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  1. well im in a US time zone but i usually play late nights because thats when my speed it better. My ISP out here is trash but I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have other options xDD idk tho i don't even really have a time since my sleep schedule wanna be like hey you're not gonna sleep for 36 hours u better find something to do! *grinds forever in SB* But for sure I planned on visiting the FK side again in the future I'll blow up shout when I do
  2. I dunno i spend alot of time on SB since i cant work anymore (back problems yo) i dunno i was on alot when i was fk for a few days the only person i got to talk to me was Sabin lol. Maybe my timing just sucks but I was thinking about making at least 2 fks once i finish my RGs so maybe I'll see you then
  3. Hi hi i wish you many drops and much luck with RNGesus!
  4. And that children is why you don't F!@# with Volcano Beetles...

  5. When u can't pick a class and end up lvling everything to 25 and starting a new char xD

  6. only if u wanna die from boredom and how u gonna label me as such when i joined the guild u were basically like... YOU MADE ME that is all...kappa
  7. Those are called basic betties and u should avoid those in the future
  8. @GoddessSand Thanks for all the helpful info and yeah im kinda understanding the whole hulk smash thing it doesn't help either that the second people start losing the team starts dropping like flies lol but its cool tho even though the odds arent in my favor and i got ALOT of work to do im motivated to get up there so i can start returning some of these spankings i got...I'm making a list but again thanks bunches for the useful info ive been combing the forums for advice and stuff and this is going in my notes much appreciated
  9. Looks liek I'll be breathing some life into this thread but yeah heres the me! and that yeah I vape pic every vaper has and a side note dont be ashamed of your appearance all of y'all are beautiful
  10. My list is alot of in this moment with mixes of pop, rock, and some country. I listen to just about anything except trap music because no...just no
  11. @FilomenaI was checking around on both sides and the FKs didn't want anything to do with me. spent hours talking to myself lol then made one on RG side and suddenly people were talking. As much as I wanted to be FK (them colors yo) I didn't really feel wanted there so i went to the other side
  12. @FilomenaI have yet to meet people of that mindset but yeah ive started doing the avoid people and go for boxes thing but I still think BGS would be more fun if everyone had the same stats that way u can actually work with your team and win and not just stand behind the OP person and get a free win or just get destroyed when you're on the other side. I'm sure ill figure out eventually but I feel like BGs would be more fun and more populated if they found a way to balance everyone in BGs. I have some friends who don't even try because "What's the point of playing if im just doomed to fail." which I kinda understand but you cant get better at PvP by not playing and alot of people ive noticed are pretty turned off by all the OP players. idk tho who knows maybe things will change but imma keep trying tho even if its like an ant fighting an elephant most of the time...
  13. So I don't mean to start a thing or if this has been covered in an older post forgive me but as a new player coming into the game BGs are not fun...at all you have 0 chance to win unless you're carried so my suggestion is this or wondering if its even possible but is there a way to change players stats when they go into BGs? What im getting at is would it be possible to make everyone have the same stats when they go into BGs that was us noobs have a bit of a chance and not wanna quit because we can never win. I don't mind losing but I have no idea what a win feels like lol.
  14. Step 1: make pancake batter

    Step 2: get oreos and spread peanut butter on top of them

    Step 3: dip in batter and fry

    Step 4: add powdered sugar or desired drizzle and embrace your inner fat kid.

    Fried Oreos FTW!

  15. Hi im new to SB and have been enjoying it well so far just taking a min to say hi and introduce myself and looking forward to seeing y'all in game
  16. Ramen is life that is all

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