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  1. Oh btw the more detail the better and pictures can help also everything is better with pictures.
  2. Ok what I'm looking for is a guide for new players that haven't been playing long. A guide for NSS and AT and TA maybe even DMHM for those that haven't had a chance to get to everything needed and what to do with some of the bosses. FYI I have +8 Kappa gear on my main at level 54 and I still have a heard time in some harder areas. So what I'm asking for is what gear is best to use on what bosses and what level of said gear. Maybe skills for classes that would help or maybe what mech skills could be used. Just think of it as a more upgreaded version of the SB Guide for Noobs LOL. I myself think IV is quite easy but the others after that even in solo mode can be a hard without having what you need. So with thatt said can someone please use this info and put togther something? If need be I can find out the info with research and post it later. Thanks guys ^^.
  3. can someone help with making a guide to dungeons? Like a list of what you need and what levels are best and even add ons for higher level DNGs, If you can that would be awesome thanks.