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  1. coctanic36

    Another Noob-ish question...

    Narak relics will increase the chance of succes when enhancing gear. The higher you try to enhance the chance of succes lowers. I think up to +5 the chance of succes is 100%. In addition to using naraks you can also sacrifice any piece of gear that is +7 or higher in order to increase the chance of succes when enhancing. So if you have any leftover slivers/shards/gems and gold to spare you can make your own "naraks". Good luck
  2. coctanic36

    dear fk

    15 RG for BG wow where were they during 59
  3. coctanic36

    More Game Sages, Now what?

    iam da kingcubra
  4. coctanic36

    Enough with the "Zerg" Argument...

    No pvp in-game? thats coz RG too busy fightin on forums ayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee LMOA SMOKE WHEAT
  5. coctanic36

    Enough with the "Zerg" Argument...

    10/10 would read this drama novel again
  6. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Yeah full tank DE's were actually useful in Aeria for bosses like Widowmaker and Asmo in 34 cap since only rare gear was accesible if you didnt play with a wallet. Gear here is a lot easier to get making bosses a lot less scary than they used to be making full tank DE's.. not very wanted :c In terms of pvp if you wanna play a full tank class it would seem a lot more logical to just pick WH due to their amazing crowd control rather than DE the unkillable tank that everyone can ignore since they're not much of a threat. But you dont have to be a "full" tank to be tanky as a DE, really all you need is iron skin, pussycat and your mech to tank big hits leaving you the option to build more into damage so you can be somewhat of a threat even without frenzy. In mass pvp like NB/AK full tank DE's can show off their tankiness by standing in front of your faction and quoting Gandalf from Lord of the rings until your iron skin and CP are down to 0 and your void drops for 5k and the enemy stomps into your base over your dead body.
  7. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    miracles happen I guess lol. SE's are very good when up against a zerg, WH with a good team can do a lot aswell.
  8. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Either way if you root a DE they can only watch their teammates get killed or best case scenario stun one person while WH can still keep people away from their targets despite being rooted in place, SW/CB can just cleanse away and jump back into action. I was refering to fighting a zerg since thats what I remember mostly. Getting rooted and watching my medic get raped because im a useless wall of HP with 0 utility unlike other classes.
  9. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Inb4 you get rooted by se/cb/wh and you're left with 1single target long range stun to save your medic thats being jumped by multiple people. Godspeed
  10. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    I want the buff that the Freyja in the trailer is using @0:37
  11. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Defenders dont really live up to their name outside of mass pvp (AK/NB) since their kit has no means of defending anyone aside from themselves. he attacc but no protecc rip
  12. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Playing DE since the times of ceargate I think the revamped frenzy/pussycat/void passive at 49 patch put DE in a good place but it does still lack a few things compared to its sisters. The CD's on ironskin/frenzy are retarded no doubt, but it makes sense since you get to enjoy your buff for 40 seconds which is exceptional to DE allthough I wouldnt mind seeing a decrease in both duration and cooldown. Faster pussycat kill kill is one of the best utility buffs in-game with a very short CD compared to its duration. Healing chakra is not even worth looking at, 7 skill points for a hp potion and a hp crisis pot every 90 seconds is just sad. If you were to throw an aoe cleanse on top of it and reduced CD it would be a viable skill. Dont diss chakrashield, it used to be a shit buff with a 60 sec duration now its a shit buff for 300 sec The aggro skills in the 4th skill row are not worth mentioning either as they are, but demotivation compared to suppressor shout has good duration for its shit effect and suppressor being the opposite. The problem is what OP already mentioned how useless they are in mass pvp as a melee class compared to sw/cb since they have no means of removing hard counter debuffs such as slow/root and no means of keeping their target in place due to being the only child in the family without any movement impairment skills. If you think you can tank as a DE while doing good DPS, you cant. DE's are great tanks that get ignored easily and can deal pretty much the same damage as a SW if not more but for a temporary duration at the cost of throwing a nasty ass DOT debuff on yourself along with the biggest void/def/eva debuff in the game just so you can stop tickling other players while SW has permanent frenzy DE damage without any drawbacks while having the ability to stealth and evade a lot of incoming attacks for a short period of time. Tl;dr DE's are useless tanks that can decide to turn into a temporary SW with 0 utility that if noticed gets killed on the spot.
  13. coctanic36

    New BG suggestion

    The biggest reason is the fact that RG have been willingly raping FK for several months in AK/NB while hiding in Amara base to do hound and wait for AK/NB while boycotting BG's. Ofcourse FK will get bored and leave or make alts on the winning side when RG have shown absolutely no interest in balancing out pvp (except @limeox@DrDieLess) while getting players from FK due to FC simply because RG only show up to zerg in NB/AK leaving the other faction dead bored for all other activities in-game. This topic isnt something that happened suddenly, RG have been winning the BG's you mentioned for months and I assume you're a RG so I find it hillariously ironic that you're bringing this topic up only now that your faction has no one to zerg against lol. Join an hourly BG im sure theres plenty of FK willing to pvp with you, or maybe not anymore since many FK including myself have grown tired of getting kicked from equal number BG's every hour due to lack of participants while being zerged by twice our number in AK/NB.
  14. coctanic36


    a feature that can totally block exp loss*