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    Game's too dead already and yet you guys still wanna get each other banned. Yeah kill the game more roflmao. Jokes aside, not that im siding with anyone but i get Akan's point. Maybe it's better to just remove the guards on BG's so that way it's either both factions kill each other or try and survive (most specially registration BG's are always 1v1 atm). And from there, you'll see more clearly who's AFK and not because an AFK will just remain on spawn instead of hiding behind guards. The only disadvantage i see to this is when a real non-alt lowbies who enter a 1v1 match BG will just get bullied and will probably remain at spawn and opposing faction might think they're AFK unless there's a way to say they give up. Just my personal opinion
  2. Hello, would like to suggest if Madfly can just be straight maxed out level once you get it. It's kinda pointless for newbies to invest a lot of time to level it up when AP pet is still better in the end anyway. So at least if it's already maxed out in the first place, they'd instantly get a good 3k HP and pet chip slots as another good starting bonus (besides the starting equips). Pretty good to have til they get an AP pet.
  3. In all seriousness, i only suggested this so there can be an alternate way obtain unique jewels even though i can just really stick with rare jewels myself. Not because so there can be an easy way to get them. I don't really know who is @Beau pointing at on him saying "Everyone wants to get everything easy" but then let me explain my side. Yes, it is fair & equal that everyone really can get to farm uni jewels freely since it's obtainable to the same boss / mobs or whichever that everyone kills too. I guess you could relate it to how lvl 58 permanent unique rings are craftable wherein before, we only tend to get unique rings via commander boxes (30 day versions) with pure chance which is pretty cool for me back then considering how unique rings really does give a huge impact to your stats and all. Then suddenly permanent rings drops on AK, and now on Asmo as well so it was made easier to obtain them yes? So i just really thought, having an alternate way to get uni jewels would probably be nice for the sake of having another fair way of obtaining them. If i wanted to get them easier, I'd even have a more ridiculous suggestion than what i made on this thread And besides, pretty sure most people didn't farm those jewels the legit way anyway... maybe? *wink wink*
  4. Game's broken anyway ever since it came to 65 cap. Why bother anyway? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yes, would actually be nice if ancient jewels are disabled instead, just like how they only stayed on rank 2 jewels (even tho there's until rank 4 in our current update already? I don't remember.) I guess it's okay even if we stay at 50% default. Getting 20 same rank 1 rare jewels still takes considerable amount of time to have.
  5. Hello, was thinking if it would be cool to have unique jewels able to be crafted by using 5x Rank 1 Rare Jewels of that Stat to 1x Rank 1 Unique Jewel of that stat and only rank 1 should be craftable so if they want to make Rank 2, they have to use blueprint from there and take their chances. For example: 5x Rank 1 Rare Max SP Jewels -> 1x Unique Rank 1 Max SP Jewel (which means you need to have 20x rank 1 rare jewel if you want to attempt to make a rank 2 uni jewel) Although if there should be a cons on this feature, then probably the crafted uni jewels could be NT.
  6. Yes, I am one of the few players who played VSB back in 2013 - 2015-ish til they closed. There was more mistakes that they did more than now where before they've included direct purchases of stuff via web mall, vote points, perfect narak and etc. which gets to the point that players were able to reach end-game pretty damn quick. EDIT: Also almost everything was so easy before, for example RP resets every 2 hours, getting to 49 is fast and all mentioned above. Not really because you heard they(vsb) were not also doing good in 49 cap doesn't really mean the verdict is because we stayed on a certain cap. So is VSB that much alive right now then? Ironically, didn't a lot quit because of this cap? We won't be having these kind of discussions if we're so alive atm. Considering the fact this is the last remaining SB server now vs. before. But yeah can say It's better than before and unfortunately it looks like the same thing is happening all over again. If you're gonna ask me what was the difference of VSB last 2013 vs. today, the only thing with custom content was having those custom weapon skins & bikes & costumes. No new dungeons, no new maps that's why it's probably a lot dead before. And the fact that aeria was still alive back then. Lmao even Bash already left because of how horrible working on this game is 🤣🤣🤣 At least it isn't the total power creep cap before where everything mostly requires 1 whole rota to kill. Unlike now, some classes can kill you in 3 - 4 hits regardless if you're well-geared (of course, excluding classes with massive tank buffs ) Anyway, as your topic title says, this is what i think and what i wanted to happen, but like i said on my replies, It's too late for it so we can leave it here now Ciao~
  7. By this, i meant that the server should just restart and stay at 49 cap without changing anything on skills (excluding fixing skill bugs) and just stay at default values to how SB arranged the skills on that cap but then I'm pretty sure that going back to square 1 is not something everyone would like so it's a straight no. Thus i said It's too late for it. Sure It's indeed cool that vendetta got to increase the cap to more than what the official SB servers had go through and was even able to make new equips and etc. but then i guess there's really no basis on this current cap that we can say "oh, this is balanced enough and we can leave it like this" since this is already a self-made patch and we're only relying to players with experience to balance things out on this cap that most likely will have a potential bias of their class that they play (no offense). But anyway all I'm saying is, i guess it was better if we left everything in default. But i understand since it came to this, there must be changes. That's all for me
  8. I always have thoughts of what if we just go back to 49 cap because for me by far, 49 cap is the most balanced cap. No skill changes or whatsoever, just add more content like dungeons and etc but no more custom skill changes & level caps. But i guess it's too late to go back now. For me the problem on this cap and the custom changes on balancing is that everything's just too good and powerful. And then now there's already a teaser that new mechs are coming. assuming these are 60 mechs, are we still gonna keep power creeping when everything's just too strong already? Another issue for me is advertising. I guess no need to explain this one
  9. Hello, I heard that premium medallions aren't on VGN shop because Vivi wanted it event-exclusive only. So my suggestion is, why not put the 3 & 7 days medallion on VGN shop and then the 15 & 30 days medallion will be event-exclusive only? I'm also thinking putting those two would give at least a good revenue for the server since people can choose to keep buying them every after duration expiration.
  10. I didn't really suggested that to "save" them but to give them the over all general convenience in a mass PVP because regardless even if they can move while on FS but gets a considerable amount of movespeed reduction, they still need to get close anyway. And a PU getting close to an army is at the same time a suicide mission. Another ironic thing about them is FS restricts their mobility. . . and their mech stun is melee? So they can only get to stun someone while on FS + mech when someone is close to them or they're close to the enemy. Or unless the PU went near them but if they wanna do that and move to realign themselves, as i said on my previous post, they need to disable their gOdLy buff. Thus removing their damage. But anyway, can we just do some trial & error?
  11. Hello, my feedback won't be as smart as most people posting here but this is regarding about PU and their FS. Basically I've been thinking why not allow PU to move while on FS? As downside to that, their movement speed is reduced and they cannot bike while the buff is on just like carrying the flag in AK. It's been bothering me that most classes has their own offensive / defensive buffs and can freely move but why does PU needs to be pinned on the ground, knowing that they aren't even that tanky, unless inside the cocoon but that's another factor that's restricting their freedom because of how limited the range of the cocoons is. Unlike DE or CB that can use their defensive buffs first and use their offensive buff when convenient for them depending on the situation. Then on a mass PVP, PU's literally try to use FS on a safe spot than getting close for full potential damage, but then using FS is also like a suicidal note for PU's due to how they can also be hooked and spotted easily by attackers as well as they don't get the chance to realign themselves once they use FS and enemies are not in range, thus they'll just disable FS then move and wait for the next CD to use it again. Another thing to compare is PU and SE. For me, SE is even more of a "ranged destroyer" than a PU. They have crit, crit-atk, detection, acc and movespeed buffs, they have ranged stun, slow & debuffs and they can move really fast. Plus that OP trap that they can put anywhere (It's literally like them planting an overpowered PU that's invisible). Lastly, I'm only basing most of this to what happened on PU at this patch, but the general idea is there.
  12. In my case, VPN did helped me alot specially i live in SEA (South East Asia). I've tested with and without and it had big difference. On the other hand, looks like those teleporting lag is probably because the game just sucks at it. An example of that is when i was supposed to get hooked and it did had both normal & ch-dmg from the book on me but i ended up getting stunned only and not hooked. It's probably that kind of lag where you still see your enemy standing in range to hook it (assuming you're a WH), but on the enemy's screen, he already moved, thus teleporting in your screen.
  13. It does happen to me, I just use a VPN to reduce this kind of lag greatly. Try pingzapper and set the server to Europe countries (in my case, i chose frankfurt)
  14. This one's good enough, thank you very much!
  15. Hello, Could those instant EXP potion's usage duration be lessened to like 10 - 20 minutes? It just kind of beats the point of having it with 1 hour cooldown specially on the 500 exp and 1000 exp when you gain more than 500 or 1000 EXP every hour (assuming you are in suer, you gain 175 exp per minute without any exp boosters). To broaden the point of my suggestion, It'll be more reasonable if they give 5,000 - 10,000 instant EXP when used with 1 hour cooldown. At least that way, you gain a good amount of EXP with a considerable amount of cooldown usage. (I hope you guys know what I'm trying to say, i kinda suck in explaining XD) Thank you!