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    Selling advice on PayPal refunds £100 : 1hour tutorial discord: tynp#1581
  2. Been fun, gave items away to some ppl in nosville and fam cya
  5. I think the MA class is level 80 when you make it so it wouldn't make sense to be low level and able to create one? I'm not sure, I haven't actually gone through the effort to create that class it seems pretty weak in most aspects of the game and thanks
  6. You should be able to get in the lower level raids, there are probably fams also looking to push the fam level that tend to add lower levels to do raids to increase it quickly, could give that a try. Just give it time and build up your reputation slowly, you'll get there in the end. Mage there isn't really much to say, try get a pet to help lure when you do get to 6.1, partner is good too. I like to build my AM 70 0 100 50 for 6.1 mobbing, I'm sure others would disagree it comes down to preference. I would advise later aiming for a shadow gem too since that increases PvE damage a lot, aside from that I'm probably not the person to ask, just a PvP trash ok
  7. Yeah just prioritise finishing the trade requirements. You can build a DG and gun PvE set to join Zenas raids down the line & long term will be necessary for Fernon raids - Though that's far down the line. Wand for PvE needs - S-% to damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil > Undisturb while casting > Light property (Not really needed), SL Damage / Property Support Gun for PvE - S-Overall, SL Damage / Property (If not on wand) PvE gun - S-% To damage > Critical Damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil. - SL's should be Overall + Damage + Energy (Overall on support wand, damage / energy on either equipment). Robe is not really too important in terms of necessary stats S-% to defence, S-% Bad effects, S-% HP recovery all seem to work in PvE, Reduce all stun / Blackout, Enhance long / melee are also pretty nice. You can also do lower level raids, cuby, slade etc. once your trade requirement is completed these boxes sell quite well. I would personally prioritise resistances->equipment->Sp's->Trophy/Accessories/Books.
  8. Well in terms of proceeding you'll need to complete the trade requirements before you worry about buying any SP's or equipment, you won't be able to. Once you complete those I'd advise leveling to champion level 30, perhaps in a party with 2 other low c level players, if you quest to act1.6 end you'll be around level 83, from there you can do LoD for level 88 and begin the a6.1 quest for more combat / champion level xp. Advisable as a mage in 6.1 is Archmage, swordsman Renegade / Monk, archer WK. You should be able to do this with decent lv 92~93 set & others in the party. Once you reach c30 you should buy a relevant PvE set for your class, aim to get one of the aforementioned SP's to +13 to join Erenia raids. These raids will allow you to make gold and you can then decide what to buy from there. Like you first said "What sps are good" you need to elaborate on what aspect of the game you want them to be good for.
  9. S-HP is trash unless you're a ranged opponent vs a non-ranged opponent, otherwise every hit won't apply a heal and you'll get hit often by a scout / seer due to rotation skills (Blade Changer / Rotating Arrow) though vs Warrior for example it can be good as you're likely to heal from almost every hit as it's a very slow attacking SP. S-Res is the best for archers as it doesn't have high res as a base state of the class and also it won't utilise S-Def as much as a swordsman / mage would due to a % increase obviously being more impactful if the base stat is higher. Alternatively in some situations S-Effects can be decent, but I wouldn't expect to tank much with it. Swordsman S-Def is usually the go-to as swordies have a very high base defence so benefit from the % increase a lot, dependent on the situation i.e. FC / RBB / Arena ganks, S-Res can be very helpful as again swordsman don't have the highest res, I wouldn't recommend S-HP or S-Negative effects for this class. Mage again S-Def is good for this class (probably the best option) as mages have high base res, although in some situations S-Res can also be good if you can supplement it with high S-Def PvP (if you plan to pvp) 35%+ and maybe enh defence. Overall S-Res is usually a staple for most classes and the go-to in my opinion, especially with shadow gem allowing 87% base reduction (With max on weapon) on resistances being very strong, that's with no debuffs. Although in the end it comes down to what your goal is with the equipment you're buying.
  10. ??????????? How am I being a smartass 4 different people have told u that in this thread, sigh whatever u do u bruh
  11. right but the thing is you're "blacking out" the name of the SCAMMER, the way he messages it makes it look as though it's bash, which has been explained many times.
  12. It's amusing people still manage to believe this stuff smh
  13. Whoever sent you the whisper asking for help in akt6 or something is the hacker, he sent a message which is spaced correctly so the second line looks like Bash sent it, but it's 1 single pm
  14. You had the weekend to do exactly what you just proposed, the time given was to trade over your items / gold etc. if you needed to.
  15. Not even as a new player UL is just retarded to try farm when a full buffed scout comes and 1 hits you, simply not going to be effective, especially not if there's a large increase of multiple people farming there, it's a single channel map in a PvP environment, like I said, make it a non-PvP environment and accessible via channels 1~9 and it would be justifiable. Adding Fernon fairy craftable materials would completely drop the price of lets be honest the only end-game item that isn't already highly accessible to everyone on the server, with the exception of Fernon shoes which are still in circulation at an extremely higher rate in comparison. Also nothing is stopping you from using 2 characters which would give "in your experience" 160kk per hour which is honestly so much, and it is meant to be an RNG based raid, it takes 2 minutes maximum to complete and is simply an easy raid, to allow very good loot at a high percent chance is illogical, it would be like adding Glacerus' manes / Draco's claws x5 to a cuby raid, just doesn't make sense. Regardless of how many people do it does not change the fact of how easily spam-able the raid is, if only 10 people did Cuby it's still an easy raid that can be spammed, I don't understand the logic there. Also I didn't say that you mentioned shoes / gear being raised I was simply saying if you were getting these rewards you wouldn't be complaining, the fact they're in loot pool can be enough in my opinion, as someone that opens Erenia boxes on 2 characters I honestly make an average of about 20-40kk per hour from the loot rewards, which is the equivalent of a single piece of equipment from Fernon which is easily obtainable and many more boxes are given in Fernon. I simply don't think Erenia is "too rewarding" because you're basing that on people selling boxes, it's a community based price the boxes sell at, there is no set price for these and there is nobody stopping you from using 2 characters in fernon to get more gold which is very very easy to get 200kk+. Erenia is not easier than Fernon, they're both a repetitive spam raid, at least in Erenia you don't enter the boss room instantly, you can finish Fernon within 1 minute, Erenia minimum takes 1min30~2mins just to get to the boss room. The amount of loot you "CAN" being they key-word, receive from Fernon is far superior to Erenia and you get more boxes within Fernon, statistically you're going to make more profit whether or not you sell Erenia boxes.
  16. Making Erenia/Zenas untradeable is further disallowing improvement for new players to the game. It is not plausible for a c30 to try farm Unknown Land for perfection stones, they will just die constantly and not gain anything, regardless of the time they put in, unless Unknown Land is an anti PvP zone this is simply not going to be logical. Also as for Fernon raids, I can't see how any complaints can be made on the amount of gold the raid provides, main items from the raids sell from 100kk~800kk. This will minimum require 10 hours of erenia raids to hit the peak of a Fernon raid loot pool. Yes, it may be low chance to receive Fernon shoes, however if it wasn't viable to do fernon raids people wouldn't be spamming them at every possible opportunity, to say it doesn't seem rewarding is simply because you aren't getting the loot you want, if you got Fernon shoes every hour you did the raid it wouldn't be a complaint, it comes down to RNG realistically and certainly doesn't need to be buffed further. On top of which a base NPC price was added for equipment that was going for borderline no gold prior to the update, which allows even more gold from a very easy raid realistically, it's the most spam-able with minimal effort. I don't see how there's any room for complaint in those raids to be completely honest. I agree with reversing back the price of Erenia/Zenas Equipment and also with Blue Souls, mobbing really isn't a ridiculously high income option, more of a side way of making gold if you don't want to raid or can't.
  17. Don't worry I wasn't taking it personally. I don't doubt you'll figure something out, as I said I just wanted to check it was looked at. You should take a break tho n enjoy the weekend for real
  18. I mean I didn't really come here to argue about the execution of what you've done, nor to flame you. I simply wanted to explain my opinion on the current financial hit the market has taken. People are going to trash talk because they're mad it's an online mentality not just a server / game based one, I don't really want to bother speaking on that, I've got to know you relatively well through some issues I've gone through and you've helped with and often you've gone above and beyond to help with things so it's just a matter of anger and lack of perspective. From my point of view, you're far from money hungry and care about the longevity and player base more than it comes across as to some people.
  19. Well it won't because people are constantly buying them, and I'd rather not speak on your preference of making gold since you've already made enough profit as a result of selling to a gold duper even with the 80% gold loss. I don't use boxes for profit, I buy VGN to make gold, pretty sure that's common knowledge at this point. I think the reason you're receiving blame is because people feel they're all taking punishment for something gold dupers / sellers did when they already got their money and left. It's hard to see the bigger picture and if this will reduce the chances of it happening in the future when you come back after however many days of being unable to play to now see you've lost 20% of your gold, you can't trade anything, you have to do a redundant questline etc. it's just tough to come back to that and see it as rewarding.
  20. Okay well as long as you're monitoring it to see if something should be done that's all I really want to happen, just from my POV I don't see the economy stabilising for a long time if ever. Also, some people don't really know how to give objective criticism so instead just flame you, which is what it is I'm sure you're used to it, I gain no benefit from saying you're money hungry or a trash GM and it doesn't even show that way realistically, I just don't want to see an economy become like UK official where everything was inflated for the simple fact that people bought everything in bulk and decided the prices as they see fit. People will always mob, it's how you get xp. It purely depends on your preference to make gold. Also pretty sure everyone is aware that Unknown land is a joke to try farm given where it's placed
  21. Sure I understand, but I think it should definitely be looked at as an option, I used the example before the server went down as a result of the gold duping that abysall essences were beyond overpriced, they're now even higher than that rate. Erenia boxes are more expensive, it's simply a consumer supplier cycle, supplies are low at the moment but people still want them so the prices are kind of irrelevant, but as a result everything will go up in price permanently, even if just marginally it's not good for any economy. I agree it would be best to wait for the time-being though and just see how it plays out, but I can't see anything at all reducing in price to lower than before the gold dupe since now the first person who listed an item decided the price for it.
  22. I'm aware of the bigger issue, but even as a short term fix this doesn't seem to benefit anyone really, the boxes are still as high as ever, in fact everything is ridiculously high in bazaar. If you want to really fix the economy some items should be injected into the economy via bazaar to try and fix their price. On top of that I don't think I'm having tunnel vision, I personally don't need the profit from the boxes, I have enough gold I just want the perfection stones, but for lower level c30 players who may want to perfect their sp etc. it will take extremely long to do so and it will be economically trash, the margin to make profit just isn't there.