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  1. I prefer it as 10 because it's easier & faster to get raids started.
  2. There should be a glow or other visual effects to show when you activate your special ability, because as of now I've never seen it activate but it probably has without me being aware.
  3. How to progress! Simply spend x amount on the Nosmall! Beginner : $10 Adventurer: $30 Elite:$100 Master $1000 King: $5000 Godlike: $1000000000 (+ a small service fee)
  4. I'm talking about already existing videos, my Arena of Talents 9 was taken down after I've spent all this time gathering enough players to do the event, then recording matches and taking 2 hours to render then upload, just for it to be taken down, so before anything else I want to get that video back, which might not even be possible due to clearly advertising the server witihin the first 10 seconds. People spend a lot of time making these videos so losing any one of them affects us.
  5. You don't know how the copyright system works on YouTube, youtube don't deal with the issue, if you want to submit a dispute, it goes back to gameforge for them to decide wether your video comes back or not, not only that but you have to send them all your personal information in the process, it's just not worth it.
  6. Kaizou

    1v1 Mode Queue

    It may but the main issue is that NosTale doesn't have a lot going on in general if you're not raiding, it's an MMO but all players can do is focus on grinding and making gold, I feel like the game really needs more activities in between to keep the flow of the game away from being either afk or raiding. Just having more activities to do for fun will make the grind seem like it's going somewhere as I feel like you get strong, but then all you can do with your strong eq is beef with other players in arena, that may be the arena for our game but it's definitely not a fun experience you'd want to work to participate in. Basically I just feel like there's not that many incentives into getting good & strong at PvP, Rainbow Battle is great and it's fine each 2 hours, but I'd love to be able to do other things while it's off too.
  7. Kaizou

    1v1 Mode Queue

    This mode is highly needed as there's just nothing to do a lot of the time, a 1v1 registration mode 24/7 would be great just to burn time when the game gets stale.
  8. Yeah I also agree, caused a lot of problems as you need exactly 2B to convert from C25 to C48, but cause of the limit & gold tax of 66,00, it became more difficult then it should've been.
  9. Or even, the announcement for Rainbow Battle could also say how many eligible players are in the map. 👌 Example : Rainbow Battle in 5 minutes in Channel 10! Players Waiting : 10 @Bash
  10. A lot of people would miss RB because you cant remove a Fairy Booster, then Runes is quite a common reward within the chest, so they'd just be useless and stack up if they weren't allowed.
  11. HmHmHmHmHmHMHmmmm. Something makes me think you're not actually a Vendetta player, rather a certain player in official who's against Vendetta? 😀 Correct me if I'm wrong, Gandalof.
  12. @Nayxa It doesn't work like that because it's still NosTale, it's not another MMO with similar attributes so it doesn't matter how different the actual game is.
  13. Honestly its gameforges user base that's pushing the closing of private servers more than anyone else, their server is dead and boring so they want to take us down too to be as miserable as they are right now. It's also funny how they think we'll magically all return to official servers even if something did happen, there's a reason no one's playing official, and that's the same reason no one will return to it, period. They lose no matter what happens.
  14. The Divine potions on bazar are 90k each today... + You can only use 1 potion every 3 seconds for Fernon which is why having just mana potions may not fix the problem, so putting divine into the Bash NPC might actually be a solid idea.
  15. Damn our own revamp? Cant wait to see! 😁
  16. Iron Skins cool down is 30 seconds, you're not really as vulnerable as a mage due to the fact that swordsmans have the highest hp & defence value by class + morale, since we mages have the lowest hp value, losing our shields means game over instantly and there's actually been a lot of times where I wasn't able to reload my shield due to a stun or the numerous buff remove skills from DG, which can still take it away again leaving me vulnerable for at least 15 seconds for my cool down. A lot of people also forget that we're legit squishier than Archers without our shields so being able to reload it back on time is very crucial. I'm not gonna talk about Seer balances as I know it's a sensitive topic these days. However for class balancing, I still do believe changes can make an impact, there's always going to be rng in this game but that doesn't mean having better sp's with better skills wont change anything,
  17. The Large Warehouse is only available on the nosmall as of this moment.
  18. I'm hoping each class will recieve different elements on release to make things more interesting, it would also be cool if they were to make some promotional content like they did with SP7, I actually really enjoyed the videos so it was a shame it wasn't done for SP8.
  19. Everything is broken, let's all agree to disagree and see the changes. However as said before no one is going to be happy if they get their main specialists all nerfed so I don't see nerfing as a solution, rather buffing the weaker specialists in ways that would give them a chance to breath in this meta. Cause let's be honest here, the only reason people play 'broken' specialists is because there's literally nothing else that's better or worth it, if a Mage doesn't play Seer & DG then you're doing yourself a disservice and in situations like RB you're almost useless if you don't reduce ressistance and can be 3 shot even with double defence and enhances. So instead, let's make all the underpowered specialists, broken too! (Hear me out on this) If every specialist was broken in 1 way or another, it might actually balance things, like it doesn't need to be something literally insane, but definitely strong enough that they'd be eye & eye with the top tier specialists at the moment. Example : I'd make Red Magician a cool down freak, his abilities at the moment are a bit useless because he has like 2 stuns on high cd skills and a few debuffs that aren't that impactful, but imagine if all his cool downs were decreased by a ton, my idea would be to give the mana shield a secondary buff on use that lasts for like 10 seconds, and during that 10 seconds all cooldowns would be decreased by 50% on use of a skill. I feel like that would give RM a chance to re-use his most important skills within a PvP as you'd probably only use them once or twice in a realistic situation.
  20. They could add some to the Level Packages.
  21. I can't say I have a solution to false bans, I do agree that bans should only be done if without a doubt the player is guilty, however it's not enough to go against the point of my reply, if the system is too lenient then people will take advantage and abuse whatever they can knowing they can get away with it, which leads to more consistent use of hacks such as eagle-eye. Bans are not fun for anyone but it's still a sign that action will be taken if necessary, and if they find that they were wrong about the ban then they'll undo it such as yours. I'm not saying this should be the usual and would definitely hope not, but for now I believe they'll need to find a way to identify these 3rd party programs and tighten up security, maybe invest in software that disables the use of them while the NosTale application is running, however I'm not the best in this subject so I'm not exactly sure how it'll work, but I do believe it'll be best to invest in such a practice to stop false bans while getting rid of the actual offenders.
  22. Kaizou

    Trophy Inventory

    To be honest, what if it was just another space where you're able to put any item like the warehouse/partner backpack, cause I was thinking of suggesting a slot for upgrading materials but that'll mean that we use another dedicated space for it. Me and many others used to upgrade on our adventurers before the trade limit due to having little space on our main accounts for the abundance of woa, cella etc that we'd use while upgrading in bulk, so we may need to also think of a way to have an abundance of upgrading items if lots of it is used/required. This could also fall in the same category as blessing amulets as each one takes an entire slot within your equipment inventory. So if there was an extra slot, it'd be nice if it was viewed the same by the system, what I mean by this is that any item within the slot would be recognised as being within the main inventory space, so when you're about to upgrade a specialist or use a blessing amulet, it'll see the materials/amulet you have within that sub-inventory and use them so that you don't have to move them into your main inventory.
  23. I don't agree with this, it's still using outside means to get an advantage over another player, even if there's a ban duration of 3 months I don't believe that will justify a reason not to use it. We should also think about how impactful messing with the game could be in the short term, in something like Rainbow Battle, losing a match and chance to obtain Jennifer's Hat due to another play hacking can actually be very impactful, every box you obtain could be the difference between that person getting it or not. So that player may be banned for 3 months, but the person who had to deal with the hacker wont get his box back. So the harder the punishment the less likely someone will attempt to abuse it.
  24. Specialist gender change could be part of the Transmog Item. So it changes the gender of the specific card. @Bash