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  1. out of bikes again rapids magnums
  2. We have all felt the pain of ready to go to the hourly bgs only to find its been cancealed due to lack of interest from one side or the other. Instead of punishing the ones that signed up how bout we punish the ones who didnt buy allowing the ones that did sign up continue on with the bg for the purpose of looting the boxes bosses crates chests whatever and a chance to show the other side what they missed out on by not signing up. example for the lost 2 rg sign up for soccer pitch and no fk sign up the 2 rg enter soccer pitch 2 on zero and have free reign to loot all balls or just do rank points or sit there and just be like dam a bg that wasnt cancealed due to lack of interest and now i can get my rp or maybe roll for a uni costume and a chance to stir up some pvp people think n naa nobody is going to sign up and bam 4 vs 4 and 2 quit 2vs2 and its called bg pvp
  3. Sorry but we are once again needing the level 47 and 37 uni lingerie for vile and nemesis and this time can u please add the uni 37 lingerie for cb to its called secret underwear thx cro
  4. Hi all Cro here Numerous requests for fiery nurses outfit and cap love cat pjs My personal favorite Meow Meows flame matrix and uni lingerie for level 57 thx
  5. yo dr u there


  6. how bout the gilded web v1 please thx Cro
  7. How about you reinstate the level 32 uni trinket for Scarlet Blade. Put 3 versions of the uni trinket (Envoy, Killer, Warrior) in a lucky box, vending machine or let drop from Viledon bosses again. Thx Cro
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