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  1. Please change time to 5pm est so I can attend pvp...:Sadge:
  2. The whole point of what I said since you aren't reading past the first sentence is: WHY ARE THERE 60 ESSENCES/STARDUSTS, but pet name tags/other white items havent been on altar for months. Why did you choose these two items that i dont think anyone takes over other useful stuff...
  3. Well that's just not true. I just asked questions, Aeri gave you advice. Two different things, two different goals, but go off. The questions is why are they a constant 60 and not rotating like everything else on the altar with the other level essences? Can't be pet nametags, decolorizer, portable bank/auction, repair hammer, shatter gem? That's literally what I was wondering. This is the public fourms and a GS said something that was confusing in game peer chat. I came here seeking clarification for the WHOLE SERVER, not just me, Aerilyn, etc. That's what I meant about the backdoor. You can't be dming certain people to tell them a mistake but not say anything about it. Herakles or you have no announcement, how are people to know? If you're gonna depend on a player to be your mouthpiece just make them a GS or at least pay the girl. Anyway I was just trying to get some information for the SERVER, but if you think it's just to attack you then just listen to her and make the adjustments. I don't really care past that.
  4. In an attempt to get this thread back on topic here is an example: Panda pet, demon great sword, cupid bow, Imp pets, HOODIES AND CHISIRE HATx3 have all been on altar, in either their prime or alpha form (pets have been on twice prime and 4 times alpha) {Great sword https://prnt.sc/12ru2tp then it came back on altar during this event}. While stuff like militissa, whipped cream dream dress, chenogasm, plumed fans, voodoo headdress have never seen the light of day. If you really take feedback from the forums as often as is claimed. Why are more than half the items listed in those suggestions threads STILL not have been on altar? I understand people make mistakes and it can be a lot to handle, but no one is asking pussy in boots to be on altar for the 3rd time. I'm asking for this server to be a collaboration between the staff and the players to create an environment where people feel comfortable spending their time and money. Let's take the egos and emotion out of this. I'm just trying to keep it real
  5. This is NOT A HIT PIECE. I can't believe I had to type that sentence tbh. If I wanted to attack a certain member of the staff/community everyone, you included, knows I have no issue of doing that. What I do want is clarification not just for the people you choose to share it with, but also the entirety of the player base. The suggestions/concerns I posted I took directly from players in peer chat last night after the diamond altar/crystal altar changed. in regards to your comment about the 70 essences, why even have any other stardust or essence on altar then? Why do we specifically need 60 every single altar is 70s are a for sure as well? See how that just doesn't make sense? I and a lot of other people are just wondering why include 60 as it was over a year ago that, that patch was the level cap. What's the point of including 60 essences EVERY SINGLE ALTAR, but have literally 0 representation of 45/50/55/65? If we can use 70s for those levels is it not just a waste of two spots? Lucky safeties are no longer represented on the altar at all. That's confusing since they're better than regular SS and have an entire rat racial dedicated to them. Why include 60 essences every altar, but not luckies? The Eternal points thing is a whole different matter that many people have voiced their concern about on almost every single altar topic (Aeri, Crap frog, Matt, etc). The "themed" altars have honestly gotta stop. No one askes for them and they rarely have anything good on them. My opinion take it or leave it, but we all know it's true, no one rolls those altars if resets or diamonds aren't on them. I don't think anyone aside from Aerilyn cares about what alphas go on altar for the most part. I'm more concerned with the prime repetition, if you would like I can go through and count why, the toy fish, for example has been on altar 4 times before some other primes are even on there once. Finally no one is asking for you to make EP x10 or x5 at the top brother. We're just asking that if it's going to be on the top row make it x2. that's literally it. I'm not sure why this is such a controversial topic or why you think that making this change would suddenly tank EP prices or create a drastic rise in the amount of it. Especially with it being so rare on the altar to start with. P.S- Honestly having backdoor discussions with certain select members of the community who you then hope to convey the message to the rest of the server is kinda shitty ngl. We did that on awakened and look how that turned out. The point of this thread is to voice the concerns of more than just that select few who you deem it necessary to share it with. I just want to play the game without all the backdoor cloak and dagger shit that went on, on awakened server. GS's that don't do their job, biased mutes, INFORMATION LEAKING, etc(AM NOT TALKING ABOUT HERA). I want EVERYONE to be able to voice their opinions on the altar and improvements to be made so BOTH parties are happy. My intention is not to base the GS that does not play my server. I do not care about him in the slightest. P.P.S- I do not care about the fashion that goes on altar. I have never been a play for cutes guy. If something is on altar that I want, I get it. I don't mind waiting, but there is a laundry list of primes people have been asking for since the start of the server that have STILL not appeared on the altar. That's just shitty.
  6. https://prnt.sc/12qyskl - So this the new altar system Jordan rolled out with patch 25. My issue is the two different places "reset scrolls" are listed. I know that there are Fort reset scrolls(always in the same spot as chisels where S1 is) and scrolls that reroll costumes(always at the top of the altar where S2 is). I had a "discussion" with @Herakles asking for clarification as to why fort resets have been missing from the altar for upward of 2 weeks and was told it is because they are an S2 item and currently being used for diamonds. https://prnt.sc/12qz0j3 this is a screenshot of an altar with both fort resets (lower space at x1) and costume rerolling scrolls (higher on the altar being at their usual x2 for 25% scrolls). I'm a little confused as to why these two things suddenly swapped positions? Can we get some insight into which reset scroll is which and which category they both belong to? Secondly, I think it's also important to bring up every time fort resets go on an altar they go another 2+ weeks before being put on the altar again. Why are these the only items put on this very odd schedule? The screenshot posted above shows the last time fort reset scrolls were on altar 4/22/21. That is three weeks to the date of posting this. Fort reset scrolls are some of the most sought after and necessary items in the whole game and im just having a hard time understanding the reasoning to keeping them off altar when they are locked behind a paywall 100% of the time and are a "gambling" item (random rolls on the new fortification bonuses). Could we also get some clarification on to why there is so much infrequency between altars where they are made available? There have been a LOT of issues with the classic altar: item repeats, stones, EP amount, etc. This new altar system SHOULD help with many of these issues since now only about 6 or so slots are non-rotating items. The time it takes to make an altar should plummet, though i doubt it takes long anyway, and hopefully increases in quality. Many of the people who actually still play this server and actively roll altar are often voicing their discontent with the current and past management of the crystal altar and I am hoping this thread can be a bridge to fixing that. Common altar concerns/feedback I have seen: 1-there are 60 and 70 SD/essences on altar but never 65/55/50 etc 2-EP being top row and x1 (disscussed in another thread) 3-chisels/reset scrolls being hard to come by/land on 4-constant repeat primes
  7. hey so as a guild, 911 has landed on 3 cestus, and like 8 pairs of seraphic wings, 7+ stone boxes if not more, and not to mention the EP. Altar is literally just RNG so posting your bad RNG is just kinda oof. This is an MMORPG... MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online game, it's meant to be played with other people so im confused what you mean by that. Eden at 70+ cap introduced Sage and a range of other self healing mechanics that greatly increase soloablity the of many DNGs and at 75 you can solo more than half the trials. (65 and 75 awakened axe heal on auto and capping attack speed is beyond easy, PDPS sage can also solo extremely well and quickly on most of the races. I think from your other posts it's fair to say you have a fairly loose understanding of what MMORPGS are. If you think this game is grindy I think you should take a look at any other MMO and the amount of grinding you need in black desert or Blade n Soul makes this game look like a joke lol.
  8. Glad to see we could come together and get some stuff on altar rotations. Just adding a few more primes to make your job easier: News boy cap Pacifier Mardiqus mask ✔️08/26/21 mysterious horns✔️08/05/21 ornate cross pendants ✔️06/07/21 Mysterious officers cap popsicles emergacy response hat plumed fan ✔️05/13/21 aviator shades ✔️07/26/21 earmuffs ✔️09/11/21 unicorn horn ✔️07/29/21 Fox Mask ✔️08/28/21 Peeper choclate bars ✔️05/15/21 clover cap alpaca wool capes ✔️05/06/21 bunbun backpack ✔️ gourd team banners flying propeller dark love surprise box Tennis uniform Olympic outfits ✔️08/21/21 Green/red/etc Fins alpaca bandages ✔️06/10/21
  9. I just went thru the altar rotation screen shots and I can point out 5-7 items that have been on altar at least 5+ times, whereas most body primes have been up twice MAX (some haven't been up since the first time irrc). I'm begging please stop putting the, for example, Toy Fish mouth prime on altar...it's been on 7 altars before the Ninja body prime has even been on twice. I understand you want to make "Themes" out of altar, but I don't think anyone really minds as long as the altar has stuff we haven't seen so many times in a row or recently. Another example is the wedding items that were on a normal altar twice (I understand they are very sought after/diamond altar this is just an example). I would also like to point out that I'm pretty sure no one was playing the altar when that stuff came out other than like 3 people. I'm once again asking for more diversity in items. List of items that haven't been up in a LONG TIME: Literally any shield prime (moon pie/etc), Ninja Body primes, ✔️06/12/21 OG butterfly items, Angel Rapiers, ✔️05/01/21 blackwood prime pets,✔️05/24/21 the Bandit queen items, ✔️07/22/21 Succubus Raiment, ✔️05/03/21 dyeable demon horns, ✔️05/03/21 EITHER CROWN,✔️04/22/21 Rose items such as eye patch, ✔️05/03/21 many of the yukatas,✔️08/14/21 Scallions, Sparklers, Life sabers of any kind/color, ✔️04/24/21 Mecha pilot, the metal heart wings (I know they were on a diamond altar but a few of them were also on a regular altar Halo ✔️05/01/21 Sparkling Shuriken I would also like to bring attention to the x1 EP at the top of altar. Everyone knows activity has been down on classic for a while, but I have seen a rise in players over the last few weeks. Also with Aeria servers closing this month I think this would be the perfect time to adjust the amount of EP to at least x2. The server currently only has 2 level 8 guilds town and between them a level 5 altar and a level 8 mine, meaning there is no way to get farm items required for endgame content or achievements without EP. EP being gated to being on altar once every two weeks? and limited to 1 just doesn't seem to make much sense to me. In addition it's at the last row so you aren't going to land on it easily enough for x1, it just feels demoralizing and a waste of an EC at x1.
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