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  2. Just a little visual thing I would like to report about the Revelation armor 5 piece effect. The buff will get added to your buff list (stats too) but it only says "Revelation" when you hover over the buff itself showing nothing like "+10% M-ATK and DMG Dealt".
  3. Something new to add would be that Shields lvl 1-90 shows up as Staffs lvl 1-90 instead. Pic of the guild list: https://prntscr.com/yerjit Pic of the acutal NPC: https://prntscr.com/yerjy0
  4. When I bought the other day the Ring/Necklace merchant from the Aven NPC (Elika) and set it up it showed as Enchanting Formulas (80-85) instead. Which was confusing to me when I was going through the list. I'm unsure if the other merchants from Elika are just like that when it comes to Ring/Necklace might want to test it out. Pic of the list from the guild list: https://prntscr.com/xnxbdv Pic of the actual NPC: https://prntscr.com/xnxc3y
  5. Just a small suggestion but since we have now both 115 weapons and armor it would be great if we could convert 110 scrolls to 120 via Arcane Box.
  6. First of all before we go to the content from the patch I want to give my thanks for the patch and to all the people who tested it. I hope you all will be able to keep up the work for future EE patches! ... that being said let's move on... I personally don't like it that we once again have semi the same system like HoO had. I was hoping to see again 5-10 party trials or even only 3 for a change. But instead we have another HoO based farming grind festival which is at the moment even worse than HoO. I have a few suggestion in mind when it comes to how it could be made less of a grind and without making it too easy. -Give 1 essence per daily (there are 4 other people in the party too that can get the drops from the boss) -Give a quest where you have to defeat each boss once or twice for 1 essence of your choice (repeatable) -Make a NPC where you can trade 2-3 Abyss Armor Fragments for 1 essence of your choice -Mail bags 2 instead of 1 -Make the amount of essence that is needed for crafting armor less The bosses and mechanics are mostly easy to understand after a few try and errors which is totally fine. But there are a few issues I have with certain bosses... -Sakuya: The OS ability can be casted while 1 (or even more) are being under KD/Stun giving no chance to survive at all. -Esh-Baal: Please make her port right where she is suppose to be or make us be able to talk to the NPC right away instead of having to wait 2-3 min (which is longer than her fight in the first place) The DOT that you get from that boss should be get removed once you leave the DNG and not stay till the timer runs out. -Molten King: It seems that Molten King has a small chance to respawn another Molten Core when its being killed. We had it that we killed one and another one spawned right away which made us kill 3 instead of the 2. And that's it when it comes to Abyss for now... About some general stuff. -There has been a lack of event support lately when it comes to quests or even just basic EXP/CP events (I know the rates are very high already but we had it in the past too) -The so called "Dream Altar" is just like any other normal altar that we have every now and then. If you want input from us then please also take it to consideration and not just put up the same stuff like always. I know that many people asked for Badge of Honor which would have been a good time to put in (If the altar/diamond altar ends with this weeks MT) Anyway I hope you all stay safe and healthy and have a nice Happy New Year!
  7. So I noticed that the Guardian Angle pet buff goes into the debuff list of your char instead of the buff list. The 3k heal counts as a debuff from the system while the 5% heal when you have stacks is in the actual buff list. If you could fix that Jordan that would be great thanks. Here is a pic of it: https://prnt.sc/t95ti2 The left one is the 3k heal that counts as a debuff while the 5% stack heal is in the buffs.
  8. Another few ideas were: Make it that when you finish a trial you get 100 points (or 50) instead of 10 so you still would have to farm for it but it's more friendlier and keeps you motivated to know that you go somewhere. Put HF 100 into the gem altar instead somewhere into the last two rows or even replace it for CCM. That's all thanks.
  9. Hello there this post is mostly about achievments when it comes to gold weapons and armor. I know back then it was possible to buy every (or most lower trial BP) BP via EP in the EP shop and they got removed with I think the awaken armor lvl 110 patch. So I was wondering if it is possible to bring them back into the shop again? I'm done so far with level 50-60 but my biggest issue with gold weapons are pretty much Katana and Greatsword since you either need to farm 400 trials for the points or be lucky with Roger maps which have a very bad drop chance to begin with. I was talking to someone who has finish pretty much every single achievment and they told me to buy both of them in the EP shop what I can't do since they are no longer in there.So I was wondering if you could bring them back into the shop Jordan so newer player have the same chances like the older one had with that matter. About Heartflame lvl 100 I would love to see that item back again too since using a lvl 120 seems a bit overkill for lower lvl items like GoP for example. Using a lvl 120 HF seems too much for it when there is a option like a lvl 100 HF but you can't get them as for now since they aren't in the altar anymore at all. Thanks for reading.
  10. After 3 hours of trying to figure out what the cause of it is I found out that if you use def +10% cert (any of them both) you get HP added to it too... I'm not sure why it does that if you are suppose to get only def added and not a small amount of HP. I did try it with other classes too and they also were getting a HP boost from the 10% def cert.
  11. So I noticed that I'm missing HP on my executioner class while using the same items, KP, and glyphs before the patch happened. The weird part is it's only on my executioner all other classes are still the same when it comes to HP. It used to be 100k HP+ now I'm at 99930 HP and was wondering if something was changed without wanting it when it comes to the HP% from KP/class stats bonus or something else. I even checked the patch notes a few times to make sure I'm not missing anything but can't find anything that would be the cause of it. The race would be ursun if that helps
  12. Alright guess this can be removed or closed then if that is the case. Thanks for reading
  13. Well like the title let's you guess what this is about some random guy came in and stole some of my baby phoenix eggs and I was hoping that some GS or GM can do something about it. They didn't even bother to respond to my message they just run away after they all despawned. (There was no GS around that time) Here is a pic of them using snow storm stealing them: https://prnt.sc/qlt3da
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