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  1. Kwai

    Demon summoner

    This bug has been present since 3000 years (seriously it has been there for 2 years I think) this bug is reported and has never been fixed. As a old main demon summoner (and ancient players) it's quite boring sure but you get used to it, Unfortunately.
  2. The projet and event in stand by. See this link for more information: Thanks for you comprehension and sorry for the people who started, but it very important.
  3. Hello everyone I know people don't give a fuck about me because I'm a random who didn't contribute much to the game (except for the guides i make and the training card game) or even that I did not help its development by giving my opinion on each patch. But from today, I take an indeterminate break on Eden eternal vendetta. During this post I will not only take a break but also write my feelings over the last few months. I will be trash on some point but it necessary, You are free to write a constructive comment or simply spit in my face, I don't give a fuck but first of all, read the entire text. The reason is absolutely not the patch, Jordan did a good job (although we had to wait a bit). It's just the direction of the game that I don't like, which seems to be oriented more PvP than PvE. My whole guild thinks the same thing and in my opinion we are not the only ones outside the guild, just a silent minority for fear of being demolished by Degenerate fans: "no jordan does a good job, he's perfect!" or "Yes he revived the game so shut up bla bla bla "Yes he does a good job and he brought the game back to life, I agree but his job is not perfect like every human being. There is also the problem with classes for a long time, mainly MDPS and pve: it is a bit thorny but important subject. For me who is pve players, I find the MDPS Very very bad in the meta. I will list the strong points of Physical dps and Magical dps. Physical dps: + Good substain with heavy and Leather armor + Regen + Good DPS + High burst for some class + a lot of combination / synergy because only 3 type of attack (Slash / Pierce / Blunt) Magical dps -Worst substain (cloth armor) -No regen except for some class but it not on long term (except arch) -Good Dps for some, Bad for the majority -High burst for some class and only for the good dps (2 or 3 i think) + a lot of combination / synergy more than PDPS but not exploited, see above why. Moreover Awaken for me is not made for pvp but made and reflected for pve. The pvp oriented is a suicide of the game and the server. Here after there is a lot of problem on the game that I will not mention, free to those who want to express on this subject in the post provided for this purpose. As for the eternal Eden card game that I make, everything will be put in stand by until my return (if there is one). I will continue to follow the forum if there is any news that will make me come back. It's sad that I come to this when I love the game, But I have no more fun with and for myself I uninstall the game for the moment. Thanks for reading. Goodbye. #MakePveGreatAgain.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New update (V0.2.5) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New: Added new (and strange ?) event on the first post. Have a good day !
  5. -The following translations will be available for that event is accessible for everyone: English / French. -Les traductions suivante seront disponible pour que l'evénements soit accessible a tout le monde: Anglais/Francais. The event ends the 12/08/2020 at 11:59 pm (UTC+2) No post will be taken after this deadline. L’événement se fini le 12/08/2020 à 23h59 (UTC+2) Aucun post ne sera pris en compte aprés se delai. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After several days of "how to make this", I decided to put an event where you can participate. Is simple: Create your own card, with your character or a pet. Your only limit is your imagination but you have to keep a coherence with the world of the game and keeping the different types of cards available in the game (but everything will be listed below). Among your creations. 10 maximum of your creation will be chosen, so on your keyboard Your card must contain: -The names of the card (14 characters max) -Number of gems (max 4) -An illustration (preferably in game) available with a link. -An effect: optional but if you add it, it should not be too powerful (I will make changes if necessary). -For the moment, you can allocate 8 points in attack or defense maximum. For example: 1/7, 5/3, 4/4, .... you have to make sure that if we add the two statistics, make it 8 or less if you decided to put less. The rules: -Your post must BE written in English or contain an English translation. -Your character must come from an original creation, it is strictly forbidden to take another player or Member of the Vendetta Gaming Network without his permission (if you have permission, it should be noted on the post). -The types of card prohibited are as follows: Gem, Boss, Raid Boss, spell, eternal guardian, Mana. -The illustrations must come from the game "Eden eternal" and not from another game / site. -No offensive or racist illustration / text. (if this rule is not respected, your post will be Repoted and deleted). -Adding effects (on Photoshop for example) is allowed but must be coherent with the game. -The photomontage is tolerated but must keep a coherence and must be good quality (if you have a doubt you can contact me). -No plagiarism -The illustrations must come from the game "Eden eternal" and not from another game / site. -I only allow one card at the moment. If you absolutely want to add two (for synergy or effect related to the card) You can send me a private message on the forum or on my discord. I will answer you as soon as possible and we will find a compromise -Of course, your creations must be posted on this forum, if they are posted in a separate post, it will not be taken. If you have any questions, you can contact me: -In private message on the forum -On discord: Kwai#1161 But it is not recommended to put it on the post, to keep the place clean ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Après plusieurs jours de réflexion, j'ai décidé de sortir un événement ou vous pouvez participer. Le principe est simple: Créer votre propre carte, avec votre personnage en jeu ou bien un pet. Votre seul limite est votre imagination mais il faut gardé une cohérence avec l'univers du jeu et en gardant aussi les différent type de carte disponible sur le jeu (mais tout sera listé ci dessous). Parmi vos création, 10 maximum seront choisie, donc a vos clavier Votre carte doit contenir les éléments suivant: -Le noms de la carte (14 caractère maximum) -Nombre de gemme (max 4) -Une illustration (de préférence en jeu) disponible via un lien. -Un effet: optionnel mais si vous en ajouter il ne doit pas être trop puissant (j'apporterai des modifications si nécessaire). -Pour le moments, vous pouvez repartir 8 points soit en attaque ou défense maximum. Par exemple: 1/7, 5/3, 4/4,... . On doit faire en sorte que si on additionne les deux statistique, que sa fasse 8 ou moins si vous avez décidé d'en mettre moins. Les règles: -Votre post doit être OBLIGATOIREMENT écris en anglais ou doit contenir une traduction anglaise. -Votre personnage doit venir d'une création original, il est strictement interdit de prendre un autre joueurs ou Membres du Vendetta Gaming Network en photo sans son autorisation (si vous avez l'autorisation, il doit être noté sur le post). -Les types de carte interdite sont les suivantes: Gemme, Boss, Raid Boss, sort, eternal guardian, Mana. -Les illustrations doit venir du jeu "Eden eternal" et non d'un autre jeu / site. -Pas d'illustration/texte offensants ou racistes. (si cette règle n'est pas respecté, votre post sera signalé et supprimé). -Rajouter des effets (sur photoshop par exemple) est autorisé mais doit gardé une cohérence avec l'univers du jeu. -Le photomontage est toléré mais doit gardé une cohérence et doit être de bonne qualité (si vous avez un doute vous pouvez me contacté). -Aucun plagiat -Les illustrations doit venir du jeu "Eden eternal" et non d'un autre jeu / site. -Les types de carte interdite sont les suivantes: Gemme, Boss, World Boss. -Je n'autorise qu'une seule carte pour le moment. Si vous voulez absolument en ajouter deux (pour des questions de synergie ou d'effet en rapport avec la carte) Vous pouvez m'envoyer un message privée sur le forum ou bien sur mon discord. Je vous reponderai le plus vite possible et on trouvera un compromis -Bien sur, vos creations doivent être posté sur ce forum, si elle sont poster dans un post a part, elle en sera pas pris en compte. Si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez me contacté: -En message privée sur le forum -Sur discord: Kwai#1161 Mais il est déconseillé de le mettre sur le post, pour gardé l'endroit propre ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template for people who don't know how to organized (once finished, delete the texts between //): Template pour les personnes qui ne savent pas comment s'organisé (une fois fini, supprimé les textes entre //) : That's all good luck Voila c'est tout bonne chance Kwai Edit: Also don't quote my post, thanks
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New update (V0.2): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New: -Added "Card pack #1: Spell and Mana" Soon: I am working on an event in which you can participate. I will keep you informed when the time comes Have a good days Kwai
  7. Sorry but I'll pass, it's just that I like to do things in my corner, chill. it is a little stupid but I see myself as a little guy who codes things in my garage in independent, but instead of coded I create concepts. I also tend to put pressure on myself for nothing, even if the delays are long (unfortunately it is a Default I have). So I prefer to work solo, is much more comfortable for me. But I am not against, if your project succeeds. Do a crossover or something like that. it can be funny.
  8. Oh i see, it look so cool ! This can make different dungeons to make the objectives. It can also help new players unintentionally. For example: a level 120 full gear must kill a certain boss in T95 or Dod95 to have his card pack, necessarily he must go in a group. This idea can help make the community more active and avoid doing the same thing again and again. I hope this project will be successful if you want reignite the project.
  9. It looks like the card you can obtain by steam while playing a game or getting an achievement. It looked cool and promising, it too sad you dind't make it.
  10. Thank you very much, but if I use 2D art now it will look very weird with the first deck, i only use 2D art for the Eternal guardian class card, but if I change my mind I will tell you.
  11. Thank you very much for the response jordan i really appreciate :D I was really stressed about the returns of the cards because as a graphic designer I see a lot of defect and also a lot improvement that I could do on this side. For example the illustrations of the cards, which are screenshots of my game is certainly correct but quite cheap and I preferred official illustrations of the game but impossible to found on the internet (some are there, for example on the aeria fankit game but there are only 2-3 that I could use on this deck with 16 cards) There are also the colors, there is something that perturb, especially the gradients on the VIT / ATK bar, while the rest is done in one color. Fun fact, I noticed it after sleeping, that resting makes it easier to see your mistakes . As for the future of the project, I would like to make the monsters, Boss, World up to level 20-30 for End of June / beginning of September and for Eternal Guardian, there are Warrior (already done), magician, templar, warlock (I have an idea but I need to work more on this), hunter. Once again thank you for the aswers and have a nice day
  12. Hello and welcome to this concept of card game made by me: Eden eternal Trading Card Game. Something evil is coming ... Only light could banish its darkness which devour this world ... Eden eternal Trading Card Game is a card game inspired by Popular card games like Magic or Hearthstone with some unique mechanics such as mana for casting spells or special cards like World bosses. (everything will be detailed if below). Please note this is a concept and there is a good chance that it will not work, but I would do my best to make it possible . Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments, it is always a pleasure to read them as in the time of my guides :D . Note: The post is WIP , things will be added gradually. In the current state, it is not playable due to the lack of certain card and the balancing, but if that interests you, You can create your own rules while waiting and having fun with friends. You can, if you want, print them on your printer or use them on another site or post as long as you mentioned my username. For example "Created by Kwai" or "Made by Kwai". There are different cards like: Eternal Guardian: ATK / VIT / MANA With different skills and a unique passive. -1 Passive. -2 competence. -1 secondary skill. Her skill consumes mana Condition for the invoked: After turn 5 Have the number of gem required for the summoned Boss: ATK / VIT Iconic boss card of the license - special skills World Boss: ATK/VIT Has powerfull stat but several ally can hit them at the same time. Monster: ATK / VIT Normal monster Soon: -mana regenerates by 1 per turn but can be regenerated faster with a mana potion. -Potion: Gives effects only to the eternal guardian. Iron Skin Potion Reduces Damage by 1 Mana Potion Regenerates 2 MANA Strength Potion increases by 1 ATK - Upgrade Scroll: Guard: Increases VIT by 1 Weapon: Increases ATK by 1 Guard Prime: Increases VIT by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 VIT) Weapon Prime: Increases ATK by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 of ATK) -Mage Class Card Soon Download: Download: Thank you for reading and see you soon for a new adventure! Have fun Kwai
  13. I understand and it logic, thanks for the answer
  14. I know and i'm very sorry if you take bad my commentary but i love this game,i want to have fun and you make a great job for sure. it a good idea for adding +% to all classe, for me it the core damage for most "Meta" class (berserker and executionner for example) and add for MDPS is a good idea and maybe a come back for him in PVE. And i'm so sorry again for my message, is little immature to say that to you.
  15. The game today is not balance BTW (PVP or PVE), but it sad