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  1. Had you not gotten ahold of illegally leaked files and hosted the game, you wouldn't have to be dealing with such a toxic community, so yeah, it is all your fault.
  2. Oh look, its his trademark "Its not me its you" deflection.
  3. No ones calling jordan or the other lemmings toxic, just you, because anytime theres any kind of issue you either cant fix or won't fix you deflect. You don't care about the game or its players, you only care about the money you make off it, thats the biggest reason most people don't bother, because they know they won't get anywhere and any attempts will just be wasted effort.
  4. Well, I mean, it seems like everytime I come to see how the games doing you're calling the playerbase retarded in some form or fashion, and your average player doesn't wanna subject themselves to that in any manner. Or it could be that no one bothers with the forums because they dont know they exist, or dont wanna make a second account on another site for it, or they don't speak English. It ain't always that they assume that ya'll know. Back when I still played half the people I talked to in-game didn't know there was a forum at all. The disconnect ain't just on them, pal. What do you expect? The game is effectively 110 years old, you got a mix of Day 1 main server players with people that just learned about it all yesterday. You already brought up how you see the same thing in other games, but aren't putting 2 and 2 together to figure out that most of that stabbing is just the playerbase's way of showing affection? If there was actual hate going on then I doubt anyone would bother going public about it and just stick to private reports. You got a bunch of asshole hating on eachother all day but never actually going nuclear about anything, because it ain't hate, its a Co-Dependant relationship. How much worse could you look when you already whine about the way the community is but don't pull the plug on it?
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    Thats a REAL dangerous line of thought you've got going on there, whatever the context is, thats right up there with "guilty until proven innocent" in terms of how slippery that slope gets.
  6. If everyone did that no one would get it because they'd be waiting for someone else to get it.
  7. Requires the source code, will never happen.
  8. This is what your argument boils down to. It pets weren't meant to be used for afk farming, they wouldn't be able to be used in that manner, deal with it. You're not not because they're getting gold while being afk, you're mad that you choose to grind for it in dungeons while others prefer just letting the game play itself, and you think its the wrong way to play, despite it being a completely legitimate strategy for making money. Next you'll probably complain about resellers buying things for cheap and selling then for profit, because "its not the way the game was meant to be played", because thats exactly how you come off as a person, whether you intend it or not.
  9. All I see here is a lot of whining about non-issues, mmos die all the time, you can hate it and cry and throw a tantrum all you want but the fact that EE has been alive for, what, 8 years? Thats like 120 Years in human time, the fact that its still around at all is a miracle, and apparently its already on its last legs. Lazy gonna lazy, there is nothing that will ever change that, remove the ability to afk gold farm completely? People wont just spontaneously start actively farming gold, they do the next thing up from afk farming, which is more afk farming somewhere else, and they'll keep doing it until its impossible to afk farm at all, at which point they'll just stop playing, which will cause people to whine that arena/mba/gvg/tw/flavor-of-the-month is dead, causing people to want better rewards to be a bigger incentive for players to do, so players will afk in those to farm incentives, which causes people to call for afkers to be banned, and so on. The games already spiraling down the toilet, and sure, you can expect some kind of bump in userbase once aeria dies, but it'll only last so long before its right back to where it is now, people whining about things and wanting change when the proposed change would do more harm than good. Just looking through it all says to me "i'm mad because other people dont play the game the way I do, ban them!" Which is just plain stupid.
  10. Alternatively, you can use this spreadsheet which has everything you should need to know.
  11. Aura kingdom has a system in place for higher levels dungeons and bossed where the bosses have a flat damage reduction effect on them, causing players to do 0 damage without having specific types of weapons that penetrate through that shielding. Is that something that can be added to this server in some fashion? It would just straight up shut down burst dps and actually require new weapons or gear to actually do ANY damage. Because personally i'd like some form of content that cant be be brute forced with gear people already have. It would also mean less artificial difficulty, in terms of bosses just having bloated hp pools, which is bad game design in basically every videogame. Alice in the lv65 trials did difficulty in a better way than just making hp pools huge, by shutting down an entire attacking type, which i'd rather have on bosses than just sitting there for ten minutes pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 over and over again
  12. Now that I take a longer look, I believe I recognize that dungeon just based on those two pictures, and I fucking hate that dungeons layout, its cancer, its almost as bad as that dungeon in viroona next to the ocean. But that could just be hate talking from back when I had to run that dungeon all day every day.
  13. I wouldn't really call the TK trials hard back then, it was largely just a matter of understanding what needs to be done, like everything else, just a matter of paying attention to everything thats being said on both npc's and on boss skills, as opposed to just rushing in guns blazing and wiping.
  14. I'd like the star stone and luna rock as those gift bag variants so that its not limited to just one type, if possible.