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  1. I don't think he was necessarily talking much about PvE but more about PvP situations such as caligor and otherwise. Also when it comes to balancing, the best thing imo would be buffs only, classes that are already at the top of the food chain can be left untouched, such as Scout, Seer, Battle Monk, Warrior, DG, Assasin & Ranger, then we can consider SP's that are the best of both worlds which is Archmage & WK which also don't need changes due to their viability in both PvP & PvE, I also want to add Demon Hunter into the list as I believe it's a strong specialist but it's just not used as much. Regarding all the other remaining specialists, we can look at their individual weaknesses and flaws. Here are my personal rankings (PvP Based) : S+ - Scout/Assasin/Warrior/Seer (Basically the best in PvP and most used) S - Battle Monk/Ranger/Demon Hunter/Dark Gunner (Comparable to S+ in effectiveness & use & still poses a threat to S+) A - Volcano/Archmage/Tide Lord/WK/Fire Canoneer/Avenging Angel/Renegade/Blade/Crusader (Powerful but significantly weaker than S & higher) B - Red Magician/Holy Mage/Gladiator/Destroyer (Under used, still possible to win but chances are quite minimal) F - Blue Magician/Berzeker/Death Reaper (No longer used and the smallest win ratio) I can't really comment on the other classes, but I can say my opinion on Mage. Tide Lord : Just needs its bubble not to be popped,or maybe a countermeasure such as a buff with 5 seconds of protection to damage above 5,000 once it pops, then the buff dissapears after the time or if the shield is reloaded. Volcano struggles as it takes a lot of damage, the mana shield would be great if it was 30% reduced damage as not only does the 30%+ shields have better stats in general, but they're stronger SP's overall. Red Magician uses all its skills in one go and that's it, it doesn't have any combos or game changing debuffs, just burns and 2 stuns on high cool down skills, then burn isn't even as effective anymore as everyone's hp is higher among recieving champion books. Blue Magician needs a mana shield and less 'all or nothing' type moves (aka having multiple skills that wont ever come back during the entire duration of a PvP). Holy doesn't necessarily need to be included as its more of a suppourt role but for the few attack moves it does have, they're very insignificant. I know there wont be a change anytime soon but it's fun to speculate and think of a day when changes could happen.
  2. What would also be really great too is if you can customize your skillbar to what buttons you prefer, I use the control + layout on the upper half because the other one makes you use control and alt for most of your skills, which doesn't seem like actions made to be performed by a human hand considering you gotta really stretch to press Ctrl/Alt + (whatever else key) to get the full use of your skillbar. What I use : (GL stretching between Ctrl + 9-0 without breaking your bones!) It'd be great to choose between use of the Alt + keys that's currently been taking by Alt Faces and then have a small menu which you can keep open 24/7 or choose to close on the side with alt faces to click on instead. Example :
  3. Everyone always skips the dialogue so even if it was implemented, 99% probably wont see it. But places like the forum and other players are always available so it's really dependant on the individual to seek further info to make their gaming experience smooth. Although I do believe there should be a message for situations like bringing partners to arena, as the game doesn't tell you the reason for kicking you.
  4. Even though you cant trade, you can still participate in raids such as erenia & zenas etc, try spamming those or lower raids if you're doing them for your alts.
  5. But you see, that is my point, no one wants to go through these quests, but the difference is that a normal player wouldn't need to make tons of new accounts besides your buffers or side mains, and after that is done, it'll be in the past, however, a user selling/buying gold probably gets banned consistently as they have no feelings towards the individual account, it's only being used for their end-goal and when that is achieved they can repeat the process using a new account, but now every single time they want to repeat that process, they'll have to also gain one million reputation, Lv.83 and complete Act 1.6 which could decrease the amount of illegal activity greatly due to how time consuming that process is before they can even start making/trading gold.
  6. If you think about it this way, it's good that people are finding it hard and complaining about the quests, it means the gold sellers will have to go & feel the same struggle and effort every single time before their accounts inevitably get banned which could make a lot of them give up in the process. Right now I don't see it as much as a problem as once you quest on the accounts you need then you wont have to look back on it. However I think it'd be better if you only had to make 1 character per account complete Act 1 as I do use other characters to store items, or to wof as you cant save more than 1 location per character. They've also said they're thinking of ways to make the quests less tedious for higher level players so you'll have to give it sometime before any changes can be done, we did just get the server back afterall.
  7. Ah I see, thought it just wasn't appearing cause its chance was low.
  8. New IC is nice but the rewards need to be greatly increased to make participating worth it. Attack pots are already 100k each, they certainly don't need to get any higher because of the shortage from IC.
  9. To be honest I feel like the new IC is a bit of a problem because I've always seen IC as a way to get your 'start' when it comes to gold, maybe you've literally hit 0 and now need a start up before you can afford the other necessary items like potions & tarots to do raids again, or maybe you've just joined NosTale with no fundamentals on earning gold. You may counter argue with other raids such as Ibrahim/SP5&6, but if you have no proper equipment, level & potions to raid in the first place then most probably wont add you, and I certainly would rather not take my chances having to wait for someone to randomly host a Mother Cuby or something just to start earning gold.
  10. The mana shield changes are nice, although +1 speed should be enough. Firestorm really just needs a debuff, this skill is very impractical and useless, so more cell and maybe a 30% chance of having a blackout. Fire Wall could reduce movement speed. Rather than Fire Blessing recieving more magic damage, it should be on Mana Transfusion so that the RM only recieves it. There is a 10% chance of causing Magic Light, pnly enemy dark ---> Magic light is effective against the enemies of any element. Skill 3: Mana Shield Original: Cool Time: 180.0 seconds ----> 60.0 seconds. Skill 4: Heaven Song. Original: Change: Cool time : 20.0 seconds ------> 10.0 seconds Add: If you attack the enemy, the debuff will go. (Same as the debuff Tider Lord) Remove: Changes to non-preferred attack. Add: Movement speed is decresed by 3. Skill 5: Cure All Original: Change: Target : Around Friends in 3 cell -----> 5 cell Skill 6: Under Purge Original: Cool time: 70.0 seconds -----> 15.0 seconds. Skill 10: holy Hammer Original: Change: Remove : There is a 70% chance of causing Eliminate Shadows. Add: There is a 50% chance Serius Horror.  Magic Lights % should also be higher. I like Heaven Song exactly the way it is, a movement speed debuff would make the skill useless when holy doesn't have the speed to outrun other classes in the first place. Agree with under Purge since there's almost no point of it when you cant use it when you need it. And definitely agree with Holy Hammer. I think Ice Chain is fine the way it is, the only thing that could justify the chance being lowered is if the cd is lowered too. Frozen Shield definitely needs a Mana Shield counterpart, although 30% damage reduction I believe would be fine, keep the 2 seconds of 50% freeze effect, and make the shield last for around 70 seconds. I'll agree with Blizzard if the cd gets reduced. But overall BM really needs a debuff that reduces magic defence or at least 1 method of ressistance reduce. Better to make it 20% or 15% as the cooldown isn't that big on Magic Blitz. Ghost Guardian is fine the way it is, it just needs to add hit rate. Agree with Possesion and Dark Force, but I think Possesion's current range and duration is fine. Recharge's current cell is fine. Evil Potion's current cell is fine. Volcanic Eruption should a 50% chance to move the opponent back 3 cell. Prefer the current Poisonous gass, altough a magic defence debuff could be on something like the final so that the duration doesn't get decreased. 100% agree with Magma Shield, 20% damage decrease is quite low, 30% would be great to match the other specialists. Magma Plating's crit cap should either increase or take 2 hits. I'd make Magma Sword's debuff have from 60% chance to a 40% chance in order to reduce the CD from 90 to 60 seconds. I like Lightning Storm the way it is, other specialist's can already reduce 70% mana without having to go through a full combo to do so. so I don't see a reason for Mage's mp cut to be nerfed. The most important thing for Tide Lord is for it to get its bubble changed as having it removed at any moment causes the sp to be a risky choice, 1 burst and you could lose everything. Confusion is already a Lv.4 debuff so having it as a circle is still fine. Abracadabra is fine the way it is as its literally the only way the sp can hope for a stun, but the chances of debuffs landing are already minimal regardlessly. Then the clones are literally the only way the final can deal damage, so having a chance that the clones wont appear at all literally means that the skill will do nothing, then it's not like the final does much damage either way. Agree with Fast Lane changes. Defenitely agree with Spelbook Scholar changes. Agree with Meteor Storm cd change but maybe it could be 120 seconds instead, however the debuffs added would be too strong so the Paralysis is still fine. Memorial should have a sub skill that allows you to cancel the buff rather than waiting it out or teleporting backwards.
  11. Maybe it'd also be possible to make it so that you're also able to open messenger and mini lands to players within your family as sometimes its the real-purpouse behind adding someone to your friends list rather than just woffing.
  12. I'm wondering if its possible to make matchmaking more rank based in order to have fairer teams, currently with it being random there's a lot of times where you're a good player teamed with beginners, or a team full of higher tier players are vs people that don't stand a chance which leads to the game being 1-sided, or forcing the opposing team to leave the game as staying for the rest of the match while getting tons of deaths on your score becomes tiring. But instead it'd be better if you were more likely to oppose players equal to your ranking (Diamond vs Diamond), or around your rankings (Diamonds & Platinum's mixed),(Gold & Bronze Mixed), I'm sure there will be games where there isn't enough of each ranking to make these games but having this as a possibility would be really nice. A player also once suggested to have a button where you can vote to forfeit the game, where if all 3 players forfeit the game will immediately be over.
  13. You can but you'd most likely need friends to do the killing for you as you wont have equipment strong enough to kill monsters that will give you the real exp. If you can get to Level 55 you can try find a lod family to level you up, but in the meantime its best to main quest for levels. As Nayxa said the Armored Bash NPC store offers equipment up to Level 85, which could be useful if you intend to fight on your own. You can upgrade the equipment at Teo and then with 'equipment protection scrolls' (at Bash aka VGN shop) & cella (from Market Place NosBazar) , although upgrading is pricey so probably not the best if you cant make gold yet. Level 90-93 equipment is also very cheap so you may want to consider that a purchase if you intend to 5.2 after you've gained some levels, as well as a water/light specialist based on element. Although these tips are only what I'd recommend if you had to level yourself, if you did have friends/ a lod family who are able to do the mobbing for you then you'll easily be on your way to 90+ or champion levels in no time.
  14. There's still no telling untill all its specialists are revealed but I'm planning to make mobbing equipment for it, I got my MA on the same account as my main so I'll be using 96 MA equipment to solo mob, should be fun and refreshing.