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  1. Here you got the EE Vendetta Information Guide made a while ago by Paramount: shortened link:
  2. Welcome @Karah ! And dw the only thing you need to know about EE is Zumi > all & Zumi Master Race
  3. Well to be honest that's me when I read this post I mean, either by specialist you mean "classes"/ "awk classes " or i'm really missing something here or you're in the wrong section
  4. Oh right, i totally forgot about that mb, well they can use the quest at aven, its not really hard to lvl up your class, it will just take time if you're not getting any help
  5. Hm, the thing is, people can use the treasury if they want to lvl their class (i dont know if there is a quest to lead them) and its kinda fast imo
  6. Like DrDieMoreLess say on another post:
  7. Mmh, yeah an str-int set could be great but you can still pay it with a str set or an int set and add crit dmg or m-crit dmg etc on it, about the weapon, I haven't tested the holy skill ( "Ninjutsu Flash Step - Caster jumps 20 meters forward, increasing their Move SPD +30% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 10 secs) ") but it's kinda great to back up, the lv95 daggers have been changed, but I am using the lv100 atm. I'm not good enough to make a guide, but I hope someone will give it a try :v
  8. I respect your opinion but, huh, "for help MT and SB" I really hope you're not serious. Garden with Kiana and Kuhaku are able to win, so please stop crying for nothing, we're like ~ 20 ppl if you count MT + SB (depends on the day) and it's not like there are any benefit for Jordan to see MT winning over and over again.
  9. Damn it, time to go full black, so beautiful ❤️
  10. You dont really need a guide to do lv 100 Trial, just a good party (with good gear, otherwise, you may fail again), try to put some class like Shielder / Holy Sage (well, use support class ) in your team comp'. If you're not geared, i will suggest you to join a guild with geared ppl or do the lv 95 Trial for the awaken armor
  11. Kage Rework Hello guys, It has been more than a month since the Kage was modified (FINALLY) so I decided to open this topic in order to have opinions about the class (whether in PvP or PvE) what you would like as possible improvements / nerf. For those who are late/new: The rework of the Kage was done during the v40 patch (released on December 6, 2018) It is a hybrid class (except for the water stance which is only magical ) a little special because once you have selected a stance, all your damage will have the same element (like the annihilator with the bullets) The different stances This class wants to be unique because of its design and its way of playing. Factor to be taken into account: "Elemental Resistance vs PDPS skills is now capped at 50%. This change only affects classes that can change their elemental damage (Annihilator and Kage). Their damage vs 70 resistance will limited to 50 just like if someone had 70 pierce." - Jordan, Patch v40 Kage Guide by Foxnoturno My opinion about the class: I haven't played it enough (mainly in pvp, I started building this class on a whim ) to give a clear opinion on it, however I really appreciate it, I expected a more classic physical DPS (with short and medium range skills).I also have the feeling that it's not THE new class that will end up top kill at each TW, causing monstrous damage (or I need to review my equipment because it's not crazy) In terms of stances, in terms of teamplay, the water stance is probably the best (disarmament, reduced g-heal, magic attack buff, reduction of ice resistance and move speed etc etc.) in addition to a Time Manipulator / Conjurer. The stance fire is also not bad, the major part of the skills are magical but the p-dmg skills are double / triple hit. I'll see it with a DK or a Mecha Ares (or both) Nature stance should be playable (not all players think of filling their nature resistances in addition to the brand system allowing to obtain side effects (stun, damage in addition, silence). Lightning stance seems to me to be the annoying stance, various tp, stun, a triple atk buff that can be fun with the double atk buff of the zumi. So, what's your opinion/suggestion ? Fake Kage Player
  12. Since Jordan is currently able to choose who will be against whom in TW (currently Garden vs MoneyTeam) I don't see the point in adding more elements, especially since during the last TW I did (Tuesday) they did very well with Kiana. In addition, as @Yukani said (or I don't know who on I don't know which post anymore), at the moment, guilds have a maximum limit of 10 players, a full group (more depending on the day). By dint of wanting to regulate everything the PvP will not look like much anymore, after obviously I am not against limiting it to 20 players in TW / GvG (it is still 2 groups, there is a way to do it) but the players should "learn to regulate the game" by themselves even if I can say it like that.
  13. ^ If you want to be competitive you should be doing what you need to do(and its not like there will be no content instead of DoS to grind lvl). ________________________________________ About MT vs Garden, what's the main difference ? -Communication -Party (?) (Im pretty sure MT have a better running on this point, no offense) -Experience (?) (gear swap, animation cancel etc...) In my opinion, it's not something that Garden can't acquire but they need to focus and try over and over. If after this change MT keep rolling on them, then take a look at your party, your class comp' etc... + it's always more fun to play against players who are better than you, even if you lose.