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  1. Hello, Could those instant EXP potion's usage duration be lessened to like 10 - 20 minutes? It just kind of beats the point of having it with 1 hour cooldown specially on the 500 exp and 1000 exp when you gain more than 500 or 1000 EXP every hour (assuming you are in suer, you gain 175 exp per minute without any exp boosters). To broaden the point of my suggestion, It'll be more reasonable if they give 5,000 - 10,000 instant EXP when used with 1 hour cooldown. At least that way, you gain a good amount of EXP with a considerable amount of cooldown usage. (I hope you guys know what I'm trying to say, i kinda suck in explaining XD) Thank you!
  2. From what i know, the reason why grinding is this hard here is because: " Players in other MMO gets to do the same thing ". which does makes sense. The thing that i find crazy here is you still need to use a total of 1500% exp boosters just to get to a reasonable grinding from level 60 and above and that even using 1500% boost only gives you 0.0x% per kill (or more worse at level 64, 0.01% per kill) and because DV is arranged to where we can kill a lot of mobs at once. Imagine grinding without any exp boost lol. And from what i heard, it was even slower before EXP chips came out. It's kinda focused too much on how much maximum EXP boost we can attain.
  3. Well you'll never get to do those quest unless you go to mereholt anyway because you're required to visit mereholt in order to get to the NPC introductions quest. So regardless you'll really have to do it in mereholt.
  4. Hello! Would it be possible to remove those two intro screens? So once client starts, it'll load directly to the pin screen or at least a way to skip them. Saves time whenever players login specially when they're catching up on something. Thank you!
  5. Che

    Pet Chat (Round 3)

    1. How long am i gonna stand again? 2. How and where do you plug pet chips into me? 3. When do you plan to stop on hacking my hunger?
  6. Would like color variations of Gloria costume (you decide how many colors, so long as there's red! )
  7. Well as i said, it doesn't really have to be a buff / stat so long as it's something that can impact a difference to the two factions that players can benefit in-game. The example i mentioned is just for the sake of the example of the idea since that's usually what it is. Something like: If X faction has more HP, then Y faction has more MP, technically It's usually the opposite of what the other one has but as i said again, it doesn't have to be like that, thus i posted it here so there will be a discussion with other SB players as well as GM's to how this can be balanced out, just in-case this can be an interesting idea for others and GM's I completely agree to this specially on the careful part. I just also thought there might be something else that could be considered a balanced difference that players can benefit from just like as the example i stated on the first post (but again it doesn't have to be that XD), rather than having only visual differences which really doesn't give anything other than to just distinguish which is RG and FK.
  8. So as title says, why don't we put something different between RG and FK? Literally the only difference we have for the two factions are the following: 1. Faction Name 2. Glow color when armor is +7 and above (there might be more but literally it doesn't have an impact in-game) Otherwise if there was no faction from the start, we're all technically the same. So yes, maybe something unique where only that faction has it, for example a buff where RG toons have +1k HP, +1k void/resist etc etc. while FK toons have +150 CP, +10% min/max attack etc etc. Or anything else other than buff that could broaden the idea in-case this is something interesting for you guys.
  9. Che

    Mech pet skins!

    So now Vivi's managed to make monster pet skins (and turned them to actual pets too) + they're resized to being small to fit the usual pet size, would there also be a possibility of releasing mech pet skins? Maybe the ones from AK as reference so there'll be an RG and FK mech skin (Just like the panda skin), That'll be so awesome if there'll be!
  10. Or can this be an alternative way of decreasing EXP? An item wherein if you use it, your EXP will decrease by x or x% amount. (Can be purchased by gold maybe) Or a VGN item where if you use it, your EXP will decrease by x or x% amount but gives a benefit as well (like getting y or y% exp on your pet assuming It's not yet 40). Could be at least good for people who do not wish to stay on certain cap whilst leveling their pet. Or maybe the same reference as where you buy a unique earring from the vending machine point shop wherein you ' buy ' those with RP right? So what about buying an item where you lose EXP instead? Or a toggle-able button where if It's toggled on, you won't get EXP and opposite if it's toggled off.
  11. Che

    Online Time Points

    To me, It's not about if It's a good idea or not. It's just there to provide somewhat free items. You can just say you made a new char and while you're playing, you're at the same time leveling your pet. Same logic on this one. And yes, I agree end-game players will have no need for this, but if you read my post: So then why would you waste your time logging in alt accounts to afk for " unnecessary items "? And that's why I suggested for them to be NT.
  12. Che

    Online Time Points

    Yes that's what mean to say, not so important items Alright, thanks a lot for reviewing this!
  13. Okay, so this is similar before with the old VSB where they get the points every hour you stay online in-game and you can exchange it for webshop stuff and the points needed is equivalent to x3 of its VGN price. And i know this caused a mess before so it was just removed. So I had a different idea in mind for it, what if we have again a similar system (and points will be account-wide), but this time you can only exchange it for Non-Tradable and limited useful stuffs. Like the following: Now again, all the above mentioned inside the spoiler are NT (Non-Tradable). Now why make them NT? This is so it won't be an advantage to players with alt accounts and then hoard / transfer it all to their main account. You know what i mean haha! And for the points and their prices, firstly the staff has all the rights to decide for it and as well as player's suggestions for those. Finally, my reason for suggesting this: It's so that players (specially newbies) can gain even a little benefit from staying online in-game
  14. Che


    All i can say is nothing's perfect. And yes of course we'll surely know the mechanics of the bike grafting once they've released it (will be on their patch notes). Even on official servers of any mmo games out there they do most of the time make mistakes, bugs / issues on their first release of their patch / update etc. and then sudden emergency maintenance. But then more importantly they'll bring in something new that we'll all like.
  15. Che


    Ah well for this, I think the rule of grafting is the resulting item will get the restrictions from the main item you used, not from the styling item. Example: Grafting a Kappa gear from a Base Zeta / Delta etc. equipment (which are the untradable freebies). If i did that, then the grafted Kappa gear will still be tradable as the Kappa gear is obtained from drop and is always tradable unless you sealed it lol. And of course, vice versa if in-case the main item is NT, then the resulting grafted item will be NT too. So I guess that'll be the same in the case of grafting a rapidfire bike using the looks of davidson a bike.