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  1. Every class and specialist is killable, you forget that mages rely on their mana which can be cut by using specialist's such as Demon Hunter and Blade, once a Mage's mana reaches 0 the mana shields MP consumption for defence no longer is in effect and then the mage takes more damage, then there's ressistance reduce, then there's the consideration of if you are in a situation or specialist that allows you to remove buffs, such as in fc with lucifer or the use of a dark gunner or even shell effects like freeze could be a possible factor into the outcome and could be used. But what I'm trying to refrain from is talking about a specific specialist again as the point of this thread was the ressistance on archer's tunic, when we talk about buffs and nerfs, everything always leads back to the Seer Specialist which is what people first think about when it comes to mages, yes seer is tanky, but I keep treading backwards by saying that these class inbalances is due to the fact that the C38 & C48 Health and Mana books creates a deviation in our classes, and that we shouldn't decide everything about the game entirely because of one specialist card even if it is annoying and overpowered due to the influx of health, as I don't like going against Seer's either and find them just as annoying as the next person. But if ressistance reduce is not a viable option, then I would also only use the Seer specialist as no other mage specialist can compare to its dps when it comes to dishing out raw damage. One thing I can agree on is the swordsman's stats on the crossbow, swordsman didn't have an extra x chance of x damage before the C45/C48 equip, and it still kept its pure orange enhance stats, that does count as having a cake and eating it too which shouldn't be the case in terms of balance. I also agree'd on archers having a ress increase which I believe a variable of 5% would be justified and not a full 10-12% as archer's armour didn't have ressistance increase before, so the argument of swordies having extra boosted damage from their orange stats would then be a contradictory if we were to take that away from them while giving archers a full 10%-12%. So my conclusion is that, Archer's Tunic can have 5% ressistance, Swordsmans crossbow x chance of x damage should be nerfed as it rivals both Mage and Archer's boost %, and Mage class should lose the extra 10% critical damage reduce as archer's had more than mages before the VGN update patch, which I think everyone can agree would be fair changes.
  2. If my opponent didn't invest in good ressistances, why is it my fault, didn't I also invest in a ressistance reduce set which costs way more than any ressistance possibly could? Wouldn't I also die to ressistance reducers if I don't take the time to properly invest in ressistance that would cater to my specialists? Is there really anyone in this game who has 180% ressistance all around? - No and that's for a reason, so the ressistance reduce mechanic isn't pointless, no one should expect to go into arena to fight multiple people and be completely fine, no matter what kind of armour you got or weapon, there is always something that will overpower what you are wearing, and another reason to why any swordsman or mage is actually tanking, is because the majority of the player base are archers, and archers don't bother with ressistance reduce, therefore rely on pure damage in fights that include multiple elements, leaving the results as clear as day, if I have an armour with full enhances double defense etc and choose a Specialist like Seer, then I'm definitely not going to die easily to a full damage user, and like I said before I don't want to make this topic about Seer, but I wanted to prove that this is where you make a decision that can change the outcome of the fight, if your damage cant get through, then reduce his ressistance, find the opponents weakness, and use it to your advantage, even though I use a ressistance reduce set, I also have a full attack wand and trophy in the process, I know that ress red is pointless in 1v1's, so therefore I adapt to the situation so that it makes my win chance more likely. And how is ressistance reduce cheating, it is a mechanic in the game, and its even engraved on mages specialist skills, I'm not using any program or bugging the game in any way to use elemental damage, and therefore you're blaming mages for using the games mechanics to our advantage because the majority of the player base refuses to adapt to what they are fighting and rather request changes that work only in their favour.
  3. I also get ress reduced, but no one actually reads my posts it seems. The first thing I commented on is that archers have less ress for a reason, but that is so hard to understand because you chose a class with the weakest of defenses, and now you complain about its weakness. Mages and swordsmen aren't 100% focused in damage, and therefore have better defenses, why would we remove our stats just to make you happy. Why don't I ask that mages get critical damage? Archers and swordsmen have crits.... so why not mages? You see, you cant have it all, every class needs to have something that the other doesn't have, or else we'll all just be the same.
  4. Even if I use a double defence set I am at risk of being reduced and I fully know that risk, I still fight users who are able to reduce me and have lost battles to those who have been able to reduce me, and it is because I use double defence that I lack enough ressistance to fight other ress reducers, but most players aren't going to go out there way to get a ressistance reduce set because they always focus on full damage and nothing else. Users like Ryuma and Fire are examples of people who use the Shadow Stone and reduce ressistance with Scout and Renegade that destroys any player that lacks in either water or light ressistance, but the majority of players aren't going to invest in such an expensive set, and aren't going to reap the benefits they could've had from the countless fights they could've had in the past and present.
  5. The points here I understand, you stated clearly the reasoning behind archers needing ressistance increases and justified the reasoning for it which is what I was asking for, and that archer is forced to use a certain shell stat rather than having the freedom to use any shell stat. That was a solid reasoning and I can see the obvious problem for it which could be a reason for Archer to have some sort of ressistance increase attribute to their shell, but I still don't agree to archers having the same variable amount of ressistances as not everyone can have their cake and eat it too, I'm not against Archer class but I am against making ressistance reduce a pointless mechanic, if it cannot be used, then it should not exist. I also didn't compare official servers to this argument, I simply gave my response that why is it now that my class is at fault for an item that came after it and is accesible to everyone to use and that the ressistance reducing mechanic is now being detested because it works in mage classes favour more than it does to other classes, it was not mages decision to implement it, nor am I not going to use it if it benefits me and I made a build a way that the game allowed me to. It is one of the only methods Mages have to deal effectively stronger damage than normal, and without that, I would be another Seer user spamming blade changer because my damage alone on other specialists without ressistance reduces wont be enough to kill someone in Rainbow battle before his team-mates respawn due to our unchanging damage numbers.
  6. Again you result to childlike remarks when you cant get your point across. 'Crying like a dander' because I justified my points. And the reason I'm always in PvE is because I cant afford to nosmall in order to progress, I've played NosTale for years since I was still going to school and till this day so I'm not talking without the knowledge to back it up. I grind and grind in order to get what I need, it takes me a very long time because I don't have the ability to splash money anytime I want to, instead I have to grind to make any type of progress, if I don't play for 1 day my account doesn't improve for that 1 day, I want to make multiple armour pieces that will work for different situations for PvP, I'm still spending hours grinding perfection gems and starting over when I don't get the specialists I desire, I'm still betting armours and weapons untill they finally have desirable stats, I'm still upgrading my equipment to make them +10 one day, I'm still doing laurena every day to get a full set one day. These things take time, and I rather come to fights and PvP ready, then to die because I didn't have this or that, which is the difference between me and you, I don't complain about what I don't have, I strive to go out and get it myself, I make it happen.
  7. I took the time and saved the gold to get the perfect ressistance reduce wand with all the stats I wanted. I took the time to invest and create an R8 Shadow Stone for the purpouse of reducing ressistance and complementing my weapon. I knew that it would be unlikely to have enough ressistance to all elements due to the fact you have to vs 3 different elements at a time, and I took that into consideration. My opponent was using a water specialist which takes 50% more damage to fire element users, water specialist's also have lower ressistances against fire element users. My enemies ressistance and armour shell wasn't prepared for how much ressistance I reduce, therefore he was punished for not having enough ressistance against my element, which is what happens when you have to use a mixed ressistance set, which is what I planned for. The opponents I was fighting were archers and their weapon is most likely based on full damage, therefore it is unlikely they will take the time to invest in a ressistance reduce set. My armour consists of double defence, and all enhances to negate the heavy damage I would recieve from classes such as swordsmans and archers which complements my mana shield, therefore it makes me able to tank against full damage users. My opponents don't have ressistance reduces and therefore I am at no potential risk from elemental damage. Simple, my weapon is prepared for the situation, and my armour is prepared for going against full damage sets, which is what they were using. Why is it that I am at fault for being prepared, when my opponent wasn't prepared for the situation, or that I took the time to invest in equipment that would be best for the situation such as in Rainbow Battle.
  8. The entire game doesn't revolve around PvP and fighting multiple people, same as weapon stats and skill debuffs, anyone will fall flat in a situation where there's multiple people on you as you cant have everything all at once, especially in NosTale vendetta when everyone has top tier equipment, it's just not possible to be this mighty player where you have perfect ressistances and an armour that tanks all types of weapon shells, everyone has to make sacrifices in order to be prepared for the situation they fear most, and different weapon types punish different armour types depending on the shell, shells 1o1. You also make it seem as if its only Mages that are able to use elemental abilities when it's actually available to all classes, and numerous specialists also have skills that can reduce ressistances, the difference here is that Mages can reduce the most as its a part of our class, almost all our specialists have high elemental energies on their skills and that is what it means to be a mage in NosTale, skilled in elemental and magical attributes. Nothing is also stopping you from getting the perfect shell with double damage, all ress reduce and individual reduces, it is up to you to invest and seek out such a set instead of going for double damage and reduced defence on its own, if you're not going to go out your way to get such a shell then why am I to blame when I chose the class that I knew would benefit most from it and took the time to grind and get that weapon shell in order to have an advantage, such a weapon shell isn't exactly common or cheap either, but I took my time and saved gold in order to obtain it. Then even as a mage I suffer from ressistance reduce users as some of my specialists lack in certain ressistance areas and perfections, it is up to you to seek a specialist with perfections that will sort out your ressistance needs, even if that does mean sacrificing some other stats, everything that builds your character is in your own hands. Furthermore, Archer class wasn't built to be tanking multiple people, you have the lowest defence, what can you expect to happen if you fight more enemies than you can handle, you're playing a class that was intended to be weak in defence, but then that is the complaint which is always used on forums. If the Shadow Stone is created with the purpouse of reducing more ressistance, then why would it be logical to buff the ressistances of the current classes, that goes completely against the point of adding the trophy in the first place.
  9. The armour pieces were just like how they were before, when we got the 6.2 update, Mages had 40% reduce, Archers 50% reduce on their c48 armour, but that was changed when everyone requested to make C48 equipment better, so this was Bash's decision during the changes, you can make a separate thread about this if that is what you wish to change.
  10. I still disagree on Mages having equal damage to archers, it is not equal in a sense that they both do different things, one isn't less or greater than the other as they work in different ways. There's also multiple conditions before our damage can go higher than normal (I'm also not arguing to give Mage's more damage, I'm just stating my point), such as ressistance reduce, I wouldn't say it is extremely high as in a previous post I stated that our ressistance reduce on our skills was not made with the involvement of the R8 Shadow Stone in mind, this was added in long afterwards and no user requested the item but I believe it exists due to players ressistances reaching over 160% all around and possibly higher due to avenger's and act 6 ressistance, perfections and fairy affinity, and like I said before, no one likes being reduced in ressistance, but it is still a game mechanic that was made to be utilized and opens other ways to kill the opponent aside from full attack builds, therefore the Shadow Stone is what gives players the opportunity for ressistance reduce builds to still stay viable in this current meta of Avenger and Act 6 ress sets, if ress reduce was made just to be negated by ressistance, then it would be a pointless mechanic or wouldn't need to exist in the first place. So what I'm saying is it shouldn't be the opposing opponents fault for having the ability to reduce ress, but its the fact that its a mechanic to be acknowledged and not outright ignored by boosting everyone's ressistances just so they cant be reduced, making elemental reduce a pointless existance. Then there's the difference between my defence reduce and my opponents defence increases etc, as an example I'd say in a PvP I'd expect a Mage's damage to average around 5-7k boosts and maybe 1k-3k non boosts (from pure damage builds alone) vs a double defense user, but if I'm able to reduce 30% defence, and my opponent is using negative effects/ress increase + 30-33% defence, then my damage output could potentially reach 10k boosts and 3k-5k non boosts because my opponents defence is greatly reduced, but that is not due to the class in particular, that is due to my weapon subtracting my enemy which creates a difference in damage, but then that same 10k damage boost would remain consistent due to the fixation of mage damage rather than going up or down, so rather than the class being at fault, its the difference in equipment stats that changed the overall outcome of damage. What I do agree on is mage damages consistency which is what is unique about our class as we cannot deal critical hits. And yes I do agree that Mages technically have the same amount as archers in terms of HP due to our shields + the large influx of HP from the books, which is why I believe the plausible change would be to make individual books for each of our classes rather than giving all of us the same HP/MP increases in order to keep the balance, but other than these imbalances, I believe our classes would be fine.
  11. Unfortunately I don't know how exactly the dodge and hit rate stats affects the rate of missing so I cant really comment on that as it is outside of my knowledge, Bash also changed all our C45/C48 equipment for all classes and gave them buffs, so I can only assume that there is a reason dodge wasn't changed.
  12. Yes, VGN is where almost all the problems of the game can be fixed which we can all agree on, but my point is, how does this topic benefit the server overall. What is your point of view that explains why this change is beneficial. As my argument is that archers defence is traded for damage and thus ressistance which is what I'm sticking to, so constructively tell me why I'm wrong and prove it.
  13. You're right, my opinion is useless, useless to anyone unwilling to listen and have a solid argument on the matter that could potentially improve the game for all of us, if you want these stat bonuses on archer class, then give me a proper and solid argument that will change my mind - scratch that, give Bash a solid reason on why these stat changes will improve the game, because right now you are the only user who is requesting this change and havent proven a reason that will makes it utterly necessary aside of using personal remarks against me to gauge a reaction from me. If you want Bash to listen to you, then insulting me on a personal level wont validate changing the game and getting your point across. This is how the game has always been when it comes to armour, so tell me why it should change now.
  14. Never did I say archer shouldn't have stats such as anti crit, I was pointing in the fact that he was asking for higher bonuses on his armour stats which throws the basic game balancing off, (everyone takes this the wrong way when I'm just trying to explain day 1 class mechanics... And not how everything seems broken today). I also didn't say it is not fair that the bow gives HP, it was my reply to him implying that the mage robe gives more health than the archer robe, where the situation is that the bow and the armour both give hp, which was disregarded in his reply. I also never said Mage class was disadvantaged, I simply gave my response to chanel claiming that I just want to "rape archers with my -100 ress reduce", when the case is that I'm trying to get my point across into why archers ress is lower than the other classes due to their trade of damage for defence, not in any way regarding specialists as I said again in previous posts on this thread and I never implied that archer = scout either, the same way I want people to stop treating mage as if its only seer but its always the trope used when talking about game balancing. And last but not least... I didn't say 'oh archer is this big shot class with such high damage that it cant be beat', I again simply stuck to the basics of the classes from the beginning, archer is suppoused to have high dmg and weak defence, mages medium damage and defence, and swordies high defence and low damage, but everyone takes this out of context and envisions that I'm talking about Specialists rather than the classes themselves, I take my stand from an overall perspective, and not from a personal regard.
  15. In a different forum post I stated that the reasoning for this was the equalization of HP/MP during the 6.2 update, the C38 and C48 HP&MP books is what I believe made our classes deviate from what they were intended to be. Mages defence was justified due to the small amount of HP, Swordsmans tankiness was lead by its HP that wasn't matched by Archers and Mages, while Archers had the damage to sufficiently kill the opponent fast enough before they are the one's killed. But now we all have health that compares to swordsmans which is the biggest buff you could give a mage in my opinion, mana shields such as Seer's definitely makes the SP very tanky, but the hp justified that, now we have this same specialist running around with 80k-90k HP in arena which is what I believe is the current problem for all classes. If we want true balance then I suggest the books give different amounts of Health and Mana to each class as 6.1 and 6.2 was the only update to change how our classes were meant to be.