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  1. Alright guess this can be removed or closed then if that is the case. Thanks for reading
  2. Well like the title let's you guess what this is about some random guy came in and stole some of my baby phoenix eggs and I was hoping that some GS or GM can do something about it. They didn't even bother to respond to my message they just run away after they all despawned. (There was no GS around that time) Here is a pic of them using snow storm stealing them:
  3. Charming Pink Fox (Legendary) Thanks!
  4. I really appreciate the patch that you gave us Jordan but I also would like to see 0/2 in Daylight Forest instead of 0/1. I'm sure people would be ok with less reward but a better chance to get a certain boss for their quest.Hope you will be able to keep up the good work and thanks again Jordan for the patch! Suggestion: Maybe make it that certain bosses spawn on certain days seeing how many there are actually in Daylight Forest. Or maybe bosses spawn depending on if there is a person who needs a boss drop. (Not sure how much work that would be to program in but that's just a suggestion from my side) Have a nice day.
  5. Sakura Katana Legendary thanks ✔️12/07/19
  6. Toy fish legendary for the eden crystal altar pls ✔️11/14/19
  7. So I was getting to the monster stones with my zumi and saw that making the ice monster stone would cost 500 carps what is a orange mat. I'm wondering if this is meant to be like that or a mistake since it would take a long time to farm 500 orange mats.
  8. I was hoping to see the following items in the eden crystal altar: Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary) Mysterious Shark Doll Hat (Legendary) Thanks for reading.