xD

  5. 1 hour ago, SmolShibe said:

    In some ways though, if we do hide gear, we punish players who dont have access to a sugar patron like your couple @Infect, especially the ones who are actually playing the game and grinding it.
    But if we dont hide gear, so many new players will just try to copy pasta as always. Its curious actually, ppl are willing to spend 65k+ for an unawakend 110 set which may not even suit their playstyle becuz agi sets 110 are NT, instead of spending the same gold on ep/wills and just getting 113 orange armor, which is better than 95 awaken and 110 base in almost every way. (Not to mention losing their +14 forts on base 110 if they awaken them, whereas 113 orange has no durability issues and can be used in other ways down the road, and buying another 113 orange set is just like...4~5k gold extra to craft for abyss?)
    So long as no clear benefit exists for gear hide, I dont think this project will even BE on the backburner.

    Isnt like everyone will use hide gear, but yes alot will do, thats the point they can ask guilds or cpl or peer, even with my gear hidden i'll answer people like i always did .

    People need learn abit for better pve and pvp.

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  6. 47 minutes ago, warbeast667 said:

    no to the hidden items even during pvp just due to the fact people will complain about a class being op even without the weapon type it boost like thunder ae running around using a shield, templar blade, it's huge aoe, and 1% hp at 5 cast to melt people without having to build much if any dmg

    Trust on company , people complain about everything being or not hidden.

    If broken they nerf if weak they buff, no reason to not having this since people just copy and paste, the only thing that make player "better" than others is fact of knowing which item can be better after tona of tests and training , we can see this by fact no one played AE and now we have alot of Losque's and locsta's clones, they dont play even similar but they use the same and even enchants they have the same.

    Its a problem for player mentality, they will never try to learn and somehow they mostly get killed on pve or have bad growing effect cause they dont use mind to play just char items.


    I understand people disagree this since its never been like this before, but by this way players can lern a bit about the game and abou theirselves.


    Its possible to Jordan but its too much work so i dont expect comming soon or even in close future or even "accepted" this idea but would be super cool that.


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  7. 5 hours ago, RozenniaChan said:

    I personally disagree with having hidden items. It's good for new players to be able to see an example for what's good and people would need to turn it off anyway when doing abyss or hoo since teammates usually compare each others builds and switch them around to be the most efficient. I do agree though with having it disabled in PvP settings.  

    New players can ask for huildies and party times we can disable before start boss.

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  8. 3 hours ago, warbeast667 said:

    w8 did it actually get removed cuz somedays it showed for me but sometimes it didn't

    Sounds like cause in last days i havent saw it xD

    And yesterday i thought was bug cause i saw someome with that but i forgot it doest count offline then can be old buff.

    On my alts also doesnt come it so they might have removed :c rip 200% spd build need find alternative way.

  9. 1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    Should be.

    Humm tested.
    We can use 4T Pots.

    Was pretty dead today and another thing, this boss:
    Too much tanky, even with 4t pots and axe and stuff, tested with sword rapier and 999k p atk, but boss was reciving 200-400k dmg which is preatty low for 4t pot full geared beserker, would be nice nerf it a bit, and yeah i know its slow cause don't have people, but with people we will never do this since rank matters and they prefer kills, bosses will be alive and no one will get their rewards.

    Also Nice job with friendly fire , now its working perfecly!

    Edit1: Could you provide PvP Token Fragment and PvP Token Icos? can be dds or png doesn't matter, just for make guides on discord and have better quality for those.

  10. Add to chr settings '' deny show equipments''
    So we can hidden our items.
    I know people use that for trial combos and stuff but it can be discussed inside party.
    Also i know builds can't have too much variation but would be nice if we could hidden ours.

    Would be super nice having that (i think i made this suggestion already so sorry if i'm repeating)

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  11. 44 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    Never heard of that before. Whenever I have seen it its just being 999999 always.

    Eitherway this isn't really the point I was trying to make. To the original topic the damage is not capped and you can see your damage dealt in the chat box for verification. I can maybe look into adjusting the bubble to show the actual numbers but generally this was just mostly known as being like this for the past few years ever since Awaken classes where relesed so nobodies really ever brought it up before as an issue.

    7 digits instead of 6, and i think it can grow more, to 10m+

  12. 37 minutes ago, Jordan said:


    Other classes just appear 999999 and BM does 1m+ dmg on crit balloon.
    GM sometimes appear 999k but on dmg chat box appear ''1234567''
    But BM appear like ''1234567'' dmg and same in chatbox.

    Edit1: idk about Elysian haven't chance to test that but on TA before and other arenas/pve content was like that.

  13. @Jordan I would like to ask if you can create book that reset ALL pet skills 1-2-3-4 randomly, it could be Frog Racial Lv105+ cause frog have one version of this item but its just skill 1.
    By this rules should be, pet 4 star, it doesn't add 4th skill but can reset it if ur pet have.
    Idk if its possible, but could be super good since some skills we don't have acess that easy, i know have pet books 1-2-3, but with random 3-4 skills will be easier and better than getting specific pet skills, obviously books still usable cause we can get 4th or 3rd good skill then just add others.

    What Lili wants is make pets back to their normal mode, with his original skills, which is kinda bad, cause this will make less worth buy new pet, i super agree with Being Fully Boxes new pets since we need this money to the server, and what keep giving money to VGN is amount of rolls we do, we fail, but we can sell pet as failed just as cosmetic.
    One possible change for that is break pet into random 3rd pray skill  , idk if its possible, but would be super good if does.

  14. 1 hour ago, Lepant said:

    Is there a version of this game somewhere that doesn't remove grinding from the game?  And hopefully removed single player dungeon, too.  Somewhere you have to actually work hard at leveling.

    If does its dead, people don't play too much time into those servers, they die fast.

    We can't say VGN is grind since we can do party stuff in 2-3h and logoff


  15. 39 minutes ago, Lepant said:

    So my question is about the leveling in this game.  Is it difficult to level again, or is it fast leveling?

    You can easly get Lv120 and all classes Lv120 just need time, is by far easier than main server.


    40 minutes ago, Lepant said:

    And are there the solo versions of the dungeon, or is it only party dungeons again.

    For basic gear , people can solo, but u still need party for end game content.

    EE VGN is F2P server and game totally give what you need without money spent on it (i can say that cause i never spent any money and i'm fully geared), it depends too how much you wanna play.

    You still have alot content to do and this is amazing.

    at all Welcome to VGN! :3

  16. Hi @Jordan i've here some mounts that i've edited, and 2 of them my friend made with me when we was testing recolors :3
    I've no usage for those and if you want you can have all of them :3
    Here's some of them:

    You can ask to Herakles to contact me on discord for those i've no problems on sending :3 Ty for attetion and sorry for pin.

  17. Welcome to Vendetta Gaming Network!

    Wish u can have fun into VGN games, i'm Eden Eternal player mainly, all i can tell u...
    Our server is amazing , tons of content to do, frequently updates, active staff, nice altars and amazing  events!

    Just using forum you can find alot of information like our wiki and players guides.

    If have questions or need help ingame (Eden Eternal) feel free to pm!
    IGN: Infecttado

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