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  1. @Sabin ^ I think this is why people aren't talking about skills.
  2. @Daddy@Jade I am pretty sure this schedule will allow the many to have their time over the few who don't. In clear text are my purposed BG times. I recommend 3 AK's a week spaced at 56 hrs apart (AK wings to last only 52 or 54hrs) and 3 NB's a day spaced at 8 hours apart. To keep AK's and NB's from over lapping as well as allowing them to fall in certain time zones that I think would be optimal for these areas. Mind you it's not perfect, but you can calculate where one might fall with this. For me personally just looking at server times I play from about 2:30am to 7am(6:30 MST to 11:30 MST). So, the following is my recommended server times for BGs and calculated out what that might look like for others around the world. I recommend the top Schedule for NB to start before AK over NB having a time that would start after AK as it would allow many people to just go to bed after AK in their area. The image below is what it should look like. If AK was made to start so it hit my time at on a Friday or Saturday evening, I won't show most of the time, because I like to get out of the house on those days. You can move the AK days at long as you keep the pattern the same. So, if you have a 4 am time server time for AK, you need a 12pm time 2 days after, and 8 pm time 2 days after that. So, weekly a 4 am Sunday AK should have an AK at 12pm Tue and 8 pm Thur or an AK at 4am Mon should have an AK 12pm Wed and 8pm Friday. Keep to this pattern and every time zone should have a time for them in the evening. You can adjust the times too as long as each time goes up or down the same amounts. However, doing that will cause lots to not join AK or NB all together like it currently is at. @Larrissa My time I play is sever time 2:30am to 7am(6:30 MST to 11:30 MST). Also, if you look at my recommended times you can see where each one should allow everybody to make it to at least 1 AK a week and 1 NB a day. But that is really dependent on if people are working a 8 to 5 job all over the world and making it home in time. Hard to really account for those on extremes of their time zone groups. The 1st row in each group is what I think would be best for those in my time zone group for the server to have either NB and AK to join. @Uninformed first you want to me take into account of everybody over myself, which I was doing because America has more than just me in it. Then you say I need to let somebody know what times work best for me, which I also was doing. This comment helps clarify everything I was saying. Though I feel as you are taking Brazil as being left out and it's own little area that needs to be cater too. With my suggested time slots only those on the farthest area east in a small little corner of Brazil would they ever have to stay up past 1 am to play. The more west in Brazil you go the earlier it gets. Those in the the PDT zone would barely make a 7pm AK due to the amount of traffic that they hit going home and this is ignoring Alaska and Hawaii for US players. Not that I know any Alaskans or Hawaiians who play in those states.
  3. Did you read the rest of what I said? Brazil is in South America, thus they are confined to the same time structure as the rest of the continent. Brazil has it better for NB than I do, since they can be there at 7 or 8pm, while I am still working at 4pm. Though Brazil has 4 times zones. AK, I recommended that they move it for people in the America(north, central, and south) so that the west coast sees it start at 6pm or 7pm and going east it should start at 12am as the latest for those in Brazil. Then create another every 52 hours apart making 3 a week and that should hit around those same times for Europe and Asia. To keep players from having wings at the start of AK, make them last for 50 hrs. I also recommended to have NB 3 times a day 8 hours apart. With again hitting each major area in their optimal times over people not being able to show unless you live in the middle of the ocean.
  4. You are aware that Brazillian players are in America right? They are in South America after all. They actually have it better than the rest of America because NB is at 7 to 9pm. AK is at 12 to 2am, With most gamers at least staying up till 12am. However Saturday's AK could be best at 11pm Server time Wed/Tues - at time around 2~4am server time. But if they made AK every 2 days and 4 hours apart (3 a week) they could hit every time zone group for the best times for each in their respective groups. Just adjust the AK wings length of use to 50 hours of use. For the ones not on the weekend you should make them so that one end can get players between 7pm at one end of the group to 11pm or 12 am on the other end. Those on the weekend? Well, if AK landed on a Sunday instead of a Saturday for people, there's less conflict at night because people don't really date on a Sunday and you can make the same time for that group. NB if they made it every 8 hours apart they could have 1 for every time zone.
  5. I'd also up the pet chips for experience to a value that is much more reasonable with them being an AP item. Their current values are really low and don't do much by way of giving any extra exp.
  6. Then why did I lose my level 6 exp hyperchip on this last skill change forced reset? I'm not talking about the skill reset code, I'm talking about when Vivi forces every character's skill tree to reset.
  7. You do realize that making the time you did for Saturday, you actually have it so that players who made it to the Wed time can show up with wings on the Saturday time.
  8. So, every skill changes that result in everybody having their skills reset, also result in those exp hyper chips from being removed as a skill. Getting them sucks because you need a character at each level of the game to be able to use the highest level one. If you are level 65 you have to rely on lower level players getting 1~4 for you and then you can find a lvl 5 and even harder to find is the level 6. So, is there away that when you do a forced skill tree reset that we also get those exp hyper chips too? I go through and finally get to the level I should have and then just like that I lost them all and have to either use a lower level toon to farm more or buy more. Some of these aren't really cheap either because only a select few players farm them and limit the number in AH. Not really fair that when I finially get the last one I have to start all over. Just a thought before you go and reset everybody's skills again.
  9. What areas are you trying to hit for people to attend AK and NB? Because nothing changed in what I can attend. AK should be on wed - 11 am. 1 AM my time, I might stay up late for this as people used to attend this one a lot. Saturday - 11pm which would be in the middle of the day at 1pm my time. Which is actually a great time for people in America because it's right in the middle of the afternoon where people are either done with morning chores and not wanting to be outside in the hot during the summer and it isn't too late that they can still go out. NB should be I think on server times 6 am and 6pm. That's 10 am my time( can't go) to 10pm (can go) or +/- 1 or 2 hours from my suggested AK times. Personally if AK changed it's time, then I recommend -2 hours from AK times. So, you don't get wings before NB and there's a good gap between for people to take a break. Now my thoughts on current times and why they fail. You moved NB to 2 am and 2pm server times. That's 4am (sleeping) and 4pm(working) for me. One time zone to the west is 3 am and 3 pm so same situation. You actually have to go 2 time zones to the east of me for people to possibly attend if they aren't in the middle of traveling from work still. I am either a sleep or working. Mostly the same for anybody else in the American time zones. I say American because north, central, and south all have the same time zones. AK mid week - well I stopped being able to attend AK mid week because I work and so is everybody else who have normal jobs that live in the Americas. 9am I'm at work, two time zones to the east they are all 2 hours in the middle of work, and 1 to the west they are either just starting work or on their way. AK Saturday - The move to 5am or well 9pm for me. This was once the time that they had for AK back in Aeria days. I was married at the time and didn't really attend because I usually was out on a date. Being single, I don't plan on going to AK if I have a date and I will most likely plan on going out over attending AK. So, unless I don't have anything going on, AK at this time won't be attended by me and mostly anybody else who has a partner that they want to date.
  10. This thread was created before they moved both AK's to the same time. I normally can't attend on Saturdays because of sleep, but I can't attend Wednesdays because now it starts when I work. Just like both NBs start when I am sleeping and while I am working. I don't know how many suggestions I can give to help people in the Americas get a piece of the major BGs. Those who will see me on will be a rarity now because I often will go days without logging in as I don't have anything I can do in the game that is rewarding. You must have wings if you want loot from DGs and BGs. So, it's really boring and I refuse to play with people anymore because most of you are all toxic in your behavior and talk.
  11. Thanks to the recent changes to the game, I'm getting bored with it. Is there any changes that will actually be worth doing other than farm RP? I can't attend AK, you took away the time for it on Tuesday from me and gave it to the same people who get to do Saturday. Saturday's AK is so out of balance and constantly getting DC'd that it's not worth showing up for. Because of a lack of AK, drop rates are terrible without wings, so farming DGs are a waste of time and even going to BGs for loot is a waste of time. People aren't excited about farming Bosses because loot there isn't that great. I really didn't even care that much about farming them for the uni lingerie with how poor those drops are and not seeing any for my class. NB if I got to sleep early I could have made 1 of them, but I'm not keen on wanting to join in at 4am my time to PvP as nobody really goes for the bosses. If only the map was different and you had to actually kill Aba to win, but then again you need more than 3 people to stop the other side. At least that's what it was like when I joined. I'm not a fan of PvPing outside BGs because of skills suck. Not a fan of players being able to pick me off and tank my characters at the same time, so ya waiting for that to get fixed. So, when exactly is there going to be something to do during the time that I play?
  12. The problem with SP is the DOT atks will kill the balls without having to attack them more than once. So, those going in for the center and faction balls only need to use a DOT and pop them before the other side has a chance to place a dot on them. It's why you can't use clusters in the BG as well. If you don't believe me then you need to try entering SP with a CB. I recommend Siren. It's a more open map, has 3 bosses and 2 chests, and it's not as small as Janus where the WH and SE can just cover an entire map area with their AOE skills.
  13. My favorite PvP Map and escort quests in order of best to worst 1) Nemesis - Perfect spot to have a center all out sprawl, certain bosses you had only 1 way to reach them, has multiple mid level boss, and escort quests was often a cause for pvp. Once guards did one shot kills it helped keep players from spawn killing. 2) Viledon/Amara - Perfect spot to have a center all out sprawl. Hounds used to be doable in decent time with decent drops and caused major pvp among the faction when 1 player was caught with their pants down doing them alone and then they called for backup which turned into 2 vs 1 then 2 vs 2, then 3 vs 2, then 3 vs 3, etc.... Until there was enough to wipe out the faction, hold off the other faction, and take the hound before the other faction could return. Loot was worth the fight for it. Used to have a decent escort quest, but that's broken. 3) Ellis - one of the worst for pvp because of the half life you got when jumping down to fight the zerg. Mini-bosses decent with decent stuff, and multiple escort quests. 4) Caergate - I give this the worst pvp map of all time because it is too easy for players to spawn kill and spawn camp. Bosses were meh. Escort was boring. I'd rather see this map revamped into a BG map where a portal is on a timer and being in the map has a countdown so you can't stay in it longer than allowed. Kinda like how VIP and suer kicks you out after 8hours except this should do it after 1hr of being available and to replace the AK, NB, or add a 3rd mass pvp BG. I think Blood portal will kick people out after it closes if I am right if the same concept could be done here. Favorite NPC? Jeanne & Momo - because ya why else did I start playing this game? It wasn't for the pve and pvp since I felt like I hit a wall once I reached level 19 (my first MMORPG game and didn't understand the mechanics thinking that I had to pay to level up). How to help new players? I have no damn clue since the last time I helped a "new player" they stopped playing after I gave them some pretty sweet gear enhanced and spanned. So, maybe rethink about how to keep old players active and new players interested. Hint: it's not about giving them free stuff, it's about the community and not being stomped on or hit a wall because they chose the wrong class meaning every class should have equal leveling speeds and protection for farming. For pvp people need to not get stun locked death where stuns last longer than buffs and they die 2 hits later or not give them buffs so 10 players couldn't even take them down. It's all about what you plan to with skills and in game content that will keep them active when the community isn't active. Just a thought, can you raise the level of DG bosses without raising the difficulty or atks? I say that because then you could create some dailies for upper levels to do team mode in every DG and have a new player with them for experience runs and loot for that level of player. Or create an upper/lower class DG where the bosses are more difficult, loot stills drops like a normal DG or different loot for different things that is useful at all levels, but exp is much higher? Just saying this might help allow new players to play with older players. Or have older players willing to call new players to come play with them? How many bosses should the map have? To me it's not so much how many, as you can have 300 and if they all drop crap, drop rate being horrible, and too difficult to do nobody will give a damn about any of them. So, personally 5 was a good number, but you need to have a really good drop rate, not make them too difficult, and not drop a bunch of crap. If you are creating new gear having it drop 1 uni/special item out of every 10 deaths to me is horrible and the reason nobody cares about the bosses in Amara because why go through the effort to get a group of people together if you are just going to get crap? 6 Mini bosses is a good number, but again are also the same where they need to be difficult enough to take awhile, but not too difficult that it takes way too long, as well as not drop crap. They should also drop something entirely unique to them that alerts both factions that a mini-boss was just taken. What I mean by this is having an item that you can only get from a mini-boss, it's highly useful, and everybody knows that you just got one so everybody knows you are farming mini-bosses. I would say that these should take probably about 10min max to kill solo by the worst DPS character in the game excluding the ME as they can be the best DPS player or have no DPS depending on their skill tree. Recommend also DV - needs to be divided more and have short range portals that work throughout the map. You don't need create another pve map just for exp farming, but at least make mobs more uniform to a particular area for particular players. Probably change or add more mass mobs similar, not the same, to the ones people currently farm exp at. Gear - well, if you keep to the pvp/pve gear, I say make it only obtainable in a manner in which you need it. If you want pvp gear it should be only obtainable in BGs or PvP map bosses. If you plan to make it craftable then make it so that you have to participate in BGs or pvp map bosses for craft items for as well as the level DG for that one or 2 special items. PvE gear should be easily obtained in DG. Maybe require players to get PvE gear before they can upgrade it to pvp gear? IDK Uni costumes - needs an increase drop rate. Players like myself use these to craft rare costume looks onto them, I refuse to pay 10k in gold for a uni costume, 5k for uni grafting tool, and 8k+ rare costume. That's like calling it cheap for some of these new uni costumes and AP items. Last March I probably ate up over 200k in gold converting uni costumes into a new look and have about 25 different costumes that no longer resemble the original. I don't do taht any more, not because of a lack of room but I'm not going to drop 50k for a new look when the stats on the 1 uni set I use is just fine. Just saying, look at your AP purchases last spring when you increased drop rates for the uni bunny and nurse costume stuff if you can. I would really watch for players who swear by this, that, or another thing as you should probably look at the pattern in the game of player activities. Halloween, Christmas, and other events increase activity, so maybe consider events that players want to participate in. I didn't attend the last pvp event, because why? What would I have gotten out of it except wasting time over doing something else outside the game more enjoyable? To me it's about enjoying the game, and the things I enjoy about this game really is basically my own Arkana. Used to enjoy other things about the game but I feel it's either unable to participate in or waste of time. I can't go to NB because of the time and AK is now no longer an option because of the time. DGs aren't fun because I can't get wings because I can't go to AK, so waste of time for me since loot sucks without wings. BGs result in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2, loot in them sucks, and I'm tired of trying to pvp against other people because they get wings, my ch-eva can't get high enough to keep from getting disabled or stunned, and eva is horrible that I can't prevent getting pulled. So, I dropped all protection buffs as I don't plan on participating in PvP or BGs and just login farm RP and log out waiting for something great to happen in a patch that I can do. So, depending on what you all do with the character skills, cap increase, drops, etc... Will depend on if you lose more players like what happen when you made the 65 cap or actually get player base to increase that will make it enjoyable or not. What I talked about here is what I enjoy about the game and what I don't enjoy about the game, if some of the things that some players talked about happen I will ultimately end up not enjoying the game at all. Players need to talk about what they enjoy doing in the game or what they would enjoy doing more in the game. Everything else should fall into place from there. Some of the comments here sound a bit overboard on this topic as the last time they did something far too extreme it lost players, not retained them.
  14. @Vivi For anybody on the northern, central, and southern American Continent time slot the following for Tue/Wed AK would be this. That is it allowing people to get off work at 5pm(if they don't work till 6pm) and get home by 6pm for AK. For people to have a 6pm AK to 12 am AK in this region. These are pretty much the extreme's on either side of the continent these are the server times for them. The Eastern time zone for optimal attendance for them starts at about 12 am and goes till 6am server time. The western time zone for optimal attendance starts at about starts at about 3 am and goes till 9 am server time. If you start AK at 12am server time it means the western time would still be at work. If you start AK at 9 AM it means that Eastern time players would be in bed. So, meeting in the middle where AK started at 4 or 5am(4:30 for direct center) server time you have Eastern players up till 10 or 11pmand Western time players would be able to show at 7pm or 8pm. The fact that AK however changed to the same time for both AK's to me only favors one group and why didn't you change the Saturday's to a different time if you wanted to play around with AK times? Mind you Saturday's AK had stayed that time slot and it always favored RG by a minimum of an extra 6 players on up to 12+ players for the RG. Hardly fair balance. The original Tuesday AK used to be at 8pm for me, which was a 4am time slot before DLS. After DLS it got moved to 9pm for me or 5am server time. The 5am server time slot, yes it did have less people, but both sides were pretty much balanced of equal sized give or take 1 or 2 people and not the extreme 6+ in favor of the RG. So, I'm not exactly sure why AK had to be taken from the American Continent optimal time slot in favor of AK being the same time for both AKs. This is the whole reason players are pissed and the reason we want our time back, because we want to play AK too and have a fair fight over a RG force zerg battle on AK. The Saturday time slot you could get players showing up for AK at it's current time slot for the American Continent at 8am western side to 11am eastern. Saturday mornings however are difficult to get people to show when many people have chores or things to do at this time, but moving it to a later time makes it so people might be out on dates if you make it later. But what about changing the days all together? Like to Monday Morning server time and Thursday evening server time?
  15. No that's from the Jim Henson Movie called the Dark Crystal.
  16. Well, with the reduction in time allowance it would be permanent for BGs, but you can add them onto events to increase drops for players. But the idea is to get more BG attendance outside of events. All event specific buffs stay for that event like xxxmas buff, New Years, Easter, and Mid autumn buff all specifically for those events. The BG buffs could be used inside AK and NB, but with them lasting only 30min you would need to have 2 for AK and 1 for NB that you get from attending BGs. Candy for a special treat for PvE because you signed up for a BG as a PvE player.
  17. While their length of buff is liked, I think they should both be reduced to 30min. Then add one or both of them to BGs as either a loot drop and/or winner's reward. You could put one as a loot drop and the other as a winner's reward and keep them in BG's only so that it can encourage people to join and with their time shrunk down people having a large stack of them would be reduced or at least a player would go through more of them quicker so they have to enter a BG to obtain more for longer uses of them. I also add a peppermint candy drop in BGs or a candy replicube. CD/s should also reflect their length of use. You all should be happy that this isn't a long post.
  18. Maybe take a survey on what time you play also state what level cap you play in as well as faction? I would recommend putting server time with time zones that each player uses and understands so they can choose the correct play time better. If the server time can be embedded into the post where it stays up to date then players can look at their own time and compare to the server time so they can add or subtract time to match what their play time is from start to finish is. Once the survey is done then a graph showing what peak players and then we can choose 2 time periods (3 if that's an option) for when there will be the most people online. Mind you that these times should be placed 12 hrs apart +/- a few hours so that it doesn't favor 1 time zone. I've asked for NB to be adjusted several times over the past several years and now this, finally. Maybe we should do what Luna said so we can all see player login availability and see where peak times are for people. The Sad part about the AK time that it was at normally was that it was the one match where both sides had pretty much equal numbers of players on them so not one side had more than the other. Saturday's the FK are always out numbered, while Tue's(for me) we all had same numbers even if they are lower than Saturday's.
  19. @Vivi and @Daddy Put AK back at a split time and not at the same time for both. You already favor 1 time zone with all NBs and 1 AK, they don't need 2 AKs and all NBs too. With both at 1700 means half the players don't join. This has been turned into a 1 time zone playable for any mass pvp bgs with AK and NB all favoring 1 time zone. The Tuesday/Wednesday AK used to be good at the time it was and now people like myself can't join and no longer get to play AK. Thanks
  20. Whose ready for the great conjunction event when Jupiter and Saturn align?
  21. Are the level 35 major mechs a different size than the level 55?
  22. They did just do a patch where they updated some files, did you get that patch update?
  23. Why are you setting the compatibility to win 7? Are you using win 8 or win 10? Are you using 64 bit win? I never had an issue with getting the game to load up just by leaving it in the normal installed setup. Are you running a VPN? Did you place the xigncode file or the whole scarlet blade folder in your virus exceptions? Have you had it verify your files? I feel like you aren't really clear about your system to help me think of things that could be causing the issues. Can you specify your hardware, windows OS version, any virus/maleware protection you are using(Norton, Windows defender, etc...), your country or region could also play a factor in your internet settings, graphics card settings (like do you have AA enabled, resolution, refresh rate could all play a factor if you are running too high). Is it shutting your computer off or just not loading the game? It shutting the computer off could be due to CPU, System, or GPU over heating and you might want to check the inside for dust and cleanness. Are you running the Aeria version of the game or Vendetta that you downloaded from the Vendetta game page? Even all previous comments I am at a loss with what is going wrong for you. So, let's start with 1) Pc configuration a) CPU b) Graphics card type (specify integrated or independent) c) RAM d) Windows OS version (specify if using 86bit ot 64bit as well) e) Virus protection (windows defender or some other software) 2) Running correct SB download version from vendetta not aeria. 3) Xigncode placed virus protection exception 4) Is game shutting computer down a) check internal for dust clogging heatsinks and blocking air flow. b) heatsink on CPU got a good solid connection with good thermal paste. Could be an issue with the motherboard overheating as well as Graphics card heatsink connected right. It's late, good luck.
  24. I did make a mention of releasing level caps one at a time.
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