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  1. Good afternoon, I would like an improvement of drop and money from levels 20 to 39, also always keep in mind for the festivities events to the same ones always with their activity, suitable for their levels, not moobs that are equal to the widowmakers
  2. Good afternoon at no time I said that I wanted it just for me and if fighting for the rights of others, do something to be heard for what you say I think that is normal with you, but I want it to be the game fun and at the same time that the company is successful or I think I'm just the only career student for administrator in this place, that does not make sense, I do not see how it does not make sense, if that's the reality, that they think this is not a business and needs utilities, incredible that few know how to manage a company, also if thanks now I know that that is exclusive for 60 since that old dungeon forgot it, but I should not have anything for those from level 59 to 20, tell me if it's not nice to be taken into account as I see, for me it's not like that the level 20 dungeons were not like they are this year and half of 2018, like the Subterraine Factory, and I'll put everything I put into the tiket and Vivi told me to publish everything here, you know what but taking into account my opinion was to put more life into the trunk in Turnpike instead of lowering the level to the guards 39, to also ask that they could leave it as before they could participate more than 1, which they did now is permanent 1 vs 1 and this is not fun, they did it because I fell in a 2 vs 2 Unico Kumari mech in that, since I use the buff of nemesis, I also asked that it is time to make something passive mobs and bugs volcano, you know what they did, they lowered life to the bugs volcano from 1k hp to 300 hp, this does not make me laugh instead of giving something better or doing it, if they could lower the force of damage of the farm and make new movements because no, I do not know what you have to do to place a few simple commands or to save it in the source code, but how did you get all that rake our percentage of drops, so it was not before that the worst was to be level 20 and 30 that's not it happened to me.
  3. Good day and with this it makes clear to me that only the promotions and the excellent is for the GS, since they are level 60, the ones that this level get something of what they selfishly taken, I do not know what the GM and administration do I only see that the game that goes into a tailspin to bankruptcy is that it is only for you the game, I hope that for this maintenance the dungeons are already placed for these levels with the same opportunities or that they are really idiots that can not manage a company, University diplomas, masters, postgraduate, where they are with this I do not see that they have, being a University that has postponed his graduation by custion of time and economic recurzo I see the failures, but I do not see that you pay attention, this is a sale and the buyers are the users, I do not know how it is that they do not intend to keep the business going, how it attracts customers, with friendliness and offering them the best and best, that does not keep anything what of To do this with our product, I do not see how to lose money to give more than you can, that's how you see your product, you think that when you see a lot you do not want more, invest in VP for the way they treat me It is no longer an option, with the way they handle this so that they can donate money if they do not do anything to save it.
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