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  1. Yes. In my opinion GF private server could be good to open rn but the best is just to wait until the game gets shut down. because people can only choose between never GF again, a trashy pserver which might not survive this long and a prolly good pserver.
  2. Weeeeeeell here we are again? :D I always love to read about this topic. Sadly i didnt notice the huge increase of members on the VGN Discord which was intentionally made to show how many players wait patient for a VGN GF server. There is a huge playerbase which waits for something to happen on the Aeria server for years as well. Aeria simply just refuses do to anything, not the slightest useful balancing, item/ap changes, pve changes - they literally dont show any effort to keep this game alive its just self-funded by whales at this point. It seems like they just wanna drain the last m
  3. Im pretty insecure rn if this was about the Dragomon server, the GF server or about both
  4. You should also read the whole thing before you answer.
  5. I can but there is no sense in pushing the GMs. I guess they will answer to the right time. I mean only the other thread alrdy has over 2,6k views and im pretty sure these arent all but all of them are ppl who are interested in GF. Its like with Coronavirus. 2,6k are the official numbers and there are 3x more as dark numbers Im pretty sure if done right theres about 10k players - even if not, there more than 10 players who spend 1k+ every month so it doesnt matter.
  6. Well in total. I can absolutely understand that you and a lot of people want to know if they plan about anything rn or if the 1k+ members are already "a word" which gives a chance for a server - I feel kinda similar. BUT I really want to say that hype wont help this server as well as ppl who arent patient and cant wait. This server will take time - maybe a lot because Bash and Jordan really need to take care of their health and to do this right (if they start this server). Otherwise they will HAVE TO shut down the server after a few months because they cant handle the amount of work this take
  7. True tbh leechers do nothing so back in times when it was 150g per MO 100g per run was absolutely fine if not even 120 when runestone boxes came out so leechers had a second income while leeching. I often bought those stones from leechers for a fair price so both benefit from that. The problem mit more content is there are also more cash shop items for different lvls and aeria never tried to keep enough of these items ingame so the prices exploded I personally dont think a level cap is needed. Tons of things can be adjusted or slightly changed to make this game even better. S
  8. I absolutely agree with you. Level 60 cap is fine to start with but not for weeks or months. Also i dont think this game would work without lv 100 content. PT and running it is of course one of the main incomes at this lvl and this is fine but there has to be a way to maybe "register" your second or third account and if you run with them in the group you would get less gold than with leechers. Or the other idea to just increase the amount of gold in high lvl dungeons (250g is just not enough). Reducing the over all exp rate im not sure about that but i think reaching lvl 50 i too easy tbh.
  9. thats not rlly how a private server works. Sorry to tell you this Level 40-60 got close to none content especially 40 and 50 and a game without content dies - discussion done. Let the people level in their own speed nothing wrong with that but there is no sense to restrict players and force them to stay 60 or lower just because you want low level pvp to be active^^ You want to feel the same in this game as back in 2010 - you wont and this will never happen. This server wont survive with low lvl content. Edit: No sense to keep discussing, we got another opinion what
  10. So the game just needs 40-60 pvp ? Well go play other games than^^ A MMO is about progress and will ever be about progress - Either in lvl or gear. If you think the table was good for a fresh launched server you have sadly no knowledge about the game or the economy. This game isnt about low pvp - accept this pls.
  11. As well as you im playing this game since release and of course you arent wrong but also not right. Level 40 cap would just bore literally every person who loves to run dungeons, farm stuff and to grind. Only people who personally love lv 40 pvp would appeal to this while the others will leave after several days. Lv 60 cap is a bracket you can alrdy farm different dungeons also difficult ones, access to world bosses and heralds also the master system is available. Of course there are players who want to stay 40 or enjoy the arena a bit but a lot of people need to realise that this game is an M
  12. Thanks for the fast reply. Yeh of course your and Jordan's health needs to be focussed on, as already stated no one wants you to run the game and overwork you, this affects the other games, you of course and will be the fast end of this try to start sth. like that. We definetely dont want to risk the current state or affect your health (again if im right). Also thats why i wrote this much to make clear there is a big playerbase and also a lot of spenders (over a long time) to be sure it makes profit and doesnt pull your other projects down. Right now Drownn created a Discord and we are try
  13. I absolutely understand all of your points same counts for Jordan (especially the thing with stealing the data if you would involve "volunteers"). The thing is (in my opinion since ive played EE for years and GF for like 8 or 9 years) EE is a way more PvE focussed game than GF is. Endgame in GF is about PvP and optimizing your gear. There are three main reasons why the game dies: 1. Aeria doesnt ban people who missbehave because of AP AP as well as they dont treat people in the community the same. 2. They fucked up class balance with releasing broken classes to force everyone to make them then
  14. True that. As i said before if they really need help to start something like this: I guess there are a lot of ppl in this community who would help (guess there are some ppl with coding experience etc).
  15. Well then how about trying to get new/more staff members?
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