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  1. OH MY GOD ! No way ?! I am SO SORRY for all the times i trashtalked saying that frogs and rats are ugly. Im sorry for my victory quote being " Fuck Frogs ! Ugly ass bitches ", but after several months on hating on rats i thought it was fair to start hating on another race. It's not my fault if according to science and aesthetic, frogs and rats are inferior to humans, dwarf and bears. ( Look at Matt and Derak, they're so eew. ) Even though there are some beauties among you, most rats and frogs are ugly ok that's a fact. I'll make an effort though changing my victory quote to : " Frick Frogs ! Bad looking female dogs " ! Yay ! But just because y'all are ugly doesnt mean you can't attend PVP, ugly races are welcome, don't be demotivated just because you look bad and derpy ! If people are offended and don't want to go PVP because I don't like frogs and rats, they're weak minded, fuck dem, bye. I'm just racist, my trashtalk isn't pvp related thank you. With love, Xylie ♥ PS : I have a suggestion since we're on the suggestion part of the forum, would it be possible to have a 2nd "Hide other players" button, which would only hide frogs and rats ? For the sake of everyone's sanity. Ty
  2. People just been more creative than some others, and they've been rewarded for it. Some respected the theme more than some others and they've been rewarded for it. If the criterias were only based on drawing skills, proportions and stuff, people would just have to pic a random image on google and steal it by tracing over it and make it EE related somehow. And I personaly do not think it is fair, am I right ? And Aiskrim, I love that crackhead energy, keep it up
  3. Yes, all correct. About victory conditions I honestly can't think of anything for now though
  4. A polaroid photograph of 2 tourists and their alpaca on the balcony of their hotel. IGN : Xylie
  5. Feeling cute, might delete later
  6. Lame introduction, blablablah, here is what I have to say 1 ) Ormormus buffs The ormomus buffs that you get from the vases are considered debuffs ( listed in debuff bar ) and purif removes them. It would be nice if they could be considered as buffs by the game because currently, only thing these buffs are doing ( since you can not keep them if you have a cleric in your party ) is to make it harder for your supports to debuffs the CCs on you. Some buff are actually kind of cool, so it's such a shame that we can't make use of them. 2 ) Surrender vote I believe it would be useful to have a surrender vote in 10v10. Sometimes even if the whole team agrees to give up and go suicide at mid, the game lasts really long, or turns into an easter egg hunt. There are also cases where there was those guys who absoluetly refused to give up and went invisible with thiefs/mages/illus all the time even though we knew the game was lost, wasting everyones time. PS: In my opinion, this surrender vote wouldn't be needed if victory condition for 10v10 was kill count based or something as such though. Lame conclusion, blablablah, ty for reading
  7. I have nothing against the driver system comeback, however, Atk of awaken weapons should be adjusted to be the same than 120% weapons. I don't really get why someone who just sit in Aven buying weapons in peer but does not put the effort of farming cristal cross medal, trial medals, increasing their fame and trying to kill the WBs that'll get camped for sure when awaken are released, should have a weapon with more atk than someone who actually spent their time doing all of the above, just because awakens have procs. ( PS1:Some procs are honestly not even that good ) ( PS2: I'm saying this as someone who just sat their ass in Aven buying 60 staffs to get it to 120%. ) Standard gold weapons with more atk than awaken just goes against the principle of awaken weapons If the atk of awaken weapons is not adjusted, then it's a flat no for me because it will encourage people to skip awaken content
  8. I mean, it's the suggestions part of forum, you can't expect people to come here to give thanks, flowers and a box of chocolate. People who asked for it are happy about the class tokens drop, but they do not need to come on the forum to write it on every walls just to make it look like the community isnt angry all the time. Not mentionning that a lot of people actualy just don't care about medals in 0/2 tbh. Anyway it's something the community asked for, the GMs should already know they did something good with that. People don't complain just to complain, they wanna improve their gaming experience. And about what OP posted, ngl that's not really a suggestion
  9. So you'll have to start recording everytime you wanna do a WB in case someone comes to steal it ? That's fucked up.
  10. Timers for world bosses would be a good idea on games where WBs actually have a lot of HPs/Defense/DMG and require a lot of people to gather at the same place to work together and kill it. But on EE, If everyone gets the timers, it's very likely that you won't be able to farm the WB on the 5 channels. Also, I can only see it causing troubles. Y'all know this server is full of trolls , oscar winning drama queens, and BM players that are so rude that it makes you wonder if they got raised in the sewers with the ninja turtles to turn out like that.
  11. If you don't find a fix in a reasonable amount of time and that you're sure the weapon is the source of those troubles, could you maybe put an hidden recipe in the arcane box so people could trade their bugged weapons for something else just like you did with the broken coronas... Set a deadline for players to do it and delete every bugged weapons that are left on the server after that deadline. Or make is punishable as Tuti said. So we don't have to play in those conditions while waiting for bugfix
  12. Wooloo

    Old Faces

    +2 ! New faces make female halfkins look like bitches
  13. I honestly don't think it would change much. Lot of people are going in PVP because they are asked to. I don't think they would create new guilds over a cap restriction they would just be like "sweet i can do smth else with my time". And I don't see the point of putting a cap of players in tw ? Like , ppl wanting to make their quests or ccm could go fuck themselves ? TWs are already relatively empty anyway ( Not even talking about Shura maps ) Something has to be done about PVP. What ? Idk. But I know putting a 20 player cap is just going to push more players away from pvp rather than making new guilds rise.
  14. That's how it looked like
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