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  1. Never really had any intention of using any other language besides English in the forums to begin with. I know about the details regarding the server's location and I really didn't have any issue with the game in terms of connectivity before the incident that happened to my modem this week which was fully described in the topic I posted a couple of days ago and yes, I also used VPNs to try to resolve the issue to no avail. Anyways back to the topic, I noticed that this lag just started to occur after this week's maintenance specifically after the RP reset and using a VPN like WTFast didn't really help.
  2. Hi everybody. As stated in the topic's title, is anyone else experiencing this? Aside from the disconnection issues I've been having that I've reported on a different thread which I still experience as of this time, I've also been experiencing extreme lag since yesterday. I play from the Philippines and from what I've gathered, almost all players from PH have been experiencing this as well. Just curious if this is also being experienced by players from other countries and if I'd like to notify the VGN team about this as well so it can be checked. Thank you.
  3. Disconnected after 5 minutes

    Thanks for replying. Anyways, I turned off the ISP router's firewall and also allowed the inbound and outbound connections for the game for the firewall built in the AV I use(Kaspersky Internet Security). Still the same issue persists. Also called my ISP and they performed an "enhancement" and to wait 24 hours to call them again if the issue still persists; then that's the time they'll send a report so that the their techies can check the line in our area if that's causing the issue. For the mean time, I tried using the Leatrix Latency Fix which I found in a thread posted by Drakkar a year ago. Improved the dc intervals from 5 mins to 20 mins or so, but yeah it's still there.
  4. Disconnected after 5 minutes

    Anyone there who can help?
  5. Well folks it seems I finally get to join the club of players getting disconnected by mother in-game. I just had my modem replaced by my ISP a couple of hours ago as the old one already had problems such as a faulty switch. Upon replacing everything in regards to the internet became smoother except SBV. Now I get disconnected from the game exactly 5 minutes upon login. I don't experience any lag of the sort within those five minutes, gameplay is fine until I reach the 5 minute mark then *poof* "Mother has disconnected you from the server." I had disconnection issues with the game when I still had the old modem, but not this bad. Before, I only experienced the DCs during a certain time of the day and those DCs had 1-3 hours intervals before happening again. I did everything in DrDieless's guide for disconnections. I directly connected my PC to the modem via LAN cable as I was using wifi, used a VPN to get an IP closer to the server in Paris (used 2 VPNs, Softether and WTFast), flushed my DNS, allow the game on my firewall, updated my network drivers, I even set a static IP for my computer just to see if the ISP's modem is having issues with it's DHCP and the issue still persists. At the moment I'm trying to reinstall the game if that helps. I'm playing from the Philippines by the way and I know a couple of players from here who play the game that do not have this issue. I hope someone can help me out.
  6. Thanks limeox! That did the trick.
  7. Hey guys. My IGN is Ailyth and part of the RG faction. This is my first post btw. Anyways, I'm having trouble with a lvl 48 main quest in Nemesis called "Urgent Calling" with the objective to go to the Nephilim Occupied Zone. I'm trying to complete this in Nemesis v2 as I was power-leveled by my friends to lvl 50. I'm aware that quest trackers don't work on Nemesis v2. I already explored that area of the map on both RG and FK sides and I still can't seem to trigger the quest to complete. I'm doing this to get the skill point btw, as I read that one of the lvl 48 main quests gives one as a reward. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. [SB] Christmas item requests!

    IGN: Ailyth Wish: Rapidfire (any color to be honest)