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  1. 1 more month until irreversible damage (;

    Hope those who got banned enjoying it, Goodbye Celestial peeps. The long year revenge was 🍷

  2. hahahaha nyaaahaha nepu nepu nyeiii >w<

  3. Hi i'm a Dragon,

    Also sometimes i become a loli >w<

    but yea,


  4. The Silver Dragon Era Begins,

    新龙 Mode


  5. I'm a catgirl *w *

  6. A million light years far away, i am searching for the day, even there is no tommorow.

    A million stars up in the sky, shining diamonds in the night.

    We are here to stay, a million light years away.

    ♩ ♪ ♫

  7. Goodbye Vyzer, Your era ends once again. The Rebirth of Deathoniak  ~