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  1. Right, @Jade, if the stuns go then the Whipper is just pulling people closer to have a better chance of dying by their hand. "Get over here and kill me please". I think before we start messing with any one classes skill set, which tends to cause people to rage quit or just plain rage, perhaps we may be better served by looking at the balance of defensive gears / passive defense of all classes vs. the damage buffs / passive damage / piercing of all classes. I think what gives people such a frustrated and possibly distorted view of PvP is the fact that most endgame PvP encounters are decided in seconds and many in fractions of a second. If the survivability (I'm making that a word even though spell check says it isn't one) of all classes were to come up slightly, then we might be able to get a better handle on the skills that might require adjustment down the line. @VerstecktYou make a good point that the PU's job is long range DPS and they're supposed to be able to burn a Whipper quickly. Fine, it's also a Whipper's job to pull and stun and disable (crowd control). Yes, I'm sure it's very frustrating for you if I pull you off of a crate with Hook and Sinker II and stun you so an SE on my team can burn you, but it's equally frustrating to me when you stunlock me on my bike with Mighty Impact and an SW on your team walks by and calmly kills me before I can even get off my bike. It's frustrating but well played. That's called playing your class. I contend we should look at the survivability of everyone overall first and individual class skills second. I don't have numbers or any of that. I don't math well. This is just my feeling / opinion. I leave it to the GM's and GS's who know the game much much better than I do to make sense of my aimless rambling. ?
  2. Versteckt, When I began playing this game back in ASB, the Whipper was a crowd control tank with AOE disables. We had weak DPS, and couldn't get many kills, but for those of us willing to play this part, we accepted the trade-off. Since the last level cap change the Whipper has retained some crowd control capabilities, though we had virtually none when we lost our stuns for awhile, but we are no longer a tank class at all. Punishers, like yourself, even when under-geared can burn through a whipper who isn't OP, within 2 or three hits. I have all +10 or above Unique gear, a fully leveled pet, and regular rank 2 jewels. You typically kill me in BG's within 2 hits, 3 with my shields up. There is a lot that is unbalanced at the moment. I hear your concerns and complaints, but it my experience (I have a Punisher too), Whippers are so handicapped already, as compared to PU, that I discourage new players from choosing WH. It's may favorite class, but it is broken... broken to its detriment, though, and not its it's advantage. I know the pulls are a pain. I've been pulled into the FK WH ping pong fest many times myself. Unfortunately, Pulls are one of the only things the whipper still has other than a great booty and perky breasts. Remember, when talking about Balance, all classes have a role to play. The whippers only remaining role is crowd control through debuffs and stuns. Once that is taken away, the class becomes useless, and once again you lose players who prefer that class / role. We still haven't gained back some great players who left the last time we messed with the WH class, one of whom didn't even play Whipper. Even though he had been playing since the beginning of Vendetta SB, and had spent considerable time and money on this game, he no longer trusted the game after he saw what happened to the Whippers. I suggest that we be very careful about taking anything away without considering what can be given in return. Remember, the whipper is supposed to be "A powerful melee fighter with excellent range, specializing in brutal AoE Skills that shreds her foes". At the moment, the whipper is: A weak melee fighter (barely any DPS to speak of) with mediocre range and annoying AoE attacks that encourage foes to kill her while she's trying to close because she is soooo sloooowwwww... Just something to think about while you're burning lowbies at the RP mobs. Yuuki
  3. Hey, remember when you mooned that werewolf in Barbiron? Good times... Don't look now, but Commander is staring at your butt again... I'm just looking at your toned calves though... What do you call a Flame Stag with no eyes? ...No idea. Are these too long? I thought they were short then I looked ant everyone else's... ?
  4. lol, @Vivi! There are some that definitely cause that response in me... but others I love, like @NoRunNoGun. Some just make me laugh... Like when I hear Andy Williams do "The Most Wonderful Time", I just think of the Mark Jensen Christmas special. ?
  5. So, who listens to Christmas music this time of year and who does not? Holiday Favorites? Seasonal Songs that make you want to set yourself on fire?
  6. Currently enjoying having this stuck in my head... ...because random nonsense lyrics to help one remember a random pin code are the best to walk around singing if you want folks to think you're insane. ? Also, I just discovered Greta Van Fleet... holy crap. Sounds just like Zeppelin.
  7. Thanks for all the welcomes. @Doper, I'll try to say as unsalty as possible.
  8. Hey all, I guess I've never introduced myself here. Sorry. If anyone cares to know, I am a Teacher, Designer, Dad, and Gamer. I'm a generally busy guy, but I love playing games and socializing. I'm always happy to talk and listen in Scarlet Blade (unless something or someone is actively killing me and I can't multitask on dying and chatting ?). I do play RG primarily at the moment, but I'm generally friendly to everyone. Even if you've just killed me 12 times in BG, I'll still talk to you in Suer (or the lounge... so sad to see that place so empty ?). My main toon is YuukiMel. I have an alt, but she gets no love until I get my main geared and levelled. See you in game! DFTBA
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