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  1. Hi Hi all Cro here requesting a full on bike bonanza for lucky boxes this week All the classics rapid, magnum, foxfire, metallic phoenix, all the large butt bikes like the glory's, royal carriers gilded webs, nighthawks, sleipnirs, spaceships and valkyries and all the wonderful versions in between. Heheheh plus whatever ive forgotten or have never seen yet Thx Cro
  2. Not a problem Vivi thx for the info and well noted as well. Thx Cro
  3. This weeks Christmas wish list Midnight Diva (Many requests) Arkana Cyber Suit Black Kitty Lingerie and White Kitty Lingerie All the Halloween Masks (Esp the skeleton Mask many many and many more requests for this mask) Bunny Waitress pet skin (many requests for this all the lower level uni lingerie ( Gamma Delta Zeta ) Thx Cro
  4. Hi HI For all world bosses from cg to ellis the amount of time allotted for the retrieval of loot items is not long enough. This window of opportunity appears to be adjustable since im always driving by unwanted loot left bobbing up and down on the floor from previous rooms already conquered in TT dungeon. So can we increase the amount of time to say 3 minutes or 5 minutes of availability for all world bosses from cg to dragon valley and all other bosses in between? Thx Cro
  5. dam pictures are gone again o well i give up maybe you saw them but anyways the list again m8 rifle girl weapon skin big bertha weapon skin foxfire cruiser pink sleipnir thx Cro
  6. if this works this time these are items i would like to see in next weeks lucky boxes along with the foxfire cruiser the two pu weapon skins above rifle girl and big bertha thx Cro
  7. as you can see the two weapon skins are Big Bertha and the m8 rifle girl but i saw in game a week ago there is a new modern version machine gun skin that is in game but sadly i have no ss or name totally slipped my mind. I thought it was the Elderwood skins but that was wrong, so if you could put mystery boxes for the two skins shown above, the mystery new version machine gun, foxfire, rapid, magnum, Valkyrie or rapids with new colors would be great thx Cro
  8. sorry for the last minute entry but all colors of the virgin killer for medic outfit plz thx Cro
  9. Foxfire cruiser and Elderwood weapon skins plz Thx Cro
  10. also all versions of the bunny waitress pet skin plz thx u cro
  11. uni level 47 lingerie weapon skins specifically the M8A1 RIFLE GIRL SKIN PLZ thx Cro
  12. perfect naraks pet expansion slot perma warehouse and backpacks how bout the different colored rapids you promised a very long time ago how bout a lucky box that is exactly what it is a lucky box pay your ap and get a chance at a possiblility of 1 of the items listed above or pet , bike , outfit , uni ling, 30% kilo, vehicle upgrade key, ancient spanner, reg spanner, pet skin, and so on and of course the loser items mms pet exp hacks and so on
  13. Stop making items,gears or whatever nt. Everything in this game should be trade able nothing should be nt. That is how the farming died. The reason for farming is to sell your loot to make gold to make your gear or wallet better, however that particular person wishes to play there toon. Remove the nt from all the items and watch the world come to life again You cant have end game predators when there is nothing left for them to feed on. Cro
  14. hehehehe or he can just ask me i have all the vile gear u all no that im suprised u didnt point him in my direction but anyway i sent him info on how to contact me