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  4. It's not stupid. You don't go anyway as it is. It isn't a matter of not wanting you to come; you are more than likely not going to regardless. I said it's fine because people have other responsibilities and obligations.. why would I be mad that people can't come because of that.. it's just a game. Your other guildmate just whined a couple posts before you that people expect you to have no responsibilities and stay up late for PvP - no one is doing this. Literally said it's fine. You guys do not even go to the early GvGs either if you are up against other players... An hour difference is not going to make or break EU attendance. If you want to go to something, then you'll go. Many NA/SA/BR players can't participate because they are at work and it excludes them. There is a big difference between not wanting to stay up and not being able to go because you are at work. I could even argue that you are excluding them by insisting on a TW time that you guys don't even utilize yourselves and that they literally can't go to even if they wanted. Which again - is fine, but should not be kept if it's clearly not working as is. Stop talking about 1v1 and shura on my thread please. You are derailing it. This has nothing to do with either. Thanks
  5. I literally said "The only primarily EU guild on the server is Guildouillot, and they are not consistent with attending already, which is fine." You are not reading
  6. No one is talking about 1v1 and more importantly none of you have ever made an initiative openly to ask for a time change for it, so I don't know what you expect. However that won't happen because 1v1 is only used to be exploited now. Make your own thread if you want to propose something for that. This has nothing to do with what I am asking here. Thanks
  7. I support this. Shura is way too buggy and the gimmick if anything turns people off from going to these TWs. There have been multiple times where guilds will just leave the map because they don't even want to deal with it. The map is essentially interesting enough since its the only one that you can't cross directly through, so I'd say to remove shura for now and see if it affects anything. I don't think it will hurt and there definitely aren't any staunch supporters of the mechanic that will lose their minds if it is gone.
  8. In Witchcraft the current EU players are awake anyway and are willing to go, even if its an hour later than it is right now. The only primarily EU guild on the server is Guildouillot, and they are not consistent with attending already, which is fine. However I do not see a reason to accomodate this on a time that is already showing to be ineffective with creating consistent PvP. I would personally prefer to make it open to NA/SA/BR players that are just getting off of work and can/are actually willing to attend if it's an hour later. To me, moving it and seeing what happens is better than what we currently have going for us. I don't care at all when territories are reset but I do not see the weekend TWs ever having mass attendance when there is already GvG to worry about.
  9. It's always 4PM EST regardless of the clock change
  10. I wanted to suggest that TW time gets pushed from 4PM EST to 5PM EST. It seems a lot of players are finishing work or just getting off of it around the current time and I think that this could all around improve attendance / availability of players. Feel free to share your input / if you agree, etc. I'd like to see other thoughts on this if necessary Thanks
  11. Its not hard to catch up, don't worry. Mainline quests and Vendetta training armor (you get this at lv30) will streamline you straight to 70.
  12. I wanted to make something that outlines new features / systems that have arrived in the past year to answer a lot of questions that me and others have gotten from returning players. All information is relevant at the time of making this thread (9/24/2021) and is subject to change as time goes on. If you have any questions about information in this post or about other things in the server, feel free to send something here and I will do my best to answer. Guide: I. Getting Started / Leveling to 70 II. Reaching 75 / DD Info III. Current Gear "Meta" IV. Drop Rates V. Gem Altar and PoD VI. Stones VII. Fortification Reset Scrolls VIII. Economy IX. Farming Gold I. Getting Started / Leveling to 70 Before diving into other aspects of the game I want to give guidance on how to catch up to "end game" as fast as possible. The first thing being to get your Vendetta armor if you are under-geared. To get to level 70, just do your mainline quests. It will get you straight to it with no other work involved. There is now a set of armor called Vendetta sets which give 40% EXP, 20% CP, 15 all resists, and 10% move speed. You cannot fortify or socket the set, but it can keep you alive when doing quests to get to 70 while giving you all the stats you need. To get this set, click the exclamation point on the right side of your client - Take this quest - Speak to Amos and you're finished. You get all three, but here is what one of the sets looks like - II. Reaching 75 / Devastation Dimension Info I separated this part so that there is less clutter in the first section. Mainline quests and 0/2s can get you to 73 for sure. I also recommend running dungeons if you are capable, or having a friend run you. The best places to run (other than DD) are Basel Border and Manor. If you run Basel in taunt mode, you are sure to get to 71 within 10 runs. To get into Devastation Dimension before 74, you will need to couple teleport to somebody who is level 74 or 75. It takes around an hour of DD runs to get to the next level (+ even more exp depending on what charms you use), but if you are not properly geared and don't have somebody to run you then you are better off sticking to mainlines and 0/2s. There are a good amount of players on the server who are capable of running DD. During DD runs definitely take Koss buff and wear your Vendetta set when leeching. The CP gain in DD is very high when leveling classes from 71-75. It is also decently fast to get them to 70, but 71-75 is even faster. III. Current Gear "Meta" There are no 75 awaken weapons at this time, they will come in a later patch. Currently it is best to try and roll a purple 75 weapon, or use a gold weapon. I personally prefer purple weapons at this time for max MATK/PATK and custom stats. The gold weapon highest % is still 110% Blues are farmable in all regular 71-75 dungeons. For example, staff/cestus/greatsword are at the last boss in Uncharted Cave. For sets, either awaken or 75 gold sets are good and viable in PvP. Personal opinion: If you don't feel like farming keys, just get the 75 set. I think that the stat differences between 75 and awaken sets are not very drastic, and the benefit of 75 is that you will be able to use lv5 gems and also 75 tower gems. IV. Drop Rates The drop rates are not too bad in 70 - 75 cap content but they are all different. Let me list my experience with them 70 / S Trials - Decent, you'll most likely get your trophy/blueprint you want in 5-10 runs. 75 Trials - Gold weapons drop a decent amount and you will definitely get the blueprint that you want. Class drop almost guarantees ECs/safety stones to drop on bosses as long as you switch. The rarest thing to drop is the trophies, but 75 trial trophies are not commonly used anyway. Vingot/DD Bosses - You will most likely get a trophy to drop within 10 kills. There have been times where 2 trophies have dropped in a row and others where we've had to kill the boss 15 times. Very random but not bad. 75 S Trial Guild Bosses - This patch came out last week and in my experience something has always dropped. There have been some nights where Silin M-ATK ring has dropped 3 times even. I think that some drops on the bosses are more common than others, but items will drop for sure. V. Gem Altar and PoD There is now an Eden Gem altar on this server. Gems are 70g each and can be purchased from Gisele at the fountain in Aven. This altar is great for getting corona's for achievements, and also EP for crafting / reset scrolls. There is also Path of Destiny. This is also good for farming EP, but best for farming honor stars, CCM and wills. You can also farm gem pouches from it, which give basic gems lv1-5. There are currently no Twist of Fates because that is an 80 cap item, but in my experience just farming boards from the mobs in Crimson trial or on the mobs outside of Vingot Lab works fine to get what I need. VI. Stones Stones are now double their original land rate, and are all on crystal altar at all times. There are no weeks without corals, ultras, or viridians like there had been in the past. All stone are always available on altar. There is also NO stone wipe at the end of the month. I know that there were a lot of players frustrated about the stones being wiped a year ago. The wipe was done to prevent hoarding, which was a part of why stones were going for 900-1.1k a piece even though the average player wasn't even farming that much per day. Stones are an average of 150-200g now when players are selling. Here is the average setup of a crystal altar - VII. Fortification Reset Scrolls Fort reset scrolls are always on altar Thursday and Friday right after maintenance. Just like stones, there are no weeks without them circulating on a crystal altar. They are also now in the loyalty shop for 80 EP each. They are on the right side of the shop under "Hot Items." VIII. Economy Everything is a lot more affordable than it was a year ago. Here's a general price point list Eden Crystals - 100g Stones - 150-200g Crystal Altar costumes - 1.5-4k Chisels - 300g Fort reset scrolls - 300-400g 129 coins - 500g IX. Farming Gold Running Century 0/10 is extremely fast with 75 gears. It takes me about 30 minutes on my luminary and I can still make 1-1.3k doing this. You can also get a decent amount of gold from doing 0/2s. For highly geared players, I recommend running DD. You can collect the drops as you go and also sell runs since there are always people around who want to level their classes.
  13. ✔️10/11/21 ✔️10/04/21✔️10/02/21 ✔️10/07/21 Thank you~
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