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  1. I can legit buy 20 delicous Bokit (street food, kinda like kebab on my island) with $20
  2. Even your house dont want you
  3. @Jordan I tested it on Sakura and yes Warlock fear isnt impacted by Magic Blockade, i make sure to get hitted by the skill before casting it
  4. I dont know how bad is your luck but you can make more than 800-1k gold per day with 0/10 & 0/2. Also a tiered spender wont help at all, it wil just make people donate more and keep the stone for them instead of playing the altar if he choose to add stone in it. Also dont tell me he can just add thing like costume or i dont know what else, just add mystery box for that.
  5. Even without the change to the AoE skill Samurai is a good class to cap crystal, so it's used in PvP & it's not a "PvE class like the Engi". It's just an useful revert, since it was already like that before.
  6. I hope it's r/EEVendetta tho, i dont know what's Vedentta :V
  7. Here it is
  8. Here you got the EE Vendetta Information Guide made a while ago by Paramount: shortened link:
  9. Welcome @Karah ! And dw the only thing you need to know about EE is Zumi > all & Zumi Master Race
  10. Well to be honest that's me when I read this post I mean, either by specialist you mean "classes"/ "awk classes " or i'm really missing something here or you're in the wrong section
  11. Oh right, i totally forgot about that mb, well they can use the quest at aven, its not really hard to lvl up your class, it will just take time if you're not getting any help
  12. Hm, the thing is, people can use the treasury if they want to lvl their class (i dont know if there is a quest to lead them) and its kinda fast imo
  13. Like DrDieMoreLess say on another post:
  14. Mmh, yeah an str-int set could be great but you can still pay it with a str set or an int set and add crit dmg or m-crit dmg etc on it, about the weapon, I haven't tested the holy skill ( "Ninjutsu Flash Step - Caster jumps 20 meters forward, increasing their Move SPD +30% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 10 secs) ") but it's kinda great to back up, the lv95 daggers have been changed, but I am using the lv100 atm. I'm not good enough to make a guide, but I hope someone will give it a try :v