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  1. To be honest, I'm not frustrated about the server closing, I'm just not happy with how it happened, everyone was suddenly booted off, even though this was our last time to ever play NosTale he didn't give us a real honest answer, anytime we talked about NosTale even in a positive manner our forum pages, forum chat bar and everything else was sensored by removal & closure. Yes we know it wasn't going to last forever, but the way things end matters a lot to us too, we just wanted to know why our favourite game is gone, and if it was Gameforge, then no one is going to blame you for that
  2. Sad for things to end this way, but going back to official isn't an option for me. So I guess this is where my NosTale journey ends.
  3. Yeah, if you just needed help there's a lot of people who are willing, you may be worried about people stealing patches but what's that compared to having no server at all, I love NosTale VGN and I've wanted to give back by even going out my way to study Games Art just to help you develop wings & assets, and it's not even a joke, I am here right now attending this course as it was the motivation I needed, VGN may be down but I'll continue. So don't look down on us, we're here to help as we also want the server to progress. @Bash
  4. I still have to pretend that I don't know what procreation is, so you're lucky Ah and I just searched up the name of that ending, it sounded familiar as I've watched Scum's wish before.
  5. I wouldn't listen to anime with my parents in the room that's for sure
  6. the first one is fire!
  7. madei madei madei madei madei madei madei madei ma-adei
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