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  1. No, we're not gonna stop complaining about the drop rates. You're making a mistake here, bud. Drop rates were this low back then when we had nothing more to worry about than school and then had the rest of the day to do thousands of trials. The server is gonna lose a significant amount of players when quarenteen is over, just because is incredibly frustrating to do trials and they're not gonna have the entire day to do 10 runs. Just saying.
  2. There's also an argument about stones being too rare, so you wouldn't get to fortify two of the same weapon because you probably wanna build a second class, and other people in your guild might wanna that some drop too.
  3. First of all, i'd like to point out that i disagree with the subject of this pool being the best solution for our server. The problem right now is: the drop rate for gold weapons is so low that, based on pure luck (rng whatever you wanna call it), one would get to have an 120% and another person would get a 101% weapon and with be stuck with it. There are so many people in my guild that need Magic Skeleton (Veninfang Trial lvl55), for example, and if you don't take the first one you see cause you didn't like the %, you might as well never get to have it. Also, i've done a whole bunch of trials and i only saw that staff drop twice, it's so frustrating to do 12 trials everyday and only get one drop for the incredible amount of people that is playing in our server. The current state is just forcing people into low % weapons. Second, with increasing the drop rate or getting class drop not being an option, option C seems to be the most fair one. Not only cause it sets a limit to how "strong" everyone can get, making skillful players shine out more, but also, because you're probably gonna be stuck with the first weapon you get.
  4. Again, normal class tw and normal class server is not the same thing.
  5. Yea brother, you are mistaken. Jordan produced a lot of good things for AWAKEN CLASSES and that's not what we want. We would like to see a server with normal classes with content different from FNO, not running towards awaken classes. It's not for nostalgia, what's behind us is already gone. We want new experiences with VGN normal class server.
  6. No need to nerf classes like mage/ranger/templar etc, once you have more atractive classes they will be less seen as consequence. Illusionist is way out of the curve. Also, shura is too much powerful once we have less hp in normal tw Obviously, thats just the way i see.