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  1. I'm guessing that both of you are using windows 10. A friend of mine had the same exact issue, If you were able to log into the game and you no longer can log into the game. What my friend did was to re-install the windows and it worked. I'm not quite sure what's the issue is exactly, But if you have all the right programs installed, and you made sure nothing is blocking the game from starting, then I'd suggest to simply reinstall your windows, it might be a lot of hassle but it's most likely granted to solve it.
  2. Open the eden eternal file and find run_game and click it, the game should start.
  3. So apparently every class in the game is A/S tier yet there are less than half of those classes that are actually used, the description of the classes is alright, I'd suggest to be more honest about the tiers so you wouldn't misguide anyone.
  4. Hello, My suggestion is as the following [GM]Jordan creates an account that has all the gears he'd need to do PvP. And he can join a different competitive guild every day or every week for TW depends on his schedule, He can rotate it every time he does it or he could just use So for example right now the guilds that are supposedly active are MoneyTeam Garden Imminent Divine It has to be a guild that can afford at least 1 party because him yoloing in TW won't actually help in anything. -- That way he'd be able to have a better feedback on PvP rather than people's opinions or videos. He will not use GM buffs or anything that a regular player does not have access to. cheers
  5. I just fail to realize how what I said was any different. 1)You can't compare shielder to Holy sage, Holy sage is 200% more interactive, My hs moves through the whole party using aura,watching the whole party's debuffs. pocket heal divers, capable of reviving allies, 2)I've mentioned 2 points the first point is the class needs to be more interactive because the current other skills it has besides the dmg reduction and the self healing/invincble buffs aren't any useful for the class's current gameplay. I am not calling the class boring because I'm a dick. I am just trying to put your attention on the fact that the majority of players don't have fun playing shielder, It's no where near as interactive as any other support a guild leader I feel terrible that I have to put someone on that class, they legit rather quit the game than play it, Sure rotating that role helps but still it's a matter of time. The 2nd point is the damage reduction being op which leads us to the first point on why the class isn't being played the way you intended, because it's way more worth to just afk on your backline, so toning done the damage reduction might actually solve the first point and have people play it the way its intended and get the -dmg stacks or whatever maybe the way I phrased it wasn't clear enough but hopefully that clears it. I'd never ask for a nerf or a change because of a personal preference, Playing against shielders is not a problem to me personally,it didn't stop me from achieving anything obviously. It's only a matter of guilt when you have to make someone play the least interactive class because "it's necessary or meta" --- You could make a forum voting post on what is the most boring class to play yet important for pvp and I guarantee you hands down It'll be shielder.
  6. Note: The following post represents a personal opinion based on being active in PvP for the past year or so. Hello I've been waiting for the new patch to come so you'd have less on your plate for this post, and tbh it was worth waiting for the patch, it's great. ? Classes suggestions: Dragon Emperor: Before the new level cap nobody complained about DE being "overpowered", players just seemed to misunderstand the concept of recieving 10% more dmg when you're 5 levels behind. Probably DE was mostly felt as "OP" because it's easier to stay on targets, Sooner or later everybody will be 120 so that shouldn't be the issue anymore. therefore I'd suggest to revert some of the nerfs that was done, NGL 50% patk DoT is too much, so you could keep the current DoT % but -revert the matk/patk changes to DEL -Allow DR to be used while mounted, It's already annoying to put up DEL during a battle because your dragon will just get melted, so it doesn't make sense to demount to buff up and mount again in an endless battle. -If none of the above is considered could you at least consider giving Pike gear upgrade the option to upgrade p-atk and matk ---- Paladin: Class does really good damage, only issue is, it's probably the easiest class to kite, therefore I'd suggest to -add movespeed KP. ---- Shielder: There are two points that I'd like to address 1st point: This class needs to get reworked, like literally completely changed, Shielder is the very old ED. It's almost impossible to play a TW against parties that has a shielder without having a shielder yourself, Same exact situation with the old ED, so someone literally has to stand on top of his teammates for 30 mins, and do NOTHING but afk on top of his dps for the 40% damage reduction( at least old ED had to recast the ref buff), I understand that you gave the class more skills but nobody is going to use them unless they want their backline to wipe, so a frontlining class has to afk on his backline for 30 mins, I am sure you can understand how unpleasant that is right? It's pretty unlogical how important a shielder is yet how boring it is. Nobody wants to play it, zero gameplay, afk class. therefore I'd suggest: -If you think the dmg reduction is important for the state of pvp atm, then sure but PLEASE turn the class into an actual support, some support buffs that actually needs to be casted every 10 secs or something, maybe turn the whole class into a range class with some decent debuffs, Give the class some gameplay that'd actually make sense, because running CC trophies and diving on enemy targets while yourbackline stays unprotected doesn't make sense. -the second option would be to completely remove and rework TItan's barrier then it won't be a priority to afk on your back line, but tbh then the class is probably another executioner aka useless. 2nd point) -Nerf Titan's barrier. If you're playing pdps and you're hitting someone with -40% dmg reduction + other supports -DMG such as GK or Paladin you are going to do negative damage, please reduce it. ---- Rakshasa: you have to keep up 3 stacks of focused energy to do any damage and it only lasts 10 seconds with 2 secs cooldown, which isn't really useful when you're cc'd every 3 secs, you lose your stacks , so you're spending more time trying to get your stacks rather than actually doing damage therefore, I'd suggest to -remove cooldown on focused energy and make it last 30-60 seconds. -reduce monstrous blow cooldown from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (Imagine conj's lightning dragon having 10 secs CD, same idea) ---- Holy Blade: A hybrid class that's meant to be hybrid, Just like DE, Therefore I'd suggest to -add p-atk KP next to the matk KP, with a ratio of 1-2 so it wouldn't be too "broken" ---- Demon Tamer: The only thing about DT is if the pet is dead it's literally nothing, therefore I'd suggest to -Turn DT pet into a buff -Or buff the pet ( although I can't really see many ways to do that) ---- Lethal Arrow: Without a doubt Lethal arrow is the best 1vs1 class with no competition, a good LA will never lose a 1v1. DoT is too strong, however besides that class takes too long to do dmg,therefore I'd suggest to -Nerf DoT on LA. -Buff dmg, which can be done by making it easier to get the +dmg on Lethal wind storm, less stacks, more dmg maybe. (transfer the class's power from DoTs to skills which will allow options for counterplays in 1vs1 and will keep the class relevant in team fights) ---- Devil Hunter: Too reliable on auto attacks, doesn't have enough skill rotation, if one or two of the skills get blocked you're screwed, therefore I'd suggest to -Decrease CD on Steady Shot Volley, Distracting Shot. from 4 secs to 2 or at least 3 secs (Quadruple volley CD rmains the same or increased to 5 secs instead of 4 if the other skill's CD drops to 2 seconds instead of 3) ---- Annihilator: Will never have enough damage to be considered as a wiping class, will never be a dps support class because there is better unless It's for capwar assasin support, Therefore I'd suggest to -Replace the Optical camouflage patk with +damage. Same idea as mecha then it will be used more often, I highly doubt that It'll be broken considering mecha isn't really "broken", Anni still has to go through defense, mecha doesn't. It doesn't matter how much patk you'd get from the stacks on Anni, you still won't do enough damage. ---- Reaver :Literally the most annoying, unfun class to play against, To the point where if you're outnumbered there is no counter play.The class itself is pretty balanced, but due to the existence of CC trophies, no matter how low the % on them, with maximum elemental damage they turn into 100% proc rate on reaver, so in order to tone that down I'd suggest to -Increase nightshade's CD to 20/15 seconds instead of 10 seconds ---- Equilibrian: A class going from S tier to D tier after the holy blessing nerf. before nerf the class wasn't the greatest team fighting class, was sometimes pretty useless in party dmg wise, but it was insanly OP as GM support and to chase kills and 1v1, was pretty much a MDPS assasin, to make this class playable again I'd suggest to -Holy blessing remain nerfed but add more damage to Sickle of darkness then it can be used as smiter (change double hit to triple hit) We have so many classes with spamable triple hit even instant casting triple hits and they're not broken, so I really don't think changing sickle of darkness to triple hit will do any harm ( You can put weapon requirment on sickle of darkness to be staff if you think shield mace will be too op with a buff like this) ---- Battlefield poet: One of the greatest dps support classes in this game, however it really does have potential to be more than just a support that runs awk agi set and TK combo. So that is really up to you if your plan was to make it a dps support then it should remain the same, if not then I'd suggest to -Change Melody of mana from 50% triple hit to 100% triple hit. ---- Holy Sage: The anti-fear skill is still somewhat bugged, sometimes it doesn't go off even when you're literally ontop of your team , -Cure heals too little, I think it'd be nice to give it a buff. ---- Adju: I can't really say much about that since I'm not a healer, but I am pretty sure anyone that play both adju and gk will agree that when it comes to the "amount" of heals, Adju falls last with HS. GK>Totem>adju>HS, which kinda doesn't make sense considering that GK is way tankier than adju. therefore I'd suggest to -Buff adju's amount of healing a little bit ---- That'd be all, I could post in the future some ideas on how to make the completely dead classes in pvp be somewhat relevant, but for now I'd rather try to save the current ones from joining them.
  7. Well I'm telling you that you did not make a difference, so it's not an evident. But this is quite irrelevant to the main subject so let's just drop it.
  8. 1)I'm speaking of that GvG you had against SB. I made no difference because SB members had 4 crystals capped during the whole GvG, so I did not really contribute massively in your defeat. 2)I've never denied that I have my alt in SB lol. That wouldn't make any sense since my main's name was Irus before I name change to Aloha. so denying that Irus is me would be quite dumb, so I have no idea where you've got that from. Also garden didn't win that TW because of you or Prime(No offense to Prime). they won that TW because Richard wasn't in guild yet, and 21 kills of points weren't calculated towards MoneyTeam therefore we lost with 2 crystals. It was just miscalculations on our part, we could have easily pushed for a 3rd crystal x D
  9. The point of using "Irus and Tachibanmei" Was not meant to fuck you over, we were simply trying to have fun(me and my couple) since we don't get any GvGs on our mains because Garden hasnt showed up for gvg since like a month or two. you guys played that pretty well and I have to say my role during that GvG was very minimum, we barely did anything, SB didn't even need us, We were just trying to have fun in smaller guilds since we don't get any fun on our main guild, so don't take it the wrong way, Apart from that I agree with everything you mentioned. well said
  10. Ohwell I'm not the one complaining here, you are. Thanks to this new system we're now fighting each other instead of dirtbaging with alts, why does this make you sad?
  11. ? Anybody who did that TW will tell you that we didn't care whose crystals we were capping which is why Kuhaku won and not SB, we legit just couldn't outcap the other side due to numbers advantage, and no1 played in party bc of server lag but ok
  12. Yeah Garden usually win cap wars because you farm your own alts in offline to win, So I can understand why you don't like this change. . SB is not our alt guild lol and they don't really give a shit about us they'll fight to win a TW doesn't matter if it's against us or not. So yeah.. if anything this change prevents you from cheesing TWs by killing your own alts.
  13. Hello. I'd suggest to finally introduce better rewards for PvP such as eden crystals. It's kinda pointless for some players to try TW everyday to cap territories and get less gold than 1 run in FAE. In order to be competitive in Normal class TW you are required to spend gold and time/effort into something that will not help you ANYWHERE else. So in my opinion the rewards has to be worthy or people won't bother. maybe this will give hope to more guilds to try and be more competitive, However if you do decide to make the rewards something more valuable than 300-600g I'd suggest to treat it the same way as GvG, as in only the guild leaders can claim the reward after TW and then they can distribute it among their members, that way it cannot be abused by alts etc. Edit: If this goes well you could even start treating TW the same way as GvG where not only the first guild wins for example in a situation like this not only MoneyTeam gets rewarded but also SB and Gate maybe. Which will give hope for smaller guilds to try and compete for 2nd/3rd place.