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  1. IGN: Jake Item: Shadow Kitty Ears (Prime)
  2. Yeah but this thread is in Classic ^_^;
  3. IMO adding things like that just makes PvP more graphically intense. Would prefer to be without it, since pretty soon we're gonna end up suffering from stat stones effects as well.
  4. What an incredibly uninformed post. If I were Bash or Jordan I wouldn't want to run a Grand Fantasia server because this thread shows how annoying and accusatory your community is. Why would they want to deal with 1.5k of you talking about things you know nothing about with an actual server running when you're already so obnoxious while there isn't one 😹
  5. I agree with this, I think that releasing regular 70 trials first then 70 S trials later is a good format to go by. Regular 70 trials are definitely interesting enough and can sustain things to do on their own before introducing an entire new set. S trials came before awakened armor however, so that isn't right. Pretty sure they came before the 25man expedition actually, but I'm too lazy to check. :'D There is no need to upgrade to level 70 gears until awakened armor is out, which would be months down the line and not immediately judging by how prior releases of content have be
  6. I say in the next few weeks. Almost 3 months of 65 cap was a long enough time, and it was fun, but the PvE has become repetitive. Honestly I feel a lot of people are bored of logging on if not for random PvP matches. Awakened weapons definitely gave a second wind for this cap but its dwindling quickly. 70 trials and S trials will give us a lot to do at this cap, and DK and Sage are capable of changing the PvP meta so that they are new and exciting for that demographic too. Thankfully I don't think that adding this cap so quickly after awakened weapons is overwhelming for people either, be
  7. PvP isn't dying lol there were over 100 people at TW yesterday and that was on the literal worst map. And like one person has built 50 physical resist so that's kinda a non issue... realistically no one goes over 16/21. Class drops weren't until 75 cap so I'd suggest dropping that pipe dream. Inflation is a problem though you aren't exactly wrong =/ But that's the player's fault. Hope for a gold sink soon
  8. Kibo

    Arena Pots

    nope not until theres a fix for people playing bard antisleep before match starts
  9. We're not that big. We only ever have 3 parties at GvG (which is equal to Illuminati, a bit above JustAToxic's numbers, and ~14 under BlackHoles) and normally just 2 at territory wars. About 3/4 of our guild is alts.
  10. Don't really care for anything new right now. The schedule is already pretty filled, and Elysian Island is coming. I wouldn't object if something else was added but overall it doesn't matter, PvP isn't dead
  11. All of the ones that won are nice. While I like yours I think if anything it just lacks actual identity to Eden Eternal beyond the costume referenced on the left, and that's why it "lost." Your photo attachment here is super disrespectful and you're incredibly entitled to talk down to other players that put in the same time you did for their entries. Except for @magnet, he without a doubt put in much more than you. Pointing fingers like this is delusional and weird. 5 of our members were banned last week, there isn't any bias to members of 911. If you're mad over people whispering Hera
  12. @Jordan @Bash @Herakles Lock this plz I dont wanna read a bunch of grown adults fighting on top of a recent post that looks like it came straight out of a thesaurus
  13. What? Just because something is changed doesn't mean its absolute that it was for good reason. Burning Metal was changed too. And yeah, you should be playing the class if you're going to comment on whats best for it. If you don't even play it, whats it matter to you? Read the room. A bunch of actual cleric players are saying they support it.
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