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  1. rip blocked for me cause of copyright
  2. I haven't seen any banter section o.o
  3. If you're planning on 1v1's and having the most damage possible then using the first bow is best, decent damage, excellent defence down, decent enhance, and extra crit chance is always welcome, the only problem is that you may struggle to afford a secondary weapon with SL's,of Energy, Damage & Overall as they're quite expensive. The second bow is great for reducing your opponents ressistances, it's damage may be less effective though as it doesn't reduce it's opponence defences, but if you're able to reduce your opponence ressistance then it'll do a lot more damage, having sl damage 17 is superb as it'll make it easier to get an energy SL + Property SL + Overall secondary weapon as it wont be as expensive as Damage, Energy & Overall, so I'd recommend using the second bow if you prefer FC/Rainbow Battle or maybe even arena fights with multiple people, but for pure pvp and 1v1, reducing ressistance wont work.
  4. Post your favourite anime openings and endings here! Great way to find new anime for everyone!