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  1. coctanic36

    Controversial Opinion

    Thats because PU crit atk is on steroids and you cant garner enough crit void against them but it mitigates crits against other classes just fine, crit atk SE's will also break through the threshold of maxed crit void but not as hard as PU's. And im talking from a perspective of a medic with maxed crit void. This works for any X9 cap since you have helmets, thus crit void sucks in this patch since you're missing on a decent amount of crit reduction. The reason why you probably didn't feel crit void do anything is because most classes especially in open pvp where there's crit atk buffs from outside parties have their crit atk boosted high enough to just ignore your shitty amount of crit void. Try getting two chars, one with 1k crit void and one with 1k crit atk and if you get hit by a crit it will actually do less damage than if you get hit by the same attack and it doesn't crit. So you get the idea, if a PU has 30k crit atk or DE/SE have 24k ish in open pvp versus your crappy 10k crit void I one hundred percent trust you that you didnt feel anything but big hard crit hits raping your hit points. Not to be mean Waldo, but you're high.
  2. coctanic36

    Controversial Opinion

  3. coctanic36

    Controversial Opinion

    10k is pretty low, during 59 medic could get aprox. 12k but I guess since no helmets this cap it doesnt go much higher so yea, unless they slap a crit void buff on enchanting projectile CV is only good on DE until we get new helmets
  4. coctanic36

    Patch 101 Feedback

    Try maxing hardcore assault and get crit eva randoms/jewels. Since ultimate soulshield gives crit eva it should make you tankier in pvp than in any prior patches.
  5. coctanic36

    Patch 101 Feedback

    I wish I could answer you that but my best bet would be because some people just want to see the world burn. It became a problem when WH was able to keep a target in their rotation for over 25 seconds.. thats just crazy lol, no class was ever able to do that and whoever was in charge of changing WH did a poor job for not noticing something immense like that.
  6. coctanic36

    Patch 101 Feedback

    Adding stun on provocation and increasing disables made WH incredibly broken so I dont think the removal of stun on pulls as a nerf but more like toning down something that was a monstrosity. The removal of stun from pulls makes WH useless in 1vs1 but they're actually a lot more consistent in skirmishes because of the increased disable time and stun on provocation than they were before 60+ because your ability to pull people and having your team follow up has not been removed. Personally im not a fan of these changes and would prefer if this mess of a "class rebalance" was reverted back to how it was before 60+.
  7. coctanic36

    Lv.60+ Whipper Gear

    Just max hardcore assault, get crit eva randoms/jewels and enjoy the tears. CV never worked against PU since their crit atk is too high.
  8. coctanic36

    Another Noob-ish question...

    Narak relics will increase the chance of succes when enhancing gear. The higher you try to enhance the chance of succes lowers. I think up to +5 the chance of succes is 100%. In addition to using naraks you can also sacrifice any piece of gear that is +7 or higher in order to increase the chance of succes when enhancing. So if you have any leftover slivers/shards/gems and gold to spare you can make your own "naraks". Good luck
  9. coctanic36

    dear fk

    15 RG for BG wow where were they during 59
  10. coctanic36

    More Game Sages, Now what?

    iam da kingcubra
  11. coctanic36

    Enough with the "Zerg" Argument...

    No pvp in-game? thats coz RG too busy fightin on forums ayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee LMOA SMOKE WHEAT
  12. coctanic36

    Enough with the "Zerg" Argument...

    10/10 would read this drama novel again
  13. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    Yeah full tank DE's were actually useful in Aeria for bosses like Widowmaker and Asmo in 34 cap since only rare gear was accesible if you didnt play with a wallet. Gear here is a lot easier to get making bosses a lot less scary than they used to be making full tank DE's.. not very wanted :c In terms of pvp if you wanna play a full tank class it would seem a lot more logical to just pick WH due to their amazing crowd control rather than DE the unkillable tank that everyone can ignore since they're not much of a threat. But you dont have to be a "full" tank to be tanky as a DE, really all you need is iron skin, pussycat and your mech to tank big hits leaving you the option to build more into damage so you can be somewhat of a threat even without frenzy. In mass pvp like NB/AK full tank DE's can show off their tankiness by standing in front of your faction and quoting Gandalf from Lord of the rings until your iron skin and CP are down to 0 and your void drops for 5k and the enemy stomps into your base over your dead body.
  14. coctanic36

    The Defender Problems

    miracles happen I guess lol. SE's are very good when up against a zerg, WH with a good team can do a lot aswell.