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  1. Like it's forbidden I have nothing to say. Is this forbidden? No. GLHF. You could do it too. I'd say I agree with bringing back an old IC system. I haven't heard any good position against old IC system yet. 20kk for 2 hours is not that much. Actually, you can get like 40kk per hour of erenia doing with only 1 character. Most of people spamming raids with their alt, means => 80kk each hour. What is more serious, is that this change has killed one more way to get money.
  2. He is just unlucky. Everyone there has his own fails and successful upgrades. For example, I was failing like 300+ times to make my wand +9, and got +10 just in two tries (Wanted to spend my I spent like 250kk to make my trophy from r7 to r8. I know person who got r8 from Mojo
  3. We need more things to choose in this game. This game is not about seer. Just agree, that it's really boring when you don't have any alternate weapon\accessories to choose.
  4. First of all, fully agree: Anyway, i think, that this games needs more alternate equipment. The only choice we have now - laurena accessories. What if to make high-level pvp-oriented accessories? Atleast which are c35+ and has the same stats as arena accessories had before
  5. I'm against, because it's broken. Explanations there are not needed
  6. Essyx

    New player

    Hello, newbie! I believe, that this server is most populated for now. However, i won't call NosTale VGN just private server - it's more than it. You can check differences between official and VGN there: There are a lot of custom things t realised: trophy system, title system, RBB and etc. And if you are going to start playing there, don't forget to receive you starter pack:
  7. Issue is not only in holy sp, but also in fact, that supports are not needed in raids nowadays. Typical team: afk buffs (Morale, sader, holy, wk in case of zenas) and bunch of damagers. Raids are that easy so people don't need extra heal or another help - they need damagers to rush
  8. Essyx


    They are bad balanced, but i mean, that swordsman class has a lot of pvp sp's. It's not really PVE class like Wostex mentioned.
  9. I agree with suggestion. Even more, at this moment it's not worth to buy 1k food at all, because it makes no sense.
  10. Essyx


    Ninja?.. Gladiator? Death Reaper? They are clearly supposed to be PVP sp's
  11. I got 2 masks in like 2 hours raiding, here you go. You raid on your own risk. You can get rich or just waste time.
  12. On the one hand, this is nice idea, because On the other hand, i fully agree with Squizzy: You get enough doing this raids already. Guy, every raid is a roulette: you can get 2 shoes and bow this hour, and get nothing next one. In my opinion suggested changes make Fernon raid more rewarding(which is already pretty much rewarding) - I'm against
  13. Essyx


    I'd say, that the best wings for every sp are onyx atm. The only exception can be warrior: golden wings suits him more since he can get more defence from them. Another choice for every sp can be archdaemon wings; archangels and etc. They are better in some way for PVE and cheaper
  14. Agree with this, especially with recude the raid timer What about raid drop: I more like Kaizou idea
  15. This thing was already suggested: