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  1. Greetings. First and foremost I will put this on the begining of my text because I know you don't actually care enough to read because if you did you would at least uderstand what we're talking about rather than taking snipets and just commenting on that. Gold is easy to farm but there is no sellers of stones to buy from. Period. So stop saying over and over that we want gold farming easier and stuff like that that wasn't mentioned at all not even once within this whole thread. Again for the 3rd time the crucial fact is overlooked, there simply isn't enough stones suply to either buy or use because nobody sells them, the few that are sold are not enough and you also hardly get any from the Altar. You say that ECs work for everything, yes, but if you're aiming for something specific you might just not get it at all. Gearing up shouldn't be a spinning wheel of luck of "What will I do this week? I only got racial farming so I guess I'll do that. Oh this week I got 5 SS, I'll gear up. Oh this week I got lots of charms, I'll do leveling" but a thing one should be able to do any any given point they feel is necessary, not to be taking your chances on having the gold and not being able to buy what you need regardless of how rich you are. You need to gear up, you do it. You say there is no point on buying the rest of the totally not useful things from Cash Shop then why do you even put it in there? Rather than that put things that actually matter, heck even in the official servers you have 10% Stones for AP purchase directly, Primes and Golden Gear on literally 1st row of Altar and it has just as many people running around Aven and leaving Shops as this server and yes I downloaded the US Aeria version to check it. Their Altars have stones, Costumes Prime and Legendary and change all the time whilst yours give Alpha costumes, always the same ones, alpha pets, 10% stones, and lots of useless stuff like the gathering aids (you can farm tons free), repair hammers (unnecessary due to guild repair), TP stones (useless after qusting is done), 2 times Megaphones? Seriously? And you expect me or anyone else to pay cash to that? I might just get more rolling my AP on the 1st 2 rows on the official server and get more than some dyes and repair hammers or a white repeated mount in here. You say for being a PVT server it's easier and cheaper but as I see it in comparison is just as bad or even worse than the official server. The GMs refuse to see that there is a stone supply issue, they believe that everything is ok, that the only people complaining are people that don't spend money and when people spend money and complain also then it's just your trouble, not of the GMs. People that play since the server opened and have gear to +10 which they profited when the server started keep on GMs side just because they already got geared and don't wanna others to catch up and the ones that cannot catch up are imediately tagged as lazy crybabies just because it is impossible to catch up if it isn't in a months time at which that point would everything already been obsolete due to the next cap. I came here with respect, pouring time into thinking my words through, reading through all topics to see what the people are asking for and finding a vaild argument that would make you see what you obviously don't want to see, that you have a problem but you're content enough to sweep it under the rug because you still got some people left supporting you. Once they're gone and this server ends up abandoned just like Awakening, then what will you do? Once you lose people, you won't get them back and I'm tired of writing and explaining every single point to a degree a toddler would understand just for you to keep saying that "there is no problem with anything, everything is fine as it is." If everything was fine, then there wouldn't be people complaining, and I see it daily, donors leaving, F2P players fed up, P2W players complaining that PVP isn't happening, it's just spiraling out of control and you refuse to take any action because you're just too scared of what would people think of you. I gave my money and my time into this server believing it would be different this time, that when all of the past servers I played on EE failed or closed down that this time it wouldn't happen again, that this time the GMs would actually listen and do something before it was late, but it seems like EE has a curse and either it was designed to fail from the beginning or it's just unlucky to always be managed by the same type of people. People that don't care to listen and give people what they're asking for and thinking they know better. It was a good run, I will probably give this server a few days more worth of grinding for the old times sake and nostalgia and then move on to another game that at least gives some attention to their community. Best Regards and Stay Safe. PS: Just close down this topic, it doesn't matter how many people come forward you just won't read any of it regardless. I tried to voice the issues again after seeing closed topics thinking this time at least something would go through to you but I understand now why nobody else wants to pick up the fight, because you just don't take any of the comments seriously. There is no point talking to a rock.
  2. Greetings, everyone. It seems like a crucial point is being very much overlooked which is that P2W players are also complaning about the current situation, not only F2P players. As things are right now, and I cannot and won't speak for everyone, P2W players (like me) are fed up for spending their money and just not seeing any kind of change. You say that EC are the thing that is selling most from the cash shop and that would be absolutely right, and that is only because there is literaly nothing else to spend your cash on. Let me break it down for you from a perspective of someone that charged cash within Classic recently. You charge whatever amount you can afford and that would go either towards your personal benefit of gearing up by buing upgrades such as Stones, Chisels, Costumes, Mounts, etc. You open up cash shop and realize there are 0 Stones, 0 Chisels, only a handful of the same white basic costumes, 0 Mounts, etc. The only thing worth buying at the current state of the cash shop content is either EC and EP packs (if you're still working for achievements but once you're done, no current usage to buy them) and that's pretty much it. See now why you say only EC's are selling out? Because it is the only option to use your AP on having no other choices. Now, you say, ok I will buy ECs so I can get the benefit I need, for example I wanna spend cash on fortifying my set but I cannot buy stones directly. I will either a) Roll the Altar and see if I get lucky or b) Sell the ECs to F2P people and buy the stones directly from someone that rolled Altar. Theres only a big catch with both of those options: Option a) Rolling Altar: If you roll the Altar, and if you're lucky, you might get some 10% stones. If you're lucky. I personally rolled the Altar multiple times (Over 100 ECs at once) and got hardly 4-10 Stones. Now, it has already been established that you need over 30-50 Stones to just try to fortify 1 Item from +9 to +10. Total you'd need some over 100 if not more stones (SS, +7-8,+9-10 stones) to get just 1 peace of gear to +10. This is something that has been mentioned before that even if you roll your chances on Altar, you may just not get at all enough stones to fortify just 1 peace of equipment at all, regardless if you spend 30-100 USD on it. Yes, you may get other things along the way and sell them to ultimately buy the stones from someone else but that leads me to the second option. Option b) Selling ECs: You decided that you don't wanna take your chances on Altar and getting nothing, you'd rather sell your ECs and buy the stones directly. Only that ECs don't really sell that well. Everyone is selling them and only a handful really buys them because of the mentioned above odds. The few people that decide to buy a few ECs at a time will most probably get between 1-2 stones from their roll which they will use for themselves with a 99% confidence. At one point it was said that not only P2W players "hoard" their stones but also F2P players, and that might be right. The reason for this is that P2W players that roll Altar get only enough stones for themselves to use. The spare they get are being held onto until a better weapon drops or they make a new set they really need. Why do they hold onto them to? Because it is extremly difficult to get them again and they don't want to risk selling the few they have only to needing to get them again in a few days and not being able to. You cannot really buy them from people because theres very few people actually selling them, for the above mentioned reasons, and the few that do sell them are really pricey. Like above mentioned, around 700g one stone. Now, if you payed attention its at least 30-50 for one item to roll +9 to +10. Imagine having to buy 30 at least just for 1 weapon that's 21k of gold. Okay, it's doable, I'm not saying it's not. I can make that money in a couple of days just by doing daily entries, however, the gold isn't the issue. The supply is. Even if you got the 21k of gold, you will not find someone selling you 30 stones. At best you may get 1 or two from multiple people. Conclusion. Nobody is complaining about the rates, nobody is complaining that there isn't enough gold, nobody is complaining that things are too hard to farm. You want people spending AP but those people have nothing to spend the AP on. What should they buy, Exp Charms that you can farm for free? After they're done buying Auric or Iris Jewels and got all to 65 (Which on it's on takes about a week max) what then, buying expensive furniture for their Base? White or Green pets? Tons of World Calls? Racial gathering that you can buy from others cheaper? You're not giving P2W players to spend their cash on since ECs are virtually worthless if you want to roll them to gear up unless you spend 500 EC to try and get enough stones to fortify 1 item only, you cannot sell them to get enough gold, and even if you do the gold you get it's extremly hard to find someone selling the stones you need. Like it was mentioned earlier, this is a multiclass game, you cannot expect anyone to pour weeks to months to gear up to +10 and +6 set for 1 class only, what about the rest? Yes, don't make it easy to gear up everything in a week, but you cannot expect people to also spend weeks/months to gear up just one of the current 16 Classes and nothing else, it's just not entertaining since the whole point of this game is the multiclassing. You cannot expect people to stick to only 1 single class. Besides, the amount of money and time you need to gear up only 1 class is very much plausible that by the time you reach that point a new cap has been released and all that you worked for you didn't even have any chance to fully take advantage of and becomes obsolete. Same way as you cannot expect to make people believe they should not get their gear to +10. You need to give the opportunity for people to chose if they want themselves geared to +10 or +6 only, it's not your call to make. If someone wants to make their Gun for PVE purposes +10 it's their call, not yours and they should not be having the oportunity taken away just because you feel like it's "unnecessary". Don't chose for the people, give the choice to them. If you're unhappy with people wanting to have their gear +10 to which you keep repeating that at the current state you do not need to get +10 then why did you even give the choice to the people? You could just easily have taken the resources necessary to get +10 gear and only make everyone max getting +6. Obviously if you give people the oportunity to be +10 they will want to take it. Best Regards and Stay Safe.
  3. Thank you very much for your quick answer, very much apreciated. However, after reading your comments, I can see that my ideas were probably not very clear so I will try to explain them a bit more clearly. Regarding the Ranking System, at no point did I mention to make it be easier, in fact, the changes were to make it a lot harder since people are going to try to Rank on it making it much more difficult to get on the board instead of just most players not caring about it because they won't get anything out of it. Maybe people will never be able to Rank for Top 1, but that is not the point of the change. The point was that everybody would care more about it just to get a weekly/monthly reward, the rewards I gave are just an example, it could be less, it could be other things, that does not matter. The concept of more rewards is what matters. Its just meant to give people something to do after they have done everything else and it would not destroy any of the current system, just make it more incentive for more people playing the game to actually care for. The system should remain the same, just give rewards for the tops 21-100 (or even top 1000 if the game was to reach that player base), in that way the whole Rank 100 is going to be competitive and not just the 20 ranks. I don't want it easier, I want it more competitive and harder. About the Safety Stones, again, in none of what was written I said there was a lack of SS or that they should be easier to obtain so I don't know why that was even brought up, in fact, I'm pointing out that it should be a lot harder to get them, but for all players both P2W and F2P equaly. Having them in the cash shop would please the P2W players as they would get them sooner or latter, that would not change anything about the current situation regarding them. As for the F2P, they would grind gold to get them by buying them from the P2W players or from using EC. However, all of that would only be to just to get +6 or +8 (either would be a good idea) but the whole point of the idea is to make the last upgrades a lot harder for all the players and to make sure that you play the game, not buying your way through it. You complain that people sit and talk and don't actually play, make them play if they want to max out. It would take about 3 months to get a full set of gear to +10 for both F2P and P2W alike. That is going to make a very needed balance for all players. Arena and Guild Battles against the same people over and over is extremely boring, but giving everyone the same odds to gear up will make it so more "new people" get into the PVP territory. Also, this could be reduced in time, it is just to make sure that you cannot max out your gear in one day, but rather in weeks/months but giving the opportunity for all the playerbase, not P2W or F2P only. The vanity items (costumes) idea is just to make a secure profit, but it could be thrown away if there is no current need for that. From past experiences I learned that the company needs to make some money from something, and that was the only point of that idea. Trying to bring more money for the server's running. And to explain better why I had those Ideas I'd like to give a brief history of my past as GM. I worked around 3 years for a company called MoveGames for their Steam Games and their own platform, those games where Redemption, Asta Online, Power Rangers Dash and Digimon Masters Online. The game Redemption is an Offline video game, so there is nothing you can take from that game. Asta Online attracted some player base and we had really good revenue start during it's early weeks through Steam, sadly the Marketing Team never listened to us (the GMs and the community) and the game went down pretty quickly. After that failure, that Marketing Team was promptly fired. PRD is a mobile game, so again it doesn't really apply here. But what I'm going to talk about, is from Digimon Masters Online or DMO. When I was transferred to the main GM Team and took charge the game was in a pretty bad state. About 100 players per server only (5 Servers total), everything was completly P2W and nothing else going on at that time. We brought the game onto Steam and decided to change a lot of the things starting with making new events and bringing the changes the players truly wanted and needed. It honestly took about two years, but after that, we got results from having 500 players between 5 servers to going as far beyond crossing 1,500 per server at peak times. The company started to make a lot of revenue and the changes we did were really small to be honest. Currently, I'm not working as GM of that game anymore, but even with the ongoing bad decisions from the new staff that took over after me and my colegues', their game keeps bringing a fairly decent amount of revenue thanks to just a few small changes we made on it a few years ago. The whole Ranking idea came from the current company I work for which is called Com2Us. Like MoveGames it is a Korean company. Within our games we have one called Summoners Wars, which is the one I'm currently working for, and the whole point of the Ranking rewards came from that game. When we researched more and tested some aspects about the Ranking System, it was found out that when we started giving players more things to do or higher hopes for them to get better in "Ranking", it attracted way more people. For us F2P, P2W, or any kind of players are great because at the end of the day, we value every person playing our game since they contribute to making us and our servers better, be it by investing into it with their money or enjoying the game F2P content and spreading the word about our servers to other people. No changes will yeld great shocking changes within a day or two and these suggestions are certainly not mean for the short run, but rather for the long run. It worked for us. In no way I want the game to be made easier, it would get extremly boring. I quit Awakening a few months before Classic was released due to it being exremely easy to finish and max out, which I did in a matter of 5-6 months (the only thing really holding me back the daily capped entries and Sky Tower/Dragon time entry limit). I came into Classic because I was craving the challenge again, to spend weeks running my classes, doing dailies to grind for the gear I needed, grinding trials with low ratings to be more fun. If I wanted things easier as it seems to have been perceived for some reason, I'd have said to just put sublimes into Altar everyday, put drop class on, exp/cp x2, drop x3, give out the golden gears you give out on Awaken for Lv 50-60, etc. I haven't said it because I hate the idea of getting free stuff and easy. Thank you for reading again, I hope I made myself more clear now on my stance about this situation. Best Regards and Stay Safe.
  4. @Jordan @Bash (Writing from my wife's forum account) Greetings, GMs, and folks. I'm not usually the one to talk or comment on any Forum, to be honest, but it was brought to my attention this whole discussion about what's good and wrong (mostly what's wrong) about this game to which I would like to touch on. I know this is a long read, but there are many things that have to be said that just cannot be explained in a few words without being taken out of context. First, a little background. I feel like I need to voice my opinion too based on two factors. First, because I have been playing EE for 8 years starting in EE-ES, then EE-EN after ES closed, the first EE-Private Server, your now EE-Awakening and now the EE-Classic seeing the same thing happening over and over again. Second, my drive on seeing things from behind a GM's perspective. I worked for other videogame companies for a few years now and I understand the point of view of people like Jordan, Bash, etc. that want to make a profit out of a game, servers are not cheap nor free to be run and unlike most people, I know how of much it costs to maintain a game running seeing for myself over the years up close and in person. Now, let's be honest, most of the MMORPG games fail or end up closing because there is always a lack of balance between P2W and F2P players, which is a cancerous situation that has been happening for years within companies and the only way to fix this problem is to maintain or create this said balance. There are a few exceptions to this fail rule which end up being the only currently popular and surviving MMORPG games, and their secret is that they did crack this balance issue and it works. You have a huge advantage to your end, that since this isn't an original server, you have the chance to use that power and modify the game to your liking as you have been doing with Awakening to strive for a better future to fix this ongoing problem. How do you fix it? My suggestion for fixing this problem is very simple, change your focus on trying to be a generic P2W MMORPG in the sense of marketing to be run more like a MOBA instead. Why? People here, in Aeria and the majority of MMORPG games, have always the same point of view: "After I'm done gearing myself, finishing all achievements, what else can I do?" The answer is very simple. PVP. If there was the right balance within the game, there would be enough F2P players to fill arenas and more than enough of P2W players to sustain the server expenses and keeping it running because sooner or later you will gear yourself up and have nothing else to do other than PVP. Delaying the gearing up process only makes it that F2P players leave frustrated and P2W players have nobody to compete against, making the experience boring and ultimately, leaving. People are not complaining about wanting things easier but rather about not seeing any kind of goal being met overtime, feeling like you're wasting weeks of your time to ultimately nothing. MOBA games have a different more competitive approach to this since they only ever sell customers vanity items like skins, not the actual gear or gameplay which anyone can get free or by grinding. This way F2P players can win against anyone and people that love to spend their money can shine in arenas by looking better than anyone else making companies richer than ever. The first change I would suggest is to change the Ranking Reward System. Currently, there are 4 Ranking which you can aim for to which there are only rewards for the first 20 players on each ranking. This needs to be changed and adjusted properly so everyone that lands on there, even the lower rankings, has at least some kind of reward given out for the effort. The first Ranking Board should be aimed to be for the TOP Players of All Times for overall score and have the same rewards and would be more difficult for anyone to try and compete in, but not impossible. The second, third, and fourth rank should be for Effort, such as one for Crafting Points, second for Boss Hunting Points, and third for Class/Lv up or similar and have different prizes for all rankings. This is done to incentivize everyone to do more ranking competition since if you don't land within the first few ranks, it doesn't matter how much you spent or how much time you got into it, in the end, you get nothing. As an example of a decent incentive for the other rankings could be: Rank 1: 2500 APs +5 special rewards Rank 2: 2400 APs +4 special rewards Rank 3: 2300 APs +3 special rewards Rank 4: 2200 APs +2 special rewards Rank 5: 2100 APs +1special reward Rank 6-10: 2000 APs + 1 special reward Rank 11-30: 1900 APs + 1special reward Rank 31-50: 1800 APs Rank 51-60: 1700 APs Decreasing the reward every 10 levels, up to around 500 APs to all first 100-1000 in the rankings. Second would be to change the way one can obtain upgrade stones. Any stones needed to upgrade gear from +2 to +8 should be available to be purchased by AP directly but also to be able to be obtained from Altar. This way everyone, both F2P and P2W players, has an opportunity to obtain them. Stones from +9 to +10 should not be added to the AP store or Altar and should only be given as a reward for finishing a hard mission like completing X quantity of Boss killing, Guild Reps, Monsters, Elites (but not World Bosses because this would be unfair). Say something like: Kill 50 Trial Bosses Kill 3000 Monsters. Kill 50 Elites (Lv 55 Up) Complete 30 Guild Reps. Reward: 1 Stone +9-+10 50% Chance. This mission should take about a week or not being able to be completed within a day or two so it gives people something to work for but limiting it to only be able to complete it 2 Times a Week getting 2 50% Stones. This way, one would not be able to get geared +10 in a day or a week whilst giving a good reward for both P2W and F2P players which would help both for PVP and PVE. Third, take away all vanity items (Head, Face, Mouth, Back, Body and Weapon Costumes) from Altar and make them exclusive purchase by APs, however, these need to be rotated every Week/Month and these rotations have to include a wide variety of said vanity items, making sure that these items have a reasonable price, like 5 to 10 USD maximum per object. Include the rest of the items that are necessary and have an impact on gameplay in Altar only, Mounts, Pets, Bags, Enchants, Racial Gathering, etc. making them available for everyone to get. You need to make it worth for people to use the EC and getting something useful or needed out of it, which currently, is almost nothing. EC's don't sell, P2W people don't make money or progress with their cash, ruining the economy. With these few changes, the majority of people would have a bigger incentive to play, be it to have fun in PVP/TW/GVG, show off wealth or to be able to grind Top Ranks for rewards. The change of stones would give a very needed balance between P2W and F2P players which would make people get involved more into TW, GVG and PVP since currently, the servers are slowly dying because nobody wants to get into Arenas or Guild Content due to getting shot down immediately one hit or that their guild has 1% chance of actually competing since it seems always to be only a war between 2-3 Guild whilst nobody else has a chance. If players had an actual chance to have equal or very similar odds, Guild Content and Arenas would become more competitive and defined by the abilities and skills of the players themselves rather than defined by the amount of money you spend or by being able to play 24h a day. If you invest money into a game it is because you wanna get things done easier and faster either because you don't have as much time to invest or you just want things quickly, however, if someone has time but no money should equally be able to gear up just like the people with money but over time. Also, with the change of vanity items, it would be a way to ensure that the company has their finances secured continually since players never stick to only one look for too long and would strive to rock the latest grabs and show off how rich they can be. This way, P2W and F2P players and the company can all make the game survive and even strive for a mutual benefit and have fun doing it. These are some ideas that need to be looked upon, tweaked, and adjusted obviously but they could be a base good enough to start getting a balance for the true long run of this game. Also, these are examples based on other games that are very successful and work for them beautifully. You said that you have no obligation to take note or notice of what other games do and you're right, you have no obligation, however, you can still take some ideas and personalize them to your liking. Besides, you should listen to your people since you're making a game aimed for the community, the community should be able to ask what they want. You should listen to what the players actually want and need and should not try to convince them of what they should want or need instead. You lose nothing by trying new things, in the end, if it doesn't work, you just return everything as it once was. It's a risky business, sometimes you gotta take chances just as you did when you decided to open this server or any other server you currently own. It is a gamble that may or may not end up paying off. It's up to you if you're committed and want to do a change with your game or if it's too much work for you and easier to just leave it be and see how far longer it can be stretched without a change. PS: I've seen topics regarding issues being closed, deleted, or even comments being deleted and I don't think it is right. You shouldn't suppress people's opinions because you're fed up reading the same things over and over or not wanting to deal with it. If they're voicing themselves it is because they feel like they aren't heard and you have a duty to listen to your people and their cries of help. A good leader is the one who discusses ideas and opinions openly, taking both the positive and negative comments, letting them speak. If you silence people you will only naturally instigate people to keep opening new posts and continue because they feel like they're being silenced to ultimately put under the rug. I used to do the same a few years back when I first started managing forums, however, this only led to more flooding. I discovered that by being honest and responding to people they feel like their voices matter and that they're being heard ultimately calming them down. Seek constructive comments and posts, even if you don't like what is said, its still someone's opinion and you should respond to them, give them a chance to respond to you. Remember, even if it's just a person, they still matter. Just a humble opinion from a veteran that has spent years grinding and also spending cash in EE. Best Regards and Stay Safe.
  5. Hello! Well, over the weeks I have noticing certain things that bother me while playing which may be fixed or improved for a more pleasand experience so here we go. Lock UI in place. This one is pretty simple, it would be amazing if an option to the settings could be added to lock the entire screen UI in place so the windows (map, health bar, target, etc.) cannot be moved. This does happen sometimes by accident and it is a bit annoying to not be able to keep it locked down. Turn Off Event Window from settings. You know how everytime you log in or change channels to hunt for bosses, get in and out of Guild Base, the Event window opens up? Yes, I do too, and it is quite annoying. It wouldn't be that much of an issue if it wasn't that it pops up every single time you switch channels or map instances. It is particularily annoying whenever you're World Boss hunting changing channels and its there everytime you change. I'd love to be able to turn that off from appearing from settings if possible, please... CCM Items deconstruct on Arcane Box. Honestly, everyday when I do my daily dungeons to get gold I get tons of drop like equipment pieces and weapons that can be deconstructed for CCM, however, if it isn't 2h weapons I toss it out simply because it takes such a long time to deconstruct everything one by one. Could it be possible that you made it so one could add multiple of the same CCM item (say those that give 3 CCM each) together and just turn them on all at once instead of doing it one by one? Say I'd add 5 of equipments that turn into 3 CCM and it would do them all at once and give me 5x3 CCM items. It would save up a lot of time and it wouldn't be that annoying. I had a few lesser things in mind but they aren't really relevant but in case I get any other ideas I'll make sure to sound them but it would be really lovely if you could look into these small tweaks to improve the gameplay a little more. Thank you for reading, best regards!
  6. Folkichan

    Drop rates

    So there are no plans to add Class Drop within dungeon/trials on this server?
  7. Just in case anyone is interested in seeing them in an excel file with all descriptions and organized.
  8. I understand your point completely and I agree with it. Hopefully in the future whenever you have time to look into it you do, it would be quite useful regardless. As of the donations I was afraid it would affect it as you say. It was just a random idea anyhow. Thank you for your repply and gave a good day!
  9. Hello, everyone! All of you by now must have experienced this. You go do your daily runs and you happen to get a few random trophies that you already have and all you can do with them is either to throw them out of your backpack or sell it for the amazing value of 1 Silver. Well, my suggestion is this. Can it be done that you can deconstruct the trophies you don't want or have repeated into Cristal Cross Medals in the Arcane Box? At least weapons and accessories (yellow) can be sold for about 30g each or deconstructed in the box for a redo but Trophies drop just as much but you virtually can't do anything with them, it's not even worth to sell them. Perhaps getting like 6 CCM per trophy would not be bad. Obviously, the low-level trophies would be sold perhaps for like 3 CCM each so it's not exploited, maybe the ones from +80 up could be 6? Either way, it would be useful to get at least something from them. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! PS: Just as I posted this I got another suggestion in mind. Could there be like an Unbind item for like when you're making your already Bound pets to be Unbound to be sold again, but for costumes? For when you don't want something or you're never using it again and you'd like to sell it. For example, I have 2 Legendary Wings that I bought a long time ago but it does not combine with my current outfit and I doubt I will be using it again and instead of having it sitting within my archive I could try and sell it. I don't know if this is doable. Just a thought.