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  1. If Jordan start to change this, he'll need to change every related -Malice buff
  2. What kind of fuckery in this ? If you can't time hourly based WB you have nothing to do in a MMORPG MMORPGs require time, it's fact, and it wont change If you can't afford it, it's time to change and play some more casual games With love ❤️.
  3. Same here Happens on every aoe, not only Holy smite
  4. ? If you guys think this is a problem, just make WitchCraft2 and its ok Why bother setting up a limit Loosing TW But yeah, more guild in TW/GvG = More balance, more fun ~
  5. +1 This will help hitting your Asura Slashes and prevent people kitting you too much without making Samurai op
  6. Is it possible to remove the auto UI Reset when something is altering our screen resolution ? (Like another game in fullscreen or shutingdown your screen)
  7. Old display was Ennemies in Red Allies in White Party in Blue (Can maybe add Guildies in Green?) All Red/Blue is a mess, you can't clearly see your party making it hard to repostionning fast , hard for Healers to target
  8. +1 Old color display was so much better
  9. I understand that people are affraid of option A cause of the low drop rate + the % RNG But GM said we could maybe get 10 Trials entries which is really cool for people who like to farm
  10. You know what I mean by "done" Gemming, enchanting is fast to do, Fortifying/Chisel isn't something we can farm directly Not having % on gold weapon will just kill Trials farming It will also force people to play with Awaken weap, killing build diversity
  11. Option C will just greatly reduce this server lifetime People drop or craft they're weapon, and it's done, their stuff is finished for this cap level
  12. White Bubble Luna Rock STR/AGI ✔️03/24/20
  13. ✔️02/20/20 & Sweet Heart Pink Clothing/Headwear color✔️02/20/20
  14. Up^ + Reduce Aven luminosity on day time, this sh- is so bright Demon Summoner : Split Demon Summon into 3 direct skill so the HP bug can be fixed(?) and we can directly resummon it when it dies. Demon Blood : Change When attacked, you will be granted blablabla to When you attack
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