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  1. Could this be implemented with awakened 75/tower patch?
  2. This would be really cool. I'd love at a later date, if activity picks up and Jordan has more free time for there to be kind of a costume QoL update with things like this.
  3. Hi, there are two things I want to talk about but didn't want to make a thread for each. 1.) I'd like to suggest that we stop having prime pet altars every week and move them to be every other week. For the most part these pets are not suggested by any players and if anything are undesirable (poor stats and skills for merging). These altars are not as appealing to roll compared to the others and it is basically the ugly sister of altars. There is a hefty amount of requests of costumes yet to be circulated/rereleased and I think that that is more appealing to the playerbase than these 3 day pet altars. Feel free to correct me if you read this and feel differently, but this is what my guild agreed on when talking about it. 2.) Because of the lower playerbase tritiums and deuteriums are hardly in circulation and much less of a spectacle than they were at the launch of the server. I'd like to suggest finally inserting the costume essences so that players are able to roll their duplicates and unwanted costumes. Often times after playing a lot of EC, we are stuck with tons of alphas but have no way to ever use them; they're just thrown out because trits are unlikely and not even worth it to come by. One suggestion Matt had if this is implemented (if possible) is that you are only able to dismantle bind-on-equip costumes, so that people are not disassembling what they already have bound/what their friends had bound when they quit. This will make essences not as accessible as they were on Aeria but still something to be desired.
  4. Just requesting some different things since my other post is almost completed. Thank you btw! ✔️07/03/21 ✔️08/02/21 ^Couldn't win messenger last time and its been awhile, so thought I'd put again T___T ✔️08/28/21 ✔️08/09/21 Thaaaanks~
  5. I'm fine with end of the month personally. I see people still farming for awakened sets so giving them another couple of weeks would be a good idea. Luminary is fine to come at cap, I don't think adding that now will make a dramatic impact.
  6. Just replying to this part even tho Jordan already answered, I don't think we should have class drop ever.. the driver system for 120% weapons was cool and not having it makes PvE less stale since you always have a reason to go for new things. As we can see on Shiyatsu server, getting instant drops leaves people with absolutely no reason to go anywhere.
  7. I don't want this to come off as a provocative question but what makes having to sit in a dungeon waiting for a timer "harder" or even content? If it made the dungeons mechanically easier it'd be a problem, and I have no interest in something like that. But I find sitting and waiting is something that gives the feeling of making it more so inconvenient or tedious.
  8. ✔️06/10/21✔️07/03/21 ✔️06/24/21 ✔️06/24/21 ✔️06/26/21 ✔️06/26/21 Female versions of primes are posted assuming they'd have to be found for altar as well. Thank you for these in advance.
  9. Could the cooldown for this be reduced to 15 minutes as a QoL change? Often times when running for keys my parties have about 10-15 minutes left on the cooldown timer, and bringing in an alt means somebody loses their chance to get keys. I think this would help players farm for awakened keys much more efficiently.
  10. I play on Classic but I agree with doing this. A lot of my friends have been playing again and farming armor boxes can be such a hassle. A few have gone through 5+ now and still haven't gotten what they want. Higher rates would make legion hunting much nicer. It isn't like that kind of content is fulfilling or fun, its tedious so there's no harm in upping them. It'll also let players get onto doing more challenging and fun content rather than chores. This kind of viewpoint is really selfish and pointless.. if you already have your armors then an increased rate has absolutely no affect on you anyway. Old players shouldn't be bitter or frustrated over a buff this insignificant, but rather happy that it helps newer players get further into the game without dealing with the frustration they felt.
  11. Altar looks so lazy. Like literally how are any of these rewarding beyond the diamonds and stones lmao. And we just had the reset suggestion scrolls all weekend, there should be fort reset scrolls or chisels now... I don't think Herakles should be the one making altars if they are this lame and unappealing. Honestly looks like he has never played the game before. If I were just getting back to playing I would log off after checking not only this but the most unappealing Diamond altar being rehashed for the third or fourth time now.
  12. I understand your frustration but I don't think that your post is very productive towards what I made this thread for. Not saying this as a personal attack but I don't think marketing things as soloable is a great way to show that it is still playable. People on MMOs normally want a community and group of people to do things with. There are thankfully people still on but clearly the number dropped in the past year and a lot of people log on with no one they knew to come back to. There isn't a reason for someone coming back to the game to want to solo things to progress up to cap beyond like the 2 hours it takes to level to 70. If this gets locked there will only be a continuation of a thread every month where people ask why the game can be empty when they log on so I'd prefer if it didn't. Don't think locking this over 2 posts by one person is necessary, and if anything the problem was multiple people jumping down their throat thinking that it helps. There is still more ideas and discussions that can be shared through this thread. - Anyway, I'm personally happy with the recent patch and think that it was a step in the right direction. What's unfortunate is that it still feels unmarketable to get people to play again. I know that I have the privilege of having friends still around to help me when I log on, but not everybody has that or the resources to progress when they come back to EE considering there are so few groups left. Its unappealing for someone who no longer has connections to come on after a long time and see that it would be difficult to find a competent party for something such as keys, S trials, etc. I liked Matt's idea for a GvG rework and hope that if its a successful system players will find themselves returning out of curiosity for that. I think that a great amount of people when they think of the Classic server, they ultimately think of wanting to PvP which makes a difficulty in progressing for gear to be up to date frustrating or demotivating when there is no future seen ahead for that. (considering the lack of numbers/community when there is another "classic" server with greater #s in PvP atm) Jult said something to me like 2 days ago that the sooner this is seen as a server with original classes rather than a strictly classic server, better progress can be made and I think that's true. I'm going out now tho so I don't feel like typing more and I'm gonna hit post anyway bye bbl xo
  13. I'm positive there are enough forums stalkers to warrant answers and ideas. I would really love to hear from whoever is out there ❤️ I just want to know what would give you reason, or motivation to want to log on and play on Classic server. I like that there is still a small community and of course game populations die over time but compared to last year this population is pretty abysmal. I personally don't like the system on for example Shiyatsu, basically because of what Jordan said on another thread. Having everything handed to you immediately creates burnout and then there is no content left for you to do and then you're bored waiting for whatever is next. However, I think that creating a medium between what's there now and what competing servers have (much higher accessibility to items) is necessary to ever bring back a community. Lets be honest, this is technically the better server (more stability, better character customization, the opportunity for actual functional custom content) To me, I think that making stones more accessible to people is what's most important to having people play here again. I think the most complaints on the forums a year ago were over how stones were hoarded/unavailable and that the current systems of farming weren't viable to be able to afford them. We are also so reliant on getting them off of crystal altar, and while that system worked at the beginning I feel like it soon became too inconvenient and drove players to not want to play anymore. That's totally understandable when its easy to fort things exactly how you want them on Awakened and Shiyatsu, yet struggling to have your stats look how you want to on here. I guess that's it for me. I think that getting stones to be accessible in a new system would make people much more willing to play this server again. I think that by doing this and still keeping dungeons without class drop for items would make PvE remain entertaining, while also letting people experiment with new armors, classes and builds that they couldn't before. It will also help people play more competitively in PvP. I see that on Shiyatsu it is easy to gear, and that is what has kept people staying there for months. However, there is still a burnout there because the PvE drop rate is so easy. I'd hope that a system like this would keep players entertained in both PvE and PvP aspects. Please share your thoughts and ideas if you can. I know Jordan is not actively looking for any changes right now but maybe in the future this thread could be used as reference to solutions. I hope that Classic can become an active server again someday ! -Jake
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