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  1. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Well I'm telling you that you did not make a difference, so it's not an evident. But this is quite irrelevant to the main subject so let's just drop it.
  2. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    1)I'm speaking of that GvG you had against SB. I made no difference because SB members had 4 crystals capped during the whole GvG, so I did not really contribute massively in your defeat. 2)I've never denied that I have my alt in SB lol. That wouldn't make any sense since my main's name was Irus before I name change to Aloha. so denying that Irus is me would be quite dumb, so I have no idea where you've got that from. Also garden didn't win that TW because of you or Prime(No offense to Prime). they won that TW because Richard wasn't in guild yet, and 21 kills of points weren't calculated towards MoneyTeam therefore we lost with 2 crystals. It was just miscalculations on our part, we could have easily pushed for a 3rd crystal x D
  3. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    The point of using "Irus and Tachibanmei" Was not meant to fuck you over, we were simply trying to have fun(me and my couple) since we don't get any GvGs on our mains because Garden hasnt showed up for gvg since like a month or two. you guys played that pretty well and I have to say my role during that GvG was very minimum, we barely did anything, SB didn't even need us, We were just trying to have fun in smaller guilds since we don't get any fun on our main guild, so don't take it the wrong way, Apart from that I agree with everything you mentioned. well said
  4. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Ohwell I'm not the one complaining here, you are. Thanks to this new system we're now fighting each other instead of dirtbaging with alts, why does this make you sad?
  5. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    ? Anybody who did that TW will tell you that we didn't care whose crystals we were capping which is why Kuhaku won and not SB, we legit just couldn't outcap the other side due to numbers advantage, and no1 played in party bc of server lag but ok
  6. Aloha

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Yeah Garden usually win cap wars because you farm your own alts in offline to win, So I can understand why you don't like this change. . SB is not our alt guild lol and they don't really give a shit about us they'll fight to win a TW doesn't matter if it's against us or not. So yeah.. if anything this change prevents you from cheesing TWs by killing your own alts.
  7. Aloha

    Normal Class TW Beta Feedback

    Hello. I'd suggest to finally introduce better rewards for PvP such as eden crystals. It's kinda pointless for some players to try TW everyday to cap territories and get less gold than 1 run in FAE. In order to be competitive in Normal class TW you are required to spend gold and time/effort into something that will not help you ANYWHERE else. So in my opinion the rewards has to be worthy or people won't bother. maybe this will give hope to more guilds to try and be more competitive, However if you do decide to make the rewards something more valuable than 300-600g I'd suggest to treat it the same way as GvG, as in only the guild leaders can claim the reward after TW and then they can distribute it among their members, that way it cannot be abused by alts etc. Edit: If this goes well you could even start treating TW the same way as GvG where not only the first guild wins for example in a situation like this not only MoneyTeam gets rewarded but also SB and Gate maybe. Which will give hope for smaller guilds to try and compete for 2nd/3rd place.
  8. I love how the post has turned into class balancing post, completely irrelevant from the main purpose of this thread, I'm done posting on forums. If you can just close this topic. that'd be great
  9. And on play eden people went for 70 awakened sets at level 90 but that was not the optimal, I went for 75 gold set and I believe you were using the 78 orange set most of the time.It's the same thing here, 70 awakened sets are great in 75 cap but wouldnt be great in 100 cap. It just doesn't make sense to use lower level set when there is higher in a meta that has 400ks patk, that short on defense, that lack of stats due to leveling up, people will need that 5% agi & lck from Lv100 sets. So when LA mdps sets lv 100 are not as good as other level 100 sets, so players has to use lv 95 awakened sets and cut short on defense/stats especially since most of the mdps LA classes are already short on stats after leveling up.
  10. I am aware there was no bias involved but if I'm being honest too the set is terrible COMPARED to the other 100 sets you've released, and if awakened sets are not coming any time soon, I'd suggest (If possible) to rework the sets bonus effects, it doesn't necessary have to be the same effect as all other sets, but that doesn't mean it should be underpowered compared to them either. 3% matk on the agi LA mdps set? I don't understand how's that not terrible, INT set maybe not too bad, 5% dmg and elem dmg, a room to go for full procs and elem dmg, but it's still not as good as other INT sets. but the agi set really needs to get reworked in my opinion. Thanks for the response
  11. Except that the agi set for mdps LA doesnt even have a double hit on them lol theyre utterly useless
  12. I was just wondering why are level 100 mdps LA sets so underpowered compared to every other int/str set As you can see in the previous image, INT mdps LA set gives you 5% dmg, however if you compare it to pdps LA, you get 5% patk on top of 5% dmg, HA the same thing, cloth armor 5% matk on top of 5% dmg. There are many other ways to get elem dmg instead of replacing 5% matk with it. Now when it comes to agi sets, 3% matk? vs HA agi set 5%patk 5%dmg, CA agi set 2% dmg 3% double hit..LA pdps agi set 3%patk 3% double hit --- It honestly does not make any sense to me to force people to use 95 awakened sets when theyre level 110+ just because level 100 sets has no decent effects on them. Maybe if that changed we'll see more people playing BP/Mecha/DB/HB Br.
  13. Hi If Awakened weapons where to come, I have a suggestion that you might have thought of already but in case you haven't Some classes seems to rely a lot on the level 95 holy skills, so I would suggest to add holy skills to awakened weapons The patk/matk difference will be quite effective for people to still use 95 weapons, especially if you're planning to add 5% atk/matk like there is on level 100 regular weapons. Br.
  14. Aloha

    Can't leave combat in TW

    Even the invis aura on HS/adju escape bugs out too..