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  1. I know that it's still in development and it may take some time before its released, but do we have any expectation window to recieve the update? I'm just very curious and eager to see my progression, thanks!
  2. There's a lot more that goes into the damage output than just the equipment. Your damage will mainly heavily revolve around what the opponents wearing and what they have equipped, so you may reduce around 46% ressistance but what if your opponent is using 150% ressistance while another only has 120%, you may reduce 35% defence but what if your opponent is using a 60% double defence armour possibly with enhanced ranged damage or the oppponent could only have 30% defence with negative effects/ inc all ress, whatever may be the case. The majority of users in VGN have decent equipment so if you do want to do decent damage, it'll take a lot more than equipment alone, your damage can be majorly improved by having things like perfected specialists, major trophies, equipment hats and accesories, act 6 books and knowing how to properly point your specialist cards for PvP.
  3. Kaizou

    So many game channels? And Bots

    Reducing the channels hurts the player base more than it would get rid off bots, mobbing channels and grind-based maps such as Shanera Dungeon are currently still flowing with real users while bots don't necessarily impact everyone in the game directly, I understand that they're going against the game's rules but reducing the channels will never stop this problem, but instead add the reason of why we added two extra channels in the first place back.
  4. Kaizou

    Do I have to do the SP3 quest?

    That terminology doesn't exactly work as if you want a reward, you'll have to work for it, same goes as with questing to get your desired Specialist even if you are repeating it, same reward same work, this store is only made as a convenience to make the pacing a bit faster for those who are willing to pay for the selection of available quest items, so overall you'll still need to do the rest of the quest in a normal manner in order to get your Specialist.
  5. Kaizou

    Laurena's jewellery

    I'll also +1 if it means any improvement 🤞
  6. Kaizou

    Laurena's jewellery

    True, if the PvP Accesories were changed, then there would be no problem at all, it ohnestly makes me wonder why they were implemented in the first place when it gives such a heavy and free advantage with minor risks for certain classes.
  7. Kaizou

    Laurena's jewellery

    I agree with this post, I wasn't thinking about it before but percentages can go way further in boosting someone's specific stats than just numbers added up as making those numbers higher are inflicted more than just armour pieces, which is the same reason no one lasts in arena without some % to defence in PvP rather than just having enhance on their shell, when a mage has to PvP in any SP that's not Dark Gunner, they immediately have to face a user gaining 18% more damage simply due to us not being able to crit, but with the laurena percentage accesories, it allowed everyone to have % defence in PvP in order to counter the high PvP in atk %, therefore I also believe the old Laurena accesories would probably be more preferrable or maybe another kind of custom accessory could be made to solve this problem.
  8. Kaizou

    Act6.1 Heaven side

    Well if they're clones then all of them should work unless the original doesn't work = aka they all wont work. An instance in most circumstances has its own individual script and number values such as speed and damage thats not any different to the original monster script as they're all just copies of 1 monster who already has these values set in place to use. So basically once a monster like a Bacoom was made and working, they can just be copied and pasted into the map or even deleted as they're all just copies of the original monster. Values of an individual monster can be changed but for monsters to just be removed and replaced is as simple as pressing copy, paste and delete. It's really a fairly common process in every game as making each and every monster that's the same and re-creating/programming them over and over would be a waste of time when they can just be duplicated.
  9. Kaizou

    Act6.1 Heaven side

    There wouldn't be a void in the system, monsters are just instances (clones) of 1 original model which can be easily copied, duplicated and removed.
  10. Kaizou


    No skills on Archmage are useless, you just need to know how to use them all efficiently, if you're completely fluent with the Specialist you'll know that Sacred Mist and Meteors will be your best friend in the long run, as in certain maps you can make all Monsters run into a corner and unable to attack you while adding a lot of damage due to the 20% ressistance reduce, perfect to be aoe'd, and if you use meteors in a corner, all your stars will hit that corner, doing tons of damage. While using Archmage I also suggest investing in a Laurena Hat and Foxy to have the best mobbing experience possible, with this you'll be doing possibly 2-4 meteors a round and 2-3 full heals around if your patient to let it proc. Skills like Teleport are super efficient if your willing to invest in some mana pots, or better yet mobbing during events for the snacks, using Teleport to gain a speed advantage in mobbing in certain areas allows you to clear maps such as Hells ruins 1 & 2 very quickly withtin the 5 minute buff mark as well as using Light Catalyst to re-aggro monsters, making your lures as huge as possible, I use Light Catalyst over other skills as it doesn't reduce the monsters speed. Then once you're able to invest in some high-end PvE equipment and possibly a Shadow Stone, you'll be finishing monsters within 1 Sacred Mist and full skill combo, including or excluding meteors. For me personally I use Light Prism as a finisher more than inside the combo, if there's maybe 3-4 monsters left that are alligned, then aoe'ing them with this skill could possibly finish them quickly but it is still 50/50 as they really need to be almost perfectly alligned. Edit: I forgot to mention that Fast Lane is also pretty useful, but mostly for raids such as Erenia where if you use Fast Lane immediately as the raid starts, you'll be on Fast Lane 3 as soon as the monsters spawn giving you the full 45% more damage on your first hit, same for others like Laurena etc if you time it well, but its not always too good of an idea to use while mobbing as you may kill the monsters you're luring early.
  11. Kaizou

    End-Game Zone. Nostale a little different?

    I personally think that for a system like this to exist, it would've had to be implemented within the earlier days of NosTale so that every player going into this game would be fully knowledgeable about the fact of losing equipment etc, at this moment many players have spent a lot of time grinding their current equipment and would rather not participate in something that risks losing everything you've ever obtained from your entire gameplay duration. Now I know you've mentioned having easier upgrading methods, but this is still quite risky in terms of the games longevity, the game purpousely has difficult upgrading methods to in-sure that the gameplay lasts longer and that players spend more time to get their eventual improvements, if players do have the family upgrading system which makes upgrades fairly easier and items to obtain, then avoiding this lose-all PvP mode would be the wisest option as it would be an extra mode and not something the game revolves around, resulting in everyone getting maxed equipment fairly easier and giving players less reason to continue playing once everything is maxed within a short period of time, so when making a new mode, it's important to think how to implement it, without changing the current flow of the game. Taking others equipment in order to sustain yourself personally sounds like something that would cause a lot of players to leave the game if getting involved in this activity or entering it un-knowingly as even if it is easier to get your upgrades, players would rather not lose everything after the time and possible money related purchases they've already spent in this game, especially when you take in factors of Specialists that currentlly exist such as Assasin which is very able to 1 hit its opponents, giving this mode no role of fairness due to the way the game works at the end of the day. (Not trying to complain about Assasin, but it's just a fact). When it comes to the Family reward system, I think that the rewards are a little too high and a possible break to the economy as through normal gameplay it would be quite hard to get all those items /cost money /upgrading chances, so making them something a player can get rewarded for in one go would be quite a lot, for the rewards, I believe they could be the same items, just a very very downgraded amount, so for Wing of Angel (Angel's Feathers),it could be x30-50-99, full moons x30-50-99, instead of Onyx Wings it could be a box that has a chance of various wings with a chance of other items such as woa/fms (to keep the consistency of wings balanced) but only x1 Wing is rewarded if lucky, disagree on any Nosmall items being involved such as Card Holders so it doesn't reduce the in-come of the game, then Major Trophies I have to strongly disagree on as it completely goes against the system made to obtain these trophies, since a system to obtain these major trophies already exists then I believe that it should be kept that way and stay the only way obtainable, then I also think these should never really be rewards for killing other players rather it would be better if there was some sort of family based challenges that was sort of a race of difficult and random quests to do, this quest could be accepted from the Family Manager and would be added to Sub-quests, the quests could involve collecting 100 pieces of Ores from the Mines, (purchased pieces wont count), complete the Spider King Raid 10 times, score 15,000 points in the fishing minigame, complete the Mother Cuby raid with minimum 10 players level 49 or lower (x1) times and further on, these quests will be randomized automatically but during the month all family players would recieve the same quests to do, so another family could also have a different set of quests. It would be nice to have some more user-name colours for different monthly achievements, but I believe they would be superb if they were more mixed within gameplay rather than from 1 event, such as Minigame-Master (Highest Points of this month from minigames), Reputation King (Highest Reputation), Raider (Most raids completed within the month) Monster Destroyer (Most monsters killed within the month) I would comment more on the other things said in the post but I have some things to attend to.
  12. Kaizou

    Fernon wings

    What I'm trying to say is, you can have many different items on your character to make your percentages and stats high, but there shouldn't be 1 item alone that is enough to do the effect of all those items by it'self. So having Bally, Golden wings, defense sl, defensive buffs etc are all multiple things that have their own significance to make your total defense bigger. But what I'm also trying to say is there's no need to make an item that goes too out of it's way in terms of strength, as there needs to be more content for the future and a way to keep the game stable and balanced. So I'm not saying your idea is bad, I'm just saying there could be amendments and changes to make it better. (aka my opinion).
  13. Kaizou

    Fernon wings

    That's too broken, and just because it's end-game doesn't mean the stats should just be extremely high, remember there will always be more up-coming updates and more things to increase/create and think about newer acts and equipment releases, so making something give 15% damage and defense in PvP + 50% ress reduce (This will break the game) is quite insane, no monster or player would be surviving a 50% ress reduce hit when you think of things like ress reduce from sp's, shells, orange stats and shadow stones, bally/fibi/pvp accesories put into that equation. I also believe that no set of wings should give 15%, this out-classes Archdemon and Archangel and makes them completely useless, we need wings that are an option for players rather than the only solution such as the Onyx Wing meta. Golden give 10% def, ArchDemon/Archangel give 5% atk and def, this is so that there's something you can do to either go full out on defense, or have both atk and def but at the cost of a lower percentage. So when it comes to Wings, we should really think of a way to create a significant and variant range of suppourt stats, but not so significant that they're basically carrying the user in terms of what they're doing.
  14. Kaizou

    Fernon wings

    I really like this idea, the archdemon/archangel look better in my opinion, but there could be 2 types of wings for this problem : Erenia and Zenas's Wings : Devil and Angel wings combined. - Obtainable in either Zenas or Erenia raids. Fernon's wings : Archdemon and Archangel wings combined. - Obtainable only in Fernon. I believe these should be very rare item's within the raid boxes, similar to Fernon shoe rarity, having them producable takes away a lot of the effort, anyone can obtain gold and buy the materials without having to put their own effort such as raiding. The items could have their own exclusive stats to make them unique. My thoughts are : Erenia and Zenas's Wings : All Elemental Energies are increased by 100 Damage to Evil is increased by 7% Damage to Angel is increased by 7% There is a small probability to decrease the opponents Light & Dark ressistance by 10% for 10 seconds. (Level 2) Movement Speed is increased by 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My thoughts are : Fernon Wings : All Elemental Energies are increased by 100 Damage to Evil is increased by 10% Damage to Angel is increased by 10% There is a small probability to decrease the opponents Light & Dark ressistance by 10% for 10 seconds. (Level 2) Movement Speed is increased by 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note : Not all wings have to be PvP based and this fits the theme of the raids more, + there's not a current way to get Damage to Angel monsters at the moment. Another switch that could be done : Damage to Evil -> Damage to Dark Element Opponents. Damage to Angel - Damage to Light Element Opponents. Therefore the effects will work on Monsters and Players.
  15. Kaizou

    Archer Stone (Trophy)

    Yeah I currently use the r8 shadow stone ~