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  1. Luxdrayn

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    ^ If you want to be competitive you should be doing what you need to do(and its not like there will be no content instead of DoS to grind lvl). ________________________________________ About MT vs Garden, what's the main difference ? -Communication -Party (?) (Im pretty sure MT have a better running on this point, no offense) -Experience (?) (gear swap, animation cancel etc...) In my opinion, it's not something that Garden can't acquire but they need to focus and try over and over. If after this change MT keep rolling on them, then take a look at your party, your class comp' etc... + it's always more fun to play against players who are better than you, even if you lose.
  2. Luxdrayn

    Most Broken Class 2019 Poll

    LF Annihilator
  3. Luxdrayn

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  4. Luxdrayn

    Eden Eternal In Game Character.

    Ahah nice one !
  5. Luxdrayn

    About Guild Towns and Buildings

    This problem should be solved during the next maintenance
  6. Luxdrayn

    Normal Class TW Beta Feedback

    Oh I was only talking about the crystal, not about the reward and like I said before I never PvP when lv 80 was the cap, so thanks for the information ~ I may be wrong but I think the difference is only for ppl lower than 80
  7. Luxdrayn

    Normal Class TW Beta Feedback

    Being an old sluggard who could never PvP at cap lv 80 (although I was watching videos of Jordan, Vyzer etc...) it's nice to be able to somehow relive this nostalgia, so thanks for that. Concerning the TW itself, it's nice not to see illusionists/templar kill anything that moves without any problem. It's good like this, otherwise, it could just turn into a cap war without interest. If Jordan let people use Awk 80 set almost everybody will use them so it does not match this point(imo)
  8. Luxdrayn

    Auto sell blue item

    Np, you don't have to delete this topic but if you want I can close it, just tell me
  9. Luxdrayn

    Christmas Event 2018 [CLOSED]

    As long as it's a Christmas screenshot (related with the game ofc)I do not think it's a problem (just try to put element from the game)
  10. Luxdrayn

    Auto sell blue item

    This suggestion has already been made, I don't remember Jordan's answer but I think this option will be added when he is able to design it.
  11. Luxdrayn

    Craft rework/help

    Just leave MMO and play MOBA, I mean, craft is not that hard, even if you fail X times, the achievement should not be done so easily. If someone wants to do pvp , he will do what is needed for. Just grind the game as others do. About "poor" player, they need to learn how to manage their gold. I mean, you can have at least 60kg per week with FAE, 70k will full bp. Just add Viroona dgn (i don't know how much you can earn from them) and in two weeks you will have 120-140kg etc etc. Im always poor, but when I need something, I know what to do for. About farm, we can put alt in BM, and if they lose their GT, help other guilds to lvl up, AM have a farm lv 8 atm and we're only at 5% if I'm right
  12. Luxdrayn

    R.I.P Tank classes

    Subject move to the right section.
  13. Luxdrayn


    Welcome o/
  14. Luxdrayn

    Christmas Events

    Uh, English only please or put a translation with your sentence.
  15. Luxdrayn

    Updating issues (first start using patcher.exe)

    You're welcome, hope it will solve your problem