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  1. Hello, If people agree with that, and if it's possible can you change the color like in the main server, it's rlly hard to see our group with so much people, our only reference is the HP bar :c
  2. Hello, I wanna know if it's possible to up the duration of the Potion G-Healing and P-Healing from 3min to 30min. They need the same mats than potion which last 30min but they last 3min
  3. Hi, I agree, on the main server the color name from people in our side are grey, the ennemies are red and our party is blue, so it's easier to differentiate our mate. Here we see all people from our side in blue and it's "hard" to see our party when we don't have habit. The only difference between people in the group and those outside is the HP bar. PS: sorry for my english ! :c
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