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  1. Imo mage stunn rate is to high. I can't move even with anti effect arm <.<
  2. Clove

    New prices

    Why do you need a blessing to level from 1-83 when the quest legit give you 100% exp?
  3. Why are you opening a post about something that got opened yesterday already? XD
  4. The knight boss on hell's gate 4 and the Hellduke boss on heaven's gate 4 have a chance of dropping the c28 books.
  5. Get the ibra trophy if you have no major trophy yet
  6. 6.2 monsters don't drop items directly into the inventory tho?
  7. Only event trainers sadly. +4/5/6 shouldnt make that much of a difference. Fibi will melt regardless because fire monsters. You're fine with 150 guards tho. I'm c50 and still need that amount. So don't worry about it too much.
  8. 1. Ancelloan's will 3 is by far the best map. However it's usually full on all channels at mid-day time. 150/200 pet guardians really is normal to be honest. 2. Upgrade your fibi's def level to 6 and exchange your kliff's armor with the 93 one + upgrade it to atleast +7 3. In my opinion laurena's hat. You can melt the lure once the effect procs. 5. 82 points on hp is way too much for the pve aspect of the game if you ask me. I'd go for 100/10/86/35 or 85/10/100/35 in trade you'd have to use potions and snacks more frequently. Also note that you should take foxy, the damage boost and cooldown reduce really helps a lot aswell. Additionally a major trophy would boost your damage output drasticly aswell, in case you have one of these yet. If not I'd take the ibrahim trophy for 10 more res reduction. Use atk and defence potions. I hope this somewhat helps you a little as I'm archer myself so no clue if any of this makes sense.
  9. You can get it out of the bags now yes and yes the effect works against pve+pvp.
  10. Clove

    Low Dmg

    You'll need property SL's and gloabl SL aswell. Energy and Defence are pretty much useless in pve, you just don't need them for this aspect of the game. Additionally, the ibra trophy gives a great boost in damage, aswell as the shadow gem. Weapon skins grant you additional 150 damage plus another usefull effect as 5% attack power or 10% more damage to monsters.
  11. So should I open a completely fresh ticket or can I also continue with the one that got closed back when it happened?
  12. You get 30 gillions per character -> 90 if you do it with 2 alts. The pts takes around 2-3 minutes only. By killing Magmaros in act 5.2 vulcano region. -> East + West path.
  13. Well yep, account sharing apparently is enough evidence for them, I'm not saying anything against that BUT I'd rather not see others get unbanned in the same situation as me while I remain banned ^-^ But it's whatever, probably a bad idea to continue such discussion on the forum.
  14. Funny because in my case nothing got reviewed and I got the good old. "We can't do anything in this situation and we do not unban for these actions"