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  1. Gec

    Patch Feedback

    It's from an older game made by Liveplex called Dragona. Same goes for the other new maps, dungeons, mobs and those that are to come it seems.
  2. Gec

    Patch Feedback

    Hmm. Never saw that in the patch notes. Also it seems the changes for the SG Replicubes weren't implemented. The recent ones I got still maxes out at 10 per stack instead of 50 as mentioned in the patch notes.
  3. Gec

    Patch Feedback

    Oh ok. Thanks again for the clarification. Another thing that I found out. Seems like the nexuses in Nemesis v2 can now be taken over by new factions. I don't know if this is a intentional or a bug, but it seems to be a bug since I can't attack the nexus and the mobs around it directly unless I use AOE skills.
  4. Gec

    Patch Feedback

    I'd just like to ask for clarification. Did the skill Deathblow always had a 25 sec CD or is it just a new change? I seem to remember that it had a much shorted CD than what we have now and this change isn't stated in the patch notes. Thank you.
  5. From my own experience, I think it's best that you stay at the 29 cap for a while to save a lot of the 1000% exp boosts though you can also get these again on level 50(only level 50, not beyond that. So stay at this level for a while if you haven't saved enough). Beyond that, just level up by questing, dungeons and etc. while using the 700% boosts you get from the 30-39 cap if you feel that the pace is slow. When you reach level 50+ then that's the best time to use the 1000% exp boosts. If you have friends at the max level in this cap then you can ask them to help you power level you to level 54 if you're having a hard time soloing especially if you have a class like the Medic. Once you hit 54, you can just do Drasilmarsh Hard Mode runs using 1000% boosts to get to 59. The number of runs you can make while making the most of 1 boosts in solo runs depends on how fast you finish each run while killing all mobs, so make sure you also upgrade your gear to have the right amount of DPS. Never really checked the exp gain when in team mode but I believe it gives more exp than solo. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks limeox! That did the trick.
  7. Hey guys. My IGN is Ailyth and part of the RG faction. This is my first post btw. Anyways, I'm having trouble with a lvl 48 main quest in Nemesis called "Urgent Calling" with the objective to go to the Nephilim Occupied Zone. I'm trying to complete this in Nemesis v2 as I was power-leveled by my friends to lvl 50. I'm aware that quest trackers don't work on Nemesis v2. I already explored that area of the map on both RG and FK sides and I still can't seem to trigger the quest to complete. I'm doing this to get the skill point btw, as I read that one of the lvl 48 main quests gives one as a reward. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Gec

    [SB] Christmas item requests!

    IGN: Ailyth Wish: Rapidfire (any color to be honest)