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  1. @Uninformed@MichelleZhivago The ability to tank with Whipper this cap is looking very nice with the new and improved buffs, the duration/cooldown ratios are giving me anxiety. The ability to apply the biggest void/ch resist reduction to your opponents avaliable in game, no other melee class can reduce ch resist, let alone reduce it to multiple targets at once. A dash that literally throws you in harms way of the enemy team the moment you use it whether it misses or not and does not benefit your team at all isn't really comparable to the ability of pulling opponents to the vicinity of yourself and your team who then just pummel any unlucky soul that has been targeted by your pull despite having buffs to try and evade them. They absolutely should after all they sacrifice a good utility skill and have to enter mech to make that happen. Like it or not Whippers have a speed buff, one of the highest ones not to mention that it comes without having to spend any skill points for it. Whippers have the best Defense buff and can reach the highest Defense of the 4 melee classes, which class is the only one with 3 Arkana stun abilities (2 of them pull, thank god)? That's the WH, other melee classes have 1 each of the 3 "tank" classes, which class is the only one with a ch resist debuff (and its aoe, mamma mia)? That's the WH That being said, yes Whippers dont have access to all the abilities other melee classes have but no other class has all the abilities Whippers have so I don't know why you're pointing it out. This is all fine though, these are your core abilities that were there before the whole "rebalance" mess. This threads concern is about not removing the compromise that was given to Whippers upon the removal of stun on pulls, when the stun was returned. This is an indirect nerf to all the other classes that are supposed to excel at not being pulled easily, while giving Whippers the luxury of being able to succesfuly pull any target that is in the range of their pull without having to give it any second thoughts. Whippers are the only class with the benefit of having extra CH ACC / ACC on 2 of their stun abilities, that coincidentally also pull their enemies.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Stun on Hook and Sinker I & II was removed, as a compromise CH ACC / ACC was given to the said skill. WH players turn into an angry mob and protest. Return Stun and remove the compromised CH ACC / ACC. WH players are happy again and have nothing to be upset about. Returning Stun was fine, but not removing the compromise for it wasn't because now as you said there's no risk for whippers to pull since it hardly has a chance to miss making other classes suffer especially those that are supposed to excel at CH EVA / EVA allowing WH's not having to think about when and who to pull anymore.
  3. Then remove the ch acc / acc values that were given to the skill as a compromise for losing stun. Why do they have both now lol?
  4. Whippers had stuns removed from Hook and Sinker I & II and were given additional ch acc / acc on said skills instead to justify the removal of stun. Well they cried so much that they got their stuns back but kept the additional ch acc / acc on them? Is this subject to change or not?
  5. Siberia RG pet or skin
  6. Empress in mystery box
  7. Just max hardcore assault, get crit eva randoms/jewels and enjoy the tears. CV never worked against PU since their crit atk is too high.
  8. The biggest reason is the fact that RG have been willingly raping FK for several months in AK/NB while hiding in Amara base to do hound and wait for AK/NB while boycotting BG's. Ofcourse FK will get bored and leave or make alts on the winning side when RG have shown absolutely no interest in balancing out pvp (except @limeox@DrDieLess) while getting players from FK due to FC simply because RG only show up to zerg in NB/AK leaving the other faction dead bored for all other activities in-game. This topic isnt something that happened suddenly, RG have been winning the BG's you mentioned for months and I assume you're a RG so I find it hillariously ironic that you're bringing this topic up only now that your faction has no one to zerg against lol. Join an hourly BG im sure theres plenty of FK willing to pvp with you, or maybe not anymore since many FK including myself have grown tired of getting kicked from equal number BG's every hour due to lack of participants while being zerged by twice our number in AK/NB.
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    Next FC?

  10. coctanic36

    Next FC?

    If this FC happens the game will commit suicide and you can also rename it to KasavaBlade since thats the only time the exotic RG animals will come out to play. Until they lose, than they'll just become legendary mythical creatures that our grandparents used to talk about. Battlegrounds are already dead due to very few RG's signing up to them. FK's won last 3 NuclearBunkers and the RG numbers have quickly decreased from 30 to 20 and now 10 while FK have a consistent 15 to 10 players despite getting fucked in the ass for months in NB. I dont know where the fuck the RG dissapeared to, this is the first time in months i've seen their numbers drop below 10 which puzzles my mind to no fucking end. I guess its that if any form of competitive pvp is thrown at them they'll just find a way to avoid it? I would beg to differ but judging by what my eyes are seeing its most probably true. Luckily not all RG's are like that, thank the fucking lord they have some people who actually enjoy pvp and will sign up to a BG despite whoever the fuck is on their rival list, but they cant play 24/7. Fuck AlKasava alltogether remove that piss**** of an excuse for a BG that happens twice a week and fuck the exotic animals that log on to play just for Kasava only to QQ "RG - wue wue i cant enter alkasa" or "FK - wue wue fuk imbalanc i log on for loot wue" Go like and subcribe my suggestion post about reviving BG's, maybe im wrong but I believe its the only way to keep players active throughout the entire day and it certainly wouldnt do any harm while giving players something to do in level cap rather than bore themselves to death because either side likes to sit in their base protected by 1 shot guards waiting for loot to spawn. Tl;dr; If Faction change opens up it will most likely kill the game. Help me solve the mystery of the missing zerg in NB and AlKasava is crap. Bring back Battlegrounds. Godbless the RG that enjoy pvp, you are a dying breed and I cant even use all the fingers on my body to count you. Same with FK kek. Excuse my somewhat unconstructive criticism.
  11. Basically yes. Depends on your level but best would be lv 30 in bitterstone core (if you know how to skip to last boss) lv 40-49 narak spaceship lv 50-59 the archeon These dungeons use normal passcards which are very common. lv 54-59 you can do drasilmarsh hardmode (drops materials for the lv cap gear). The passcards for this dungeon arent very common, they're obtainable through daily quests once you reach a certain lvl and daily quests in battlegrounds.
  12. Stun doesnt stack, for max stun duration you'll have to time your stuns accordingly. If you use a stun on someone (or any skill really) at the same time as someone else using a stun on you the case might be that your skill will get canceled depending on the cast animation of the skill itself (some stuns have very fast cast animations compared to other skills thus cancelling your skill during its casting animation). As for disables you can mech/autoattack but not able to use any other skills. Aside from DE's aoe disable which wont even let you autoattack, not sure if any other class has a hard disable like that.
  13. i prefer the coat version