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  1. In my opinion the problem is that most classes dont rely on other classes cuz they are: 1. broken/good alone 2. garbage af even with support. The meta isnt bad but some classes are just completely not played cuz they are not the gold worht you need to spent to make them strong enough to compete with others.
  2. Well in the beginning my idea was just a "buff"I kept writing and changing stuff I wrote and in under 30 minutes I had so much stuff that I changed my topic from buff to rework Yeh its a big problem in MMOs, you spend much time to rework it and in the end people dont like it. So I guess I just suggest some specific things which (I hope) arent this difficult to change since its not a full rework and most of them are "just" changed numbers/amounts. I added the "draining" thing Reikan mentioned and i really liked his idea. I tried to realise this with the "- resistance" and the debuffs. I know I know the changes are still the same amount but I think the difficulty of changing these things (except the resi reduction) is a lot lower than the "rework" i wrote before. Just tell me how difficult those things are and how you think about it. I got no problem to change or condense the reworks again to make them as easy and less work for you so you mabye have one day the motivation to add some of those things. Also as Reikan said no one wants/needs a new DE or GM since those classes are pretty much 0 mechanic and simply broken. Jumping in the air while you are just able to press 2 useful spells which deal insane dmg isnt pretty interesting or takes any teamplay or knowledge. A class like GM for example only takes knowledge about how to gear or build the class not how to play it. Blood Field - Def +15% changed to Parry +15% Bloodborn - duration 30sec - max. stacks 5x - +20% ATK per stack still only for 10 sec - +10% dmg per stack (optional) Zealot's Law - Double hit rate +60% - Tripple hit rate +30% - CRIT +20% but Defense - 10% (optional) Draininsword: - Slash & Fire resistance -8 stacks 2x for 10 sec, 2 stacks = stun 2sec - max. stacks 3x - per stack +20% ATK Demonsword: - Strike & Dark resistance -8 stacks 2x for 10 sec, 2 stacks = mundane 4sec - MP recovery changed from +5% to +10% - A-SPD/C-SPD -20% changed to -70% Bloodsword: - Pierce & Nature resistance -8 stacks 2x for 10 sec, 2 stacks = knock down 2sec Drainingsword Mark: - P-ATK & M-ATK from -5% to -10% - A-SPD & C-SPD from -2% to -5% - works on Boss monsters now (optional) Demonsword Mark: - max MP from -1% to -5% - duration from 5sec to 10sec - G-Healing -50% Bloodsword Mark: - max HP from -1% to -2% - duration from 5sec to 10sec - P - Healing -50% KP Changes: Steadfast Believe +5% HP Blood Evil duration of Bloodsword Mark +5 sec Great Might duration Drainingsword Mark +5 sec Demonlord duration of Demonsword Mark +5 sec Bloodstain Dmg of Bloodsword +6% Mana Balance Dmg of Drainingsword +6% Forced Awakening Dmg of Demonsword +6%
  3. I like how you think but i guess a lot of things are difficult to realise. Draining the enemies strenght to empower yourself would be insane and exactly what this class should be, but as he said hes not into a full rework of any class atm. But also i see this class as dps based on a support. Mostly all classes have one Awa class which basically is what the normal class was and another Awa class which is totally something different based on some spells the normal class had. With Paladin we alrdy have the m-dps, heal, support thing from the normal class so in my opinion the BK should be some dps, debuff well draining Class. Removing the enemys strenght to deal more dps wont affect only your dps, also your teams dps. This is something good cuz alrdy most classes dont even need other classes or arent even playable with others.
  4. I can absolutely understand you and I'm aware how much work this would be. Also I know this is still a MMO community and those are (after LoL) the most toxic players/people i know. So I guess there will be a lot of player who cry about the class and on the other side a lot of ppl who appreciate it. I just tried to make some kit which is rlly useful for the class itself, could make some rare played classes become more popular and doesn't make BK a fully mental and broken class, what is sadly pretty easy in a MMO to happen. Since tbh I have never seen any BK i just thought its maybe time to bring a bit focus on this class. Idk how open your mind is to change a few things and also idk how much work this would be for you. I dont want you to overwork yourself since you are already our saviour and supreme leader cuz of making it possible for us to play the game. Since I personally love to think about reworks and also small changes I could suggest some small fixes which maybe doesnt affect the whole class and just makes it more popular with a lot less work. I'm tbh not even close to a good player in this game but i played a lot of MMOs and i guess I could suggest you a better more realistic buff. In the end it obv depends on your motivation and time.
  5. Well, idk how to start a poll here :< but thanks for your answer. I'm not completely done with this build or spells it was just an idea to make a class more intersting and maybe push the teamplay in this game a bit.
  6. Some time has passed since someone wrote a review about BK ( so i try it myself. Jordan wrote himself its difficult for him to balance this class, that's why i just make some rework suggestion. The class is pretty much dead and no one wants to play it or even thinks about playing it. This was a spontaneous idea so i hope I didn't write too much BS. Have fun reading BLOOD Knight rework Blood Field Cost 3% HP per second Max HP +30% M-SPD +15% Damage of all skills +30% Following spells are now 16m AoE spells: - Demonsword - Drainingsword - Drainingsword Mark - Demonsword Mark - Bloodsword Mark Additional Effects: Demonsword: Slash & Fire resistance -8 Draininsword: Strike & Dark resistance -8 Bloodsword: Pierce & Nature resistance -8 all three can be stacked up to 2 times for 7 seconds. causes spell state on yourself for 10 sec stacked up to 2 times. Bloodborn Cost 2% MP per second Recovers 1,5% HP per second Party members in 15m range are granted +10 Elemental Resistance and -15% dmg received. While in Bloodborn state under attack the caster is granted +5% ATK & +3% dmg dealt for 10 sec, stacks up to 10 times. Zealot's Law - Double hit rate +60% - Tripple hit rate +30% - M-SPD +40% - CRIT +20% - Defense - 15% Demonsword Deals p-dmg to the target. tripple dmg If Demonsword state is stacked 2x and caster is in Aura: Demonsword Mark target is stunned for 2sec. Drainingsword Deals p-dmg to the target, double dmg If Drainingsword state is stacked 2x and caster is in Aura: Drainingsword Mark target is mundaned for 4sec. Bloodsword Deals p-dmg to all targets within 20m If caster is in Blood Field state deals tripple dmg and recovers 10% of dmg dealt as HP. If Bloodsword state is stacked 2x and caster is in Aura: Bloodsword Mark target is knocked down for 2sec. Aura: Demonsword Mark Surrounding enemies in a 30m area lose -5 of all resistance. - Deals Fire dmg now Additional effect for Demonsword: - 25% chance to increase the damage of Demonsword by 100% for 12sec. lasts 30 sec. Aura: Drainingsword Mark Surrounding enemies in a 30m area are damaged with fire dmg for 10% of your P-ATK every second - Deals Dark damage now - dmg dealt -10% Additional effect for Drainingsword: - decreases max HP -0,5% per sec , A-SPD -10%, C-SPD -10%, M-SPD -15%, dmg dealt -10% for 10 sec, stacks up to 3 times. lasts 30 sec. Aura: Bloodsword Mark Surrounding enemies in a 30m area are taunted, doesnt work on Boss monsters. - Deals Nature dmg now Additional effect for Bloodsword: - 75% chance for tripple dmg, 50% chance for double dmg - dmg of Bloodsword increased by 200% lasts 30 sec. KP Changes: Steadfast Believe +1,5% HP and swapped with Bloodstain position Blood Evil Removes the cooldown of Aura: Bloodswork Mark Great Might Removes the cooldown of Aura: Drainingsword Demonlord Removes the cooldown of Aura: Demonsword Blood Blessing changed to Parry Rate +1,5% Review: Bloodknight is in my opinion a pretty weak class which you couldnt even play without the Holy Skill. It's (I guess) not the sense to make a class based on the Holy Skill, it should be playable even without it. Also I got the feeling some classes are pretty behind the others why i tried to give the new kit some "teamwork" things. The reducing of resistances strongers the BK if it is able to stack the spells which makes him a strong pdd for longer fights and not too OP for pvp, because of the need to stack its debuffs/buffs and switch the Aura's. Through the " - resistances" (especially the nature and pierce) classes like Druid and mostly all Bow classes are maybe buffed a bit cuz of this combination. The HP drain from the selfbuff is kinda some thing a BLOODknight should have, he empowers himself through sacrificing HP. The HP recovery of the Bloodborn state isn't a stone carved thing yet cuz it could remove one of the few weak points this class got now by replacing it with the "- MP" debuff. Still this class needed some combos in my opinion and also some chance to stack its dmg and keep it for longer than 10sec. Also the class got compared to mostly all other classesa pretty low base HP which would be even lower if you aren't forced to skill the +10% max HP KP for the "Bloodsword Mark". Im not sure if the Aura's need some nerf or kinda a debuff for the other spells while one of them is activated. Same thing with the Fire/Dark/Nature dmg. It would give the BK a chance to be a bit like a Annihilator and help to melt BP. I don't want to create a second BM here while i try at the same time to make another pdd which is worth the time to gear and play it, that's why i would love to get some feedback by the community aswell as Jordan. If you write something please write down what you would change and the most important thing: add a "I would play it" or a "I wouldn't play it".