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  1. Yoo this dude is summoning the dead, someone call the cops or something
  2. Then it's settled, we're removing guards from Amara next maintenance. Thanks for chiming in everyone.
  3. You're right, I forgot you can be targeted immediately after respawning. For some reason I thought you had an interval where you can't target and can't be targetted after respawning. I wonder if something like could be implemented but I'm guessing not because source.
  4. That's sort of the point of pvp maps in my opinion, no neutral spots where you can stay safe. Many times after NB/AK players could force pvp to happen but can't because some rather stay in the comfort of their bases. Even if it's spawn camping, tough luck buddy its a pvp map. Get more people to retaliate or get out.
  5. Could very well put a chest box with incentive drops in each base, like Ceargate and Ellis!
  6. Is there any possibility of a consideration to revert the damage changes made years ago to Amara guards? Or perhaps not revert, but make them more interactive, in a way to be hard to deal with (similiar to the guards in Ellis with their nasty dot debuff) as opposed to getting instantly obliterated.
  7. Remove wanteds from game, ez. There's really no use for them
  8. I would also like Faction Change to open. At least temporarily if possible, thank you.
  9. noobs freyja is broken, the stun just needs a slight range increase
  10. That's great! And while you're working on it it wouldn't hurt to have people doing BG's 😃
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