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  1. If the cap is set to 20 players in TW we wouldn't have to make WC2, if you think 2-4 players running around without a healer has enough impact to make you lose TW then you probably should start mass recruiting because improving your "gear and playstyle" would be a hopeless option ☺️
  2. This has nothing to do with classic server being classic as it doesn't change anything that conflicts with the classic content itself but ok
  3. Hi all~ as most of you have noticed, As every EE server ever existed, competitive guilds are getting narrowed down to 2 guilds again, it hasn't been completely there yet but it's for sure on the way. So I'd like to know how would you guys feel about a numbers cap in TW/ lower numbers cap in GvG which will allow more guilds to raise and try to compete, This is more concerning for newer players rather than old, so the mindset we'd be looking for in order for this to work is instead of "I'll quit the game because I can't go to pvp in my guild" would be "I'll make a guild and find other people that are looking to pvp". 20 is the best number I could think of but if you have a better idea/better number please feel free to share it. If you think this is shitty, feel free to say so too. My only intention is for this server to live as long as possible, nothing more nothing less. thanks for your time
  4. You've already mentioned what you should have done instead of rolling altar. if your ultimate goal was to fort your gears, you should have simply sold your ecs and stacked on lucky ss then you can fort them. I am not saying that having mystery boxes on this server is bad I am just saying you chose to gamble with your real money instead of just selling the ECs and bought lucky ss. I understand how expensive stones are but so are ECs, you can legit sell the ECs for 80-100 if you're patient enough
  5. Aloha

    TW Maps

    2)While you ask your friend to keep logging alts to take their kills he'll have 3x your kills by killing real players. Edit: your point is invalid until TW dies then farming alts is a thing.
  6. -I think implementing class drop to the game is a bad idea, and this is coming from the unluckiest player when it comes to RNG but I'd still want things to be hard to get. I don't understand why are you guys complaining about % on weapons when it's applicable to all weapons and to everybody, If you think magic skeleton 120% is better than a 120% level 60 staff then go ahead and farm your 120% magic skeleton,There are 55 weapons that will be better than 60 but that doesn't mean all 55 weapons are. some classes will scale better with higher matk/patk. Now the only issue when it comes to that is 65 120% weapons might have more matk/patk than awakened and in that case I am sure Jordan can tweak awakened weapons patk/matk to make it higher, or make 65 gold % gives less matk/patk than awakened, when we get to this part anyway. -When it comes to purple weapons, I think it should be implemented to the game, some classes doesn't have any decent procs therefore purple weapons will make up for it. I'd like to mention 120% gold gives more matk/patk than 160% purple. so you may use a purple weapon while you farm your 120% gold weapon. -Safety stones should remain unchanged imo, and keep higher % stones to be rare. What's the point of max forting everything then sit in Aven and actually play the game for 30 mins a day? (TW) Why can't we just always have a room to improve? Keep RNG stones common and high % stones rare and then everyday you'll log on you will have the room to improve your stats and actually play the game instead of afk until TW then eventually most players quit because it makes no sense to commit to a game that you play only for pvp. If you don't like this part then go ahead and play awakened classes server. -Capping crystals is getting easier everyday as players are gearing up so I don't think that's worth mentioning for now.
  7. Aloha

    2 Requests

    Regardless of the details, adding RNG system to a competitive scene isn't a good idea, TW was changed back then for a reason, and the system it has right now is not bad, we could suggest to add a player cap for each guild like 15 or whatever, to make sure we get "diversity" of guilds and suggest to add more rewards to all guilds that attends which would make way more sense than any of this. Would ask who you are but couldn't give two shits.
  8. Aloha

    2 Requests

    Nah I'm talking about the strategy where we beat you with 7 less people than you, don't expect another reply from me because you're both irrelevant to me and to this post
  9. Aloha

    2 Requests

    Define a big guild, because if you think a guild with 1 or 2 parties is big then yeah sure. But if you're talking about 30 40 50, Unlike awakened classes, we won GvGs 15 vs 40 on Play Eden, "People just want to win unfairly instead of having good fights" That's exactly what this suggestion is motivating. I'd understand if the suggestion was "add rewards to all guilds that attend TW" It'd make more sense, but again you guys are asking to add an RNG system for a competitive pvp which makes zero sense. "More Mass Wins TW" more mass doesn't win a TW, but yoloing with 2-3 people shouldn't win a TW either.
  10. Aloha

    2 Requests

    So let me get this straight, I understand the situation from your PoV, every small guild has a chance to win a TW! now can you understand it from a tryhard guild PoV? -A tryhard guild prepares for TW, ask players to commit and show up, create strategy, do all the fights and then at the end some guy running solo wins the TW? "Every guild has a fair chance to win TW" isn't really fair considering some guilds will put in work and effort more than others. Hard pass.
  11. Aloha


    And I'm telling you, you'll need to party up to get EXP to even reach the required level to enter veninfang which is 42.
  12. Aloha


    No you can't level alone by questing, I don't know how far you remember Aeria's beta launch, but you may ask @Jordan or a GS since they must have tested all of this. I'm pretty sure at some point you'll get stuck at a level without having anymore mainlines and you'll need to party up to get EXP from 0/10.
  13. Aloha


    Solo PvE? goodluck doing anything solo apart from 0/2 (if you can actually do them lol) You'll need a party of 3 AT LEAST for any 0/10 dgn until you're level 48 and geared then maybe you can do venin 0/10. Also questing in a party makes it faster since even collect and not just defeat works in party. Well i understand people want pure Vanilla experience, but this is EE and there is runs, it will only be a difference of time spent running dungeons, at this cap the game was so great mostly cause of the community i miss this time too, but this is not because you leveling slowly that you will get those good vibes of EE old time back again x) We never said you'll get good vibes out of slowly leveling, as max said it simply contradicts the fact that its a "classic" server as it is a part of the whole experience, And like you said it makes no difference if it takes longer to level from "runs" so we should keep it slow as it is a part of the whole experience.
  14. Aloha


    It's called pure vanilla experience, slow leveling is a part of classic ee there is nothing wrong with high exp rates however, some people or (most I hope) are trying to go for the full pure vanilla experience and slow leveling is a part of it.
  15. Aloha


    It's EXP rates only, that's what [GS]Lilith said on discord at least.