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  1. Hi Handsome,


    Can I lick your tete?


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    2. HappyMeaLx


      xoxo lick your tete?


    3. MrPhoenix
    4. Sphinx


      I'm so offended in this conversation, and I don't know why q.q

  2. Par can you log in-game?




  3. HappyMeaLx Age: 26 I love Ramen like seriously once every week. I love Chicken wings same as Ramen twice or once a week. (We have this food truck called King of The Wings in the City man telling you it's the bomb) I started gaming when I was 7 Years old I can still remember playing campaign mode of Warcraft 2. I am very competitive but in a good way. I do love Razer as in love with Razer product no idea why but they complete me you know that kind of feeling? http://imgur.com/a/fko8D I love building computers not over-clocking though. Yes, yes, yes I love a lot of things well that is life find what you love and do them. Holla at me in game we can be baby bois xoxo Many thanks, HappyMeaLx
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